Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces offensive tackle Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) as the first overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: One Month From The Draft, Who Will The Chiefs Take?

We are at the one month mark before the NFL Draft put the Houston Texans on the clock. There are still a lot of questions surrounding the Chiefs and what they should be do with their first round pick. Here are just some of the needs the Chiefs need to address in the draft.


Kansas City needs depth, badly. Dwayne Bowe is the only proven receiver on the team, and saw improved performance as the offense began top open up more. One would think he will have a better season in 2014 than he did in 2013.

But Andy Reid‘s offense is based on spreading the ball around, not finding a number one wide receiver and funneling all of the targets his way. In fact, Reid has never had a wide receiver catch more than 80 passes in his offense during his tenure as a head coach. This means the Chiefs need to find multiple options at wide receiver. This is, of course, unless you are sold on Donnie Avery, A.J. Jenkins, Weston Dressler, and Junior Hemingway.


The biggest blow in losing Branden Albert, Jon Asamoah, and Geoff Schwartz to free agency wasn’t so much the quality of anticipated offensive line performance as it was a blow to the Chiefs’ depth. Kansas City is still looking for a swing tackle to fill Donald Stephenson‘s spot and for an interior lineman to replace Asamoah and Schwartz.


Kansas City’s pass rush dissipated in the second half as injuries mounted up and teams figured out that the Chiefs couldn’t rush the passer beyond Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. Dontari Poe made a positive step towards becoming a secondary pass rusher, but there is little behind him after that.

The Chiefs did add Vance Walker in free agency, and there is some hope Mike Catapano can be valuable as a designated pass rusher. But the Chiefs do not have anything behind Hali – who is getting older – and Houston – who is a free agent after 2014. Finding Hali and Houston’s future replacements, or at least adding depth, may be a priority in this draft.


Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce, and Tony Moeaki were all supposed to combine to significantly improve the Chiefs tight end production in 2013, but all three ended up dealing with injuries. As a result, Sean McGrath ended up seeing a lot snaps. The result was limited production from the unit, whose lack of production hurt Kansas City’s red zone offense.

There is reason to believe Fasano and Kelce will have healthier seasons in 2014, but adding some depth to the unit may be a good idea.


Cornerback and safety depth are huge needs for the Chiefs. Kansas City seems set with Husain Abdullah and Sanders Commings tag-teaming the free safety position and Eric Berry is one of the game’s best strong safeties. The question now is how do they improve the quality of their depth so they can use Berry as weapon. John Dorsey seems to like tweener defensive backs so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see multiple corners or safeties taken in the draft.

Good news is the Chiefs’ needs are not huge ones, they are all issues that can be fixed immediately in the draft. The depth of this draft and the Chiefs’ immediate needs fit pretty well, and Kansas City has some time to work with to add a developmental project at outside linebacker and in the secondary.

The issue here is Kansas City only has six picks. Eight picks would be optimal for the Chiefs given what they need to add in the draft, so trading down may be an option Dorsey tries to take advantage of.

So what do you think, Addicts? Knowing what the Chiefs need and what they have to work with, what position should the Chiefs take with their first round pick?

What position should the Chiefs draft in the first round?

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  • Josh Landers

    Either pass rusher, o-line, or db, with db least likely. That’s what I would do, I think. It would be hard to pass up on cooks, though. I would love to see cooks and moncrief in red and gold but I think that scenario is highly unlikely. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • tm1946

    My only issue is – that to one degree or another, we need every one of these positions. And to many posters, kept frying my cods over my comments that losing all the starters who walked was not a great sign for the season and “we do not need these bums”…. well seems to me several kids from last years who played in one game or were not good enough for that, are going to have to be starters for a full 16 games, asking a whole lot.

    • Josh Landers

      Fisher, Allen, Hudson, and Stephenson all started at least 7 games last year, if I’m not mistaken. All of them showed improvement throughout the season. There may be some growing pains early but I think they’ll come together. As far as rg goes, I read an article about Johnson that have me a lot of hope. He’s young and inexperienced but I think Reid can get him where he needs to be. To make the playoffs, we can’t really afford much of a drop for long but I think we have the makings of a great offensive line for a long time. I would love to see us win a Super Bowl now but I can wait a couple of years if I have to. It seems like were moving in the right direction now and that’s enough for me…for now. GO CHIEFS!!!

      • tm1946

        Appreciate the time you took to comment. But…. always a but…. Allen “showed improvement”, I missed that,what game. Looked out classed every time I took the time to look. Johnson, someone has to be the next all pro or anchor for the line but could we possibly wait till training camp to see how much “hope” he is.

        I would suggest the playoffs are out of the pic this year baring a lot of injuries in the AFC. and we are back to the “wait a couple of years”…… will Charles, DJ, Hali, Bowe, Smith, or Berry be here in couple of years and playing at what level. Like the buzzard looking out on the desert, rather than “waiting” for something to die, let’s go kill something.

        I say the Chiefs and their fans are on a short fuse when we talk about “waiting”.

        • Josh Landers

          Who could we draft then that will put us in title contention immediately? Were all tired of waiting but what do you think put us over the top?

          I agree with you about Allen. I saw him get worked over pretty regularly. I did see him get worked over less in the second half of the season though.

          And yes, we’re ALL tired of waiting. I’ve been a chiefs fan since the late 80′s. I want to wait as little as the next guy but I think we may have to.

          • tm1946

            I guess I would say, the Chiefs will not be in title contention for the near future. If I were a real pessimist about it, until we get the next great RB and possibly QB before we start talking dynasty. Just to many missing parts, cap money issues, age and injury running at us, and, frankly, the Chiefs seem snake bit when it makes a difference.

            I would draft defense, at least with pick #1. Then OL and WR or reverse it based on what Andy wants. The rest will have to wait until just before the season starts, the last cut down might actually provide some veteran starters or rookies with potential for the end of the year. Other than that play the hand you got for 2014.

            No disrespect but I have been following the Chiefs since they got here. Saw the Super bowl win three time, thanks to Army projectors in RVN. Well past tired of waiting.

  • KCMikeG

    Odell Beckham Jr. for me!

  • Allison Bell


  • jimfromkcj

    You just can’t lose 3 starters off your off line and expect to fill them with rejects from other teams. None of these guys that Dorsey has picked up were the result of cap casualities. They were just players who had never developed and their former team is moving on to upgrade the position. I would suggest that anyone who is interested go to draftek and look up the bio on Miss st. OG Jackson. The guy is a red shirt senior and has started 4 years at LG. He is 6’3″ 340 lbs and has not allowed a sack for the last two years. He is also a ferocious run blocker. He is my prototype size for the OG position. He is short enough where it is hard to get under his pads and the weight to stand up to bulrushes. If we are going to stay at 23 we need to get a guy who will come in and stand a good chance of contributing from the git go. I just don’t see a WR that will fall to 23 that I think will be a sure fire starter. and another thing to think about, if we are locked into Hudson at OC playing at under 300 lbs, we need some size on each side of him.

    • Michael Shaw

      Ok, did Schwartz start for Allen or Asomoah? I swore he replaced Asamoah at RG, right???

      • jimfromkcj

        Mike, Asamoah should have been moved over to LG. He wasn’t good enough to get his position back, but he was head and shoulders better than Allen. allen wasn’t bad because of inexperience, but because of lack of talent. So I repeat we lost three starters. I also think Asamoah not replacing Allen was because he was up for a new contract and they didn’t want to pay him. These clowns have the cap so screwed up that we aren’t likely to see a division crown even if Peyton announced he was retiring as of now.

        • Michael Shaw

          You know I was talking with a Chargers fan the other day about Peyton’s eventual retirement and I am not so sure him retiring would be a good thing. They drafted a kid the year they signed him that could be pretty darn good when Peyton does retire, so these assholes might be a problem for years to come…………..GGGGGRRRRRR I HATE Donkey face Elway!!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • Bill

    With all the needs, I think they really need to stick with best player available. It really depends
    on what happens with picks 1-22. If either of the top Safeties (Dix, Pryor) fall, I’d jump on them. For WRs, I suspect KC could have shot at Cooks, Beckham or Lee. If they go OL, I’d rather trade down as I don’t see any guards this year being worth the 23rd pick. Having more picks in a deep draft like this would be great. I’m not really in love with any of the pass rushers I see being available, but I could still be convinced otherwise. Time for Dorsey to earn his paycheck! I’d love to see what his draft board is looking like…

    • Daniel Mayfield

      BPA? What if it’s a RB? Should they pick him? We’ve seen what JC and the backup, Knile Davis, can do.
      What do you think about a CB? I wouldn’t draft 1. Smith, Flowers, and Cooper(who started to improve later in the season) are good. Berry isn’t great on coverage but he can handle it, with room to improve. Commings and Abdullah are good….well, we’ve seen Abdullah do good on coverage.
      I can see them getting a FS, like Clinton-Dix, Pryor, or Huff(which a lot of fans don’t agree on him but he played CB and FS and was good on going for the ball and tackling) and moving that player to SS. That’s if they have the skills.

      But my point is….BPA? No. It’s the BPA in the “department” that they lack in, either in starting or in depth…..OL, TE, WR, SS

      • Josh Landers

        I think until we get all of our holes filled with at least serviceable starters, we go with bpa positionally. Next year would seem to be the first year we may be able to truly follow the bpa philosophy, assuming we lock up Houston and smith. I still think wr is our biggest need even though we got by with bowe and some other receivers last year. Although olb is not a NEED this year, I wouldn’t mind seeing van noy taken in the first. And I wouldn’t be mad about an o-lineman either.

        • Daniel Mayfield

          I would love to see them draft a top 5 WR, if aviable. OLB? Not in the 1st round. I’ll be surprised if they take any LB then. Hali and Houston are still good. DJ, Mays, and (I think his name is)Zombie are good for ILB.
          I agree about filling in what they need 1st, like WR, and then get BPA

      • Bill

        I get your point about it being a balance of BPA and need, but I don’t see many positions on this team that don’t have a need either this year or in the next couple years. If you think KC is up for a super bowl run, then by all means plug the most desperate need. If you’re building for the future, then take the BPA. RB isn’t going to be BPA at 23 in this year’s draft and may never be again in today’s NFL, but I wouldn’t say there isn’t a need at that position . JC is getting to that age where RBs start going downhill fast. Knile Davis looked good when he played, but his problem has always been turnovers and injuries. Guess what happened in his limited playing time… turnovers and injuries. OLB? Houston is a FA after this year and Hali doesn’t have many years left, in fact if he doesn’t redo his contract, I doubt he will be on the team next year. Same for Flowers if he doesn’t play better than last year. QB? Alex is on a one year deal. I guess they’re probably set at punter for awhile, so no punters in the first round :)

        • Daniel Mayfield

          Punters can last for yrs, like kickers. As for Flowers, he might start to go down but since they moved him to a slot receiver CB, he might hold for a few more yrs.
          Hali might go next yr, 2015. If they do resign him, I don’t think it would be for much. So, they can upgrade what OLB they have already, jump on the best 1 available, or get 1 later in the draft.
          They might go for the best QB, if it’s 1 of those top 5 still in the draft.
          As for RBs, Knile Davis can upgrade. Look who he’s behind! 1 of, if not the best, in the league! Like before when it was Holmes and Johnson, I loved both of them. Priest had his agility to “dance” around defenders while Johnson had the power to pound through them, but they both had speed. After Holmes lost his chance to stay in the game and KC started to go down hill more, Johnson got a bad attitude there. When the Bengals picked him up for a yr, and he was 32 yrs old and a backup…he still had speed left in his tank. So Davis has time to learn from JC, who also had injuries, on how to handle the ball. So I see no need for a RB unless u see a player like JC or Priest Holmes, who isn’t there right now. But, I saw 1 that MIGHT have had a chance in the game from WVU, not just cause I’m in WV, 2 yrs ago…Noel Devine. Agility and speed, not so great on blocking but skinny guys usually have to find a way to do it.
          So, if they can get Bowe and Colquitt to ajust their contract, which they both have high $, like Jackson did before then maybe they can get Alex and Houston to resign next yr. I don’t know why they didn’t use any tags this yr like before…I guess they just do things like they want.
          Anyway, enough with writing a book. lol. My main point is….
          1st round OLB? Maybe
          1st round DE? Maybe
          1st round BPA? Again, depends
          what position
          1st DB? I think go with FS or SS.
          Unless combine numbers weren’t to impressive
          1st round OL (RT)? Probable, if
          his game is better then the 1st or 2nd player already on the team….if there’s 2 there.
          1st round QB? Don’t think so
          unless 1 of the top 5 are still there. If so, better cut Daniels.
          There ya go. I just wrote a book. Now I gotta rest my fingers. lol

  • Brian Dempsey

    Tuitt for me. Need a 3-4 DE that can attack the QB.

    • Ben Nielsen

      I’m not against this.

    • Michael Shaw

      Isn’t that what we signed Vance Walker for though?????

      • Ben Nielsen

        Can never have enough pass rushers.

        • Michael Shaw

          True Ben, but if we filled one hole temporarily and we need a better OL or FS, shouldn’t we go there for the 23rd pick instead??

          • Ben Nielsen

            Not so sure FS isn’t already filled. And Geoff Schwartz was a 7th round pick – you can find solid right guards later in the draft.

            But if you’re looking to upgrade left tackle then, yes, first round might be the place to do that.

          • Michael Shaw

            You could be right about FS Ben, but after the whole Tony Moeaki fiasco, I am leery of any rookie we have anymore that gets hurt his first season. Did Commings have several injuries when he was in college??? So if FS is set with Abdullah and Commings and since we signed Vance Walker and have Allen Bailey and Catapano swapping out on the other end position, shouldn’t we get a OL with #23? I mean what rule says we can’t get a solid 1st round talent for our missing guard position???? I would think protecting Alex and his eventual replacement, Bray, should be a long term goal for the front office, right? I can see the need to get a solid #2 at WR, but if this draft is as heavy with WR’s as EVERYONE keeps saying, why couldn’t we us our 3rd this year and a 3rd next year to trade into round 2 to get one???? Or do you think we can get a quality guy in the 3rd round that could be a solid #2 if Jenkins or Hemmingway cannot step up!

  • Kody Latham

    Ok I have to ask did anyone else watch our playoff game? I keep seeing everyone calling for a wr with the first pick and I really think all of you are crazy do we need a wr? Yes but we put up 44 points in a playoff game and lost we were killing the broncos at kc and lost all it shows me is we need improvements in our pass rushing/ coverage department more than just a #2 wr I mean dj is gonna be 32 or 33 and this is probably Hali’s last season with us we need to start drafting their replacements now so we don’t have huge holes in our front seven in the next couple years I would like to see some one like Kyle van noy or someone like that drafted with the first pick we can get a good wr later

    • Ben Nielsen

      Don’t forget the part where we put up 44 points in a playoff game ON THE ROAD and WITHOUT JAMAAL CHARLES.

      • Kody Latham

        i did forget to mention this and with further review if ryan shazier falls to 23 we need to pick him up i would love to have him on our D

  • Michael Shaw

    With such a DEEP draft at the Receiver position, it amazes me that people are saying we have to draft a WR with our #23 pick!!! Since this draft is not as deep at Safety, OL, DL and ILB, wouldn’t it be more prudent and beneficial to the team to either trade down or draft one of those positions that aren’t so deep in the draft?????? GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • jimfromkcj

    I think that not having a 2nd round pick kind of screws up the draft for the Chiefs. We might see a reach for a player who is a 2nd rd pick, but as we don’t have a 2nd rounder, we might have to take him at 23. I see the 2 top WR’s and Safteys who might be as sure as you can get to start right away as gone by 23, so if we want an OG, CB or some other position we might have to reach into 2nd round players for the best at those positions who can come in and start. We need a starter for a 1st rd pick.

  • jimfromkcj

    And as for trading down, if we could get a lower 1st rd pick and a 2nd rounder, It would be the only trade that I would like.

  • James E. Deckard

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Junior Hemingway and AJ Jenkins have tons of potential. I’m thinking either a pass rusher to supplement Houston and Hali or secondary help.