November 10, 2012; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines offensive linesman Taylor Lewan (77) and wide receiver Roy Roundtree (21) celebrate a touchdown against the Northwestern Wildcats in overtime at Michigan Stadium. Michigan won 38-31. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft: Doug Farrar Throws A Curveball For Chiefs

Most mock drafts at this point have the Chiefs taking a wide receiver with 23rd overall pick in next month’s draft, so there hasn’t been too much of a reason to keep up with updates on mock drafts. Pick a receiver – Odell Beckham, Marqise Lee, Brandin Cooks – and you’re officially updated on about 95-percent of mock drafts.

It is the five-percent of mock drafts where things can either get silly or intriguing. File this mock draft from Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated under the latter.

With the 23rd overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Farrar says the Chiefs will select offensive tackle Taylor Lewan of Michigan. Here’s Farrar’s reasoning:

The Chiefs are in a bit of a pickle here. They clearly need a tackle, with 2013 first-round pick Eric Fisher struggling at times on the right side last season, and Branden Albert off to the Dolphins. Lewan isn’t among the elite at his position class, and he has some off-field concerns, but he has the perfect size (6-7, 309), pure speed (he ran a 4.87 40-yard dash at the combine) and a nebulous-but-intriguing skillset that could develop into something special over time. Patience could pay off for Andy Reid in this case.

This is an interesting take on what the Chiefs needs are heading into 2014. We know the Chiefs have to upgrade the wide receiver position in the daft, this is clear, but the position is deep enough the Chiefs can address it at any point in the draft. The need to draft a wide receiver in the first round isn’t necessarily a pressing one when one considers how Andy Reid uses the passing game and the depth of the receiver class.

So if not wide receiver, then what? Farrar thinks the most glaring hole is the offensive line, and to a certain degree I don’t disagree with him. Here is something to consider about the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers – maybe the two deepest and most talented teams in the NFL – they combine to have five first round picks and one second round pick on their offensive lines. Six of 10 starting offensive lineman selected with one of the top 44 picks in the draft is a heavy investment.

It should also be noted the two have invested basically nothing in right guard: SF’s Alex Boone was undrafted and Seattle’s J.R. Sweezy was a 7th round pick. So with the other four positions on the offensive line the two teams have combine for five first rounders, a second rounder, a third rounder (69th overall), and a fifth rounder. Seven guys selected in the top 69 picks.

My theory with John Dorsey and Andy Reid is they think, once a quarterback is in place, games are won at the line of scrimmage. Green Bay and Philadelphia’s draft history would serve as examples of the resources poured into the offensive line and defensive front seven. Their longterm success plus San Francisco and Seattle’s recent success would serve as reinforcement the logic is sound. So to me, it would not be out of the realm of possibility the Chiefs elect to take an offensive tackle with the 23rd pick – especially if Lewan were to fall.

Lewan isn’t sexy but longterm he may be the best decision the Chiefs could make for sustain success. Do you agree or do you think there is a better way the Chiefs could go in the draft?

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  • berttheclock

    I would love to shore up the offensive line as I feel this area might be the Achilles Heel which will stop the run to the playoffs. Yes, Seattle has used high drafts to rebuild their offensive line. Prior to 2010, they had a terrible one as did the Niners in the mid aughts of this century. But, he has had scheduled visits with teams which will be selecting much higher than the Chiefs and I don’t think he will fall to 23. The Sparrows, the Rams, who have the 13th as well as an earlier one to take a better OT, the Lions and even fans of the Giants are asking Coughlin to take him. He could really help shore up our O-line.

  • A1 Yola

    Is there anyway KC could’ve kept Albert or Swartz?

    • berttheclock

      Have you seen the huge contract the Giants paid Schwartz? Four year $16.8 M and an $800,000 per year bonus. Plus, Albert wanted a ton of money, as well.

      • A1 Yola

        Wow. It just pisses me off that KC Still has issues with their Oline. The line hasn’t been the same since Roaf left a decade ago.

        • mnelson52

          I thought the O-line looked good the second half of last year, but the best three left

          • A1 Yola

            The Starter and his Back up! Where does that make sense? And they already knew they wouldn’t keep Albert so why no obvious replacement? Is Fish gonna play LT after Struggling all last year at RT? These questions are Rhetorical.

          • Troy Utt

            In all fairness Fisher was drafted to play LT… And played RT as BA was still on roster. Fish should be much better having spent an offseason in the weight-room & time in film study. His time on the field last year was valuable experience getting him up to NFL speed. Most fans look at the tackle position (OT) and think no big difference between LT & RT. But there are major diff”s! Right down to using different muscle groups to play… You’d be surprised!!!

          • A1 Yola

            They are asking for the World from Him! They’re going to start Him on Smiths blind side this season. Hopefully He can cut it. Albert played two years at RT before they started Him at LT. I think Fish might need another year at RT also

          • Troy Utt

            Stephenson made his big jump between his rookie & soph year. After spending the off-season in the weight-room he came into the next season & played the role of swingman filling in for Albert, and starting at RT. I am hoping the down-time can do the same for Fish! Especially since I’d hate to see us sink another high draft pick into the position at this time.

    • Michael Shaw

      They weren’t going to try for Albert. He has been having a lot of back problems the last few years and still expected, and got I guess, top 5 LT money. I don’t think he was worth the amount Miami paid for him. They will regret it when he goes out with another injury. I saw him get blown up several times last year, grant it Fisher did give up more from his side, but I am a firm believer that RT and LT are two completely different positions and guys that come out of college as LT’s should always be used on the left side of the line whether it is guard or tackle. As for Albert starting two year’s at RT, I am not sure where you saw that because when we drafted him he went straight to LT his rookie year.

      Schwartz was a loss I think we would have liked to keep, but in the end he wanted to be in New York and got paid big to help keep puss boy Eli upright, which, unfortunately Schwartz can do well. He has been looking for a chance to look good and get good quality starter money and that is what the Chiefs are short on this year………

      • A1 Yola

        If he did start at LT his first year, he got benched or injured. I do remember him being out alot. I also remember the coach not giving him his job back after one of those injuries. He had to earn it back.

  • Stan Smith

    We have to draft oline we started racking up points with our current receivers so I dont see why this is a huge concern

  • Anthony Poole

    Ben, why not sign Avants who would fit perfectly with the offensive scheme (sure hands, short crisp routes) as a year’s insurance. We have the same receiving corps (minus DMC but plus Kelce, Dressler) that scored a wad of points in the second half of the season. Plus they all now have a year in the system. Then use the first pick to shore up our OL. That will only make the passing game even better. Then maybe next year, we could address WR. That may be crazy, but it seems like it makes sense with our type of scheme.

    • mnelson52

      I think we should get a receiver, but not first round. There are good receivers in later rounds, and the drop off isn’t that much. The quality of O-lineman and D-lineman starts dropping off in later rounds. Our D-line only looked good last year till the 2nd half of the year when we started playing better O-lines. That’s when we were not able to collapse the pocket to help our edge rushers. I’m still a firm believer that the games are still won in the trenches. When we couldn’t get the pressure on the QBs, the secondaries got exposed. Our coverage was good enough when we were getting all the QB hurries.

  • berttheclock

    Funny aside. This morning I was checking back to 2011 for articles about the depth chart for the Chiefs. Ran across an AA article by Double D about that chart. One of the posters, whose moniker I do not know, ranted about the many haters of Pioli/Haley and how all of them would be proven wrong. One thing about that chart is how few Chiefs’ players remain from that chart.

  • berttheclock

    One interesting possibility for O-line is the young man the Chiefs brought in for a recent interview at Arrowhead. Laurent Daverney-Tardif, is a six five 305 pounder from McGill University in Canada. He has had visits with other NFL teams, as well. Very bright young man who majored in medicine with a 3.88 GPA out of 4. Projected lower round pick due to playing in Canada. However, NFL teams have noticed him, including the Chiefs.

  • tm1946

    Some where in the mix of what the Chief’s should do, want to do, need to do and the end of the season, there has to be a mix if planning and success (wins). Got to build for the future but some “bodies” have to step on the field and produce in the meantime.
    I am not sure where the line is drawn. But the season starters for the Chiefs will be an interesting combo of starters for fans. Cannot wait for the draft to start and get the process going.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    My new favorite mock…
    23 Brandin Cooks, WR
    87 Martavius Bryant, WR
    124 Devonta Freeman, RB
    163 Dri Archer, McCluster Clone
    193 Jeff Janis, WR
    200 Colt Lyerla, TE

    This draft is so unconventional it just might work. We have speed, special teamers, size, youth, cheap etc etc. JC is getting no younger. Bowe needs to go!! Our TEs get hurt all the darn time. Lets play fantasy football people!!! Throw it every darn time!!!!

    • Spencer

      why does everyone want a McCluster??? small slot wrs are not good overall…come on people there is a reason there is only one Wes Welker…he is really the only slot wr that is small in stature. Most of these guys are big or just disguised as TE’s. I’d much rather have Bowe at Slot then any of these small guys, Bowe is a perfect Slot wr at this moment and yes a slot wr can be a #1 wr….they don’t always have to line up on the outside…his best games the last few years have been when he was put in the slot, give up on the McClusters, they aren’t good other then to return kicks, either you have speed to burn on the sideline, or you have size matters, you don’t need speed to run behind the defensively line just to be to short for the qb to either find you or make an accurate pass as he has to throw over the guys just 5 ft in front of the target and angle it to make his hands rather then throw it at his head.

      McCluster is/was not a good slot receiver, why do we continually want to get another bad slot wr???

      “Limited inside runner. Can be knocked off routes easily and struggles catching on contact. Not a nuanced route runner. Very marginal, underpowered blocker. Could stand to do a better job securing the ball in traffic. Is not ideally built to withstand a full NFL season.” (NFL.Com)

      How is that a slot wr??? can’t power threw a slot cb, has no strength, not a good route runner, can’t block, bad ball security….that screams, don’t let him run in the middle of the field. This guy could hopefully be a Steve Smith speed burner down the field, nothing more, deep post routes maybe some slants on the outside, this guy would be an awful slot wr.

      • Bigtexjayhawk

        I dont want a McCluster. I want a Mc Cluster on steroids and that is what Dri Archer will bring to this team. He is faster than DMC and will do more to win games than DMC ever did. You focused only on one player. This whole package of game breakers will make the Chiefs unstoppable. Scoring over 50 points per game will be the norm. Go CHIEFS!!!

    • P Heitman

      All skill players, eh? This is completely unrealistic, man.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Over at DraftTex, I have the Chiefs taking David Yankey, the OG from Stanford. The Chiefs need to plug that hole at RG.

    • jimfromkcj

      Merlin, have you checked out Jackson from Miss St. for RG position. I can’t put my finger on why, but I just think Stanford players are soft.

      • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

        Jackson is a very nice prospect. He is certainly more nasty and more of a drive blocker than Yankey. He is a good prospect, but not for the Chiefs. Andy Reid likes his Guards to be able to get out and block downfield on screens. Yankey is more athletic and more fluid than Jackson. So, I see Yankey as a better fit for the Chiefs than Jackson.

        • jimfromkcj

          Merlin, unless the chiefs make some massive changes to their personnel ranks, they will be unable to run a typical Reid pass first offence. They don’t have a QB with good down field accuracy, they don’t have any sure handed receivers who can get good separation and they don’t have a veteran off line that they can count on, and last, they don’t seem to be able to buck the fans and trade overpaid players for picks. Now what they do have is 2 very fast and elusive running backs who have low mileage on them. So it makes sense to me that big power blockers are the only thing left for Reid if he wants to mirror Seattle and San Francisco. Jackson is a very good choice for OG. He never allowed a sack last year playing in a defence first conference, So unless we can make a trade for an early 2nd rd pick, Jackson would be m pick at 23.

  • sidibeke

    All about building the line, but this pick doesn’t make sense to me. With the 23rd overall, you want more than a project that could pay off in the long run. And I think WR, DB or ILB are greater areas of need. On the o line, we need depth.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    OK. We have 2 trades. The first one is sending DJ to the Texans, RC is DC and he is from TX. We get their #33 pick and #211. We also trade D Bowe to the Raidas for their #67 pick. Ok herre we go.
    23 Best OL
    33 Cooks, WR
    67 Smallwood, ILB
    87 McGill, CB
    124 Barrow, ILB
    163 Urban DE
    193 Exum, CB/S
    200 Lucas, OT
    211 Janis, WR
    In addition to these picks KC is able to sign Jason Avant and Sydney Rice as possible upgrades at WR. These trades make us younger and gives us cap flexibility to sign Houston et al.

    • Michael Shaw

      If they trade DJ I will become a fucking Donkey fan!! (Okay I couldn’t type that without laughing my ass off!! LOL! That will NEVER happen!!) That would be stupid to give up THE general on this defense!!!

      • micah stephenson

        Plus he is only makin 5 mill a yr.

    • jimfromkcj

      big tex, there is just not much gain cap wise to trading DJ. Flowers or Hali would be a better choice, or maybe both.

  • Michael Shaw

    I saw in someone’s post about signing Rice and I think that might be a good idea, his injury issues aside, he is a good receiver. As for drafting an O-lineman at 23? I think it is a brilliant idea. Alex did end up running for his life quite a few times last year and we lost three O-linemen in free agency this year. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lineup of Fisher LT (his more natural position and YES that makes a HUGE difference!!), Allen LG, Hudson C, Lukenbach Texas RG and Stephenson LT is not that bad of a line. However, it really isn’t a star studded line either, so if there is a O-lineman available at 23 that makes it easier for Alex to not have to run for his life, then I am perfectly fine with them using another 1st rounder on an O-lineman. I just don’t want them wasting a pick on a QB or WR with that pick. I think we get better value for WR’s in later rounds. GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • cyberry

    Why would you pick a player in the first round..with no intentions of starting him.. First round are expected to contribute their rookie year..Stephenson is 3rd rd pick only 25..Coaches very much like him. Eric Fisher was the first pick of the draft only 23.. These are our future Bookends.. Eric Berry is the only safety on the team that was on the roster in 2012..and the other two safeties didn’t play in the NFL in 2012.. .

    How about this.. let’s draft a position, in the first, that the starters haven’t already been decided on..