Aug 24, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) reacts prior to the start of their game at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Chiefs Out On DeSean Jackson

Kansas City is out on DeSean Jackson, according to Ian Rapoport. 

Rapoport says the Chiefs did a background investigation of Jackson like many of the other teams in the Jackson hunt and have elected to stay out of the negotiations.


The sudden backing out of the negotiations cannot be a good sign for the accusations surrounding Jackson. There are few people in the NFL who know Jackson better than Andy Reid so the decision to back out means Reid did not like what they saw in the report. It will be interesting to see how this decision effects the market for Jackson.

Kansas City now enters the draft with a serious question at wide receiver after deciding to exit the Jackson sweepstakes. There is no one else available on the open market who would have the same impact as Jackson. However, it should be noted wide receiver is arguably the deepest position in this year’s draft.

Jackson is scheduled to meet with Washington on Monday.

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  • tazer15

    Kids just a waste of talent what a loser someone will pay him millions not caring hes a gangbanger.Frustrating

  • Lyle Graversen

    If Reid says “nope” I trust his opinion 100%. He was willing to ride w/Jackson before so this says to me that he either wanted WAY to much $ or there is some fire beneath the gang ties smoke.

    • Tanner Cobb

      Good point, hopefully it’s just a money thing. The gang affiliation accusations (if true) make not only Jackson look bad, but the entire NFL as well. Aside from that, our team doesn’t need big personalities like Jackson, it would just draw negative attention and be a major distraction.

    • ladner morse

      My thoughts exactly. And… I support Reid completely too.

      • gaden

        I reiterate.

  • Anthony Poole

    I think this is definitely the best decision for the team. There are other considerations besides talent that can affect a team on several levels.

  • John Gabbard

    Definitely did not have a good feeling about Jackson coming to KC. Doesn’t fit the mold of the type of players that they want to bring in from a team and family aspect.

  • DT58HOF

    We needed to do whatever it took to sign Jackson. This is a really bad non-move on our part. Watch him go to the raiders and toast us twice this year. SMH….

    • Bryan Staley

      No matter what? If he’s a gang banging thug, you’re fine with him being a Kansas City Chief? Yes watch him go to the Raiders but instead of him “toasting us twice a year” watch him end up suspended or in jail……

      • gaden

        If he goes to the Raiders, that would be proof enough the reports are true

    • Bosco Cletus

      Toast us twice a year? Who’s gonna throw it to him?

    • Troy Utt

      At this point it would appear as tho Reid & Dorsey have done their due diligence & have made the RIGHT decision. Big numbers or not (if true) this is NOT the type of player we want or need on the field or in the locker-room in KC! If the reports are found to be accurate & he signs with the Black Hole, I would imagine you could go right ahead & paint the bullseye on him from the League office. As if he so much as j-walks you can pretty much bet they are going to be involved… MOVING ON!!!

    • berttheclock

      Oh really? When we played the Eagles in October, he was only 3 for 62 and zero TDs. The funny thing is the wide out many fans did not want see come to KC was Avant and he scored their only TD by a receiver.

  • Jim Harper

    Really refreshing to see so much support for Reid and Dorsey doing the right thing. In light of the Hernandez debacle in New England teams cannot be too careful. I would much rather go the way of the draft. Too many people say it takes too long to develop a receiver talent, but that was not the case with Bowe. He was a head case to begin with, but it did not affect his performance. He just had to grow up a little. Probably one of the few things Todd Hayley did was impose some discipline on Bowe.

    • Troy Utt

      Although I’m not so sure Bowe is not somewhat a head-case (with his off-field issues.) I whole heartedly agree in supporting the decisions made by the brass. Waiting til the draft may be the best at this point anyway, not to mention the most cost effective. As you stated the draft is deep at WR this year, with starting talent at the position slated into the 3rd rd. Makes this less enticing the more I think about it!!!

  • Jordan Painchaud

    DT58HOF: you are so wrong it isn’t even funny. I would bet my house he wouldn’t put up 1000 yards in oakland.

    • Bosco Cletus

      Or 500 with what they have.

  • Kris Tian Lawrence

    I’m unsure about all that gang speculation myself. There are many articles which have been posted in his defense on the subject. You can’t help where you are born and if you make family tie friendships with certain individuals. I’ve heard his talent is what had some members helping him make it out of the hood and who can fault a guy for having respect of sorts for those who help oneself and family. On the other hand it could be a front. Speculation.

    Kansas City Chiefs? Check our cap, there is the issue with us not signing him or attempting to at any rate. Now we can only wonder. Oh well, the draft is deep at this position, we have that Canadian all star. Looks like the Chiefs and Eagles will be looking towards the draft to fill this need.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    If Reid is saying no to him, I’ll be surprised if any other teams do a high contract with him. Reid knows Jackson the best, IMO anyway. So it might look like he’s gonna end up in prison instead of on the field. Or at least out of league. Never know what’s gonna happen.

    • berttheclock

      Yes, Reid does know Jackson. He knows how he held out until the last minute in training camp in 2011 over contract issues. He knows how he had to deactivate him for a game in the same year for not showing up at a ST meeting and later that season, how he had to bench him for the entire 4th quarter of a game due to Jackson dropping two gimmes for TDs.

  • Bigchief

    Shouldn’t thy nfl look into this I’m puzzled?

  • berttheclock

    Thank you, thank you Mr Reid and Mr Dorsey. Yes, he has a great deal of talent, but, the Chiefs did not need to muddy the cap and he never would have been satisfied with any deal and would have only kept badgering for more money.

    Use the draft to get both younger and lower the cap .

  • berttheclock

    I repeat myself. Last October playing at home against the Chiefs, he was only 3 for 62 with ZERO TDs. So, why all of this “Oh, he is ALL WORLD and we need him” routine?

    • tm1946

      I did notice on the roster there is not much help for Smith at WR, just saying Jackson is about it from free agency. Also points the Chiefs using their first pick on some WR, shoots trading down and adding a pick or two in the foot.
      But doesn’t matter the Chiefs are not interested.

      • berttheclock

        So correct and the irony is with Jackson leaving Philly, that 22 pick of theirs looks as though they will take a wide out which lessens the talent available to the Chiefs But, remember Allen of the Bolts was a 3rd rounder and he ended up being one of the best of the lot.

        • tm1946

          There are always picks like Tom Brady the fans just love to show how one can find a star in mid to late rounds. To me, it just shows how the teams are not all that accurate in picking talent.
          No, if we go into the season with a WR from college opposite Bowe, we start the season with a negative.
          For me, I wanted a DE with first pick. And some help at WR from some kind of veteran. Maybe even trade down and add more picks….. not going to happen now. Seem pretty much stuck selecting a WR with first pick. Not a positive. But that is just me.

          • berttheclock

            This is going to sound funny in that I have raved about Brandin Cooks for over two months. But, in checking out the NFL drafts for the first rounds going back to 2009, I have only found 3 examples of taking a wide out in the first round helping their respective teams. But, one of them was delayed because the Vikings taking the very fast wide out from Florida didn’t get them to the SB, but, he really helped the Seahawks in theirs. The other two would be Demaryus Thomas of the Broncos and Nicks in his first year with the Giants. The other picks which really helped move teams toward the SB were at offensive line or the defense.

          • berttheclock

            Brady was picked by Belichick due to his Michigan come from behind to win tapes and was taken to be a future project. In fact, Belichick made the decision to keep him on the roster even though he had 3 QBs ahead of him.

            Allen fell to the 3rd round only because his knee injury had held him out of combines and he was not at full strength for his Pro Day. However, Telesco of the Bolts had been following him ever since he had seen him have a great game against USC. He was very much on the radar of Telesco and falling to the 3rd round was a gift. When, he arrived with the Bolts, there were four wide outs in front of him and the only reason he was able to move up so quickly was due to an injury to Floyd. Once, he showed up on the field of play at full strength, he shot up to becoming a starter. Telesco had the belief when he picked him he could regain his speed. It was not just a coin flip.

  • chief4ever

    Face The Facts: leadership is planning for 2015 and beyond. Get Beckham Jr. and Dakota Dozier in 1st and 3rd so they have a year to mature – get Sanders ready at FS. Roll the dice on QB at the 4th pick if Murray is still there or pick up another WR. Go Chiefs!