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NFL Mock Draft: NFL Mocks Has Chiefs Trading First Round Pick To 49ers

There are plenty of mock drafts out there trying to guess what the Chiefs will do with the 23rd overall pick, including this one. But what if the Chiefs were to trade back? How far down would they move and what could they get in return? NFL Mocks, a FanSided network site, tackled the question in their latest first round mock draft.

NFL Mocks has the Chiefs trading the 23rd overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers, where they would then select Brandin Cooks with KC’s pick. The trade would make sense as the 49ers need a wide receiver and may be afraid Cooks will not fall to them at 30 overall.

So what do the Chiefs get in return? Kansas City would slide from the 23rd overall pick to the 30th pick in the first round and then pick up an additional third round pick (94th overall) and a 7th round pick (220th overall). Two extra picks plus staying in the first round would be a good deal for the Chiefs. Remember, the key is for the Chiefs to add as many picks as they can, it doesn’t matter what round they are in.

Who does NFL Mocks have the Chiefs taking at 30? For better or worse, Kansas City will take Stanford guard David Yankey with the pick. Here’s what they said about the selection:

Having collected some extra help for later, Kansas City feels content to reload the guard position that was somewhat gutted with the losses of Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz.  David Yankey is a big, strong, smart and athletic hog from Stanford who can start right away.

It should be noted none of the three wide receivers – Cooks, Odell Beckham Jr., or Marqise Lee – were on the board at 30. Neither was Ra’Shede Hageman, Calvin Pryor, or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

So what do you think? Would you be good with trading down from 23 and not picking up a second round pick? What if trading down meant missing out of the top receivers, would you be okay with that? And what about taking Yankey with a first round pick? There’s a lot to talk about here, so let us know your thoughts.

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  • Ardent Shepherd

    I would take that in a heartbeat. Building from the inside out is the ONLY way to ensure consistency on both sides of the ball. Getting a few picks back (so basically paying nothing for Alex Smith) would be an added bonus.

  • Matt Dickson

    Terrible draft… we let one very good and affordable OG (Schwartz) walk in FA just so we could turn around– in the deepest WR class in more than a decade– and draft a replacement OG in the 1st round?

    It’s also worth noting that a 1st round OG isn’t going to be that much cheaper than it would’ve cost to keep Schwartz. To see significant savings, it would take drafting a OG in a later round. And for the little more it would’ve cost to keep Schwartz, we could have actually improved our playmaking ability and team speed by drafting one of the WRs.

    I might also add, that a rookie OG isn’t likely to come in and play any better than– and will most likely play worse than– Schwartz would have in 2014.

    So lets sum this up–

    (a) We used our 1st rounder to replace a player we already had
    (b) We didn’t actually save a significant amount of money against the cap over the length of both said agreements.
    (c) We’ll actually see a drop off in play from the OG position, at least in 2014
    (d) And we never did what drafts are for– improving the roster beyond what we had the prior year.

    Oh yeah, and in the deepest WR draft class in more than a decade we used our most valuable draft pick and selected a player from a non-playmaking position despite our need at WR.

    Yeah, awesome. Love this “strategy”.

    • Lyle Graversen

      By definition, “deepest” would imply that there are enough talented players to get a WR that can play later on. My problem is not that they traded back or took a G, but they should have got a 2nd rounder in return. Then take a Davote Adams or Donte Moncrief at WR w/that pick.

      • Tony Parker

        Exactly, I don’t care about the trade value points system. If SF wants our 23rd, then we want their 30th and their 2nd plus a 4th or 5th.

        • Kisersosay

          Not their 30th…..our 23rd we gave them is what I want.

        • mnelson52

          It’s a nice dream, but SF is not that stupid.

    • mnelson52

      First off, Schwartz got a big 4 or 5 year contract with the Giants and second, no one said we were taking a guard in the first round, and third, Dorsey might feel he’s got our next starting guard already under contract. Just because we don’t no, doesn’t mean he’s making the wrong moves. Try to stay calm till we see what transpires.

      • Tony Parker

        Matt was responding to the article and makes a great point.

        • Kisersosay

          Actually his point was way off base on one important point. Our cap number for all our draft choices is about $1.4mm. Schwartz would have cost $4-5 mm against the cap. So really it is a big deal to pay an average previous backup guard that kind of money if we think we can get similar production from the backups on the team now. I am not in favor of drafting a guard in the first round. I think we have our guard on the roster already. Let’s just hope this works out. If we were to trade down I would only do it with SF for our Alex Smith pick. That seems about fair.

          • Matt Dickson

            Nope I wasn’t. You really shouldn’t spout math unless you’ve done it first. Here, lemme explain–

            You should take a look at what Schwartz’s contract was: 4-years, $16 mill with only $6 mill guaranteed over those 4 years. In case the math escapes you, that’s really only a couple mill per year and the bulk of the guaranteed money could’ve been shifted towards next year’s higher cap figure (i.e. backloaded).

            Now, by comparison, look here and see what the “23rd overall pick” in last year’s draft (the Vikings pick) received on a 4 year contract: http://overthecap.com/nfl-rookie-salary-cap.php

            So, like I said– drafting an OG in the 1st round would cost the Chiefs more than resigning Schwartz, plus the drop off in production, plus the lack of adding a playmaker at WR, etc etc etc..

          • Kisersosay

            Matt, I think you should take your own advice, It is laughable that you act like you know what is really going on and I don’t. Especially since you are trying to use averages “at less than a couple mil per year”. As you talked down to me with a statement like “Here lemme explain” I will try to take the high road and just show you the facts that I used to make that true statement about $4-$5 mm a year cap hit.

            Here is the cap hit and dead money chart for Schwartz’s deal:

            What you may (or may not) be missing is the issue with the cap hit in years 2, 3, & 4 when we have a lot of stars to sign to their second contract. So let’s just say that I disagree with you and your math. However unlike you I don’t have any problem with you thinking that way and I won’t berate you like you have done to me and some others on this thread.

          • mnelson52

            I’m pretty sure Dorsey knows the the value of each player and what we can afford better than any of us that don’t know his plan for improvement.

      • Matt Dickson

        Nelson, you need to actually READ the article.

    • berttheclock

      I do not quite compute how a four year $16.8 M, $1.5 M for 2014 and a four year prorated $800,000 per year bonus for Schwartz as being “very good and affordable” for the Chiefs. That is the contract the Giants gave him and he had six other offers. That buys a ton of more and better bagels than KC could have provided.

  • Travis Majors

    If we sign DeSean Jackson this makes sense.

  • ladner morse

    Two views…
    I DON’T like it because… the Chiefs would still need a top flight WR but, if they end up signing DeSean Jackson first then it’s works better for me.

    I DO like this trade because… there are good players to be had in every round of this draft.

  • Brady Warshawsky

    When is the last time we saw one of these mock draft scenarios actually pan out? Have they ever?

    • berttheclock

      Funny thing about the mocks. Each year a winner is selected for selecting the closest to 1st round picks. It is sort of a “Closest to the hole” kind of thing.

  • CaliChief57

    If we were to trade back and obj, cooks and lee are gone, I see JD looking at fs Jimmie ward or Ryan shazier as ilb as dj is gettin older and depth at olb. No to guard in the first, use the the two third round picks for ol and wr. Hopefully moncreif or huff is there for wr. And no need for guard, a swing tackle is more important. Stephenson could be kicked inside if guard problems consists. Or maybe a draft a versatile ol like Wesley Johnson or Joe Bitinio that could play all over the o line. If Jimmie ward is taken if the late first then in the fourth you take a corner, olb or DT, basically bpa the rest of the draft because all holes are filled.

  • Danny Farage

    Whoever made this up is a moron

  • Tony Parker

    If SF really, really wants our 23rd, then we want 2 picks in return and 1 must be their 2nd rounder, no ifs, ands or buts. No way should we take a guard in first round, we need impact players now. A swing tackle in later rounds can be used for that. We just have to hope and pray that our back-up o-lineman can step up.
    This draft should be really interesting…..and fun.

    • berttheclock

      The problem with picking up their second is GMs all use pre-rated numbers for each pick in the draft. (See calculatorsoup.com) I believe the 23 pick is worth 760 points and the 30th is 620, so, the difference being 140 points falls in with the 3rd round pick at 94 and a seventh round pick. Their second would be too high.

  • berttheclock

    This is a deep draft and check out various mock drafts for the latter part of the 3rd round where the Chiefs would be picking up an extra pick. Many teams, including the Chiefs, are built with 3rd round picks.

    However, one other point about the Niners. They need more than just a wide out as their projected CB starter and/or a much needed nickel back, Culliver, was just charged with two felonies in the Bay. Hit and run and getting out of his vehicle wearing brass knuckles and threatening a witness to the hit and run. So, look for Baalke to move up in the draft. Remember he has six picks in the first 100 picks, whereas, the Chiefs are tied with Seattle and 3 others with only 2 picks in the first 100.

  • berttheclock

    There are several players who might be available for that 94 pick from the Niners. Such as Pierre Desir, the CB from Lindenwood, Ahmad Dixon a safety from Baylor, Louchiz Purifoy, CB from Florida, Telvin Smith, OLB from Florida State or Travis Swanson, the center from Arkansas to name a few.

  • Justin Ramirez

    The chiefs need a free safety. Our offense has room to grow, but out defense only had a limited time left with each other. Get a safety so our defense can be elite

    • John Walsh

      They’ve got Commings, waiting to play and he’s a draft pick that didn’t get to play in the regular season. Safety in the first round, don’t think so. It’s not nearly as dramatic a problem as has been trumpeted in the media. They need more pressure from the DL than anything else. Even the best covers get burned if the QB has time to get the ball off, and that was made clear by Manning and Luck.

      • Justin Ramirez

        Would you of said that about Eric berry? Do you remember how many times we got burnt last year? We might have good corners, but they cannot stay with a fast guy in the long run. We need cushion back there that will keep the deep throws from happening. Commings might work out if he can stay healthy. Could be another Tony Moeaki.

      • mnelson52

        I agree 100%

  • Abdur Rahman

    The Chiefs need to trade down and draft a TE. Smith does not like throwing to outside WRs and our D only needs a free safety, which I feel like they can get at even four or five.

    • berttheclock

      In 2011 Alex Smith hit the wide out Crabtree 72 times and his TE, Vernon Davis, 67.

    • John Walsh

      Smith will throw the ball to any receiver on the team, be they WR, TE or RB/FB. His playoff game against the Colts should have given you enough evidence of that. Donnie Avery? There are very few limitations on Smith. As for TE’s, he worked with a revolving door in that area. Why draft a TE when they’ve already got 4?

  • chief4ever

    Let’s get real…with our schedule, 2014 is gone….our own leadership is showing this…not even a visit with Jackson…we are setting up 2015 and beyond…with cap room, better draft positions, Donkeys “all in ” strategy a bust . Dorsey and Reid are here for the long run, not for 2014. Enjoy the NFL in 2014 and get ready for the future beyond. Go Chiefs !

  • Terry

    I don’t see them trading down when Dorsey made it very clear last year he takes the best player available with the pick i see a trade if they get the smith pick back 1/30overall and possibly chiefs are taking a WR THEY NEED ONE WHY TRADE THE WR WE NEED TO SF WHEN THEY ALREADY have our second pick I could see us trading up for our first and 7th and pick next year beins hiw we will rake in on complementary picks from all the free agents that walked and signed relatively big contracts

  • Terry

    Look for a free agent pick up around the start of 2014/2015 season someone will be released that chiefs can use and will.