Nov 3, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) looks on during warmups before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Release DeSean Jackson; Gang Connections Concerns Arise

DeSean Jackson, a talented wide receiver who was on the trading block, is now on the free agent market. The Eagles announced the news today via their Twitter account.

The Chiefs have a need at wide receiver and may be willing to pursue him now that Jackson has been released. However, those thoughts may be different now after new information was reported today about Jackson’s associations with a gang.

Eliot Shorr-Parks and A.J. Perez of are reporting there are rising concerns within the front office of Jackson’s growing connection with a Los Angeles-based gang. 

Jackson’s continued association with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who have been connected to two homicides since 2010.

A little over a year after the rising NFL star was interviewed by police about his connection to Shakir, Jackson’s name once again made its way onto the desk of Detective Crosson.

This time, Jackson’s name surfaced as part of an investigation into a 2012 gang-related murder that occurred outside a South Los Angeles business where a party had taken place. The building was owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family, police said.

During a search of the building, Crosson told investigators found several documents belonging to Jackson, including a car title, a gun permit issued in New Jersey and credit-card receipts.

These are serious accusations that may change the way the Chiefs and the rest of the NFL view Jackson. This goes beyond having a bad relationship with a coach or issues smoking pot, these are serious criminals says Jackson may have connections to. This isn’t something to mess with.

It is believed Jackson has a good relationship with Andy Reid, and the thought may be Kansas City would be a good place for him to re-start and clean up his life. Jackson has not be charged or connected to any of the murders mentioned in the story, so leaping to the Aaron Hernandez conclusions is probably not wise. With that said, why take the risk his associations find their way into the Chiefs locker room?

What do you think, Addicts? In light of the new information out about Jackson, should the Chiefs still be interested in him?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Gotta think he’ll get a ring from Dorsey, but we’re not in a position to win a bidding war for his services.

    • bhud

      If this release is true then we won’t need to be in a bidding war. Very few teams will even look at him and none will be willing to offer large money or a long deal. His issues might just be perfect for Reid to step in and offer a small trial contract.

      • Bigtexjayhawk

        There will be no bidding wars. I say sign him and Avant and Cooks and Archer. Lets kick some donkey a$$

  • Norman Gunn

    The best news we can get out of this is that a top 22 pick team will sign him allowing a Marquise Lee to fall to 23.

    • Hawthorne

      Except that Philly’s pick is 22 so… yeah.

      • Norman Gunn

        Shit! Ok, so lets restructure Berry for cap space. Restructure or cut Flowers. Then lets sign Jackson. I cannot imagine an offense where the opposing defense must keep their safety back..

        • Hawthorne

          Berry just posted something on his FB. Looks like a restructure might be announced soon.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I’d go for him too cause I agree, other teams will have doubts about him. With him being around Reid again, it might change his actions…if he’s doing anything wrong in the 1st place.

  • mnelson52

    I really have a problem (especially in recent years) with red flag players. GMs and coaches try to overlook the flags to get a talented player and then it comes back to bite them in the butt.

    • mnelson52

      although he may have had nothing to do with the murders, the fact that he still has ties to the gang shows he has character flaws beyond what ever problems he had in Philly. That is not the kind of player we want in our locker room….IMO

  • Priest4Prez

    This almost feels like the departure of TO from the Eagles; you know without the gang related stuff. I’d let him go by, we’re better off with a fresh face.

  • freshmeat62

    …not w/ a 10′ pole!!!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    The gang connections are a bit worrisome but the way I look at is, would I be mad if the Chiefs signed him in spite of these issues? Not even a little.

  • Hawthorne

    I’d say sign him for something reasonable like 8 mil over 2 years, but with 0 guaranteed money. He’ll be more likely to behave if he knows he can be cut any time and not see any money.

    • unclejesse40

      I agree on this one. He needs to know that if he messes up, the money is gone and in all likelihood his NFL career.

  • Aaron Holmes

    I’d take the risk all day for Jackson…hell why not give him a chance, you’d want a chance if you was in his shoes right. And if he continues to be involved with gangs and something happens and he gets charged with something oh well let him go. It’s just that simple….we need more explosive plays from our WR position on a more consistent basis, and we can only do that with an explosive player and Jackson is that person. No player is a perfect person, now would you rather take that chance on him or have someone like The Broncos, The Raiders, or The Chargers to take that chance on him and have to face him 8 times a year for how ever many years his with a team that in our division???? JUST A THOUGHT

  • berttheclock

    Jackson will never be happy with any contract. He is going the way of Revis, who signs two contracts at a time. The first real one with the newest team and the mental one with the team he is going to sign with next year.


  • berttheclock

    WOW! We could really use him. Why, had we had him instead of his playing for the Eagles, last season, we might have beaten the Eagles by more than 26-16. BTW, it was Avant who scored the only TD for the Eagles against us as a wide out. Jackson was 3 for 62, but, he didn’t put it in the end zone.

    We didn’t need him then; we don’t need him now.

  • David Walker

    Why not give him a 1 yr “prove it” deal that way if there are any issues we can be done with him after a year? With these new accusations he should come real cheap and why not get a fresh start with the coach that knows you the best.

  • gaden

    I am not of the win at any cost mentality. Hoodlums and thugs don’t deserve the privelage of playing in the NFL (or any other league). I want the team I root for to be made up of real men, men with character, even if it means not winning.

  • Ed

    One year contract. Yes if Andy wants him then give him a chance. Jackson denies any afiliation, so he has a year to prove he can walk a straight line. D Jackson is a better player than Bowe. What you think Micah??

    • micah stephenson

      I don’t care about the off the field issues but we can’t afford him anyway.

  • GDL40

    One year “prove it” deal, no guaranteed money…..with the condition that if he screws up off the field, he gets cut and gets no money. Of course not too expensive either…lol
    Other teams would offer more, so we won’t get him which wouldn’t bother me

  • redchiefs

    The Chiefs certainly do not have cap room for him without doing something drastic like Tamba Hali. Perhaps Jackson would consider one year at a fair salary with a big signing bonus coming out of Clark’s pocket……however they skirt the cap with deals around the league is beyond us. I don’t even know if there is cap space next year. I just hope he considers coming to KC after what he and Andy went through to help each other out like they did.

  • Ed

    He thanks Andy Reid in his farewell sppech. Andy knows best if we risk it. He has the talent of any of the best receivers we have had since Gonzo. Can anyone tell me what the Chiefs have not restructured Tamba contract?

  • Roger Mihalko

    despite the issue’s…financial and personality….I think we have the edge with andy reid on two fronts. Reid is focused on coaching now, not doing gm stuff an he would put jackson in his place knowing him. I think they could really work a deal financially but depends on jackson and his agent. jackson and charles would be a unbelievable combo for this team. you would be interjecting a thousand yard receiver into this offense. If bowe could get going your looking at serious offense.

  • Calchiefsfan

    No thanks. I would rather see us get someone in the draft of good character. Keep the family atmosphere in the locker room.

  • KCMikeG

    Nobody knows better than Reid. Jackson’s previous troubles went on under Reid so I don’t think it is a lock that he can keep Jackson on the straight and narrow. This is a big concern for us and any other team that may have interest, except for the faiders of course who as of the news today ready to pay him large. Again Reid will make the right call but if we are going there it better be fast.