January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Sanders running back Jamaal Charles (25) of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with receiver DeSean Jackson (10) of the Philadelphia Eagles and Jackson

Chiefs Have Reached Out To DeSean Jackson

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached out to free agent DeSean Jackson according to 610 Sports Radio.

Jackson, 27, was released by the Philadelphia Eagles this afternoon amid reports of a possible connection with a Los Angeles-based gang. Andy Reid drafted Jackson and coached him in Philadelphia, so the reported call to Jackson’s agent would suggest these gang reports are not considered to be too concerning. Between Reid, offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, and wide receiver coach David Culley, no other team outside of the Eagles knows Jackson better.

There is a clear need for Jackson in Kansas City. Jackson excels as both a deep threat and working in space, which is something Kansas City needs to add opposite of Dwayne Bowe. Given Jackson’s age and past production, the fit would seem ideal for the Chiefs.

Other reports have at least six other teams contacting Jackson today.


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  • kyle

    I want him. Dorsey can work a 2014 cap friendly deal and add a serious deep threat and multi-facated playmaker. This also would guarantee a first round defensive player.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Why the hell not?

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    From Bowe Jenkins and Avery to Bowe Jackson and Cooks!!! If I were AS I would be the happiest guy in KC right now.

  • Joe

    Not only do we need another strong WR, but McCluster was just coming on big time in the return game…another need DJax would fill nicely. Get it done!!!

  • Michael Shaw

    Why the hell not?? I can tell you why. According to sources in Philly, Andy Reid was almost at his wits end with Jackson’s stupidity. Why would he take that same crap on here??? I love his skill set and speed, but the kid needs to get a darn clue and learn from the like’s of Michael Vick………………GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!

  • unclejesse40

    Getting Jackson really would allow KC to take the best player available in the draft and not reaching for a WR after the top get picked over. QB’s and WR’s tend to go earlier than they should in the modern era of football.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Get him, if they can, then that covers Dexters spots and more. Jackson is a deep threat, Dexter wasn’t. KC would be wonderful with him and Bowe!

    Fans need to know and not get do upset or mad if they can’t get him. There’s other teams after him, not just KC. I know some don’t always follow close on this. They might see that KC had a chance but couldn’t and didn’t get any info on it but they still complain about it. Dorsey and Reid will try hard if they want to. If not, let them handle it.

  • Stan Colbert

    This is about the craziest story this week! There is nothing about it that makes sense, & every story read seems to make the last story less credible!

  • jimfromkcj

    I wonder if the fans who are Raider haters want the chief’s to become the Raiders East? I hope that we can win with players who we can be proud of. It hasn’t been all that long ago that the temptation of Marty to win the big one caused him to bring in players of questionable reputation and, not only didn’t we win but it got Marty run out of town. let’s not go down that road again. It is hard to keep these youngsters away from all the temptations, let alone those who have known thugs and criminals they call their friends. Lets keep to the program and get a young WR at pick 23 , Matthews would be my choice and go from there with good character guys.

    • PunjabiPete

      While I respect your opinion, we have no concrete proof the DeSean Jackson is involved with a gang, and I guess it comes down to do you take the man at his word. I can accuse Matthews of inappropriate touching of kitchen appliances, that doesn’t make it true even if he really enjoys using a Cuisinart. I cay give Jackson a chance in KC, heck if he IS in a gang as soon as they see what pathetic prospects for gangs we have here (the 9th Street Doggs? Really?), he’ll be kicked out and ridiculed and can focus on football.

      Andy Reid: Do it!

  • PunjabiPete

    Please oh please oh please oh please oh please… I’ll buy more tickets and send the money directly to his paypal account if need be

  • Pealvin

    We can’t pay him and he has attitude problems. He would bring a different dimension to the WR spot but I think the attitude and the money will set us back long term. Let’s draft a burner with hands and let’s roll with what we have.