An Open Letter To Dressler

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Dear Weston,

I owe you an apology, sir. Since the announcement of your reserves/futures signing to the Kansas City Chiefs I’ve been openly critical of you. I haven’t given you much of a chance to make this team. Organized team activities won’t begin for another month and I’ve already counted you out. I think it’s high time that I confess and beg your forgiveness.

Give me a moment to explain why I’ve previously been so opposed to the idea of you sticking in Kansas City. You see, it’s not often that a football player who’s spent six seasons playing Canadian football successfully makes the transition to the NFL. Typically, players who are able to make the jump do so in 1-2 seasons. After going undrafted in 2008, you signed a CFL contract to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That’s quite a long time and it makes me wonder if you truly have what it takes to succeed at the highest level of professional football.

There are a number of former CFL players who’ve gone on to flourish in the National Football League. Names like Warren Moon, Joe Theismann, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, Raghib Ismail, and Mervyn Fernandez come to mind. The reality though is that the road to the NFL, from north of the border, is mostly paved with tales of failure. I can’t immediately tell which group you’ll ultimately belong to, but there is precedent for the transition you’re hoping to make.


I’m aware that you hauled in an average of more than 70 balls per season in Saskatchewan. I know that you amassed 6,531 receiving yards during your CFL tenure. In your first season with the Roughriders, you were named the league’s Most Outstanding Rookie. You were twice selected as a CFL all-star. You’re a four-time Western division all-star. Mr. Dressler, you had a successful career in the true north.

I feel like I’ve seen this movie before, Wes. Back in 2007, Kansas City’s front office signed a former Arena Football League wideout named Bobby Sippio. In the season prior to joining the Chiefs, he caught 125 passes and scored 53 touchdowns. Everyone was convinced he didn’t belong in the AF ranks. His stint with Kansas City was actually his second NFL stop. He initially found his way to the league by way of the Miami Dolphins (in 2004). He played for two NFL teams, but never registered a catch. Can you see why I’m concerned that touting you as a replacement for Dexter McCluster might be a bit premature?

Unsurprisingly, you’ve been compared to another diminutive NFL wide receiver with a similar name. I’m sure you know him. He actually plays in the same division. Should you make the team, you’ll get a chance to see him up close a couple times in 2014. He’s the best NFL example for a player of your stature. If you’re under six-foot, run good routes, and have sticky hands, chances are you’ll be compared to him. I’m not sure that’s a realistic expectation for you, but at least we know your size won’t be an issue if you’re half as talented as he is.


With McCluster gone, there’s opportunity for you in Kansas City. You’ll be competing with a few other young receivers with potential, but you have as good a shot at nabbing a roster spot as A.J. Jenkins and Junior Hemingway. Those two players have flashed the ability to play in the NFL, but they’ll only have a step or two on you once training camp opens. The playing field at One Arrowhead Drive will be fairly level. Barring another signing in free agency or a high draft pick, you’ll be in the thick of the race for the slot.

I have no idea what to expect of you over the next several months, but I’m willing to reserve judgment. You deserve a real chance to show this stubborn old Chiefs’ blogger what you’re made of. A football player your size has probably spent the better part of his life defying the odds. I hope you’ll accept my apology and make a fool of the old me. The guy who once snickered at the mere mention of you making this football team. I’ve been wrong before, just ask Cyrus Gray.

What say you, Chiefs Kingdom? Will Weston Dressler be a Kansas City Chief in September? Can he truly replace the production of the departed Dexter McCluster? Is he cut from the Wes Welker mold or is Dressler just another Chad Hall in waiting? Use the comment section below to chime in. As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

Until next time, Addicts!



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  • berttheclock

    Brandon Browner

    • Stacy D. Smith

      If he makes the team, he could get a chance to face Browner later this year.

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    Just as long as you are dynamic you’ll be fine

  • andyred

    I gotta be honest. Ive never seen this guy play. But just looking at him and hearing interviews, makes me wanna root for him to make it. Its a good underdog story of going undrafted, having to play in Canada, and finally getting a shot at the pros. It also helps he’s being coached by Andy Reid. Though I dont have evidence to support him making or missing the cut. I have a strong feeling he makes the team and becomes a fan favorite quickly

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Check his YouTube highlight reels. They’re unimpressive, but there’s lots of game tape available.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    Just draft Dri Archer and we will forget about this canadian

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I’m not sold on Archer. He had a monster 2012 campaign, but really regressed last year. In Round 3, give me Donte Moncrief.

  • paul pace

    Some players from the north have made it in the NFL but more have failed. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Dressler has a hard uphill battle to make it in this league. The NFL is the best of best and the football players in the CFL are the ones, for the most part, that couldn’t cut it down south. I personally hope he makes it and becomes the next Welker, but I must be honest and say I have my doubts at this time. I hope my doubts are wiped away come September but only time will tell.

    • berttheclock

      Yes, and some of the over hyped 1st rounders selected in the NFL draft fail, as well. Interesting reading at sfgate how Jon Baldwin is going to have to win a spot on the 2014 Niners’ roster.

  • Josh Landers

    He can catch the ball consistently so he’s already one step ahead of Avery. If I’m not mistaken, he has return experience, also. I’d like to see him make the team. I think he will because if you’re a star in the cfl you should at least be average in the nfl. In my head anyway.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      His hands will probably translate. Will his route-running and ability to separate?

      • Josh Landers

        I wonder that, too. Especially coming from a place where wr’s have a running start. To answer your question, I hope so.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Pre-snap Canadian routes make it hard to know what kind of separation he’ll be able to get in the NFL.

  • michael carey

    Whenever I see an article about Dressler, it reminds me of this guy…Anyone remember Sean LaChapelle? World League MVP…

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Or Marc Boerigter.

  • scott

    Let’s get the kid in camp and see what he can do.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Let’s get him into a pre-season game and see what he can do.

  • Suzi Conger

    Nice apology to WDressler, stacy… I well remember you giving my friend and I a rough (nasty) time when we were merely having fun expressing the possibility he could cover departed Dex’s FB talents for the Chiefs… you heard all this from us first…nice for you to become more open-minded, at least. :-)

    • Stacy D. Smith

      This isn’t the place for you to level a complaint against me about something that happened on Facebook. You had the chance then to address it and you opted to block me. This is revisionist history.

      I wasn’t nasty to anyone. I just used your own faulty logic against you. I was accused of being negative and critical of Dressler by someone who’d leveled similar complaints against Kansas City’s defense. When I pointed that out, you denied that fact. The moment I quoted you, to show that it wasn’t some figment of my imagination, I mysteriously disappeared from your friends list. You later pretended that your argument is what chased me away.

      That’s neither here nor there though.

      I’m STILL not endorsing Dressler. If you’ll notice, most of the issues I previously stated with Dressler are detailed here. I’m simply willing to reserve judgment.

      • Suzi Conger

        Poppycock, ‘King Reach’,,, many of your statements in your ‘article’ are merely restating the very same points that my friend and I were presenting to you :-) I’m sorry that you’ve chosen to feel criticized (self-esteem issue?) when I was complimenting that you now have an open-minded PS.. ‘reserving judgement’ is called ‘keeping an open mind’

        Too many of your statements are fallacies, simply not true. But I choose to take some former advice and not waste my time. Again, just to clarify, I was complimenting you for now keeping an open-mind, AKA; reserving judgement’ :-)

        • micah stephenson

          I’m going to send both of yall to yalls room and take away yall video games and I pads if yall keep mis behaving. Lol

        • Stacy D. Smith

          The nerve it must require to raise an issue about a personal conversation from another web platform to Arrowhead Addict, distort the truth of said conversation for people who weren’t privy to it (after having deleted said conversation), make personal insults in some effort to defame someone you’ve never met, and insinuate my article is somehow just a collection of your thoughts? You’ve got gall, if nothing else.

          As you were.

      • micah stephenson

        Wow. Yall got into a lil facebook fight? Wow. Lol. I missed that. I sort if got in some facebok beef recently too. This guy wanted to meet somewhere and fight just because I said A.Smith wasn’t all that.

    • Jim Harper

      Don’t waste you time Suzi!

      • Suzi Conger


  • Phillip Maxwell

    Not only does he make the team…..he also becomes one of Smiths favorite targets.

  • jackie

    Some apology. “I am sorry, but of course I was justified in doing what I did.” Still, something is better than nothing. And of course the Chiefs have more faith in him than Stacy, so I doubt he cares a hoot for your opinion. Then again people like you provide considerable negative impetus to succeed.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      It’s not a real apology. It’s also not a real letter. It’s tongue-in-cheek.

      You’re right though. My opinion of Dressler is of no consequence to his NFL career.
      Just as your opinion of me “personally” is of no consequence to my writing.

      We all have a right to do what we do.

      “People like you” is incendiary and unnecessary. You’ve never met me so there’s no reason for you to make personal attacks on a blogger giving a football-based opinion.

      • jackie

        Ok. Make it “Opinions like yours.” And surely in every sense of the term it is not a real apology, as others here seemed to think. Glad we got that cleared up. I am not sure we all have a right to do what we do. But you do have a right to your opinion in this subject. Mine differs obviously and it concurs with those more experienced than both of us. Anyway, it seems we both hope he makes he grade and more. Peace.

  • tm1946

    Might have added -

    Besides you may end up playing #2 WR with this team. We have no money to sign anyone else under the age of 30 and forget about upper level player. Now if we can find someone who will play for nothing or less, you could be an afterthought.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Even if this team didn’t add any more receivers through free agency or the draft, I think the odds of him being this team’s No. 2 wide receiver are really, really long.

      • tm1946

        Attempt at humor. But do not give up, heck, half the OL walked and most feel it is addition by subtraction.

        • micah stephenson

          We lost 3 starters on the oline but we still have 4 starters left.

          • tm1946

            Just had an idea hit me. if we are better with losing those guys and getting better, I say cut the rest of the offense, leave Smith out there alone and we can all buy superbowl tickets.

          • micah stephenson

            That’s not a good ideal. Stick somebody at RG and call it the day.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            You won’t hear me saying we’re better. At least not yet. We already know we’ll have two players in two new roles this fall. That to me suggests there will be some adjustment time necessary. The line could take a step back before it takes a step forward.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Just two. Schwartz and Asamoah play the same position. Schwartz had won the job.

          • micah stephenson

            They both are starting caliber tho.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            A fair point.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          I hope so.

  • Paul Wilkins

    Weston has a lot of talent. I’m excited to see how well he does!

  • Keith Pottruff

    Not saying that I am sure he’ll make the squad though. But he fit the role of being a clutch receiver for the Riders and was a really good guy off the field too. Should he be released we’ll gladly take him back in Saskatchewan. I do think though that you are dismissing him a wee bit quickly just because he played in the CFL.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Time will tell.

    • Jim Harper

      Well he will have one stubborn even older blogger pulling for him and I am sure I am not the only one. You see Keith most of us good ole boys down here are all about rootin for the little guy, because it ain’t the size of your body that counts. It’s the size of your heart.

      • Suzi Conger

        and girls, too…lol. “I am small, but I am Mighty” Shakespeare, via ‘Seabiscut’ :-)

    • Suzi Conger

      Some of us are open-minded and rootin for him!! :-) When he first signed on with Chiefs a couple of us were sharing his film and having fun with the possibility of he and Alex ‘kickin buns’ :-)

    • Troy Utt

      Keith, First & foremost glad to have you on board here in the Red Sea!!! As to Dressler being quickly dismissed by fans, I really don’t think that the case… I believe as a whole you will find most will be supportive of him, the rest will come around once he’s had an opportunity on the field.
      The character you are referring to above would be Micah… Our resident nay-sayer! As you may note on his post “my team” (a common term in his thread) refer’s to how he would build his team. It’s obvious he’s a “gamer” & lives within that world!
      He has done the same with Alex Smith refusing to give credit where due & acknowledge the job he has done over the last three years! Instead he continues to ignore the facts & make excuses!
      I have every expectation that Dressler should do just fine & fill a void that KC has for a “sure set ofn hands” across the middle of the field!
      Which is exactly what we need to make Reids WCO successful! Don’t get me wrong there will be bumps along the way as in the eyes of many fans filling DMC’s shoes is a tall order…

  • micah stephenson

    Dressler huh? Wow. 1st we get a mediocre a$$ QB, then we surround him with bums. Wow. Dressler would b a pratice squad guy on my team.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I’ve missed you, Micah!

      • micah stephenson

        I been real busy. I sell and install all kinds of car audio. I just worked a 22 hr shift, but still had time for my favorite Chiefs website.

  • Ben Nielsen

    I miss Bobby Sippio.

  • Tony Parker

    Yes, he makes the team and does quite well his first year, over 600yds and 5td’s and becomes a fan favorite.

  • jaydadon


  • Stan Colbert

    It is hard to tell how fast or quick he is on film not knowing anything about the competition. Playing on a longer, wider field could make a difference as well. However, the man has definately got some hands, and if he can quickly get open that would be a major improvement.