January 26, 2014; Honolulu, HI, USA; Team Sanders running back Jamaal Charles (25) of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with receiver DeSean Jackson (10) of the Philadelphia Eagles and Jackson

Rosenthal: DeSean Jackson A Fit For The Kansas City Chiefs

In speculative piece about what teams could be in the hunt to trade for DeSean Jackson, Gregg Rosenthal of Around The League says the Chiefs are a team that makes sense.

Salary cap room is the major problem here; otherwise this makes a lot of sense. Andy Reid knows Jackson’s strengths and weaknesses. Kansas City needs receivers after losing out on the Emmanuel Sanders sweepstakes. All of these potential landing spots are long shots, but this one is the most far-fetched.

This cannot be emphasized enough: Trading for Jackson is the longest of long shots. Not because of the salary cap, though the salary cap does add an extra hurdle. Philadelphia is likely going to want a high round draft pick or draft picks and they are going to want to them to be in this year’s draft – a draft some think is one of the deepest in decades. The Chiefs simply cannot provide what Philly is likely looking for.

Think about the San Francisco 49ers, for example. The 49ers have an extra second round pick from the Alex Smith trade and few holes on their roster to fill. If there is anything their team needs it is a speedy wide receiver who can compliment what they have on the outside with Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree. San Francisco doesn’t need the picks so giving up two second rounders or their first and a third round pick or some combination like that will not hurt much at all. KC simply cannot offer a package like that to the Eagles.

Additionally, trading for Jackson, 27, may not make much sense for the Chiefs. This 2014 draft is supposed to have one of the deepest crops of wide receivers in draft history. Why spend a lot of resources – cap space and multiple draft picks – when draft is so deep at wide receiver and the roster has so many other needs?

This isn’t to say if John Dorsey traded for Jackson the team would not instantly be better, because they would. Jackson obviously fits Andy Reid’s scheme and the Chiefs do need upgrades at wide receiver. The on-field fit is clear. However, things don’t work in a vacuum. Kansas City needs an on-field fit that will not cause them to potentially lose a player like Justin Houston in the future.

If the Chiefs can get Jackson without having to give up too many draft picks and they can get Jackson to agree to a contract that will not hurt their chances for retain their best talent then, yes, the Chiefs should look into making a deal. It would just seem those odds are “far-fetched” as of today.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    He’d be a great fit, but he’d have to restructure his deal. That cap number is over $10m. I’m going to keep my expectations low, but you have to think Andy Reid’s considered it.

  • Michael Lizalde

    This would be a terrible deal because it would be at the expense of the rest of our team. If we were going into this draft just trying to add depth then this would be a great trade.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Ive resolved to thinking the Chiefs will be through the draft…that is all.

  • paul pace

    The Chiefs have as much of a chance of getting Jackson as I have of winning the lottery. The Chiefs can’t offer Philly much when it comes to draft picks because they only have 6. Giving up any of their picks would hurt the Chiefs in the long run. So, I think it would be a bad deal, but, again, I doubt seriously that it will happen. I still think that they should look at the ex-Faider receiver Heyward-Bey. I still think he is out there unsigned, although, I think the Jets are looking at him. Probably could get him cheap for a one year deal. He was a bust for a first round pick back, I believe, in 2009, but still has speed and is a pretty big receiver. Could give some good competition for the #2 receiver spot.

    • Jim Harper

      True if Heyward-Bey did not have bricks for hands.

  • PunjabiPete

    I think Jamaal Charles has to pee in that picture. That being said, Desean Jackson to KC would be electrifying, but as others have said, the price tag means we will have to scrape the barrel in other spots, and we need a line more than anything else.

  • Greg James

    We can offer them a 3rd round pick and a 2nd round pick next year. Next year we have 3-4 additional comp picks coming for all the HIGH quality level 1 free agents that left us. Shoot we had 5 or so starters leave within the first hour. The MAX comp picks is 4 I think we will get all them. Desean would make my Chiefs life complete! Need to sign Houston, Smith and Charles long term. Gotta plan for this. Those 3 are main core to future success in my eyes. Our D line is gonna hurt people this year. Poe, Houston Hali and Vance – WOW

    • Jim Harper

      Ever heard of cap space? Impossible dream!

      • Greg James

        Cap space? What about cap space idiot? When Desean is Reid whom has personal connections with many Eagles (Cause he coached them for years) Structures the contract to fit within our cap. He hasn’t been swipped up yet so his stock is going down by the day. When your cut, you gotta get back on the field. A few year deal could work. Nice try Donkey Fan!

        • Jim Harper

          We don’t have any room under out cap. That is why I said it was an impossible dream, and there is no reason to name call because I am neither a Donkey fan nor an idiot, and have been a Chief’s fan since their inception A**Wipe!

  • Norman Gunn

    I am trying to figure out where his catches and yards would come from. I don’t think he would be a good fit for the offense.

  • Chiefs Martyball

    Iwould trade B Flowers for D Jax because salary wise it would help and also help both teams pretty much like the redskins broncos trade with Bailey

  • Chiefs Martyball

    Another possibility is Hali but then they would have to give us their 2nd and we give them our extra 6th

  • Hawthorne

    San Fran makes the most sense. Cap hit too big for us, and if you build through the draft, trading pics is not really an option. Only way it could happen would be a player trade.

  • Stan Smith

    Wake up

  • Jordan

    Sort of unrelated here but does anyone else feel like every year they say it’s one of the deepest drafts ever but the next year it’s like last year was a really weak draft class but this year, watch out guys

    • Jim Harper


  • Jim Harper

    So ridiculous it does not even deserve discussion. We will get a quality WR in this years draft. Besides that, why cripple this team by giving away more draft picks?

  • Greg James

    With the new Vance, Poe, Houston and Hali, we have the best 4 D line in the league.. They are gonna pond through and pressure everyone. All 4 of these men need double teamed and thats just not possible on the O line.. Chiefs need to focus on Safety and down field. No more of that burning us down the middle. This D line will help pressure and cause passing inaccurate, but we gonna have our secondary. Offense was scoring over 30 points a game, so im fine with that. Bowe MUST show up this year and well be fine. Build in the draft, smarter anyways. Only option with no money.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      True to that. Also, cap space in the future for those defenders. I think Houston’s contract is up next yr.
      DeSean would be Awesome for the team but would hurt the $.