Nov 24, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Indianapolis Colts safety Antoine Bethea (41) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Colts 40-11. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Contacted Antoine Bethea Before He Signed With San Francisco

There has not been a wealth of information coming out of John Dorsey‘s front office since the beginning of free agency but apparently there has been plenty of activity. With a hat tip to Arrowhead Pride, it appears former Indianapolis Colts safety Antoine Bethea received interest from the Chiefs before he signed with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday.

Chris Clemons, not Bethea, was the safety many of us thought the Chiefs would or should target so this is something of a surprise. Mostly this is an interesting indication of what holes Kansas City is going to try to fill through free agency. They’ve already re-signed LB Frank Zombo and S Husain Abdullah, and added LB Joe Mays and OL Jeff Linkenbach.

It makes one think Kansas City may go after a guy like Clemons, who is excellent in pass coverage, later this week. Although Bethea is known more for his ability to defend against the run so maybe Dorsey is thinking something different about what the secondary is lacking.

One final thought: This is a good example about how sometimes there is nothing the Chiefs can do when it comes to a free agent. KC could have offered Bethea an competitive contract but he didn’t want to come here. Same can be said with guys like Jon Asamoah, Geoff Schwartz, Branden Albert, Tyson Jackson, and Dexter McCluster. It is easy forget the guys have goals and desires that may not be able to achieve by being in KC.

Such is free agency.

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  • NicholasAlanClayton

    Am I the only one that thinks Pioli just made his new front office overpay for Asamoah and TJax just so he can look smart for drafting them initially?

    • berttheclock

      Just wait until he inks Jonathan Baldwin, Stanzi and Palko, as well. That team should just drop their Falcons logo and call themselves the sparrows instead. Of course, he will have Dimitroff have his scouts hang out permanently at the University of Illinois looking for even more offensive line talent which just oozes from that school.

      • Juanita Johnson

        BA HA HA HA HA YOU MEAN “Bustwin?”

        • Juanita Johnson

          “STAN-BY” & “Palk-JUSTGO” haha

    • Juanita Johnson

      NO! You are not! I know TJax&Asa will again show that Pioli is still reaching. He has convenced Asa that the Falcons are going to win nxet year! Lol

  • Roger Mihalko

    Last year Free agency- Dwayne Bowe’s 5 yr deal with KC is worth $56M with $26M guaranteed. listed as number one receiver for Chiefs.

    Stats for last and this year: 6’2″ 221lbs 29 years old

    2013 57 receptions 673 yards 5 Touch downs
    2012 59 receptions 801 yards 3 Touch downs

    4.51 40 yard dash

    This year Free Agency – The NY Jets signed former Broncos WR Eric Decker to a 5-year, $36.25M deal, including $15M guaranteed. listed as denvers number 2 receiver.

    Stats: 6′ 3″ 214lbs 26 years old

    2013 87 receptions 1288 yards 11 touchdowns
    2012 85 receptions 1066 yards and 13 touchdowns

    4.54 40 speed

    Anyone see a HUGE MISTAKE on chiefs part?

    CHiefs brass could have restructured a slew of deals before 3/11 and signed Decker for roughly half of what they gave bowe. Decker is better receiver, younger, and better producer.With Restructures of deals, the chiefs could have signed decker, another real number 2 receiver, and probably signed a quality Free Safety.

    unbelievable really.

    • Joshua10237

      Manning made decker who he is,he will go to ny and be a nobody .

      • berttheclock

        Hmmm, just imagine Revis lining up against Decker twice a season.

      • Michael Shaw

        Wrong. Decker made a name for himself before Manning got there. When Decker first got to Denver the QB situation was abysmal and Decker benefited from everyone trying to double Bebe!

        • berttheclock

          The two years combined prior to Manning produced 50 catches for 718 yards, 9 TDs and 33 first downs. His second year was roughly 7 to 8 times better than his first, so, a name was beginning. But, once, Manning began throwing to him, the first year produced 85 catches, 1,064 yards and 52 first downs.

    • berttheclock

      Yeah, Decker really put a great deal of fear into the D-backs from Seattle did he not? Our problem was not jamming him and not having pass rushers available when we played the Broncos. This nagging of what was paid to Bowe overlooks the fact that when Dorsey was assembling the new team with recently acquired Alex Smith on board, the Chiefs only had one legitimate wide out threat and he had to forge a contract which put him just above Vincent Jackson and below Mike Wallace, It was a perfect storm for the agent of Bowe to reap the money benefits.

      • Roger Mihalko

        My point is what Dorsey could have done in preparation for 3/11. They could have communicated with Decker’s agent and got a ball park of what he was looking for. Bowe wasn’t worth the money and still isn’t, regardless of who was on the market last year. yes it was the superbowl, yes seattle shutdown manning and company. The whole game didn’t ride on decker, and one game doesn’t sum up his year. He was a good receiver on the market well in advance of 3/11 and the management missed an opportunity (one of many) and here we sit for the moment.

        • Chris Tarrants

          We can’t afford to pay Decker this year. Decker wasn’t a free agent last year, so Dorsey signed the homegrown player in Bowe as opposed to signing another guy such as Wallace. It will be interesting to see if Decker will have another good year without Manning chucking the rock his way?

          • berttheclock

            According to micah, the Neon Lights on Broadway will be a’flashin’. Of course, at this time, no one knows whether or not it will be a result of the West Virginia in and out flash or Mr Vick arriving as the 10th Buffalo Soldiers Cavalry of old to save the team. Lots of “Garyowens” will be playing at Met Life should Vick arrive.

          • micah stephenson

            I don’t recall saying anything about Neon lights. Lol

        • berttheclock

          My only question for Dorsey would be why couldn’t they have extended Schwartz back in early November. Schwartz has shown improvement as an offensive guard/tackle since his early days with the Panthers. PFF gave him a plus 13 and change for that year. The next year, for some crazy reason, the OC of the Vikings kept wanting to play Fusco who had very negative marks from PFF and only played Schwartz 84 snaps of which PFF graded him a plus 5.8. With the Chiefs, he improved his PFF rating to over a plus 18, so, he and his agent knew he was due for a much bigger pay day. I wish Dorsey could have extended him after the line coaches noticed how improved he made our line. But, it didn’t happen and that is my one regret (Well, losing “The Pinball Wizard” Dexter was more of a personal regret as I really liked his character. I have a close friend who knew him in KC and raved about him and his lady friend. I know he never achieved the expected offensive heights in KC, but, I still loved to see him bouncing off defenders on returns. I would not be surprised to see his offensive stats improve in Nashville That said, I don’t believe Decker is a true Number 1, nor even a 2 wide out. He could have improved the Chiefs, but, the cost would have been out of line. Of course, I still wish the Chiefs could add Brandin Cooks from Oregon State and I believe few would ever mention the name of Decker again. BTW, Revis is really going to enjoy welcoming him to the AFC East.

        • Larry Devore

          Seeing a show he was the only threat KC had at the time, what did you expect him to do. If they had a complimentary receiver opposite Bowe, his numbers might have been better.

    • micah stephenson

      Yea I do. We didn’t get Manning and did get Alex Smith is the mistake. I’m sure the patriots or Broncos would love to have Bowe.

  • Tristian

    Underrated part of free agency is this. Theres only 2 reasons you sign with a team no matter what ppl tell you. A chance to win and money. A third would be who you would like to play with. But those first 2 reign supreme. Most of the time its a combination of the 2. Mike Wallace for instance goes to Miami but ppl go there for money. You go to New England to win. The chiefs unfortunately just had recent success but why would free agents come here? Think about the perception of our QB. Game manager is still his label despite a pro bowl season. We aren’t gonna overpay anybody else like we have bowe and berry. At the same time im sure KC is a great place to live but it doesn’t have the lure other places do.So If we arent overpaying ppl and we don’t have a big city and ppl question whether or not this team is for real then they wont come here. Bethea didn’t get a bunch of cash. Butbif you look on film as a defensive player you cant like what you saw last year especially the second half of the year. Thats why this season is so huge in kc. If you want ppl to come here you gotta win. Consistently. We are supposed to have like 45-50 million in cap space next year so don’t tell me the brass wont be looking at free agents. They will. But this season could determine whether this spot is looked at as a Minnesota/Oakland (where you overpay and careers go to die) or a Cleveland/Jets (where you are a rising contender who is a few pieces away) or a Seattle/New England who are consistent contenders. I still have faith in the brass to get some things done. If Reid is a top 5 coach which I believe he is he will show it this year. There’s still a few free agents we can get out there. Lets see what happens

    • berttheclock

      Against the Chiefs, Bethea showed he still has a lot of punch in hitting opposing players. Great fit in the Bay for him and he is going to a team which has been on the doorstep the last three years. Also, by adding Bethea, it allows the DC to play a 3-3-5 on occasion. Imagine Bethea coming up with two other safeties and having the opposing QB wonder which one is going to drop back and which two are going to blitz.

      • Michael Shaw

        And with their DL and LB corps, they won’t have a problem dropping 5 DB’s!!!

      • Tristian

        Its nice in theory but fangio the DC in SF dosent mix up his playcalling like just like Sutton. Ive been watching the 49ers call the same plays for 3 straight years and for the life of me I can’t understand predictable playcalling. I know what the niners will run (x’s and o’s) about 35 to 40 % of the time. I also know when. If I know u think other teams dont? But when you have good or very good players you can get away with it.

        • berttheclock

          I really was referring to the 3-3-5 of Ryan in NO. With the addition of Jarius Bryd, he is really going to change the style for DCs in the league. As you well know, the NFL is a copy cat league, where any successful system becomes the new standard. A couple of years ago, the lousy HC, but, decent DC Nolan loved to use 3 CBs on the field at the same time. Ryan loves to use 3 safeties, but, to use this system effectively, you must have 3 very good to great safeties and not just 3 guys who have problems finding any consistency in lining up properly. With some of the guys playing in the NFL, I recall a scene from “Mr Roberts” where, the klaxon bell called out for “All Hands on Deck”. One of the sailors scurrying around the deck looked up to another seaman and asked him why he was up there. The reply was “I don’t know, but, I was up here last year”. I believe that applied to Lewis, last season.

  • berttheclock

    Now, could have the Chiefs absorbed a one year $3.4 million dollar contract and have given up their only 5th round draft pick? That is what the Eagles have done for Sproles.

    There is no rumor to Lickenbach being linked in any way to “Luckenbach, Texas, with Wiilie, Waylon and the boys”.

  • Ed

    Sign Steve Smith to a one year contract TODAY. Panters will pay 3 mil and 4 or 5 mil will get it done for a year. He wants to play the slot. Lets not waste a 1st rd pick on a WR. Alex needs sombody that can play now and not wait a few years while the WR learns how to play in the NFL. Pick a defensive player in the secondary that will make a difference. We have not upgraded (Ok we dumped Daunte) and Manning will lite us up again this year. Can anybody tell me why Tamba contract can not be restructured his contract to make more cap space?

  • berttheclock

    On several of the recent threads, the criticism of Bowe’s contract has been called into question. Now, this may be another trip into hindsight of drafting, but, had Pioli really done his best player available homework and taken Alshon Jeffery instead of Jeff Allen, would there even be any mentioning of Bowe? jimfromkcj appears to still favor Pioli over Dorsey, but, Pioli didn’t even use his head about a need for a guard and take the better guard, Osemele, from Iowa State instead of Allen. So, Pioli blew it twice. First, in not taking Jeffery who would have made Bowe dispensable and, secondly, not taking Osemele over Allen.

    I still maintain this “Best Player Available” really comes down to a matter of need for a team. The GM may believe he is taking the best player available at a certain position, but, in the case of Allen versus Jeffery, Allen was neither the best player available nor was he the best guard. Funny thing is his protege, Emory, in Chicago didn’t blink an eye when he saw Jeffery was still there. It appears that with the exception of Berry and Houston, the best place possible for GMs was to follow Pioli picks and see what players he had left on the table.

  • berttheclock

    What? No big names signed so far? All a team needs to do in FAcy is to sign big names for tons of money and reap the wins. Such as Tampa Bay going 4-12 in 2011 which led to the Glazer family opening their vaults to a $140 M whirlwind of signing Vincent Jackson and others. This led to a 7-9 record in 2012, then, they hit the jackpot by trading for the best corner back in existence. They gave up their 2013 #13 pick to the Jets who took Sheldon Richardson and what will now be a 4th round pick as Revis will not be on their ending 2014 roster which would have move that pick up to a third. So, they signed Revis to as 6 year $96 M contract with $13 M his first year and no guaranteed money. The result led to a 4-12 season with both the HC and their GM being fired and a top assistant barely escaping, Hickey, to Miami where he has continued to throw money to the winds in trying to upgrade the ‘Fins.

    So much for splash signings and huge giveaways of money.

    • tm1946

      I know your are knowledgeable so let’s you and I wait to compare the Chiefs against Denver at the end of this next year. Record, playoff games, and head to head……. got a feeling we will get kicked all over the place by them and then we can sleep well at night knowing teams with big name players are nothing.

      Wait til next year (even before we go into this year).

      • berttheclock

        As the Master Sergeant character played by Jackie Gleason in “Soldier in the Rain” used to say “Until that time, until that time.

  • tm1946

    As if it matters that we contacted some one before he signed with another team.

    I am sure we all feel better now.

  • micah stephenson

    No money to keep our guys or get any good free agents, no 2nd rd pick cus we got ******* by the 49s, Alex Smith wants more money and yrs, Juston Houston will want a contract extension, our offense he brought in ain’t shit (A.Smith, Fasano, Avery), ect….good job DORSEY! Meanwhile in Denver after putting together the best offense ever they come back this yr and get the best Safety, CB, and pass rusher to get they defense up to #1. Elway said they not done shopping around plus still have plenty of draft picks. Way to go Chiefs.

    • tm1946

      But they have contacted players they have no money to sign anyway.
      That means so much, “contacting” is as good as signing them isn’t it.

  • Jim Harper

    Great post Ben! We always tend to blame the GM when in fact we may have made a legit to the player, but he chose to play someplace more fun. We tend to forget that the majority of these guys are still in their 20′s with a pocketful of cash