K.C. Chiefs And Free Agency: A Mirage Made In Heaven

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The Kansas City Chiefs and the 2014 Free Agency period is a mirage made in heaven… err… or would  that be hell? I guess it depends on your perspective.

So far, the Chiefs Free Agency scoreboard looks like this:

Other teams: 5

Chiefs: tiny 2 (Abdullah Husain and Frank Zombo retained)

As good as the free agency period and the period prior to that was last year for the Kansas City Chiefs… that’s exactly how bad it might be this season.

Branden Albert: $9.9M signed with the Dolphins

Dexter McCluster: Titans, $12M for 3 years, $4.5M guaranteed.

Jon Asamoah: Falcons

Tyson Jackson: Falcons

You can look at these as great losses or the inevitable attrition that it is.

~ ~ ~

Scott Pioli, the Over-Evaluator

What was it in Tyson Jackson’s performance for the past five seasons that made him think he’s worth $25M for the next five years? It must have been his 1.8 sacks per seasons or his 27 tackles per year. You know that’s really really close to 2 tackles per game. Or, was it Pioli justifying his pick to this very day. Wow, are Scott Pioli and Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff ever thick-headed. Hand it to this little BFF duo for pulling off a double-pantsing of the Chiefs on the first day of free agency. So, what will the loss of TJax and Mr. Asamoah ultimately mean to  Chiefs fans?  Tin man? Okay, see where he gets you (you know he’s QB-blind right?). And Asamoah? Good, yes. Great? No.

I can see Scott and Thomas sitting in a dark corner plotting to undo the team that was Scott’s undoing. Oooo. Did you ever get us on that one.

~ ~ ~

From Good to Bad or Getting Better

My knee jerk response to losing these five players was one of shock and awful thoughts of the team returning to the days of 2012. When you look over the team the Chiefs still have and give credit where it should be placed for developing young players. Even without the players who will be added in the coming draft, the Chiefs will be all right.

So, what do I mean by, “all right?”

Based upon the Chiefs’ year-ending position in the playoffs, they currently rank 10th best among all NFL teams. Last year they were #32 at the end of the season. Adding a new GM, HC and staff and 23 (plus) players to the roster was part of an organizational design we’re seeing played out right now.

In Lyle Graversen’s post called, “Free Agency 2014: Keep Calm And Chief On,” he makes a great point that,

“The exciting, big name, big headline, big money players that are signed at the start of free agency rarely bring a lot of wins with them.

This isn’t a new story in the NFL. The path to the Super Bowl is almost never paved with big name (and big dollar) free agent signings.”

Graversen goes on to give many good examples. What must be emphasized here is that the Chiefs have a plan in place and they are executing that plan. John Dorsey spoke of this plan on the first day of the combine saying that during the first few weeks of the of season, he and Andy Reid had sat down together and designed their plan with the idea that they could make it work.

Recently Andy Reid spoke about the difference in this offseason saying,

“So far, it’s smoother. You’ve got a staff; you’ve got John Dorsey and his staff and you’ve walked in those shoes for a year, going through the whole process, getting ready for the draft. For the football side of it, we work scheme evaluation for half the day and the other half, we’re doing personnel and that’s broken up into free agency and the college draft and that’s the way it will go, right up until the draft; whatever John needs us to do, we’ll do from a personnel standpoint.”

Now, who knows if part of that plan was to allow OL Geoff Schwartz to go in free agency but if the Chiefs could have signed him earlier, wouldn’t they have already? It sounds like Schwartz wanted to be in New York and that’s exactly where he is now… and will apparently sign a deal later today.

Remember when Brandon Carr left for the Cowboys? He actually wanted to always play for the Cowboys since childhood. There’s no stopping that kind of personal dream.

~ ~ ~

The Journey

Look at this offseason more as… Frodo’s frolic to Mordor and back. In other words, enjoy the journey: the good, and what appears to be the bad. Why? Because it’s not only great entertainment but because both John Dorsey and Andy Reid deserve that kind of support.

Everyone focuses on the player leaving. That would be Branden Albert, for instance, at left tackle. However, can you imagine what yesterday was like for Donald Stephenson or Eric Fisher. If I was either of them I’d not only be celebrating this whole week but I’d see the move of Albert as a big shot in the arm. I’ve had bosses who believed in me and bosses who didn’t. There’s nothing like a show of support for what you’re spending your life doing.

Ask yourself why Geoff Schwartz was on the Chiefs roster in the first place. Dorsey, Reid and the personnel department are good enough to have found a diamond in the rough. What have Dorsey and Reid done to show you that this talent they have for spotting talent has diminished in the past week? Schwartz got a big contract that they couldn’t match and that’s the only reason he’s not still in K.C..

~ ~ ~

Remodeling the Roster

I once ran an organization and the higher ups told me I could hire my own people but to first give the existing employees a chance. It only took one month for me to realize I not only couldn’t work with a certain employee but I really had to have my own people to make it work.

I would expect no less from John Dorsey and Andy Reid, especially in regards to the “employees” on the field: the players themselves.

With yesterday’s changes and an unverified head count, I now only calculate that there are 16 players left from before Andy Reid and John Dorsey arrived just 14 months ago.

Let’s see, 16 into 53… that’s a 70 percent turnover ratio and that is significant.

I’ve often wished that a new coach could have all the players he wanted so we could see him carry out his program and plans. Well, that’s pretty much the case here and it should be very exciting to see who joins the club next.

The addition of Husain Abdullah is an important one. This is the second year in his return to the league after a year in religious hiatus. Not only should Abdullah be better but his presence makes the tutoring process of Sanders Commings at free safety a much smoother one.

~ ~ ~

The Burn and the Concerns

While some fans may feel burnt by the opening day free agency events, the real question is, what are you concerned about?

Yes, there appears to be an opening at RG but don’t forget that both Rokevious Watkins and Rishaw Johnson have been on the roster for all of the 2013 season. While I’m concerned that bringing in a new guard will require them to get up to speed on Andy Reid’s offensive playbook, if Johnson or Watkins gets the shot next, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The loss of Dexter McCluster may be a concern for many Chiefs fans. However, how much of his success was due to special teams coach Dave Toub? Also, don’t forget the Chiefs have signed Weston Dressler.

~ ~ ~

The Draft/Free Agency Connection

When the Chiefs set out to build the team, they’ve said repeatedly that they will do that through the draft. Yes, losing five important players on day one of free agency is disappointing, but getting the cap space right for future years has to be done or the Chiefs will be in the same situation in future offseason as they are this offseason.

So, is there a way the Chiefs can allow their starting RG and their starting RGs replacement to walk away in free agency by drafting the right players?

  • 6-5, 329 lb OG Cyril Richardson from Baylor should be available to the Chiefs in the third round.
  • 6-3, 323 lb OG Jon Halapio of Florida should be there in the 4th or 5th rounds.

While losing players in free agency can sometime be hell, don’t forget that the following year it will mean Compensatory Heaven. With the loss of Albert, Asamoah and McCluster, all starters and two of them Pro Bowl level, it could mean the Chiefs will receive up to three third-round choices in the 2015 draft.

 ~ ~ ~

Displaced and Homeless Finds

In the last year, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if John Dorsey picked up 200 players and signed them at one time or another. It seemed as if he was bringing in prospects every hour of the day at times.

It’s this attitude and willingness to “do his job,” part of which is scouring the waiver wire to find the next Marcus Cooper that he did so faithfully that it helped produce players like Sean McGrath, Jaye Howard and Ron Parker.

The increased cap amount has helped to create a fireworks festival on the first day of free agency. And, it also has created a Dr. Seuss-esque re-action effect which won’t be sooner than later but includes a number of starting-caliber players who just lost their jobs to the newest members of the Fortune 500.

In other words, there are going to be a load of players being let go, or dangled as trade bait who can and will be picked up by the Chiefs. It’s inevitable. And, it’s another big reason to not worry about what’s going on with the Chiefs.

Like Lyle Graversen has said, “Chief On!”

Also, remember the Chiefs said they wouldn’t be “active” in free agency and that doesn’t mean they won’t be active at all. So, breathe deep, close your eyes, and visualize JC scoring on a 47-yard screen pass from Alex Smith against the Raiders.

Ahhh. Feels better already. Right?

Okay, Addict fans, are you ready to come in off the ledge?

~ ~ ~

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  • Jason J Morrison

    I have a question in regards to next years draft. How are the prospects looking for the next draft? I have heard all of the analysts stating that this years draft is stacked at every position and that there are good players all the way to the 5th round? I am not one that follows college football and i do not know what it is looking like so far. But i am actually feeling very optimistic about all of this movement. it means that the front office is doing their jobs, and also making us younger like the seahawks. alot of those guys are still on their first rookie contracts so next year when we have the 11 picks or so we can use them to move up to get the play that we want maybe give two third round pics to move up from our second rounder and get maybe 4-5 guys in the top 100 prospects. i know this year is going to be difficult but i believe we have what it is going to take to compete with these teams. yes some of the games may come out pretty bad but i am still going for a 9+ win season.

    • berttheclock

      Just reading Walter Camp Football’s early predictions for 2015 and that was just the 1st round, he leans to QBs and defensive linemen in the early part and more offensive linemen in the mid to latter stages of that first round. Unusal number of tackles and guards, and even centers in that portion of the draft. Funny thing, he has the Chiefs at 28 taking the excellent CB from Nike, Ifo Ekpre-Olomo. I suppose the Chiefs losing several players yesterday has not affected his 28 position for the Chiefs, unless he has a quick update next week.

      • Jason J Morrison

        I like that spot as a pick. that means we at least win one playoff game if not the second one. from what I just looked up we actually have a few OLine guys on our roster that have been here for two years already so maybe it is their time to show what they got. I read something last night where they were talking about how the Chiefs may be going to more athletic, fit and agile linemen instead of the big guys that were for zone blocking. I think with our Core guys were are pretty set for a solid year. Thanks

      • Jason J Morrison

        Besides we also need to start looking at the 2015 and 2016 rosters, our main production players are coming up for contract i.e. Smith, Houston, Berry, Charles, Poe, Hali and a few others. so if we can start selecting good players in the next two drafts to fill some of the roles we can afford all the little rookie contracts and maybe trade Hali for a pick or two later on. I feel we need a guy that can get the 20 sack seasons so if we shore up the Dline where the linemen are taking up 2 blockers a piece then the faster Linebackers may be able to produce those 20 sack seasons like the greatest Chief ever Derrick Thomas.

    • Chris Tarrants

      Their plan might be something close to that but you can’t trade comp picks. I think you are right about trading up and down, putting the Chiefs in the best position to draft who they want

      • mnelson52

        I wonder about the quality of next years draft class with almost a hundred juniors jumping in to this draft

  • Tristian

    So basically u said everything i said the last 2 days through various comments. Got it

    • ladner morse

      You’re my inspiration. :)

      • Tristian

        Ha ha don’t start singing the song

  • berttheclock

    Ah, that heady time of March 12, 2013, when Free Agency began. Several teams won the Super Bowl that day by signing players immediately after Trevor Denham cried out “They’re running in the Free Agency Handicap”. Miami was the first winner by signing both Wallace and Ellerbe. Of course, the Bears matched them by signing Bushrod. The Colts declared themselves the winner after plucking Erik Walden from the Packers. No, roared the mighty Titans, who yelled Shonn Greene had tipped the scales of winning the SB to them. Of course, the Rams were delighted to see the Lombardi Trophy land in St Louis, when, they inked Jared Cook and made him the 3rd best paid TE in football.

    Sadly, the Seahawks were very late to the party and only signed Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett on March 14, two days after the opening of the Spend The Bucks Party began. Funny thing about Michael Bennett is Pioli missed bringing him in as an UDFA, then, missed picking him up after the Seahawks waived him in October of that same year they had him n camp. I don’t believe Pioli ever paid any attention to those pesky waiver wires which appeared to have disturbed his quiet reflective moments in his lair. Now, one question. Anyone know the outcome of those late signings by the Seahawks?

    • Tristian

      Bert excellent analysis as usual. You can’t win a championship on paper so i don’t care how good denver looks right now look at the reason they lost the super bowl. It was thier offense. Ok Aquib takes away your number 1 receiver. Well who was Seattle’s number 1? They still would’ve gotten destroyed because they put up 8 points. Now they are signing demarcus ware right? Let me say this as someone who follows the Cowboys very very closely because my father is a cowboys fan. If Jerry Jones releases you u must really be done. He overpays/over keep s ppl all the time. But everytime he has released a guy with one exception being Terrance Newman he has been right. Most of the guys he has let go and I mean so called impact players are out of the league now. Denver looks like 2011 Eagles. All these free agents. They still have weaknesses to exploit. You don’t build a team through free agency and everyone knows that. Don’t be surprised if denver falls hard yet again this year

      • berttheclock

        Thanks, but, interesting things happening with the Niners, eh? Gabbert? However, Bethea brings hitting power

        • Tristian

          Yeah bert its interesting. Im getting the feeling after that bethea deal that kap will not be resigned this off season. I couldn’t be more thrilled

      • Jarad

        I for one, do care what Denver has done in Free Agency. The best run supporting Safety, a shutdown corner and a pass rusher. Yes , Ware was let go by Dallas, but they were handcuffed by the cap and he wouldn’t take a pay cut. He was also “injured” a lot last year, but it’s amazing how losing makes those little aches and pains much worse. I’m guessing Ware will magically become a practice participant and really help Denver. So, losing the 5 players hurts, but what Denver gained, hurts more.

  • Tristian

    Whats the evidence san diego got better or denver? Talib haa never played 16 games in a season and even in a contract year last year he played 13 and was still hurt throughout. He averages 9 games played per season. So he the likelihood is he wont be around at least once when we play. Then they signed an in the box safety in TJ ward. Oh my god im so scared. They have 2 starting linebackers that are free agents and who is thier second corner? Or third corner?No DRC and Harris tore his ACL in thr playoffs so he wont be back till at least November or December. They lost Eric Decker and replaced him with an old guy literally. They also lost 2 starting offensive lineman. John Elway is a terrible GM because he dosent know how to draft. The only impact player he drafted was Von Miller and he was selected at number 2 because most idiots dont screw that up. But off the field he is terrible. All the players you see josh Mcdaniels drafted. So id relax if were you guys and this free agency wave happens every year and the team who wins it never wins the super bowl and most times they don’t even make the playoffs

    • Brian Dempsey

      Denver’s clock is ticking down & when Manning goes, the fall is going to be hard and the thud is going to be loud.

      • Tristian

        Agreed. Its funny how ppl forgot just how terrible that offense was in the big game. Historically it was the worst. I see what elway is trying to do but it won’t work. Talib isn’t what they think he is and neither is ware. If you ask me im glad one of my teams isn’t doing what hes doing. Manning wont be the same guy and that oline took a hit as well. Expect the broncos to play alot of close ganes this year and don’t turn on sportscenter because thats all they will be talking about

  • berttheclock

    Laddie, as to turnover, consider the 4 year span by Schneider and Carroll in the Emerald City. There are only 3 players left from the time they took command of the team and somewhere there is a rumor which says both Stanzi and Jonathan Baldwin have inquired about flights to Atlanta.

    • ladner morse

      Yes, and I heard Tyler Palko is about to be named QB Coach their too.

  • ArrowFan

    I’m starting to come down to earth now but I’m still worried about our ever rebuilding O Line.

    • ladner morse

      Maybe. But, if I was to ask you which position is the weakest on the team now that the first day has taken three of he Chiefs OL… wouldn’t it still be FS, ILB and WR. The reality is that the Chiefs still have 4 out of 5 players they ended the year with: Stephenson, Allen, Hudson, RG missing and Fisher.

      Mister Andy “I Know How to Build an Offensive Line” Reid should be able to easily fill one position along the OL between now and September.

      • Michael Shaw

        I disagree Laddie. Had we resigned Schwartz or Asamoah, then I would still believe our greatest need those three position, but as many times as Alex had to scramble for his life last year with the line we had, I am thinking he is going to be concussion prone next year because of all the hits he is going to take. Especially against Denver when they now have Ward and Talib with the very real possibility of them having Ware and Von Miller coming after the QB.

        • Chris Tarrants

          I see where he is coming from, our best line last year is the one that we have left, minus Geoff. Albert is fragile, Asomoah was benched and Schwartz, well that one stings a little but he isn’t replaceable. Personally I like Rokevious for next year, he could be the anchoring ROK in the interior of the line

  • Chris Tarrants

    I wasn’t expecting any big signings in FA but I wasn’t expecting to lose all of these guys either. It’s their plan though so we must see it through. My only gripe is that Denver signed Talib and Ward yesterday! That’s a scary thought, lets just hope we act as the KC Cardinals and can find a way to slap the taste out of the mouths of the Denver Yankees

  • Ed

    I know hat it takes more than free agency to put together a wining team but we have to keep up with the Joneses to stay competative. The Donkesy signed two excellent players to their backfield and word is they may get Demarco Ware, come on. Can any body tell me why has the Chiefs have not approached Tamba for a restructuring of his contract? Same with Berry. I was hoping we sign S Bryd but he is gone. 90 mins to lose 5 players. Last comment, forget about WR in first round. Very rarely WR play well their first year anyway and we have a tendency to pick the wrong WR in the first round (Remember Syvester Morris heheh).. Let pick defense in this year’s draft. Lets go with Tuitt, Kony or Pryor. We can get a good WR in the third round. Come on Chiefs, make a move. Where Michah?????

    • ladner morse

      Chiefs have made a move. They did a solid by re-signing Husain Abdullah. He’s going to be good at FS and will help to bring Sanders Commings along.

      • tm1946

        Sorry, but sort of like saying a great day for golf, that tornado sure opened up the fairways.

      • berttheclock

        I like the buildup at safety as I would like to see Sutton use more of the 3-3-5 as Ryan does in New Orleans. Having 3 safeties in the game at the same time and bringing them up where the QB doesn’t know which one will drop back and which ones will blitz is a great scheme.

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    Let me start by saying I am a die hard Chiefs fan, through thick and thin, better or worse.

    I don’t care if you call the Bronco’s the 2011 Eagles or say that spending money doesn’t win you Super Bowls. The Bronco’s are making the right moves right now. The reason they got torched last year by the Seattle offense was because they had no one to rush the QB once Von Miller got hurt. Now they are bring in either DeMarcus Ware or Jarrod Allen. Both have had no issues getting to the QB during their career. So as of right now, the Bronco’s are fixing the issue of getting to the QB just in FA, they still have the draft to bring in younger guys as well. Now for the secondary, they gave up a lot of passing and were uneffective hitting the WR making them scared to run accross the field. Champ Bailey hasn’t been the same guy for 2-3 years and Dominique Roberts-Comartie is past his prime as well. So they fixed that by bringing in Aqib Talib and TJ Ward. Two of the best secondary FA this year. Talib shuts down your #1 WR. Ward is everywhere and both are hard hitters.
    The only player on offense that the Broncos are losing that was a difference maker is Decker. This draft is full of WR so they can find someone to take his spot and Manning seems to make any and every WR look like a star. Bring back almost every component to the best offense in NFL history is something to be worried about. The best offense in NFL history improving their defense with playmakers is something to be worried about. I don’t think the Broncos are done yet either.

    Seattle won because of their defense. We all know that and it’s becoming clear that “defense wins championships” but the Seahawks are going to lose Golden Tate (their #1 WR whether you believe it or not) and Harvin may be coming back but how many games has he been healthy for the last 3 years? They have lost their defense and offensive cordnators the last 2 years. Carroll may have these guys on track and they might have the most feared defense since the Bucs and Ravens in the early 2000s, but I’m curious as to if they can continue. Looking at the offense the team has Lynch and maybe Baldwin. But that’s about it. I love Russell Wilson, but if he didn’t have the defense he has I don’t think they would score as much on offense much less win as many games as they do.

    The Chiefs have lost more than they have signed in FA. Granted, I’m not upset that McCluster walked ($12M is way to much for a player that is a KR and a mediocre WR) and Albert walked (MIA is so disfuctional I doubt he changes anything). Jackson and Shwartz surprised me and Asamoah did as well, but we have guys to fill in for them. Our DLine only lost Jackson and he hasn’t lived up to his potential as a First Round draft pick. The Chiefs have a tough schedule coming up this year, but we haven’t lost any players that we can’t replace plus improve the position. I never expected the Chiefs to make a splash in FA and I still don’t think they will, but hopefully we improve our team with the draft this year.

    If I’m the Chiefs though, looking at my division the Raiders still suck. Chargers got Donald Brown who destroys us every game but that’s about it. But the Broncos scare me. They had a lack luster defense last year and still dominated the game. Now they have the same offense (minus Decker) and an improved defense that should be fully healthy? I’m thinking the Chiefs go 4-2 in our Division, losing both games to Denver.

    • Chris Tarrants

      The Broncos are done in a year or two and Elway knows it. He is signing every big named player that he can in order to get Manning his second ring, actually match the good Manning brother who has two rings lol. Once Manning takes his forehead and goes home, the broncos will be back to square one. Name the last team that won the Superbowl after a FA spending spree? Keep in mind our defense is staying the same, except for Tin man, and Lewis and Robinson Just letting those three walk makes us better! Give our secondary another year in the same system mixed with getting a draft pick or two and combine that with Commings actually hitting the field. Our defense will be much better next year so lets just see what happens.

      • Tristian

        Chris I agree completely. All in now is great but if the chiefs want to be consistent contenders then build through the draft like they have been doing. Its still a long ways to go with the free agency period and the draft and the second free agency period after the draft. I like that we share the calmness that im sure is felt by the people at 1 arrowhead dr. Go Chiefs!

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        I’m not saying that the Chiefs are going to do terribe now because of our FAs that went else where. We have Stephenson, Allen, Fisher, and more guys that can easily fill in and as you said Chris, we still have our defense together. I’m not worried about Sean Smith and I’m not worried about any fall back. Once our defense spends time working together we will improve.

        What I’m saying is, Denver gained two secondary players that shut down the passing game. When we play Denver Bowe is basicallly out of the equation if he isn’t already. That leaves Avant if we pick him up or whoever we draft. I personally would want Allen over Ware but either way the team has gained double digit sacks, pressure on the QB and a presence that your offense has to be aware of the whole time.

        The difference between this Broncos team and the Eagles though, the Broncos are keeping almost their whole team. They are adding 2-3 big name players. The Eagles basically created a new team through FA and then Steve Young labeled the team “The Dream Team” so they had high expectations from the beginning.

        You can say they only will succeed if everyone stays healthy, but that goes for every team. Look at what happened with Hali and Huston got hurt. The QB had zero pressure and torched our secondary.

        I still think the Chiefs will do just fine this year, I just think the games against Denver aren’t going to go very well with the Chiefs. I still think we beat SD and OAK, just not Denver.

        • KCMikeG

          Didn’t they lose two of their starting OL players besides Decker? And who is their RB? Ware is on the decline which is why the Boys wouldn’t pay him. Talib has injury issues and Ward, while being the 4th ranked safety, has only had two good years out of four. He was let go for an upgrade at the position for some reason. The donkeys are all in for this year because they know this is their last shot before PM retires and salary cap hell comes a calling.

    • Tristian

      I think like sportscenter you are putting too much stock in the broncos moves. Von Miller and Demarcus ware and Jared Allen all have injury problems. AND Aqib Talib and he is 5 years younger than Ware and Allen. You don’t pay for injuries. Thers no way they all stay healthy amd Allen isnt much of a threat at all. What made the 2011 eagles comparable is they did the same thing. They signed a “shutdown” corner in Asomugha. He sucked big time. Cullen Jenkins was supposed to be an elite run stopper coming off a contract year in Green Bay. Nope. Jason Babin had been a sack machine and thier front four was supposed to be soooo so dominant. It didnt happen and the wheels fell off completely. Team chemistry is sevrrly underrated by teams. Look at your super bowl teams the last few years. Steelers Packers Ravens 49ers Seahawks. How long were thosr teams together? They were all built the same way. Through the draft. Reid Is no fool and he knows it. Despite what u perceive as the right moves by Denver all it really does is give them a super bowl or bust label again. If they think that team beats Seattle or San Fran ir wont. All ive heard you say is the broncos will be able to rush the passer. You know what that 2011 eagles team problem was? Stopping the run. Sounds similar to me in too many ways.

  • Celly Beck

    I don’t see how dressler is expected to match mccliusyer production on field. Has he ever returned one or will we have to wait for him to grow into his own. Our offense was so consistently set up by dmc that I’m sick knowing it “had” to be this way

    • Ben Nielsen

      Plenty of time left for the Chiefs to stabilize their wide receiver group. Let’s see how the rest of free agency and the draft play out.

    • Jason Seibel

      What production?

    • Chris Tarrants

      Replace what? His two catches for 12 yards a game? He was a good return man but less than mediocre WR. He was never a good return man until Toub showed up, you know that guy that made Devon Hester famous! I personally don’t thing Dressler is the answer but for what he got paid yesterday DMC was for sure the wrong answer

      • KCMikeG

        Replace this. Try 3.5 catches per game for 34 YPG = 511 yards. On top of being the #1 PR in the league. You’re wrong about Dexter before Toub. He had more total return yards in 2010 than 2013. He ran for over 500 yards when Charles went down in 2011 that cut into his returns. In 2012 he was barely even given the opportunity because…..you got me but what about 2012 makes any sense? What other one of our players has contributed as a WR, RB, KR & PR producing an average of over 1,000 total yards every year for four years straight?

  • thabear04

    Forgot to add Geoff Schwartz

    • ladner morse

      Posted before he signed.

  • tm1946

    I appreciate it is good to be a Chiefs fan. So everything is good, if only we could convince P. Manning to retire so we could have a chance. Where do I sign up for playoff tickets this year or do I need to wait until the rest of the AFC West falls off the earth.
    Do not care what other teams do, just how they effect what the Chiefs do. Losing 4 starters is an issue to me, apparently only to me. Replacing them will be the teams problem but no money will make it harder.

    • mnelson52

      Manning retiring won’t change the fact that Rivers also beat us twice last year.

  • Erik Hild

    I’m worried for our offensive line Jeff Allen is terrible, Rodney Hudson is injury probe and is ok at best, I have no clue who our RG will be, Stephenson could do well at RT but it could take a couple of weeks for Fisher to get used to playing LT in the NFL. After looking at our schedule I have a hard time seeing this team win more than 8-9 games. 2014 could be a rough year.

  • Bigjrainey

    Man I wanted to throw my computer across the room yesterday, but have since settled down. And yes your right Andy is a great coach and surely has a great plan. But I do have oline concerns, just not sure how good our backups from last year will work out and pretty sure a rookie is not going to be the answer this year on the field. But the panic attack is over so lets see what we got going forwar

  • Matt Finucane

    An LOTR reference and a Tin Man shout-out. Nice.

    • ladner morse

      U Da Man!

  • gonzangkc1

    CHIEFS FRONT OFFICE: come on get with it, I’m a hard core Chiefs fan living in Denver. So…Chiefs lose 5 starters and Chiefs sign BIG names like: Abdullah Husain and Frank Zombo. While I have to see the Broncos actually SIGNING IMPACT PLAYERS (TJ ward will cover chiefs #3 rcvr, Talib will cover our #1 rcvr…Von Miller & NOW ware will rush A. Smith…with 3 missing chiefs O-line man). I don’t want to hear about the salary cap CRAP. Bottom line: So you are telling me John Elway with NO front office experience is better at his job. Stop the Excuses Front Office and SIGN IMPACT PLAYERS. Sign a TRUE #2 rcvr, enough of the Jason Avant talk as a #2 rvcr. p.s. I was one of FEW chief fan that believed in Chiefs last year…I put $1000 down in Vegas to win Superbowl back in Feb 2013 and will do so again this year. Just please DO SOMETHING.

    • gonzangkc1

      It’s a Start, Chiefs agree with LB Joe Mays (former Bronco). Joe Mays is a SOLID player & former co-captain of the Defense, he fell out of favor past year because he told his Defense Coordinator (jack del rio) that some defensive players on the team had a issue with smoking weed. So…Ka Boom they put his azz on the bench. Sign Champ Bailey (former Bronco & co-captain) as a Safety..he will sign undermarket value to get back at Broncos & is a LEADER something the defense is missing. For the people that think his old, look at Charles Woodson (CB to safety). Also, sign (former Bronco) Robert Ayers Defensive End…he will produce more than Tyson Jackson & come cheap. Sign a TRUE #2 rcvr. Lastly, ask Dick Vermeil & Marty Schottenheimer to onboard as consultants BOTH are master motivators.

      • tm1946

        You mean Jack Del Rio benched his starting ILB because he complained about teammates smoking pot, guess all the pot heads in Colo are wrong, they keep saying smoking pot does not hurt anything. LOL
        I suspect Mays will make an excellent Guard or slot, heck, maybe we should let him play QB.

        • gonzangkc1

          Mays can ball – he’s an update over A. Jordan. Mays was a mentor to Von Miller. unfortunately, I know the Broncos well..having lived in Denver for long time. I’m keeping the faith with the Chiefs Front Office :)

    • berttheclock

      Impact players? You mean Ward who is basically a small LB who can not cover very well? You mean Ware who showed enough of the slowing process that even Brain Dead Jones had to dump him? You mean injury prone Talib? (and I am a diehard Jayhawk) Even if they would sign Allen, he has shown he no longer possesses that burst and has to rely on coverage sacks, meaning, when, no receiver gets open and the QB has to eat the ball. I am very happy to see Elway over pay for so-called “Names” which is the worst way to keep a franchise going.

      I really am not in awe of Denver.

      • mnelson52

        I’m not in awe either, but those guys are better than what Denver had when they went to the SB

  • chiefdeorty

    When you don’t have cap space this what will happen. We still have some players that we should be getting rid of because thier contracts are not team friendly, such as Bowe, Flowers and Tamba. I like all these players but thier contracts are not good for the team. Bowe is diffently not worth what he will be paid based on his production, Tamba I really like but there comes a time when you got to let people go in this league because of age, he is still so good but for that money i don’t think so. Flowers we ought to trade him to get a second round pick and we should be able to get the same for Bowe or a #1. We will have this problem next year.

    • ladner morse

      Bowe was signed to his current deal jsut one year ago and it would not be kosher to try and re-sign him this offseason. Next year? Yes.

      Hali’s contract could be re-worked. Agreed. None of us knows for sure is Dorsey hasn’t already tried to do that. It’s not time to let Hali go. He’s still highly productive and along with Houston gives the chiefs perhaps the best QB rushing duo in the league. You don;t just walk away form that… not at this point anyway.

      Flowers… we’re unsure why he had a down year. Many agree he made the Pro Bowl based on past performances. However, the introduction of Marcus Cooper and Sean Smith in to the Chiefs defensive back field have forced Flowers to cover the slot where he’s had a period of adjustment covering smaller, quicker WRs. So, I believe it will be into next season before anyone thinks about allowing him to walk. Plus, I think Dorsey and Reid would consider trading him before letting him go.

      • chiefdeorty

        Laddie what I am saying we have a large amout of money tied up in three players. Tamba is is very good yes but how long do you tie your cap up? Also Bowe was just signed but for that much money to drop the ball well I don’t get it. Why could’nt we do a sign and trade to a team that would want him and we get a #2 back? Flowers we should be able to get a #2 out of him it would be good for him to go to a team that plays a cover 2 instead of us playing man to man which clearly he struggled at.
        I like all these guys I know we have money issues this year but won’t we have the same issues next year?

        • berttheclock

          Sign and trades are becoming a thing of the past. Yes, there are still trades, but, they are becoming more in the variety of the Gabbert to the Niners for a lowly draft pick. On sign and trades, there is too much money involved, usually, to work out the deal.

        • mnelson52

          Next year the cap is expected to go up to 150 million. 17 more than this year. Alex will probably get 14 mill.(just a guess), it will take around 6 mill. To sign the 2015 draftees, and Houston will be due a big payday, so I see cap problems next year also.

      • KCMikeG

        What wasn’t kosher was what Bowe gave us for that big pay day. Flowers dealt with a change is the defensive system, then position change after missing all of training camp. He never was 100% last year but should be open to a restructure as should Hali to help the team not due to performance issues. Why haven’t they been able to get these done? I’m not big on big pay days as soon as FA starts but isn’t it now time to have some money to spend?

  • Jason Seibel

    Great stuff as always, Laddie.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks Jason. Miss ya man!

  • Michael Shaw

    And the Donkey’s have landed Demarcus Ware!! We are screwed!!!

    • ladner morse

      Michael… in our friendly morning staffers email I wrote this…

      “Being here in Dallas… I’m hearing a lot of dog cussing about
      DeMarcus Ware because although he “was” one of the league’s best pass
      rushers he’s lost some pop in his attack and wouldn’t take a pay cut.
      Last year he only had 6 sacks and radio sports jocks are reporting that
      in the past 28 games Jason Hatcher has had more sacks than the once
      potent Ware.

      If Denver signs him… I’d be glad because… he’s a shadow of
      the guy he once was. When the season begins he’ll be 32 years old.
      Having lost a step and not being able to stay on the field for all
      downs… Mr. Elway must be thinking the altitude is going to fix that

      I’d be pretty shocked if the Ware exceeded 10 sacks this year.

      • berttheclock

        Just love those operative words such as “WAS”. Yeah, Bronco Nagurski was a load to bring down in his day. What I am enjoying about the Denver over payments for suspect players is they are going to bust their cap. I will concede Ward to them, but, only to come up and play an extra LB. He can’t be depended upon to cover.

  • BobbyP

    Donkey’s Ware, Ward, and Talib Chief’s Mays Linkenbach, is there something I’m missing in putting togethera cchampionship football team?

    • ladner morse

      So, I take it that you believe Ware, Ward and Talib makes the Broncos a championship team? I know of a half dozen Pro Bowl Chiefs who would not agree.

      The Broncos are in, “Go All Out For It” mode. They have to be… they have a 79 year old QB who may be in his last 10 years of service.

      The Chiefs are in a gradual building mode… not re-building…. but building in the sense of bolstering.

      • BobbyP

        I guess what I am implying is that the maybe next year is getting really old and that yes the Chiefs are a young fairly young team , the all pro players are not going to play at that caliber for ever. Instead of attempting to retain proven preformers on the offensive line they add Jeff Linkenbach , instead of doing some restructuring of some contracts to free up cap space to maybe add a proven pass rusher to help the secondary, they add Joe Mays . I’m an old Chief’s fan and have been waiting since my oldest son was born in1969 for another championship to come to Kansas City . As I said earlier today , ill probaly have my 50th wedding anniversary before that happens.

        • gonzangkc1

          Bobby P – 100% agree with you. It’s always NEXT YEAR for the chiefs. Can anyone tell me when is the last time the Chiefs had a TRUE #1 & #2 receiver on the field? 5 years ago, 10, 15 years ago? You have to give it to Broncos they at least TRY and it works to win Superbowls. Anyone remember when Bronco signed Keith Traylor & Neil Smith = superbowls. I’m keeping the faith with the Chiefs Front Office. Enough of the Project (jonthan NOballwins) or #3 or #4 receivers (donnie avery or jason avant). SIGN A TRUE #2 rcvr — STEVE SMITH…his old but he has fire…like ANDRE RISON.

  • James Denton

    I’d rather vision the J. Charles TD against the Bronco’s as they seem to be loading up, not to worry about the Chiefs but the Pat’s and the same o’ls that always are in the playoffs/SB. Sometimes makes me wonder if the NFL isn’t in some way rigged and that is why it is labeled sports entertainment according to laws!

  • tomflex

    You guys gettin’ all negative and out of sorts need to sit back a few more rows and get a better view of the field. You gotta to get to a place where you get the connection between the players running to other teams and the (something ain’t right) red flags that have been flappin around here for far too long. Flags for losing at Arrowhead, Flags for giving up big leads and losing. Flags for complete change in performance after bye-week. Flags for critical mistakes at the most critical times. Flags for uninspired play at the most emotional pivotal moments…..and on and on.
    Sometimes losing players to free agency is just what it takes to make a team better….

  • KCMikeG

    Thank you for the perspective. It takes some of the panic away. I will trust Dorsey and Reid for now as I have been happy with all of their decisions other than paying Bowe too much and Robinson being brought in. Couldn’t believe they let all three OL walk. Thought they would sign Schwartz. They have to have a plan – right?
    I agree with your opinions on the strategy around the decisions to let our starters walk except for McCluster. Dexter was a talented returner long before Toub showed up having more total return yards in 2010 than 2013. McCluster returned more punts last year than Dressler has in his last FIVE years combined, Dressler has returned a whole TWO KO’s in the last FOUR years, Dressler has ONE return TD in his entire year career vs Dexter’s three. Dexter’s stats are NFL vs Dressler’s CFL. You’re going to have to do a much better job convincing me on that point.
    I thought Sproles would be signed to replace him but no. I suspect Beckham is being targeted for our #1 pick to replace Dexter and provide us with the speed we need at WR#2 to take the top off defenses. Two birds with one stone.
    At RG, in addition to the two you mentioned, we could add S’ua-Filo, Yankey, Dozier or Thomas in rounds 3-5 and be just fine. I wish there was some insight into what we have with the young OL we already have other than that they played well vs SD last year.
    Hilarious that Pioli will continue to overpay TJax than admit he was wrong!