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Free Agency Hour One Recap: The Revenge Of Scott Pioli

The first hour of free agency was an intense one for Chiefs fans. In about 60 minutes the Chiefs lost five starters from 2013, including two Pro Bowlers and four former draft picks. Here’s a recap of everything that happened in the first hour of free agency.


Gone. Miami.

Not a surprise here as we’ve been anticipating this for a few days. The Chiefs will have a battle between Eric Fisher and Donald Stephenson for the left tackle spot with the loser either taking the right tackle position, or backing up a new player, possibly from the draft.


Gone. Tennessee.

Also not a surprise. The Kansas City Star reported he would be gone on Monday and this came to pass today. At $12 million over three seasons it makes sense why the Chiefs chose not to re-sign him. McCluster got his money.


Gone. Atlanta.

Here’s the first of the Scott Pioli signings. Atlanta really needed to upgrade their offensive line and they’ve done that by paying nearly $4.5 million per season for Asamoah. That’s a lot of money for a guy who lost his starting position in Kansas City.


Gone. New York Giants.

This one hurts a little bit but it makes sense for him to take the money. Kansas City now has a starting right guard position to fill this offseason.


Gone. Atlanta.

Jackson bolts for Atlanta after SCOTT PIOLI offered him $25 million (!) over five seasons. Holy cow, what is Atlanta thinking? Do not understand how he gets that much money considering he cannot rush the passer. This is a great deal for Jackson and it makes a ton of sense why the Chiefs did not match Atlanta’s offer.



The Chiefs have not confirmed this yet but there are reports out there that Zombo will be back.



This too has yet to be confirmed by the Chiefs but Abdullah has tweeted out he is going to be back in KC.


There are four Chiefs free agents who are still unsigned: Kendrick Lewis, Quintin Demps, Akeem Jordan, and Kyle Williams. We know Jordan and Williams have been contacted by other teams and the Chiefs are still in the running for Jordan. We do not know much about Lewis or Demps.


Hey, it isn’t fun losing a bunch of players in one day but none of this should be considered a surprise. None of the players Kansas City lost today are irreplaceable, and now the Chiefs have future cap space to keep guys like Justin Houston and Eric Berry. There is no reason to panic about the way this afternoon went down.

At least not yet, anyway.

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  • Jared Watts

    I’ve taken a long hiatus from Chiefs news since the playoffs. I had no idea T Jack, Cluster, Albert, Geoff, Asamoah, and who knows who else is no longer with the team. What is going on lol. I figured there would be moves with some of these guys but I didn’t expect to hear about them all at one time!

  • Calchiefsfan

    Losing both guards is the one that troubles me the most. I am a McCluster fan too and thought that another year with Toub and Reid and we would see McCluster shine. I guess not. I liked Laddie’s idea of going after some seasoned vets who are long in the tooth so to speak. On the O line that could work out especially well since those guys tend to go more on technique and experience than athleticism as opposed to the skill positions.

    • freshmeat62

      On the radio today it was brought up that Reid in Philly and when Dorsey was w/ GB that losing interior o-linemen was no big deal, it happened a lot. They were both good at bringing in low pay guys, often from the proverbial ‘scrap heap’, who would fit their schemes.

  • freshmeat62

    A good point was brought up in one of the other comments section,

    How many of these starters leaving are going to result in comp draft picks next year?

    • Brian Dempsey

      Precisely what I keep trying to tell people regarding compensatory picks — that Dorsey is probably going to have the last laugh in that regard. And you made a good point in one of the other comments section about these average players that bolted from KC being way overpaid.

  • micah stephenson

    I don’t think jackons 5 mill a yr is a lot these days. He was ranked #1 at stopping the run the yr before last and had a decent season last yr.

    • berttheclock

      Stopping the run against such as Drew Brees is not as important as stopping Drew Brees.

  • Blake Molina

    Considering the absurd money Asamoah and Jackson got, I’m not at all upset that we lost them. The only one I’m somewhat bummed about is Schwartz

  • Michael Shaw

    I get the point about all of them being over paid, but I am more upset that we havent heard of the Chiefs going after thir replacements. We now have NO starting right guard, so it doesnt matter who lines up at RT because they will have to take up the slack from whatever tool we get at the swap meet……….so much for making progress. Get ready for another sub .500 season with the schedule we have this year……ugh!! I mean if they are looking to draft replacements that means we need a starting RT, starting DE, starting Safety, a back up OL, a starting WR2 and a back up or starting ILB????? All that sounds to be coming from the draft and we only have 6 picks. Anyone want to guess the chances of us getting 4 or 5 starters when we dont even have a 2nd round pick??????? Sorry for be7ng a debbie downer but I expected much more this season, like a return to the playoffs and maybe at least one win in the playoffs??

    • Jim Harper

      Michael, chill out a little bit. We are only hours into FA and you have already thrown in the towel? None of these players were difference makers. The only one that really hurt a little was Schwartz because of his versatility, but not even he makes up the difference between going to a Super Bowl or not. I know it felt a little like a jail break, but give Dorsey more than just a day to round out the squad which will still be getting tweaked right up to the end of training camp. Remember when we got Cooper?


      Go back one year ago and look at the Seahawks. They had third round QB and did nothing on the first day of FA. Then they get two D-linemen who weren’t getting rave reviews. Those two Avrill and Bennett helped get them a Lombardi Trophy. And, they traded a first round pick for a receiver who was injured and they new he wouldn’t help the team for a year. The Chiefs lost one guy, Schwartz, who I was sad to see go, but they just couldn’t afford to keep him. Dorsey, Reid and the rest of the management team have a plan, and I think that it is working. Wait for a few days and see who they get to replace the players they lost. Even after the players that have been signed away from other teams, there are still quality guys available, and I think the Chiefs will get some real help. Lastly, the Chiefs made what I see as two mistakes last year. One was resigning Bowe to an outrageous contract that we are now seeing the damage it has done. At the time number one receivers were at a premium. Had we let him walk, and had that cap space today, things would look much different. The second thing was signing an over the hill Dunta Robinson. ’nuff said.

  • CSconce

    There is still some interesting talent in the trenches in Rokevious Watkins and Eric Kush…. No idea if either are starter quality, but at very least they are decent depth!!

  • tomflex

    This time climb up to the top of the bridge and jump off.
    Anyway good news Scott…Finding and signing most of the players you drafted the first time (with the Chiefs) shouldn’t be a big problem…..Search under “Insurance Salesman”.