Apr 26, 2013; Kansas City , MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs first round draft pick offensive tackle Eric Fisher (left) speaks to the media during a press conference at the Kansas City Chiefs Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

POLL: What Will Chiefs Do With First Round Pick?

We are less than 24 hours away from the beginning of free agency and it looks like a lot of bad news is going to come early in the process.

Rumors suggest offensive guards Jon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz are unlikely to re-sign with the Chiefs because of the rising cost of their services. Kansas City simply does not have the necessary cap room to overpay and retain one of the two guards. Additionally, the Chiefs are going to lose Branden Albert to Miami, leaving the tackle positions filled by Donald Stephenson (never been a full-time starter) and Eric Fisher (struggled at right tackle in rookie season), as well as not having a quality swing tackle to back them up.

Staying on the offensive side of the ball, the rumors suggest Dexter McCluster is likely to sign elsewhere on Tuesday. The receiver/return man had a solid season for the Chiefs and filled a lot of roles well. Replacing him isn’t impossible but when one considers all of the other holes on at wide receiver, then McCluster’s loss becomes a little harder to swallow. Consider this: Donnie Avery is the team’s second best receiver on the roster. That’s not good.

Further, the Chiefs have issues on the defense that needs to be resolved. Pass rushing depth is a problem and showed up in the second half of the season. The secondary, particularly at free safety, needs some upgrades. And the Chiefs will be lacking a starting right defensive end if Tyson Jackson walks.

As you can see there are a lot of questions the Chiefs need to answer before training camp starts in July. Some of these issues are going to be resolved via free agency but Kansas City is not going to be able to solve all of them going that route. So I ask you:

If the NFL draft was tomorrow, which position should the Chiefs target with their first-round pick? Vote in the poll and let us know your reasoning in the comments.

What Should The Chiefs Do With Their First Round Pick?

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  • Austin New

    Eric Ebron all the way! Not going to happen, but I wish!

  • Brian Martasin

    Sign Sproles, a FA safety and draft a WR at 23 unless they can trade down.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      Sounds more and more likely that Avant gets picked up by the Chiefs. I’m totally down with drafting a WR and I’m a big fan of Beckham. Not sure what FA safety the Chiefs could get though.

      Sproles would be a waste though. We have Charles and Davis. Davis was said to be getting more carries and he did more than expected last year. If we let DMC walk, Demps and Davis can easily take KRs. And if Dressler becomes our slot WR he has the ability to return punts as well. Sproles doesn’t make sense in my opinion. If we didn’t have Davis I would be all for it, but we would be wasting money if we picked him up.

      • Brian Martasin

        Sproles is more of an option in the passing game and another playmaker that we are in need of. If he can be had on the cheap he could be money well spent.

  • Justin

    Kinda off topic but I’m looking at flying to kc for my first chiefs game just wondering what the prices are for the game with that game day tour of the stadium or other cool things to do there

    • Jim Harper

      Depending on which game you choose. To get your best deal buy early! Lower level end zone seats will run $70 to $100 the lower you get. Go to Stub Hub once the tickets become available which is after the schedules are released.

  • clay simester

    There’s going to be more than a handful of excellent football players available when the Chiefs are on the clock. I say take whoever they think may have the potential to be a special player regardless of what position. There aren’t very many positions that we couldn’t use some help. Just get the best football player available, one that is durable and consistent. There might be someone who falls in our lap, never know. I kind of like that Aaron Donald kid. He reminds me of Dwight Freeney kind of speed rusher, and he can play several positions.

  • clay simester

    Oh yeah, why in the hell couldn’t we have had the first overall pick this year rather than last?!! Fisher wouldn’t even be a first round pick in this draft. It would have been helpful if they would have let Clowney enter the draft last year like he wanted to. We wouldn’t be looking into d-linemen right now that’s for sure

    • Brian Dempsey

      Rubbish !! Fisher would be a mid to late 1st rounder. Teams like the Bengals, Panthers, Saints, and maybe even the Ravens and Packers are in the market for a Tackle. Zach Martin of ND is rated a mid to late 1st rounder by many & Fisher would right there with him.

      • clay simester

        Zach Martin is going to play guard in the NFL, he wouldn’t be rated that high as a tackle. Ravens will keep Monroe, and they’re desperate for a wr anyways. Packers will go defense cause they were horrible last year, plus their o-line kicked ass this year. Bengals need secondary, Carolina needs wr’s bad, especially with Steve Smith gone. Saints maybe. He might be the 4th best tackle in this class along with Cyrus Kouandjio and Antonio Richardson, who are projected to go between 35-50. I’m not saying Fisher sucks, im just saying that the top 2 tackles this year are head and shoulders above any tackles from last year

        • Brian Dempsey

          What top 2 Tackles? The only one that I can see that’s head and shoulders above last years crop is Greg Robinson. The others are all right about even with Joeckel and Fisher, and that does include Lewan and Matthews.

          Carolina lost Jordan Gross to retirement, so they are going to need a Tackle. GB’s O-Line kicked ass? Hardly, as Packer QB’s were sacked 45 times and Aaron Rodgers became a casualty. Bengals will need a Tackle if Collins bolts via FA. Monroe staying in Balt. isn’t etched in stone by any means. Cyrus Kouandjio and Antonio Richardson aren’t as good of prospects as Fisher was & it’s doubtful that either of them would went in round 1 of last years draft. Richardson has a medical issue.

          • clay simester

            Robinson is obviously elite(i’d build my franchise around him any day). He’s potentially going to be an Ogden,Boselli, Roaf caliber tackle. I think Matthews is just behind him, but far ahead of Joeckel and Fisher(and Lewan for that matter). They say Matthews is a sure-fire 10 year pro-bowler for whatever that’s worth.
            As far as GB’s line, PFF has them ranked as the 3rd best pass blocking unit, and that’s with their starting LT out for the season. Lacy ran for 1200 yards and 15 td’s in his rookie season behind them, and that’s without the threat of Rodgers behind center. He didn’t get r.o.y by himself.
            Either way, my original point was that going from #1 overall one year, to not even being in the top 20 the following year is a huge drop off talent wise from one years draft to the next. I hope Fisher does pan out because he’s gonna be one of the few we have left when the others all leave in free agency

    • Troy Utt

      Clowney is full on boom or bust! I would not want him on the Chiefs after watching him over the last two years… Made famous over a single hi-lite clip & was the clear Heisman front-runner going into this last season. Showed up day one out of shape & unable to finish a defensive series, hobbling off the field to suck on the oxygen mask!!!
      Admit’s to taking plays off, does not practice hard, off-field issues, & decides to not play at last minute prior to game without discussing w/ his coaching staff. Talk about RED-FLAG, ME FIRST, ???
      I’ll pass…

      • clay simester

        I agree, dude has tons of red flags, but if he would have been eligible last year i don’t think there’s any way we could have passed on him for Fisher or anyone else. On the other hand, if we had the top pick this year rather than last, there are a couple guys i’d take before him like Greg Robinson, Khalil Mack, or even Sammy Watkins. Clowney’s future might have a lot to do with where he goes. If he goes to a solid franchise with veterans to kick him in the ass and keep him in line, he’ll be really good, if he goes to a dysfunctional hellhole like Oakland, all bets are off!!

  • Stan Smith

    We are definitely not gonna win the division this year

  • sidibeke

    If they lose Scwartz and Asamoah, I think they need to think going O line. Maybe trade down and get an extra pick and still get a starting quality guard.

  • Dave

    Chiefs are taking a step back next year for sure.

  • micah stephenson

    Why no choice to pick dline? I’m starting to like Arron Donald. We need to get after the QB and he can do it from the 5 tech or kick in on sub packs.

    • Ben Nielsen

      I’d classify him as a pass rusher in the poll.

    • Troy Utt

      I can’t believe it Micah… We agree on something! With Manning & other QB’s getting the ball out in 2.5 seconds it’s imperative we get pressure in the backfield! I know the secondary needs attention as well, but I believe there are several things that can be done to help address that situation. It starts w/ drafting pass-rush & getting Berry off the line of scrimmage and back in the outfield where he belongs!!!
      What good is a Pro-Bowl caliber S if he is up playing LB the majority of the time? At some point in the draft KC must add another prospect to the rotation in the secondary, assuming they are able to resign Abdullah. (and Demps as a back-up only!)
      But round 1 pick 23 the KC Chiefs need to draft pass-rush!

  • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer='defer upperturion

    Fisher’s gonna be fine, He’s legit! We take the best available player on the board, PERIOD!! Otherwise we trade down…

  • Chris Tarrants

    Guard, no no wait, a tackle, no no wait, a WR, no no wait, a LB, ahh no how about a safety? A d lineman? This whole offseason has my gut in a knot and I can’t help but stick my head in the sand and pretend that this is not happening! I give Dorsey credit from last year he found some diamonds but we will be lucky to get past the Raiders this year if we lose all these guys. Example #1 Dorsey’s first draft, he rolled snake eyes and stunk the place up,@. Example # 2 we are not sitting at number 1 on the waiver wire this year! 22 other team must decide if they want somebody before we can put a claim on them. Oh and as of right now we have 6 draft picks! This feels like the Chiefs of yesteryear, one good season then disassemble.

    • micah stephenson

      Yea we got work to do. On offense I’d want QBOTF, WR, TE and on defense DE , FS, CB, 2nd mlb and future replacement for DJ, olb pass rusher depth/future replacement for Tamba. Actually that’s only 8 positions with 6 picks plus the free agents I don’t see why most those can’t get filled, if Dorsey is any good.

  • freshmeat62

    Best case scenario, trade down to get a lower 1st rd. and another 3rd rd pick, or if some other team is frantic, a 2nd rd pick.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    We need to take a QB. We still don’t have a quarterback on roster who will win us a Super Bowl

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      And what QB will be there at 23 that gives us a better chance of winning a Super Bowl then Alex Smith (the guy who’s was a big part of taking the 49ers to 2 NFC Championships and a Super Bowl in back to back years)?

      • Pessimisticchiefsfan

        Not sure. History has proven that “experts” can’t always tell who franchise qbs will be. For example Aaron Rodgers was selected right around the pick the cheifs have, Wilson was selected in the 4th round and obviously Brady wasn’t selected until the 6th.

        Several mock drafts have Carr going around the cheifs position and well as a few in the second round. Maybe one of them are the answer.

        Alex Smith will obviously be the starter next year but we should never stop continuing the search for our franchise qb because landing a top level qb is the only thing that will ensure long term success in my opinion.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          Aaron Rodgers was thought to be the #1 pick in the draft over Alex Smith and the fact that he dropped to the 24th overall pick was a shock to people in the NFL. But it’s not like he dropped out of the 1st Round.

          Wilson was taken 75th overall in the 3rd Round, not the 4th Round. But when he was drafted he wasn’t looked at as a starter yet. Seattle had Matt Flynn who was supposed to be the starter. The reason Wilson dropped was because of his height. He was said to have a great football IQ but because he was really small he dropped. The thing with Wilson though is he wont win you the game. He isn’t a Payton Manning, Drew Brees or Tom Brady. If Wilson didn’t have the best defense to play in the NFL in a decade he wouldn’t have a Super Bowl ring. If you’re saying Wilson is better than Smith then Wilson should have stats that well surpass Smith, but they are identical.

          Tom Brady was a freak accident that NE got lucky on. Brady wasn’t a stud in college, he was slow and did terrible at the combine. No one expected him to do what he did and if someone said they did they are lying. But other than Brady, who else has been drafted later than the 3rd round that has been successful?

          Carr isn’t going to make a difference for his team He went from being a top QB to being lucky if he’s drafted in the 1st Round, to probably falling to the 2nd or 3rd round. Once the NFL and everyone else started digging deeper on Carr the less appealing he became. If the Chiefs draft him, Ried and Dorsey will be ran out of KC. We have Smith, Daniels and Bray.

          Tyler Bray wasn’t drafted in 2013, yet he was said to have the most upside of any QB taken in his draft. More than EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Mike Glennon, and so on. Bray also had the strongest arm in the 2013 draft. The reason he wasn’t drafted was because they said he had a lack of preperation. Ried can easily help him with that. Bray seems to be the QB of the future for the Chiefs after Smith, which I am totally fine with.

          Drafting a QB every year or continuously drafting QBs when you have a QB that you are trying to make a franchise QB make zero sense. The team has other needs and we have 6 picks this year. Spending 1 on a QB when we need OTs, DEs, DBs, WRs and LBs, try justifying that to Chiefs fans.

          • micah stephenson

            I’d b fine with drafting a QB. You can still get all those positions in the later rounds or free agency. Our QB position sucks. Alex is just avg on his best day. Daniels and bray ain’t shit.

          • micah stephenson

            Define drafing a QB every yr. Cus we don’t draft guys at the most important position on this team. If we drafted a QB, I missed it.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Defining “drafting a QB every year” means you draft a QB every year. The Chiefs don’t draft QBs because they all fail. In fact all 17 QBs the Chiefs have drafted have all been busts. Remember Stanzi?

            But if you actually read what I wrote you would see that I’m saying drafting QBs, the last two years that you’ve said we needed a QB, would be a waste. It’s a waste because we don’t need a QB. With Smith as our QB we made the playoffs. With Daniels as our backup, he nearly beat a SD team. Daniels played with basically a team of backups. So yes, Daniels is more than capaible of being a back up. With Bray being the 3rd string who is learning the game to become the QBOTF for the Chiefs.

            So to continuously draft a QB, like you are consistantly requesting, would be pointless.

            Question, who out their that the Chiefs could have had, would be a better option than Smith? Geno? He did terrible. Mannuel? Couldn’t stay healthy, much less throw the football. Barkley? Flynn? Fitz? Gabbert? Cassel? Besides Brees, P. Manning, Brady and Rodger, who out their better fits the Chiefs than Alex Smith?

        • micah stephenson

          Amen! Preach my brotha! They don’t want to hear the truth cus it hurts. We will never know which QB could b better than Alex because we are scared to pick one and find out. We could have had Geno on the bench learning from alex and ready to take over this yr or next.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Not sure if you’ve been paying attention Micah, but we aren’t doing jack in FA and the average and above average players are practically gone. FA hasn’t done anything good for the Chiefs EXCEPT cause holes in our offensive line.

            The Chiefs have 6 picks in the draft this year. We need to address OLine, LB, DE, DB, and WR. Each position lacks depth as well. No where does QB sneak in their.

            Bridgewater, Manziel, and Bortles won’t drop to the 23rd pick. Carr McCarrron and Garoppolo aren’t going to be NFL ready for quite a few years. Mettenberger and Murray are coming off torn ACL injuries. Where in their do you see a QBOTF? Where in their do you see a QB worthy of one of our SIX picks this year when we have a franchise QB right now?

            Coming out of the 2013 draft (the draft you seem to have some strange obsession for) Bray was said to have the most upside, arm strength, and potential of any QB in the draft. That’s better than EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Mike Glennon. The reason he wasn’t drafted was because scouts thought he needed 1 more year in college and Gruden knocked on him about his preperation. Ried does amazing things with QBs. So right now we have a head coach who is a QB whisper coaching a QB for pennies who WILL become a stud. Bray is the QBOTF for the Chiefs after Smith leaves the Chiefs in 3-4 years.

            Until you come back with statistics and actual facts about players and about Alex Smith you seem to know as much as a 1st grader. I know 1st graders who can say, “I don’t like him” but they have no reasons. That’s what you sound like.

    • Brian Dempsey

      Not going to happen. BTW, the Chiefs are ZERO for 17 drafting QB’s since the AFL-NFL realigned in 1970 regardless of the regime in place. How’s the latest one, Ricky Stanzi, doing BTW?

      If you’re wanting a young QBOTF, then look no further than the guy already on the roster wearing #9.

      And also, Alex Smith clearly proved last year that he is a championship-caliber QB and anybody that didn’t see that was being blatantly blind.

      • Ben Nielsen

        “the Chiefs are ZERO for 17 drafting QB’s since the AFL-NFL realigned in 1970″ — So you’re saying the Chiefs are due to get one right? :)

        • micah stephenson

          I think what he saying is we just don’t believe in drafting a QB like the other 31 teams do.

    • micah stephenson

      Not in this town. They don’t care about QB around here. Any ol QB will work around here. Long as we can keep going 8-8 and they can regurgitate the same ol “just wait till next” crap over and over again while taking your money now, then the Chiefs are happy. Matter fact our fans rather give Daniels or Bray the job before attempting to get a guy. Its been 30 yrs sinse we drafted a QB in the 1st rd so I think the Chiefs are petrified to draft one.