Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Branden Albert (76) during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: A Branden Albert Update [UPDATED]

Are we one day closer to Branden Albert signing with the Arizona Cardinals? Not if the Miami Dolphins have anything to say about it.

The Albert market has been thought to consist of two primary suitors: Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins. Yes, other teams have expressed interest in one way or another, including the Chiefs, but it has been thought the true market for his services are between those two teams, each of whom pursued Albert via trade last off-season.

Yesterday we noted a tweet from Darnell Dockett who said Albert was going to sign with the Cardinals. He later deleted the tweet and then went on a small rant about how the Cardinals are going to sign all of the free agents. It isn’t uncommon for players to try to recruit free agents via Twitter but this one was a little different because Albert and Dockett train together in the off-season. It isn’t out of the question Albert would have been keeping Dockett up to date about his pending free agency.

Today we have a report from the Miami Herald which says Albert is at the very, VERY top of their list.

Branden Albert (who appears to be very, very high on Miami’s wish list) and Eugene Monroe aren’t the only veteran offensive linemen attracting Dolphins interest early in free agency. Two other names have emerged today. …


One NFL source not affiliated with Albert called Miami the clear front-runner for Albert. But it’s still early in the process, and there’s certainly a chance Miami could be outbid. We’ll see.

We know Albert is gone, it is just a matter of which team he signs with at this point.  It was rumored Albert was seeking a four-year, $36 million last March so it’ll be interesting to see what he ends up signing for next week.


Ian Rapoport says Albert is the Cardinals number one target. The bidding war between Arizona and Miami should be interesting.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport has reported the Cardinals are placing a “high priority” on left tackle Branden Albert in free agency.

Somers confirms Albert is the team’s No. 1 target, with versatile St. Louis Rams lineman Rodger Saffold as the fallback option.

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  • Brian Dempsey

    Albert was seeking a four-year, $36 million deal?

    Well, look elsewhere other than KC. The Chiefs can’t do it at this point in time.

  • Chase Gibson

    Can we get extra draft picks next year for all of the free agents that we are loosing?

    • Ben Nielsen

      Potentially, yes.

    • LostSok

      It will depend on if Arizona signs comparable vets. For just Albert alone, probably a 3rd or 4th.

  • Jarad

    Dorsey better have something up his sleeve with Albert Schwartz and Asamoah all being heavily pursued. Alex Smith and the Chiefs as a team will struggle mightily if this offensive line falls apart. Dorsey and Reid, time to earn those paychecks!!!

  • Tony Parker

    Were gonna end up losing most of our starting O-line, this is going to set us back tremendously. How could mgmt. let this happen?

    • KCMikeG

      A) it hasn’t happened B) it won’t happen unless they have a plan B and C) they aren’t about to allow a set back.

      • Tony Parker

        They shouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. They knew what was coming this year and went ahead and spent all their money anyway.
        A) its not march 11 yet. B) it will happen (really hope I’m wrong) and what would a plan B consist of? If and when we lose these guys, all chemistry is gone and u start over again. C) they are already allowing a set back by spending all their $$. it would take all of our cap space to retain 2 of them.
        I’m not trying to piss on your parade Mike but the current situation looks very Dire.
        I Really hope that Dorsey has a plan because the current one stinks.

        • KCMikeG

          It’s OK I have an umbrella!
          A) I know but only Albert has been active and deals elsewhere have already been confirmed. Tuesday is just the first day ink can be applied to paper.
          C) For years all we heard around here was what a cheap skate Hunt was and how the administration wasn’t committed to winning because they didn’t spend all the money available. Now they are running things tight to the cap and we are in dire circumstances.
          B) There is no way they let all three go. Plus this OL has been a model of fluidity with Stephenson having started almost half of each of the last two years. This year Schwartz out played Asamoah after taking over due to injury and should be resigned. Fisher, Allen, Hudson, Schwartz & Stephenson is hardly starting over or dire circumstances. I totally agree on continuity and chemistry just think that you are over reacting to something that hasn’t happened. There will be some contracts restructured, just like Jackson last year, to make room for our draft picks and a FA or two. Plan B would be they let them all three walk because they have a FA that is better than them they can sign at RG which is still only one guy that is totally new to the OL.
          IMO the only “mistake” so far by this administration has over paying Bowe, based on last year’s pathetic showing, but it is up to him this year for the final results on that decision.

    • paul pace

      I hope you are wrong but I am getting nervous at hearing all the rumors of the Chiefs losing many of the their FA, especially on the O-line. But, I believe Dorsey is just too smart and competent to not have a plan. In the next few days things should start to heat up and then we will see which direction the Chiefs are going.

  • jimfromkcj

    Could Pioli do any worse? I guess the fans got their wish to just pay the man. Well they paid the man and now the cost comes home.

  • James Denton

    It’s a shame to me that Albert has to ask for so much! That to me shows he is not a TEAM PLAYER and only thinks of himself! Why not settle on a fair contract with incentives like each time you are called for a false start money is deducted, or when you miss a block money is deducted, allow a sack miss a paycheck spend time on the bench HURT and not INJURED deduction. but also do the same the other way no sacks a bonus etc. I think that would be a fair deal for the whole team to play by!

    • Jeremy

      If you could get a$5/hr raise at your job, would you tell them you only wanted to accept $3/hr to leave money for the other employees?

      • freshmeat62

        We’re not talking about people just scraping by from paycheck to paycheck. These guys are millionaires many times over, yet they don’t consider at all the team needs money to improve itself by going after other players. So players like Albert will go to a team like the Cardinals, taking as much of their cap money as he possibly can, and then they don’t have enough to improve the team any further.

        Talking about that kind of money is completely beyond my ability to comprehend. I say ‘Yes’ I would give a home team discount. But then I guess you have to be wealthy to be that greedy.

    • Jarad

      It’s his career. And he’s trying to get what he thinks he deserves. Nothing wrong with that. People leave their employees all the time for more money. Shocks me how many people think an employee should should turn down millions just to show loyalty to their employer. Interesting world some live in

  • LostSok

    Albert lives in Miami. He loves it there. If Miami makes a reasonable offer, Arizona cannot match the simple fact it’s the city he wants to play in. To be fair, sports team in Arizona have had that same exact benefit on other occasions, I’m sure. It’d be a great place to play. But, home is home.

  • berttheclock

    I believe it is somewhat comical that Albert is getting all the press about moving on to such as the Cardinals, Dolphins or even the Bucs. What makes it comical to me is Veldheer is the higher rated LT and there have been very few mentions of teams interested in him. Had jimfromkcj’s favorite GM, Mr Pioli, been really smart, he would have drafted Veldheer, instead of Asamoah, and moved Albert to guard. One positive about that is it would have never created the dollar signs in the eyes of Albert and his agent about the Gold waiting in those Yonder Free Agent Left Tackle Hills. Plus, the Chiefs would have had a better LT.

  • berttheclock

    Should Albert land in Arizona, he will be playing next to a young guard. The Cards have just cut their 32 year old guard over cap money and will look to, either, a seventh round or a fourth round pick from last season to move into his position. Of course, this means, the Chiefs could possibly look at the 32 year old, Colledge as a replacement in this NFL version of Musical Chairs

    • Brian Dempsey

      A trade down on draft day is looking more likely, as the Chiefs will probably need to look for a Guard in rounds 3 through 6.

      • berttheclock

        Good point. I was looking back at the FA pickups by GB since they took both Woodson and Pickett in ’06. They only picked up seven FAs after that and only Saturday and Chillar made much impact. However, one of the reasons they took so few FAs was they were astute in adding extra draft picks every year. When, you have such, you can use the draft over FAcy to keep adding players and those will keep your cap numbers down. That is the same system used by Baalke in stocking draft picks. Even Schneider with the Seahawks plays that game very well. Notice the statement coming out of GB this year. They are going to sign more FAs. What they don’t say is they are not loaded with extra picks.

        • Brian Dempsey

          Another point is maybe Dorsey/Reid aren’t pushing the panic buttons that many of us fans are regarding the O-Line due to the aforementioned players. Not saying that they shouldn’t draft an O-Lineman or two in the 2014 draft or try to resign Schwartz, but I don’t see the Chiefs spending a 1st rounder to do it this year, as there isn’t going to be an O-Lineman available at #23 with the top 4 coming off the board before hand & all the rest available are later round draftees.