Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) runs with the ball against the Indianapolis Colts during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency Rumors: Dexter McCluster Chiefs' Number One Priority?

There have been no shortage of tweets linking recently released Chicago Bears return man Devin Hester to the Chiefs because of his connection to special teams coach Dave Toub. So it isn’t a surprise Jeff Dickerson, a beat reporter for ESPN’s radio affiliate in Chicago, would tweet something linking Hester to Kansas City. What is a little surprising is what he had to say about pending free agent Dexter McCluster.


We haven’t heard much from the Chiefs front office about what they plan to do with their own pending free agents so this tweet in some ways is enlightening. It is difficult to know whether or not Dickerson is speculating McCluster is the Chiefs top priority because he’s coming off a Pro Bowl season or if he has a source suggesting the Chiefs are working hard to bring back McCluster. Because Dickerson is a Chicago radio guy I’m inclined to think there is more speculation here than actual sources.

However, it would not be a surprise if McCluster was the Chiefs primary focus given how many roles he filled for the team in 2013. McCluster had his best season as a receiver and proved he could be a quality return man in Toub’s system. The Chiefs already have needs at receiver even with McCluster so losing him would make those needs even greater. Retaining him and adding a mid-round receiver in the draft may be a solid way for the Chiefs to upgrade the unit and keep some consistency.

Kansas City has until 3 p.m. Saturday to exclusively negotiate with McCluster until other teams are allowed to start meeting with him. Free agency officially opens March 11.

While we wait, I’m going to watch this on loop for a while.


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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Yeah, this is probably just speculation on his part. Seems odd that he’d be their No. 1 priority.

    • paul pace

      Totally agree! I would say the Chiefs have many more essential players to focus on besides McCluster. He would be nice to keep but not a must.

  • berttheclock

    There are radio guys and then there are radio guys. I remember one of them from Kansas City radio, a few years back, who claimed KU was going to hire Jim Harbaugh as their new HC.

    Great to keep “The Pinball Wizard”, but, shouldn’t Schwartz be the Top Priority? When, I read, just this AM, where a top columnist for the Niners’ blogs says Schwartz should be Number Two on FAcy signings for the Niners, I want to scream for Dorsey to hear my pleas.

    • Nick

      Harbaugh actually would have been HC at KU, was somewhat a done deal, but AD “Sweet” Lew Perkins would not allow Harbaugh to coach Stanford in their bowl game thus Harbaugh walked and became the HC the following year of the 49ers.
      I’m a KState alum so not just a sunshine pumper for the Jayhawks.

      • berttheclock

        Wade Stinson and Perkins were two ADs the Jayhawks never should have signed to any contract. Stinson cost the Jayhawks the great talent of Bill Easton and Perkins, well, just say, it is far far far better he no longer walks the halls of the athletic administration building.

    • Troy Utt

      I tend to agree the top priority should/would be resigning Schwartz this off-season. That said with the reports flying around it would make no sense to spend the money on Hester & not on DMC!!! Especially coming off the season he just had, proving he could be successful in mult phases of Reids/Toubs offense. Just Sayin’…

  • Brian Dempsey

    I like Dex as a punt returner, but would rather see him play as a 3rd down back in obvious passing situations than full-time slot receiver.

  • redchiefs

    The Chiefs TOP priority should be to keep the best O line possible in front of Alex Smith. I don’t want to see him having to scramble because they can’t block or see JC being tackled for losses. We’ve see far too much of that since Dick Vermeil left KC. Last year Matt Cassel should the QB he can be when the line blocks and he has time, remember how poorly he played when he came here and he didn’t have protection. It all starts up front, good lines make the skill guys much better.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    McCluster would be a must IF they already had the OL set up. Need the OL more then the players. If you’ve got a horrible OL, you’ve got a horrible offence…..the players aren’t gonna get be getting out!

    • thabear04

      Most of the back ups did pretty good against the Chargers but still we need to sign a few key players

      • Daniel Mayfield

        I don’t know about the backups. But they need more players at the line to keep the little guys from getting crushed behind the line.
        But backups?? Maybe this season they will be better. The backup RB was good, but what about the 3rd string?

  • jimfromkcj

    If this be true, you can kiss your butt goodbye if you ever expect anything good from this group.

  • Brian Dempsey

    Daniel Mayfield and redchiefs are both 100% correct. Even if it means a trade-down on draft day in round 1 and drafting the best O-Lineman available or whatever. I know a lot of people want WR or DB and personally I want a 3-4 DE that can attack the QB like Tuitt, BUT with the possibility of losing 3 O-Lineman to FA, nobody could rightfully question taking an O-Lineman with the top draft pick. The draft is not about fantasy football, and keeping a good O-Line in front of Alex Smith is priority number 1.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      I’m glad somebody agrees with me for once on here! lol McCluster is great in a returner and a slot receiver. They need an OL, even out of the draft. It looks like they might be losing Albert and and Shwartz.

  • Andy

    McClusters value is with the Chiefs. I don’t think other teams will pay for a punt returner and average wr. Don’t think his value is ‘top priority’for the Chiefs. Love his heart though.

  • tgaletti

    We definitely need to have the best O-LINE possible, if you don’t block good you ain’t gonna score any points !!!!

  • Joe

    Dex cant catch the ball to save his life… how many passes on the numbers has he bobbled which in turn were picked off do to his unsure hands. His value is punt return and frankly we have other guys who ran some punts/kickoffs back for TD’s. Dex is very expendable.

    • berttheclock

      Hmmm, he seemed not to have any problems catching 53 passes last season. I can only remember one sure drop when he was wide open. However, as to picks against him, I don’t know where you found those picks. The only pick I know which had anything to do with a pass towards him came two years ago against San Diego, where Muir couldn’t devise screen passes worth anything and a screen to Dexter was never sold to Weddle who stepped up and intercepted the pass. That pass never reached Dexter.

  • berttheclock

    One reason it is hard to take rumors at full value at this point is an example concerning John Carlson, who was just cut by the Vikings. Remember Carlson had just landed at MCI to have a talk with Pioli, when, his agent heard the Vikings wanted to talk with him. He changed planes and went to Minnesota and stayed. His two years there were about as mediocre as his time spent in Seattle. Does not like to block and doesn’t run the best patterns. Well, following the cut, rumors started flying that Green Bay and the Jets were very interested in him. While, those rumors were still hanging in the air, he signed with the Cardinals, a team which has a HC who says TEs should block first and catch later. So, keep large amounts of salt handy when you read any rumor.

  • KCMikeG

    Schwartz is our top pick but would say McCluster is a close 2nd. He has averaged over 1,000 yards each year through a combination of contributions from KR/PR, RB and WR. I would seriously bet that between his production and versatility combined with Reid’s love for him and Toub’s success with him that Dexter will be having his best year ever for us next year.

  • Keith Alberson

    Love Mc Cluster, but he can be replaced. We just signed the kid from Canada, and if he looks good in OTA’s, Etc,. His value to the Chiefs diminish. So i don’t see us giving him that big contract. We need to sign a top notch reciever that can take the top off the field, and if we can get Hester at the right price, Mc Clusters value is not that high. I don’t see him coming back, good luck to Dexter if we trade him, just the nature of the game. It’s not personal, it’s business.

  • Keith Alberson

    You know i never thought about Flowers at the free safety myself, the combination of him and Berry would be nice. It was his worst season, but in fairness to flowers, he player injured most of the season. Flowers has always been one of my favorites, and in his favor, Flowers will hit you, and not scared to tackle, and is good in coverage. I loved the game against Denver, He knock the stuffing out of Decker. Flowers at Free safety, sanders Commings coming back, smith, Cooper and an addition or two, we would have a strong secondary. The problem with that is, how much will he command in free agency ?, can we sign him ?, mostly, what is GM Dorsey looking for? We know he wants big corners, so does Flowers fit the direct, and the scheme Dorsey is trying to build ?