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A month ago when John Dorsey said the Chiefs won’t be “active” in free agency, he clearly did not say, “Won’t be active at all.”

I think the Chiefs will be plenty active based on last year’s behavior.

In an article called, “Alex Smith And Eric Berry Hold The Key To The Offseason,” Ben Nielsen said yesterday,

“With a the cap now at $133 million there is no need to think about cutting anyone from the roster for cap purposes. And… it makes some sense for the Chiefs to be active in free agency.”

Most Chiefs fans keeping score this offseason will say they assume that the game changed when the league announced the cap limit was $133 million last Friday. Not only that but, as Mr. Nielsen is suggesting, by re-working contracts for Alex Smith and Eric Berry the door for more free agents opens even wider,

“Knowing that the salary cap will be over $140 million next season, the extra room Berry’s contract was going to provide is 2015 is not quite as needed. Finding a way to flip the $3.5 million (if not more) to next season may be in the Chiefs’ best interest. Should the Chiefs be able to save $6.5 million between Berry and Smith for 2014, they’ll be able to use their $16.5 million in cap space ($11 million in free agency room)….”

When looking back at last year’s offseason haul its’ rather evident that the Chiefs will have a lot of visitors into Arrowhead and some won’t be leaving. If last offseason taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen.

It also taught us that if you leave 10-12 million in cap space laying around… someone’s going shopping for shoes.

Andy Reid also said this about free agency just two weeks ago, “Free agency can be a bit of a tease at times, and I think you have to be real careful.”

Being “real careful” and… “not being active at all”… are two vastly different beasts. With that being said, who are the beauties the Chiefs will dance with at the free agency ball?

It’s a good bet they won’t be reaching out to anyone but their own free agents this week and next. The great intangible is not knowing what’s inside each heart of the Chiefs free agents.

  • If you’re Branden Albert, are you wanting the big payday that takes you from $9.828 mil per year to $11,$12 or $13 million?

  • If you’re Jon Asamoah, are you wanting to multiply your $1.3 million per year by 2 to 4 times?

  • If you’re Geoff Schwartz, are you wanting to take your 630,000 per, and multiply it by 5 or 6 times?

  • If you’re Abdullah Hussain, are you wanting to improve on your $715,000?

  • If you’re Akeem Jordan, are you wanting to improve on your $715,000?

  • If you’re Quintin Demps, are you wanting more than $715,000?

  • If you’re Tyson jackson, are you wanting a bigger payday than the 4.2 million you settled for in 2013?

  • If you’re Dexter McCluster, are you wanting to see what that feeling is all about when those big boys are talking about signing a huge contract?

The big question in each of these cases is: what are they wanting?

In the case of Branden Albert, the sides appear to be too far apart and the players in house who could replace him are better than the players who could replace any of the other Chiefs free agents. Prediction: Albert walks and the Chiefs pick up a third round pick in next years draft because of it.

In the case Jon Asamoah, working for 4 years on the same line with Branden Albert and making approximately 1/10th of his salary, it’s a good bet he’s looking for a bigger payday. Prediction: Asamoah seeks a bigger payday elsewhere.

In the case of Geoff Schwartz, he’s said he wants to be a starter and receive a starters paycheck. You can never undervalue that his brother Mitchell is starting for the Browns and signed a 4 year 5.17 million dollar contract in 2012. It’s a good bet Geoff will want to equal the $1.3 per year his brother makes. Prediction: the Chiefs find it’s not only doable to sign Schwartz but necessary since Asamoah has probably jumped ship.

In the case of Abdullah Hussain, since Reid took a chance on him and helped him make his first steps back into the league, I believe he’ll express that loyalty by accepting a contract from the Chiefs. Prediction: Hussain signs with the Chiefs to compete for the Free Safety position with Sanders Commings… and to help tutor him.

In the case of Akeem Jordan, he’s someone who’s a weak link in the defensive line-up. Including his 68 tackles (his career best) last year he now has a total of 213 total tackles for his 7 year career. By comparison, San Diego rookie Manti Teo, who only played in 13 games in 2013, had 61 tackles. Prediction: when Reid and Dorsey sat down to make an offseason “plan” it’s hard to see how Jordan was a part of it. They only signed him to a one-year deal last year for a reason. The reason is obvious now. No more Jordan. Please.

In the case of Quintin Demps, Andy Reid drafted him in the 4th round of the 2008 draft. He’s also played for the Hartford Colonials and the Houston Texans so he’s used to playing elsewhere and being out from under Andy’s wing. Loyalty? Yes but, Demps had a very good year as a returner and may seek to find his max value on the open market. Then again, he may realize that special teams coach dave Toub had a lot to do with that too. Prediction: Demps has had a revolving door career so far and I’ll list him as an undecided pon on the chess board. However, I do believe the Chiefs will attempt to re-sign him if possible.

In the case of Tyson Jackson, like Glenn Dorsey and any underachieving player who was a first round pick, he’s done in K.C.. Prediction: Since he did have his best year, Jackson should be able to get a contract as good, or better, than he got from K.C. last season. If that’s the case, I don’t think the Chiefs would be willing to make him an offer like that. I understand now that the two sides have talked. We’ll see if talk is cheap. It better be for the Chiefs sake.

In the case of Dexter McCluster, his intended replacement was signed (probably) from the Canadian league a month ago in Weston Dressler. Dressler may not be the replacement but he may be the bargaining chip the Chiefs need to keep a contract with Dex in the ballpark.  Prediction: McCluster receives an offer he can’t refuse and it’s not from the Chiefs.

~ ~ ~

As Ben Nielsen pointed out in his report on the salary cap being set for 2014, the Chiefs will now have around $11 million worth of “free agency” money to work with this off season.

Assuming they complete deals to re-work Alex Smith and Eric Berry’s contracts and… to re-sign Justin Houston and re-sign Schwartz, Hussain and possibly Demps, they should have half the $11 million left. This also assumes, Smith, Berry, Houston and Schwartz are all signed to deals where the bulk of their contracts are paid out in 2015 and 2016 (when the cap space is much larger and the Chiefs will have many fewer players committed to contracts). Plus, re-working Smith and Berry gives the Chiefs more cap room this year.

So, who might the Chiefs take in free agency… if… if… if the above scenario plays out?

The needs list would look like this at that point:

1) A #2 WR is still needed. Can that player be had on the open market for the price the Chiefs would pay if they drafted him? Hard to say but I’m leaning towards the draft to find that long awaited el numero dos.

2) An offensive lineman. If both Albert and Asamoah would be gone and the OL line-up could look like this: LT Stephenson, LT Allen, C Hudson, RG Schwartz, RT Fisher (or you can switch the tackles). I’m convinced Allen is not going to be a long term answer (he’s by far Kansas City’s worst lineman) and if there’s a Guard on the market… like Schwartz was last year… the Chiefs will pick him up. Then again, they may give Rishaw Johnson or Rokevious Watkins a shot.

3) A middle linebacker would be a need here too but not a must. There are several good options not only in the draft but, in the event they find no one, I believe they’re willing to give Nico Johnson a go on 1st and 2nd downs and then focus on bringing in more DB help for 3rd downs and passing situations.

I reviewed the list of available DB free agents but didn’t find one I fancy. If you’d like to take a look and share your pick go here.

Also, if you’re into the idea of the Chiefs manipulating the cap so they can  sign S Jairus Byrd, please click here to read Ben Nielsen’s article because I won’t be getting into that here either.

So, to re-cap, the Chiefs could be looking for a WR2, a Guard/OL and possibly a linebacker in free agency.

So, let’s take a look at who they may be focusing on given the idea that they won’t be first week players. The following rankings are from so if you want to take issue with that see them.

Wide Receivers

Special note: names in red have already re-signed.

It may take a couple of weeks before the teams willing to dabble big chunks of their cap in free agency have run out of resources. That’s exactly when the Chiefs should step in because free agents, and their agents, will have come to the realization they’re going to have to settle for what teams are offering instead of the big bucks they originally went into free agency attempting to scavenge.

Jason Seibel’s post a week ago called “Chiefs Free Agent Watch 2014: Santonio Holmes to Fill Need In Kansas City?” outlines the case for Holmes. I’ll add that Santonio Holmes has been rookie of the year (2006) and Super Bowl MVP (SB XLIII) which means he knows how to win and win on the biggest stage of all. Holmes shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg at this point in his career and that’s partly due to the unfortunate circumstance of having possibly the two worst QBs in the league throwing him the ball for the past three years (Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith). Santonio Holmes should also be a positive locker room influence too since he knows what it takes to win a championship.

Jerome Simpson is plutonium. He has had problems with drugs and marijuana and the league may yet decide to suspend him based on the outcome of ongoing police investigations. However, Simpson is the type of troubled player that coach Andy Reid has reached out to before (Vick, Owens) and if he does… and if Simpson doesn’t return to the Vikings… he could find himself easily taking over the #2 wide receiver position for the Chiefs. You may remember Simpson doing a front-flip at the goal line over Arizona Cardinal LB Daryl Washington in order to score a TD. It turned out to be the “Play of the Year” for many sporting publications. Simpson was a track guy in college and brings incredible athleticism to the WR position and could be a super asset… as long as his whacked out days are behind him.

Josh Morgan was a WR who may have been in Mike Shanahan’s dog house late last season. I’m not a Shanahan fan so anyone who ends up in his dog house is someone to consider. Morgan only had 20 catches last year but has 199 for his career and is capable of much more. At the age of 28 he has a number of good seasons left on his resume. Morgan is 6-0 and 219 with 4.4 speed, and it’s likely someone will give him a look.


26 year old Charles Brown, from New Orleans, lost his starting LT job to Terron Armstead by the end of the season but in Brown’s defense, Armstead is a bit of a beast. Protecting Drew Brees’ blind side is no easy feat and the Saints don’t take stocking up their offensive line lightly. Brown, 6-5, 297, was a second round pick out of USC in 2010 and still has loads of talent to be tapped. Here’s what said about him, coming out of college,

“Has long arms and an effective punch to get inside defenders. He is athletic with a quick first step and lateral agility. Bends knees well to gain leverage. Played in a pro scheme and has good instincts for the game.”

His cap hit was 880,000 so he’s well within the range for the Chiefs to sign and leave room for another free agent to be added at another position. Perhaps what I like best out of Brown is the culture he comes from in New Orleans. A winning culture. Pro Football Focus ranked the Saints offensive line as the 8th best in the NFL in 2013 and so cherry picking a young and athletic tackle from that crowd wouldn’t be half bad. One man’s trash is another man’s tackle.

25 year old Rodger Saffold was the 33rd pick of the Rams in the 2010 NFL draft. I recall liking him as a prospect back then. Saffold had a great rookie year but since then has played right guard. Saffold’s $6.3 million 4 year rookie contract is up and he may be looking for a bigger payday but, he’s been hurt and he could possibly be had for less. Since his move to guard has exposed some limitations in his ability to play tackle, he should not only be available for less but in the end, be a very good guard.


6-7, 310 lb RG Garrett Reynolds is someone who could be coached up by Andy Reid. He’s known as a good pass blocker but not great against the run which is probably why the Falcons let him go. Here’s RotoWorld’s take on Garrett Reynold’s release,

“The move creates roughly $1.39 million in real savings, and $965,000 in cap space. Re-signed to a two-year, $2.613 million deal last March, Reynolds played 696 uneven snaps, struggling as a run blocker. He started 10 games before being benched in Week 12. Reynolds has made 42 career appearances, all with the Falcons. He’ll likely be limited to minimum offers in the second wave of free agency, though he’s now free to sign with any team.”

Reynolds is a big kid who’s 26 years old and played his college ball at North Carolina. Yes, Reynold would be somewhat of a developmental player but he has the physical tools Reid is known for gravitating towards and he should come fairly cheap.

Middle ILBs
This is where I’ll likely part ways with many fans on who is needed. I like, soon to be 32 years old, Daryl Smith. Smith had a career year last season. Perhaps because Ray Lewis was not there anymore but you have to appreciate the job Smith did. 123 tackles. 3 INTs. 2 forced fumbles and he has 11 years experience. I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would bring that up, as if it is a plus. It is a plus. The Chiefs desperately need to draft their mike ILB of the future. Yes, I agree. But then what? Just throw him to the wolves. Safeties and ILBs must know how to read plays and QBs more than anyone else on defense. They must be leaders. They must be able to say, “Follow me” and then everyone would “want” to follow. That comes with experience and what better way to break in a rookie ILB — no matter where he’s drafted — than to have a top ILB in place who can depart some of his knowledge in his last couple of seasons.

Besides that, Daryl Smith playing next to Derrick Johnson would be phenomenal. Remember, DJ is turning 32 year old later this year too.

Daryl Smith’s monetary numbers? $1.25 million. The Chiefs could wrap that up easily and that line-backing corp could help to return the Chiefs defense to prominence not seen in decades.

Alright Addict fans, is there a free agent you’ve just… gotta have!

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  • Tristian

    Listen fans theres some opportunities here for KC. Ever notice how at the start of free agency in the first 2 days ppl bolt to the teams theyve been secretly talking to probably for weeks? Well itll be the same for the most part but the question is is KC one of those places ppl have been talking to or bolt to? I know that Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks have number 1 wide receiver potential and will be cheap because thier injuries/off the field play especially for Britt leave alot to be desired. Would Reid break his mold of 5’11 to 6′ recievers and grab one of these guys? Emmanuel Sanders you guys know ive been touting since day one because if the playoff game taught us anything its Bowe needs to be in the slot. He is a younger Anquan Boldin im the slot. Imagine Avery and Sanders on the outside with speed and we can threaten ppl deep every play. I home we resign Asomoah and Schwartz but if one leaves I trust Reid to grab a guy and coach him up. If Mccluster leaves don’t be surprised if the chiefs look at hester. I could even see Reid give him some offensive snaps. Jackson is just ok and despite his best season he was in a contract year and thats always inflated value. Im more inclined to say what did you do b4 your contract year rather than what have you done for me lately. Thats one reason Reid said you gotta be careful in free agency. He saw first hand in Philadelphia you cant just sign whoever you want. In comparison Brent Grimes had a great year but hes always been a good player. Daryl Smith is good but 2 32 year old middle linebackers is asking for trouble. As I said contract year for Smith and in the Ravens scheme you can put up numbers. They run 46 3-4 and 4-3 3-3-5 and 2-4-6 at times so they are unpredictable for sure which is what Sutton should be. The more I think about Jarius Byrd the more I understand that you have draft picks for a reason. Id love him here but Cummings is nice young and cheap. He is worth a shot for sure. Overall I know the chiefs will be smart in free agency. The question is how much will they try to address needs there compared to the draft?

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Excellent work, Mr. Morse. I love the way the pre-FA period is shaking out. There will be plenty of affordable help out there for Kansas City. Especially at positions of need.

    Here a few players I have interest in:

    Adam Carriker, Matt Shaughnessy, Red Bryant

    Emmanuel Sanders, Hakeem Nicks, Andre Roberts

    Brandon Spikes, D’Qwell Jackson

    Mike Mitchell, Chris Clemons

    • berttheclock

      Sorry, Stacy, but, this AM, reports are coming out that D’Qwell has limited his visits to only four teams, Broncos, Titans, ‘Fins and the Colts. He has met with the first two and will choose after completing his last two visits.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Thanks for the update. I haven’t had the chance to make my NFL news rounds yet.

    • Tristian

      Stacy I like your list alot. Its ver similar to how mine would look

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Thanks! I think this is a list of players who can be signed to reasonable deals. I expect only a few of these players to be signed early in the free agency period.

    • berttheclock

      I have to disagree with Red Bryant as I really don’t see what he would bring to the Chiefs. His play was made better in Seattle, when, using the 4-3, they added Avril and Bennett to the mix. I feel the two biggest needs for KC in the front seven are an ILB who can rush the passer and someone to be able to step into the mighty shoes of Hali as he ages. Sutton’s rushing the passer comes from the LB corps. Jackson’s four from his DE position was just gravy.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I’m not a big fan of Red Bryant because he lacks the passrush skillset we really need at that spot. He’s another Mike DeVito though (super stout against the run).

    • berttheclock

      Interesting how many players have been cut early by teams. This gives all of them a head start to begin making the rounds before the official FA period begins.

    • Ben Nielsen

      I’m interested to know what the Chiefs think of Nico Johnson. If they’re high on him, KC may lean towards finding a coverage middle linebacker instead of a run stopper.

    • Danny W

      I remember Spikes being the slowest linebacker in the draft at one point to come out and blow the league up in tackles for New England if I remember right. I’d love to get him.

  • berttheclock

    I believe Andy Reid’s comment about being careful in FAcy, should have included, “when, you have to work with Howie Roseman”. Working with Dorsey is a completely different animal.

    Dorsey came from a system in GB, where, neither Wolf nor Thompson wanted to plunge heavily in free agency, but, they did land a couple of Big Fish. However, funny thing, now, Dorsey is in KC and the Packers have said they are going to change their views, this year, on free agency and go out and look for talent. But, they have more money to spend than the Chiefs.

    Had to laugh at a comment from Pete Prisco of CBS, this AM. He touted Austin Howard to be picked up by the Chiefs. Had a legitimate point, but, in the same list of threads at CBS Sports/NFL, there was an article which said the Jets are burning the midnight oil to keep Howard. Just love the work of Prisco as he appears to just keep slinging horseshoes in the hopes, one or two of them might be within shouting distance of the metal object stuck in the ground.

    I agree with a point by Tristian. Not full time, but, yes, Bowe would be great moving into the slot on occasion. Now, that would require two burners on the outside, but, double teams would have to cease.

    But, Laddie, excellent points about how money should be distributed for rebuilding. Only so much can go into drafting as our picks are limited and trades in the NFL are becoming rare. So, that does leave free agency and I believe Dorsey will be prudent, but, wise in his selections. One other point about FAcy. Shame D’Qwell Jackson has limited his choices to only four teams and will make a selection very quickly and the Chiefs are not on the list.

  • berttheclock

    Now, if only all of the posters and staff at AA could just sit down with Mr Dorsey for a discussion group. Hey, Mr Dorsey, feel free to stop by. Geez, wouldn’t a Q & A with him be great? I really mean this.

  • Willie Taylor

    If, I could be GM for this period I would extend both Alex Smith and Eric Berry. As well as try to restructure Tamba and Brandon F. deals. This would put us around 20 million. I would then look into S J. Byrd. Offer him 5 years 42.5 million, then, sign WR Hakeem Nicks, he should be cheap with no TD’s last year. As well as or WR S. Holmes. Then how about DE Lamarr Houston from Oakland who could play the run and pass. As well as Red Bryant. Can never have too reigning champion players on the team. Then, Karlos Dansby or D.Jackson both quality ILBs. Then how we aquire into G Willie Colon. His big, wide, and can just pancake people into the ground. Next, how about Browner from Seattle who is scheduled to be a Free Agent, also Dominique Rodgers Cromatie even Aqib Talib. Finally I would do everything Morse said in concerns with our our Free Agents.

  • Michael Shaw

    Good read Laddie, as usual. I have an issue if they put Stephenson at LT and not Fisher. I think Stephenson would be better at RT and Fisher would be better at LT. I am a firm believer that Fisher had trouble at RT last year because he was so used to being a LT. As for wideouts……………….meh, your choices aren’t anything to complain about, however I think we get our #2 in this draft and maybe with our #23 pick in the first round. And as a side note meant to be on the funny side, it is Hussain Abdullah, not the other way around, LOL!!! I really hope they are able to sign both Schwartz and Asamoah, but Schwartz especially. As for the LB position, I say screw it let Nico Johnson earn his spot on the team. I really liked the kid coming out of college. I say resign Akeem Jordan as a backup and coach up Nico to take his rightful place next to DJ. For the safety position, I say go all in for Byrd. I still say some players want a ring more than the millions. He might be one of those kinds of kids and would make our secondary nearly unstoppable. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • berttheclock

    Shame using the 3-4 precludes the Chiefs from making a run at Michael Bennett.

  • Ben Nielsen

    Great stuff, Laddie. Could use fewer references to that Nielsen guy tho.

    • ladner morse

      Yea but the dude’s ma boss and you’d never believe how he’s treated me for the past 12 years if I don’t mention his name…..

      Sorry for the obscure Best Picture of the Year reference.

      • Ben Nielsen


  • jimfromkcj

    Here’s what I would like to see: Release or trade
    Free agents signed: with 2013 salary
    Schwartz OG
    Allen FS 697,000
    Moats OLB 1,323,000
    Dansby ILB 1,250,000
    Starks RB 630,000

  • jimfromkcj

    And here is what I would like to see in the draft:
    Rd 1 pick 23 Benjamin Fl. St. WR 6’5″ 235
    Rd 2 Tuitt N. Dame DE 6’5″ 303
    Rd 2 Jackson Miss St. OG 6’3″ 335
    Rd 3 pick 87 Desir Lindonwood CB 6’1″ 205
    Rd 3 Turner N. Dak. St. OT 6’5″ 310
    Rd 4 pick 120 Hurst N. Car, OT 6’6″ 310
    Rd 5 pick 151 Barrow LSU ILB 6’2″ 232
    Rd 6 pick 177 Duncan Dixie St. TE 6’3″ 257
    Rd 6 pick 184 Sutton S. Car. OLB 6’4″ 256
    The ones listed with no pick would be picked up via trades.

  • Danny W

    Excellent write up Sir.
    Lot’s of work done thanks for it.