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Report: Salary Cap Set at $133 Million

We have an official salary cap number for the 2014 season: $133 million.

This is about $7 million more than the projected $126 million we heard at the end of the season, which is great news for the cap-needy Chiefs. Using Over the Cap’s cap numbers and adding the $2.3 million in cap rollover from 2013, the Chiefs should have about $12.4 million in cap space to work with without any restructured deals, cuts, or extensions.

In more good news, the Chiefs should expect another $10 million cap jump in 2015, which should give the team some room to re-sign pending free agent Justin Houston. There is virtually no downside for the Chiefs in the cap being raised. The players who will benefit from this most were probably not going to be targets for the Chiefs anyway, and it gives the team some room to add key reserve pieces on the roster.

It also makes the offseason two years from now very interesting. Most speculation has the cap rising above $150 million for the 2016 seasons. Kansas City has only 15 guys under contract so far for 2016, not including the two drafts that will take place before the 2016 off-season. Assuming a $150 million cap, this gives the Chiefs nearly $101 million in cap space to work with.

Not included on the 2016 roster are Alex Smith, Eric Berry and Houston, three players the Chiefs can hopefully lock up soon. But even with their sure to be huge cap numbers, Kansas City will still have a lot of cap space. Also consider the Chiefs can save $19.65 million in 2016 cap space by removing Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Flowers, and Anthony Fasano from the roster.

This is a long way of saying that if the Chiefs navigate their salary obligations well the next two off-seasons, they should have a whole lot of room to work with starting in 2016. It would make a lot of sense for the Chiefs to sign guys on one or two-year deals this off-season so they can leave open the window to make long-term investments in 2015 and 2016.


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  • Tristian

    Look out for the chiefs not just this year but next few years. Oakland has 65 million in cap space but they have no team. Imagine out chiefs with 50 in cap space but with the current roster. Scary to think about for the rest of the AFC and NFL. Love to see how they attack it this yeae though. Go chiefs!

    • KCMikeG

      Agreed. I think we will be a playoff regular for years to come. Hunt & Company is getting it done. Can’t wait to see what moves they make this offseason.

      • Tony Parker

        hey mike, I really hope that one of those moves involves Byrd. Go get him Dorsey

        • KCMikeG

          I like Byrd too but the Bills are probably going to tag him. Don’t forget Sanders Commings – R&D really like him and I believe they are counting on him replacing Lewis.

  • KCMikeG

    Nice work Ben! Could it be that Dorsey has a 4 year plan to win the Super Bowl that coincides with us having over $100M free to spend on top shelf options in 2016?

  • jimfromkcj

    guys, do you ever think that other teams aren’t just going to stand still? The Browns are setting on a huge cap surplus, plus a slew of picks in a deep draft if we are to believe the pundits. Think of an offensive line of Joe Thomas, Greco, Mack and possibly the Schwartz brother on the right side. How does that stand up to what we can put on the field. And Gordon and Cameron at WR and TE is another tandem we can’t come close to matching. And then you have Joe Haydon at CB that has some size and closer to a shut down corbner than anything we have. All they lack is a running back, and he doesn’t have to be close to Charles in ability, just good enough to keep the chains moving. San Diego, Denver and Oakland are going to be better and they have pretty solid GM’s that are going to keep them competitive. So I don’t see the foundation for the optimism that you guys seem to see.

    • KCMikeG

      Funny how you can see optimism in Cleveland and Oakland but not in your own team. We are all aware that our Chiefs aren’t working in a vacuum and that other teams will be doing all they can to be better but the Browns – really? That’s the example you want to use? The historically dysfunctional bunch that just completely flushed their entire organization after a one year attempt to right the ship. They have no RB as you mentioned which is as big as a hole (see Charles) as their gaping hole at QB. They are looking to draft Manziel or Carr to try to correct their failed attempt with Weeden as their QBOTF. They just cut the face of their defense in D’Qwell Jackson. Gordon had a break out year but so has Bowe followed by down years so there is no guarantee he will be better than Bowe next year especially with their problems at QB while we have solved ours.

      You are assuming Schwartz won’t be here in KC even though it has been reported that we are working on a deal and he and his agent have said he would like to stay in KC as long as he is a starter and we pay him like one. How can you assume that our AFCW foes will be better? Based on what? The faiders are still terrible after three years of Reggie at GM so that makes him solid? Having a bunch of draft picks or money to spend is no guarantee of success either – see Philly’s Dream Team or the Skins and Boys. The donkeys will be trying to do what hasn’t been done in 20 years – return to the Super Bowl after losing one. This with the cracking of the Manning code, no run game, Decker leaving for FA and a deficient defense. The Dolts stumbled into the playoffs with the help of the refs by beating our 2nd stringers. They have lost Wisenhut who revived Rivers floundering career and the offensive struggles from 2012. They are over the cap also have a terrible pass defense, limited WR options beyond Allen, huge questions at RB and most of the OL. So I don’t see the foundation for the pessimism you seem to see.