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Mocking the Off Season: Kansas City Chiefs Player Possibilities

A couple of weeks ago, AA senior writer Ladner “Laddie” Morse came up with an interesting scenario. As we all know, this time of year for football fans, mock drafts abound. But as many have pointed out, doing one now is pointless because free agency hasn’t even started yet and it’s impossible to know what teams’ needs will be after they’ve signed free agents.

Laddie’s answer: don’t just mock the draft but the entire off season.

In his original post, Ladner laid out the ground rules. We’ll use those as well. They were pretty simple.

1) Make at least one free agent signing

2) Make at least one trade- either inside or outside of the draft

3) Create a one-team specific 7 round mock (see fanspeak link below)

I’ve said before that I’m a fan of sci-fi type shows and movies. One of my favorite shows from recent past was Fringe from J.J. Abrams about an alternate universe, much like ours. For this scenario, consider me the alternate or Fringe-Dorsey.

In following Laddie’s rules, I made four free agent signings. I also did some restructuring of contracts as well. The best way to do this and keep the salary cap situation straight is www.overthecap.com. They update the site constantly and allow you to play with the numbers and re-sign current free agents. First, let’s look at the contracts I worked out.

Chiefs safety Eric Berry is the highest paid safety in the league. He currently has two years left on his rookie deal — one of the outrageous ones, done before the rookie cap was instituted — but the Chiefs are talking to him about restructuring. In my Fringe-esque fantasy world, my version of John Dorsey was able to work out a four-year extension with Berry, locking him up until the 2019 season. The deal is a $66.55 million deal with $29.25 million guaranteed. It breaks down like this:


Eric Berry Mock Contract

Base Salary
Guaranteed Money
Prorated Bonus
Roster Bonus
Workout Bonus
Cap Number

As you can see, Berry will continue to lead the league in pay checks in regards to the safety position after signing this contract.

The next contract our imaginary John Dorsey was able to work was with Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. In real life as in our scenario, the Chiefs want to lock up Smith for a few more years, while trying to manage the cap situation for this season. The contract they reached with Smith will do just that. The Chiefs offered Smith a four-year extension worth $53.7 million. That contract includes $25.2 in guaranteed cash. This is the breakdown:

Alex Smith Mock Contract

Base Salary
Guaranteed Money
Prorated Bonus
Roster Bonus
Work Out Bonus
Cap Hit

Based on current value on these players in these positions, these are very realistic contracts that could happen. Based on salary cap projections, by creating these extensions, the Chiefs cap room would be right around $17 million. That frees up the space for the Chiefs to make the next set of moves, which is sign players on the roster that are scheduled to hit free agency.

Just like the real John Dorsey, I had some priorities when it came to which free agents I wanted to lock up. The first was guard, Geoff Schwartz.

With the cap space that I created in extending Berry and Smith, I was able to give Schwartz a nice deal that included a three-year extension for $10.45 million with $8 million guaranteed. Schwartz’s contract broke down like this:

Geoff Schwartz Mock Contract

Base Salary
Guaranteed Money
Prorated Bonus
Roster Bonus
Workout Bonus
Cap Number

The next two free agents who were a priority to re-sign were huge defense/special teams contributors from last season. They were strong safety/kick returner Quintin Demps and free safety Husain Abdullah. Both of these players were signed to one-year deals slightly above what their last year’s contracts were worth.

The final two “home grown” free agents were the last two pieces from the Chiefs 2013 team that I wanted to bring back. In order to give last year’s rookie linebacker Nico Johnson one more year to learn the speed of the NFL game, I wanted to bring “thumper” Akeem Jordan back to the team. A two-year deal worth $2.5 million easily brought him back to Kansas City.

The final free agent to sign back to the Chiefs was receiver/punt returner Dexter McCluster. With the unexpected increase to the cap as well as the contract extensions, the Chiefs were able to bring back the diminuitive receiver and returner for the next four years. The breakdown of his $19.1 million contract was like this:

Dexter McCluster Mock Contract

Base Salary
Guaranteed Money
Prorated Bonus
Roster Bonus
Workout Bonus
Cap Number

After those signings, the Chiefs were left with $11.2 million in cap space. In sticking with the original rules as well as following the possibilities, the Chiefs were looking for a trade to make.

One of the biggest positions of need heading into this off season is free safety. Though the Chiefs brought back Husain Abdullah, he is not the answer moving forward at the position. Therefore, Dorsey had to either find a top level talent in free agency or draft one. However, because the level of talent at the safety position significantly drops off after the first round — and the Chiefs don’t have a second-round pick this year — Dorsey wanted to make sure he got his guy.

The Buffalo Bills’ Jairus Byrd is easily the most talented free safety in the league. The problem is, he’s on a team that never seems to get better. He was scheduled to hit free agency last year but the Bills refused to let him go, forcing him to play the 2013 season under the team’s franchise tag. All indications this season are that the Bills will do the same thing and then field offers for his trade. This is where Fringe John Dorsey gets a little crazy.

Proposed Trade to Buffalo Bills

Chiefs Player or Picks
Bills Player or Picks
2014 5th Round PickJairus Byrd, Free Safety
2014 6th Round Pick
2015 3rd Round Pick

Once the Chiefs acquired Byrd, there was the problem of redoing his contract, rather than having him play a one-year deal under the franchise tag, which for safety is just north of $8.3M for one year.

Using Berry’s (imaginary) recently inked extension as a template, Fringe-Dorsey was able to get Byrd under contract, just before the NFL Draft in May. Creating the most-feared defensive backfield in the NFL wasn’t cheap. The Chiefs signed Byrd to a five-year, $56.2 million contract with $33.15 million guaranteed. This is how Byrd’s contract looked:

Jairus Byrd Mock Contract

Base Salary
Guaranteed Money
Prorated Bonus
Roster Bonus
Workout Bonus
Cap Number

In finishing all of these off season contracts the Fringe Chiefs are finally ready for the draft. After the dust settled from our imaginary off season, the Chiefs have $6.7 million in remaining cap space, which is plenty to sign their draft picks as well as shore up their roster during the remainder of the off season.

In following Laddie’s original rules, I created my one-team draft at www.fanspeak.com/ontheclock. The site allows you pick a team to draft for (in this case, the Chiefs) and then a simulator picks the other teams to take some of the guess work out of the mock draft portion.

After making trades, and working through the draft process, this was the result:

Pick Number
Player Selected
123Marqise Lee, WR
256Traded to San Francisco 49ers for Alex Smith, QB
387Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB
4120Justin Ellis, DT
Louisiana Tech
5151Traded to Buffalo Bills for Jairus Byrd, FS
Received from Dallas Cowboys
Traded to Buffalo Bills for Jairus Byrd, FS
6184Jeoffrey Pagan, DE
7215Traded to Dallas Cowboys

So there’s my “mock off season” Addicts. A big thanks to Laddie Morse for coming up with this idea. It took some wheeling and dealing, but the Chiefs are now a much better team and ready to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy during the 2014 season.

How’d I do? Am I completely crazy or do you think some of this is in the realm of possibility? Let me know. While you’re at it, we want to see your mocks as well. Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. 

As a note, all numbers used were within the boundaries of possibility according to current salary cap estimates.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!

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  • tm1946

    You really thought this out. I think I see it except no way on the 2015 3rd round pick added to Byrd, how about a 4th this year. Selling the future, we need picks not give potential starter draft pic away. Also not that in love with the CB from Nebraska, nothing against him but the program is not what it was prepping for the NFL.
    Still a lot of thought went into it this, got to admire the effort.

  • Matt Dickson

    The Bills trade is– pardon my bluntness– ridiculous.

    This is one of the deepest drafts in over a decade. Our 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks could yield at least two starters in this year’s draft. We’d be giving that up for one player who would single-handedly wipe out our entire available cap this year and hamstring our defensive spending for at least the next 2-seasons.

    What we should be trying to do is resign both our OGs and keep some added continuity along the OL.

    Aside from all that, going after J Byrd is a bad idea for mulitple reasons..

    • Jason Seibel

      The 3rd is next year’s.

      • Canad-Ian

        Deep or not a 5th and 6th tends to be a crap shoot. I’d take one of the better FS for a 5th and 6th this year and 3rd next. I don’t see it happening, but I like where your head is at with the deal.

        • berttheclock

          Well, it has been a crap shoot when used by Pioli, but……………….

          • Canad-Ian

            He he really just played spin the candy wrapper and whoever it landed on he took.

      • berttheclock

        All right, since neither Lyle Graverson nor Ben Nielsen will answer my question, I’ll drop it off to you, Jason. What about a trade of 23 to the Redskins for their 34, so, they can move into the first round, where they have none due to the RGIII deal? cyberry brought up an excellent point about the trade down by Pioli, where he gave up the 21, which Cleveland used for Phil Taylor, the Chiefs received their 27 which was moved up to 26 by the tardiness of the Ravens (Baldwin morphed into Jenkins), but, they threw in their 3rd round pick which was used for Houston. The Redskins would have to add to the pot in this 34 to 23 move and the Chiefs should ask for their 3rd. With the deepness in the draft, the 34 would not be that much different than the 23 for the Chiefs and the 3rd would be gravy. I have used the Redskins for two reasons. First of all they have made noise about wanting to move up and they have the highest 2nd round pick available. The Niners have two in the second round, but, they are 56 and 61 and while that might be a bit low for the Chiefs, the Chiefs could demand more from their lower rounds, as well. Testing, testing, is there anyone out there, over?

        • Montez K.

          Best case scenario.

        • Jason Seibel

          I love it Bert. And you’re right there’s not a lot of difference between 23 and 34 this year. By picking a 2nd and 2 thirds the Chiefs could potentially have 3 day-one starters.

        • Canad-Ian

          On one hand they’ve shown the balls to make moves like that, on the other hand they must be hurting depth wise after giving up the RG3 picks. If Clinton Dix and Pryor go I’d be trying to trade back immediately.

          • berttheclock

            One other thing about the Redskins is they would like to swap Cousins to some team and pick up a 2nd. So, the deal with the Chiefs would not hurt them as much.

          • Jason Seibel

            But nobody is callin the ‘Skins about Cousins.

          • berttheclock

            Hmmm, they don’t call, they don’t write, they don’t twitter. Maybe they don’t have the former poster from the Star, Prof Chester, working for them. He kept raving about the need of the Chiefs to trade for Cousins.

    • Jason Seibel

      And I re-signed Schwartz. Besides the cost why is going after Byrd a bad idea?

  • Keaton Henry

    I think this is very well done. However, I highly doubt the Byrd thing would work. I think it’d be more realistic to give up some of those picks to move up a few spots to attempt to land either Clinton-Dix or Pryor. I also am interested to see if Sanders Commings or Abdullah can hold down the fort at Free Safety. I would like to hear what you would think of moving Flowers to free safety since he doesn’t really fit well as a man-to-man coverage corner?

  • Montez K.

    My wishlist is Brandin Cooks for WR..or Aaron Donald at DT (though I know that’s not an immediate need–but dude is a stud! Imagine Poe and Donald together, ambushing QBs for snacks)…Stanley Jean Baptiste/Jimmie Ward in the 3rd/…Jeff Janis in the 4th…Jonathan Dowling in the 5th…..and they can surprise me with the rest.

  • Corby

    Great article!!! I can’t see Buffalo taking a deal like that for Byrd. I like all the other FA moves with exception of the draft. I went on to fanspeak and would be happy if our draft worked out like it did today. Can we lock this in?
    184 DE AARON LYNCH USF (move to OLB)
    Sign another OL FA for Depth

    • Jason Seibel

      Great draft!

  • Kody Latham

    i like what you have done here but like everyone else i feel the byrd deal was over the top. I feel like we could possinly get Antonie Betha at a decent price seeing as he will turn 30 this year he would be more of a stop gap maybe a 2 year deal kind of thing until we are able to draft someone better and i know he is a SS but i bet he could play FS just as easily but i could be wrong.

  • Chuck Quick

    What was the price of Byrd? If bills franchise him. Also none of the tables show up on my iPhone. Great read. CHIEFS WIN

    • CSconce

      Same here… Both my iphone and ipad show the below message were the tables should be….

      [table “12” not found /]

      (Obviously replace 12 with appropriate table number for all of the 11 other tables)

      • http://fansided.com/ Matt Blake

        We’ll get that fixed up. One of the few bugs we have with the way we process articles in the app now.

  • Kody Latham

    also i think we should trade back and get a second round pick with also a possible third or fourth because the draft is to deep to be drafting a WR with the first round pick we could get some one like Josh huff or jason abberderis or even mike davis from texas in the later round and they would all be able to contribute very early in the season if not from day one

  • Tristian

    Im sorry I don’t see it. McCluster worth $5 million a year? Really? What happens if he has a down year on special teams? Thr bills wouldn’t give up such a low price for a top 3 safety. And Alex Smith is not gonna sign a deal that has his salary go up just $1 million per season for the next few years. He knows he is a QB and a doggone good one at that. I know it isn’t real but I don’t see any of these happening except perhaps the Eric Berry one

    • Jason Seibel

      A: McCluster isn’t getting $5M a year. He gets a $6M signing bonus up front that is spread out over the 4 years. That’s how NFL contracts work. After that, he gets his base salary. So it’s not really $5M per year. As for Smith’s contract, what is it that you don’t see? That contract is directly in line with what other QBs are making.

  • Christopher Bawden

    And with freed up cap room snatch Eric Decker. Give AS11 Decker Dressler and Ebron we will be a bit%h to beat.

    • Jason Seibel

      That’s what I’m talking about. I like it! Love to hear the ideas!

  • Hawthorne

    Good with the restructuring of Berry and Smith. I would resign Abdullah and Schwartz. Then in FA sign Nick Collins and Bernard Pollard (both FS). Both the cowboys and the Eagles need FSs both pick before us that means if we want to draft a good safety it will probably take a major reach. Then draft 1. OLB DEE FORD Hali is no spring chicken ford could add stellar depth/rotation and allow us to trade Hali next
    year. 3. OT BILLY TURNER With Stevenson starting we need a new swing tackle. 4. CB KEITH MCGILL Our scheme calls for big fast CBs McGill fits the bill. 5. DE TAYLOR HART May need some
    time to develop, but has the size and strength to become a starter. 6.1. WR L’DAMIAN WASHINGTON He can
    only run one route and needs probably 3 years of development minimum, but at 6’4”
    and running a 4.40. He’s worth the effort. 6.2. S JONATHAN DOWLING Developmental
    depth behind Commings.

    • Jason Seibel

      Great job!

    • cyberry

      My thinking is.. a first round draft pick is supposed to start making contributions to improving the team immediately.(not huge but)..to replace a player who just went to the Pro-Bowl..plus is considered a work-out warrior and could play for several more years..(draft a later RD and let develop).. If Tyson Jackson does resign.. who replaces him? I think we try to trade down just a little..grab a 3rd.. Then draft..Stephon Tuitt … this guy shoots the gap and attacks ..along with Houston on the right side. Plus he can stop the run..

      • Hawthorne

        Normally I would agree. But look at chiefs last year before we lost Hali and Houston and then after. Pass rush is super important to our defense and there are several defensive ends we can grab later in the draft. A player of Ford’s quality doesn’t come around everyday and in a normal draft year our picks would be too low to even think about getting him. In addition to that, my people agree that we can’t afford both Hali and Houston and we have to resign Houston next year so we really only have one year to develop a guy. With this year being a great draft, next year will probably be a down year so finding our guy could be tough.

        • berttheclock

          If the Chiefs could select Ford, I would give up on taking Cooks. Ford really has his technique down and that is the main reason he made the comment about Clowney who relies on athletic abilities, WHEN, he wants to use them and only WHEN.he feels like doing so. Ford has a motor, as well. Very good point about the window of opportunity closing.

  • Calchiefsfan

    If you could pull all of this off Jason you should be the personal consultant to Dorsey, (or the new GM). Would Buffalo let Byrd go for those picks? I doubt it but who am I to say. I can’t even imagine a safety tandem of Byrd and Berry, WOW! The other issue is Lee at 23. I don’t think that is going to happen either. But there are other very good wide receivers that would work well in Reid’s system at 23. Or better yet trade down to the second round and pick up some extra picks. Would Buffalo trade us our 1 for their 2 and Byrd? Also, won’t the Chiefs be getting a compensatory 3rd round if Albert goes? I like the way you restructured the contracts though, very doable, imho.

    • Canad-Ian

      Isn’t the 3rd in the following draft? I can’t remember

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’m pretty sure it would be this draft but I’m no expert so I could be totally off on that.

        • Jason Seibel

          The comp pick for any FAs walking this year would be in next year’s draft.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Well that sucks, we need that pick this year. At least now I know. Thanks Jason

  • berttheclock

    One point about working out a Byrd pickup is Dorsey was with Ted Thompson, when, the Packers made one of their rare FAcy moves in enticing Charles Woodson to leave the Raiders for what he considered to be not a cosmopolitan city. He changed his views after playing there. Now, that was a pricey deal where Woodson was paid $10.5 M the first year and $18 M over the next 3 years for a total overall contract of $52.7 M. I don’t have that $10.5 M breakdown as to how much was a signing bonus and how much was a base salary. That move paid off for the Packers as did the one where they brought Reggie White over.

  • Canad-Ian

    I used the draft simulator and that’s a fun little exercise. No way I think the draft actually turns out how mine did but I’ll post it anyways. I’ll stick with Jason’s idea of restructuring Berry and Smith because that’s just good business. I think Dex will want to be paid more than he is worth, and although I’d love to see another year with him in Reid’s system it may be too late. His offensive production just doesn’t match his potential with that skill set. I’d like to resign Demps and Abdullah for positional depth as well as Demps return ability. Also Schwartz to start at guard and be able to play tackle in a pinch. My free agent signing would be a receiver either Maclin, or Tate. Anyways after those things are done here’s my draft.

    23- Darquese Dennard, CB. In my simulation he was there and the value was too good to pass up. I like but don’t love Smith and Flowers and we don’t quite know what Cooper will be. Taylor Lewan was there too, but I really have faith in Stephenson going into his third year and I want to build this D.

    87- Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/OLB. He can learn behind two of the best in the biz while Hali gets older. The lack of pass rush behind H&H is a problem.

    120- Craig Loston, S. Let there be a true position battle for FS. Loston likely needs a year or two but who really know? Demps, Commings, Loston can battle it out. For the record I think Commings wins the job unless Demps spends the offseason with a protractor learning angles.

    151- De’Anthony Thomas, RB. All the frustration talking about ways to turn McClusters skill set into production can continue if DAT is still on the board like he was in my sim.

    177- Ryan Grant, WR. He’s not a burner like everybody says we need but he has great hands and is productive. After Avery I really value good hands.

    184- Justin Britt, OT. I’ve said a lot that we need a swing tackle to replace Stephenson once he becomes the starter. I think we should sign somebody and be ecstatic if Britt is there to take. He played all over the line including both tackle spots which makes him a solid developmental backup.

    Using that simulation website is fun, I think I’ll do a lot more of them on my own, especially to help me learn about the later round prospects.

    • Jason Seibel

      Great draft! That sote is fun to play with and it updates every Tuesday with team needs and big draft board predictions.

      • Jason Seibel


      • Canad-Ian

        I’m really afraid Schwartz will cost an arm and a leg. He’s one of the top free agents at the position. He got that “Show me” contract and he sure showed us, now we’re gonna get bit in the ass.

        • Jason Seibel

          He could but I don’t think he’ll be that bad. He promised me an interview when he re-signs. I can’t wait to talk to him.

  • KCMikeG



    • Stacy D. Smith

      Good mock!

  • KCMikeG

    Jason – thank you for taking the time to work through all of the options. I really like restructuring and would add Hali to that – maybe Bowe too after the egg he laid. I love that you kept Schwartz and especially McCluster! I do think they both could be had for less by a million or two/year though. The more I research Byrd is about the only FA I am interested in but it sounds like they want to chain him to a goal post for another year. i would keep Asamoah and let Jordan go picking up ILB Andrew Jackson (See below) in rounds 4-6. The line continuity would be an advantage and allow the offense to get up to speed earlier in the season. I believe I have addressed the rest of our needs in my draft post.

    WalterFootball.com says – “Jackson is one of the most physical players in college football as he constantly lays the wood on linemen and ball-carriers. The junior totaled 122 tackles, 16.5 tackles for a loss, two sacks and four forced fumbles in 2012. Jackson held his own against Alabama with seven tackles and 1.5 tackles for a loss. Jackson is a thumper of a linebacker. He has good instincts and some quickness. Jackson is extremely physical and has real presence on the field with a big-time demeanor.”

    • berttheclock

      His line backing partner, Xavius Boyd, is not too shabby, either.

      • KCMikeG

        I have my eye on him too! We could get him as an UDRFA and develop him to replace Hali.

  • ladner morse

    Awesome. Totally awesome. That was so good… I’m going to read it again!

  • cyberry

    I really liked everything up to the Byrd signing..2 reasons.. kinda 3…1) Save that money for Houston, who is due “big time” next year and Charles the year after.. 2) For some reason..”free agents” just don’t work out well in Kansas City,,lol.. ’12.. Boss, Winston, Routt, Quinn and Hillis..(seemed good at the time..none worked out)..just some more McClain,even Breaston and Jones went to Hell.. Robinson was a waste ..Sean Smith had some issues and Fasano was hurt most the year..But I have faith in them…3) the big reason.. this team has a Chemistry .aka..”family”.. We don’t need an big ego coming in screwing with the locker room. Byrd has said he want’s to be the highest paid safety.. are you going to give him more than Berry..NO.. Plus I think you try to draft Terrrance Brooks along with Commings..

  • cfjDTD

    I would LOVE to have Byrd, but they would have to franchise him first, as he is a FA. We make the trade, but there’s no way they would take such crappy picks for the guy. In a perfect world….

    • Jason Seibel

      I said that. The Bills franchise him and then the Chiefs trade for him. Then, the Chiefs give him a new contract, negating his franchise tag.

  • KC Husker

    I worked off of the same ideas of you for all of the contract figures, extending Alex Smith, Eric Berry, resigning Geoff Schwartz, Dexter McCluster, Quintin Demps, Husain Abdullah and Akeem Jordan. I also included a trade to Tampa Bay for Brandon Flowers for their 2nd round pick, #38 overall. Is asking for a second rounder for Flowers too much? I don’t think so, and with Lovie Smith being in Tampa it would appear to be a good scheme fit for Flowers as he doesn’t quite fit with us anymore, at least not playing on the outside. After those moves it left me around $12,643,110. That is plenty of cap space to make a move for Jarius Byrd which would be an awesome pick up. I’m operating under the idea that he isn’t tagged but if he is we should look elsewhere and not send our draft picks away. Here is how the draft played out under my simulation:
    1st Rnd – Marqise Lee WR
    2nd Rnd – Stephen Tuitt, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    (All 3 were available, Jenkins would be my pick, although you could make a case for all 3)
    3rd Rnd – Stanley Jean Baptist CB
    4th Rnd – De-Anthony Thomas RB
    5th Rnd – AJ McCarron QB
    6th Rnd – Walt Aikens CB
    6th Rnd – Tevin Reece WR
    We would still have needs but I think that you could find role players in FA. I think that we could sign someone like Michael Bennett at DE and take Dix in the 2nd round then. A combination of Dix/Commings would appear to be good on paper. One problem with this situation is that it leaves us cash strapped the following year so I think that we would have to consider moving Bowe/Hali next season which would more than likely free up enough money to make some moves and resign the guys that we need too.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I mostly love that draft class, but I’d like to see a safety pick instead of twin corners and wideouts.

      • berttheclock

        At the combine show, they are really talking up the larger guys as they keep saying the tall receiver back shoulder fade has changed the game and they use Seattle as the new model. I have read both Dorsey and Reid want to go larger in the defensive backfield, as well. However, one thing about Seattle, is many forget the hard hitting and tracking abilities of Earl Thomas, who is five ten. Yes, Chancellor is six three and many believe he is the prototype, but, Thomas is the receiver and TE wrecking ball. So, with that, I doubt if Dorsey would even consider the just over five eight Lamarcus Joyner, but, he, too, is a wrecking crew of his own and he closes very quickly.

  • berttheclock

    Now, Justin Gilbert will be long gone, but, I hope Mr Sutton has watched some of his tape from Oklahoma State. Why, the young man has been shown jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage, then, stepping in front of them and intercepting the ball. Geez, whenever, has anyone allowed that, either in the NFL or in college. Perhaps, just a lost art.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Since this is all make believe anyhow here goes, the Bills tag Byrd and then trade him to KC for D. Bowe. Byrd signs 5 year 45 mil contract. Golden Tate then signs with KC. After restructuring of Berry, Hali and giving Smith an extension KC has the money to resign Dex and Schwartz
    Round 1-Traded to Oakland for their 2nd and 6th rounder

    Round 2-Mike Evans WR

    Round 3-LB Mike Sam

    Round 4-Justin Ellis DT

    Round 5-Keith Mcgrill CB

    Round 6- Walter Aikens

    Round 6- Geoffrey Pagan DE

    Round 7- Vinnie Sunseri S, CB