January 24, 2014; Kapolei, HI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws a pass during the 2014 Pro Bowl practice at Kapolei High School. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Fix: Chiefs News and Headlines 2/21/2014

Many people need their coffee to get up and going in the morning, and especially in the middle of the afternoon when things are starting to drag.  Here at Arrowhead Addict, we understand that for a Chiefs fan, coffee is simply not enough.

Here’s all that’s happening around Chiefs Kingdom today.

Welcome to The Fix.

There’s a lot going on today as the NFL Combine gets underway at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Right off the bat, Chiefs Reporter Rachel Santschi explains what the Wonderlic test is and how it’s applied to NFL quarterbacks. Make sure you check out the story to see where Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith scored.

The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test is a standardized test that measures player’s aptitude for learning and problem solving. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 12 minutes. The score is calculated on the number of correct answers in the time allowed. The test consists of English, reading, math and logic problems that increase in difficultly as the test progresses.

Moving over to the Kansas City Star Sam Mellinger talks about the challenges head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey face in their second year.

Here in Kansas City, without the shie of the Lombardi Trophy, the Chiefs are planning through their own obstacles as they approach the new league year, which officially begins March 1. The Chiefs received som good news this week, with a bigger-than-expected rise in the salary cap, but they are starting this race behind most of the teams they’re competing against.

Finally, as the entire football world turns its attention to the Combine, ESPN’s Adam Schefter explains that Kansas City’s serious needs this off season are on offense.

Their offense is a bigger problem. Right now they have an elite running back who is only 27 but has carried a tremendous workload the past couple of seasons, a high-quality fullback who isn’t on the field a lot, a wide receiver (Dwayne Bowe) listed as a solid starter but who may be in decline and then a bunch of starters who are either average, below average or untested.

That’s it for today, Addicts. We’re hoping for some news to come out of the Combine one way or another. As soon as it happens, we’ll let you know. Enjoy your weekend, check out the Combine on NFL Network and GO CHIEFS!

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  • LGB

    Reid can fix the offense we need some defensive secondary and depth on the defensive side. A good defense feeds on our home field advantage and vicer versa. Funny how schefter considers Smith average or below average.

    • Calchiefsfan

      Free safety should be a top priority. If the Chiefs get an upgrade it will be interesting to see if it was Sutton’s schemes or the lack of talent that caused the defense to look so pathetic down the stretch. Let’s hope it was a lack of talent since Sutton isn’t going anywhere soon.

      Smith was starting to get in tune with his receivers the second half and Reid was opening up the playbook. I’m expecting Smith’s numbers to go up next year, even against better defenses. Especially if Fisher can step it up his second year.

      • Troy Utt

        I do hope the Bowe connection or maybe better put Bowes effort in the WC game continues into the regular season! Along with whomever the #2 might be is essential for KC’s success moving forward. The funny thing is hearing the comments about Alex Smith being a “game manager!” As the basic premise of the WCO which Reid has always run in some hybrid form or another, is to take the open yardage the defense is giving (dink & dunk as some put it)… Taking the high % shots downfield, catching the defense off guard.
        In this system the run is an extension of the passing game, reference Mccoy (Philly) & Charles (KC), thus JC’s numbers!
        On defense getting to the Mannings & Rivers quick enough is where our problem lies… Secondary aside as that is a whole other issue.
        But when the opposing team is getting the ball out in 2.5 seconds, you are forced to address it & bringing Berry to the line is not the answer, IT’S PART OF THE PROBLEM! So assuming KC proceeds making the required adjustments, Lewis will not return, & Demps will stay on ST where he belongs (or spot relief).
        That leaves us with Berry, Sean Smith, Flowers, Commings, Cooper, Abdullah (assuming they resign as he played well enough to justify)… And add one thru draft for our main rotation, not to mention what Dorsey stirs up at the bottom of the roster?

  • freshmeat62

    As LGB said, funny that Schefter thinks Alex Smith is average at best. I used to have a lot of respect for his opinions, but I thought the 2nd half of the season, Smith might be one of the top 5 QB’s in the league. It would be nice if he had any receivers at all that could get open, or catch a ball. Bowe, IMO, is by far the most overpaid player they have. He’s not worth half what he’s getting. They’re pretty much stuck w/ him 2014, but if I read the story right, the year after his cap number drops a lot.

    • Troy Utt

      I agree… We just don’t know which DB is going to show???
      Regular season Bowe or Post season Bowe? Pending the outcome of his legal issues it may be “NO BOWE” to start the season, as he may well be serving suspension. So finding those alternate sure set’s of hands is all the more important!

      • berttheclock

        With the offensive line improving and, it looks as though there will be more support from other wideouts, plus, the one year of experience of Alex Smith with the system of Andy Reid, there should not be the early season slowdown of production which really affected the system adversely last season.

        • Troy Utt

          I am anxious to see what happens in the next few weeks in regards to the offensive line. That may well dictate how our season not only starts, but goes… As depending on who is either re-signed, released, or eventually brought in to play may tell us if we start out like the first half or if we are able to continue on as the offense did in the second half. I just wonder how much truth there actually is to the Albert rumors? If true, that to me is not a ringing endorsement from R&D as to any immediate impact they believe Fisher may be able to make? Not to mention Fish sitting in the WC game made things look a bit suspect…

          • Calchiefsfan

            I’m actually pretty high on Fisher but I think Stephenson was playing better than Fisher at that point and Reid wanted to win in the playoffs. Fisher’s upside is higher than Stephenson and the only way Fisher is going to get there is with experience. That’s why I think we saw Fisher playing most of the time at RT even though Stephenson was the better player. One thing 2013 did show is that the Chiefs need 3 quality tackles. It seemed like one of them was always hurt at any given time.

          • Troy Utt

            I would tend to agree… But just as with Stephenson this off-season is going to prove paramount to see what was accomplished in the weight-room? That was where Stephenson made his big jump, added his upper body strength to where he was able to better handle the defensive pass rush! Fish has more upside but was starting from a hole if you will as Steph played his ball at OU facing much stiffer competition than what Fish saw until he got to the NFL…
            I’m curious to see what happens in the next few now that we’ve heard the Albert rumors? There is much to be said for keeping your line together, & I really want KC to keep Schwartz! We all know the only way he is sticking around is as a starter… If cap space wasn’t an issue I’d much rather have Asamoah as well, & relegate Allen as a back-up… Then again, wishful thinking!

  • Troy Utt

    Schefter’s opinion of Alex Smith holds no merit! Especially when you consider all Smith has done in the last 2-1/2 years is win football games… No matter whether here in KC or in SF, regular season or play-off he has prevailed more times than not. Surround him with a couple of sure handed recieving options this next season & Smith will be right there at the top of the list!

    • Calchiefsfan

      And a defense that won’t collapse in the second half!

      • Troy Utt

        Here,Here… Not sure how many times I’ve replayed that one in my head & it still isn’t getting any easier! Lewis is a goner, that we know.
        It will be interesting to see how KC shuffles the deck to best field next years squad? By sliding Flowers over & keeping Berry back at the S position more often than not, instead of using him as that extra LB.
        I’m really starting to buy into needing a better pass rusher now that I’ve really had a chance to eval & desensitize from the WC loss…
        As if they get the pass rush up to snuff, to where we are getting pressure in the backfield more often than not it is going to change the description of what we need out of the secondary…
        That’s one theory anyway’s… WAR CHIEFS!!!

        • Calchiefsfan

          I’m with you on a DL that can rush the passer. A good pass rush certainly helps to hide any weaknesses in the secondary, (see first half 2013 season). Now if we can get both an upgrade at FS and a pass rushing DL then we’ve got a perennial playoff team no matter how tough the schedule is.

  • berttheclock

    Alex Smith, IMveryunHO, is a quality QB and the Chiefs are fortunate to have him. He had a 40 Wonderlik and he has shown he not only has general intelligence skills, but, football intelligence skills as well. However, speaking of Wonderliks, who would you rather have as your QB from this list? Dan Marino, Donavan McNabb, Jim Kelly or Terry Bradshaw, all of whom scored 15 on their respective Wonderliks or would you prefer such as Ryan Fitzgerald, who scored 48 on his or even Ricky Stanzi, who scored a 30? Terry Bradshaw convinced me in an early first year preseason game when he rolled to his right and, suddenly, whipped a pass to his left and hit a receiver in the chest who was moving away from him. I did not need any printout of his Wonderlik to know he was going to succeed on a playing field.