Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Alex Smith 2013 Highlight Reel

Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) is congratulated by quarterback Alex Smith (11) after catching a touchdown pass against the Oakland Raiders in the second quarter at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke about Alex Smith coming to the Kansas City Chiefs via a trade with the San Francisco 49ers, there was mixed reactions. Many wanted the Chiefs to draft a quarterback with their coveted No. 1 overall pick. Others didn’t think Smith was the right choice for the Chiefs and would have preferred newly installed head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey went another direction for their signal caller.

Still, the trade happened bringing Smith to the BBQ City in exchange for a second-round draft pick last year and because the Chiefs won more than eight games, a second-round pick this year.

For a team that was 2-14 and 2012, it was boom or bust for the trade.

They boomed!

Thanks to the help of the dynamic running back Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith led the Chiefs to a nine-game turnaround. Though the offense was slow to get started, down the stretch, it was on-fire.

Smith had a career year in his first campaing with the Chiefs. He threw for 3,313 yards, 23 touchdowns and seven interceptions while starting in 15 games — he sat the final game of the season with the rest of the starters. Additionally, he had 378 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in the Chiefs lone playoff game. Every one of those stats was a career best for Smith.

This video highlights Alex Smith by showing every touchdown he scored this season. Enjoy!


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  • Chris Tarrants

    Watching the transformation that took place with Smith as the year progressed makes me excited to see what he does out of the gates this coming year! Could we see our first 4,000 yard passer in a long, loooong, time? Could we see him hurl 35 TD’S? Will he continue to gel with Bowe and Jenkins? Because if he does look out because paired with Charles and hopefully Kelce, we could have a bad arse offense. I will admit that I was holding Micah’s hand on the Geno bandwagon so I admit that I was wrong and I am glad we have Alex here in BBQ nation!

    • Jason Seibel

      Kinda curious what Micah will say.

      • micah stephenson

        Not one single WOW play! Just looks like a bunch of normal plays any ol QB could have made. Long pass to Avery in colts game was the pass of his life.

        • kcndaock

          Hater!! Hes made a career proven you haters wrong and a pretty nice 1 at that lol

          • micah stephenson

            I don’t feel like he is capable of winning a super bowl, so he hasn’t proved me wrong.

          • KcNdaRock

            I didn’t think flacco could nor eli manning. ( eli living in Peyton’s shadow but he’s got more than Peyton does) we could argue this topic about any qb in the NFL. The thing is Alex showed us what he could do manage a game make the plays when needed. Keep defenses honest both deep and running when the pocket collaspe or on a design draw. When j Charles went the wrong way on a handoff Alex didn’t panic. He put six on the board. He’s a leader and going to make San Fran regret sending him to the AFC.

          • jacati

            Was Dan Marino capable of winning a Super bowl?

        • Troy Utt

          As further proof that the brass made the right decision… Although the Jets as a team pulled out a break even on the season, Geno’s sporadic passing led to his benching after a five game stretch of
          1 TD-8 INT’s & a QBR of 10.1…
          Alex Smith is exactly what KC needed… Anything less would have set the franchise back years, which is what we were trying to avoid!!!
          Geno dropped to the second round for a reason, I for one am darn glad we didn’t hitch our wagon to that! Thank You Reid & Dorsey!
          Is it just pride that keeps you from admitting that KC made the right decision & you may have been wrong?
          For some reason you are hung up on Alex holding him to a different standard than other QBs! Regardless of what he did (or didn’t) his first 6 yr’s, all I care about is what he can do for us going forward!

          • micah stephenson

            I feel like I’ve said this thousands of times already. Mayby I should copy it, so I can paste it. I’ve always said the Chiefs will lose more games with Geno than with Alex this year. It takes Rooks time to develope. Its the next 5-10 yrs I’m looking at. How much better will each QB get each yr from now on. You prolly didn’t realize this, but the Geno started to get it the last month, the jets went 3-4 and his passer rating was #2 right behind Manning who was #1. I bet he has a really good yr 2.

          • Troy Utt

            Yes were aware you’ve said it a thousand times, & our head’s hurt from having to decipher it! Surely you know by now how the rules work in the NFL Micah? I understand you have moved on to Manzeil & Bridgewater, but you do realize you can’t just get whatever players you want whenever you want, RIGHT?
            Not only are there big questions still surrounding both of these QB’s not making either of them the caliber of an Andrew Luck, but it’s not finacially responsible to even consider! Why would you mortage our future giving multipe first round picks away for either one given our current situation? #foolish

          • micah stephenson

            Do you honestly think we would have been set back YEARS by having Alex, Geno and a free agent RT/LT or Stephenson vs having Alex and Fisher?

          • micah stephenson

            Yea, there is a reason Wilson, Kopernick, Dalton, and Foles fell out the 1st rd too. Are you glad we didn’t get them too? Is there ever going to b a point in time when you want to upgraded QB or are you complacent with Alex forever?

          • Troy Utt

            Again in hindsight it’s easy to say woulda, shoulda, coulda… But the fact of the matter is you can’t continue to hold Reid & Dorsey responsible for the decisions made by previous staffs! I still maintain we have the “BEST over-all STABLE of QB’s” we have had in KC in my lifetime. Born in the 60′s I’ve seen my share of them!
            To answer your question as to Kaep & Dalton, not a chance! I’ll take our current staff over their’s any day… We already know Reid inquired about Foles, & that every NFL team whiffed on Wilson at least twice w/him dropping to the third. Wislon is every bit a student of the game has a high ceiling & good WR’s in tow for his SB run this last season. Still I am elated to say that between what we saw in the last half of the season & the WC game from Alex Smith the Chiefs are in a great position moving forward! There is basically no difference in their regular season stat’s & Smith has PROVEN he is an effective QB, the number’s don’t lie!!!
            That said why at this point given our TEAM needs mainly on defense & at WR would we take a flier on a QB when we have Smith whose more than capable of handling the job, & without dispelling whether or not Bray is starter material?
            I don’t believe anyone is suggesting that Smith be the starter for the next decade…But he has proven to be more than the stop-gap most of us thought him to be! You have stated multiple times why not at least take a shot at a QB even in the 3rd, keep trying…
            Bray was projected a 3rd round prospect, & fell out due to his maturity issues, he has a cannon for an arm, is classified as a Brett Farve type “gun-slinger” & is not afraid to throw the ball down field, or into tight places. WHY would we not at least see if he pans out while we have a QB playing at a play-off caliber level
            before moving on? Reid is known for his QB selection & development. Why not trust it here?
            I will say Geno pulled himself together after his benching & played better. Manzeil & Bridgewater at this point neither one are worth risking offering multiple first round picks for, & I know you are up to date with KC’s cap situation & contract status… So it leaves us where we started…
            We are best staying with & supporting Alex Smith. He is about winning football games, in the end that’s all I really care about!

    • Tristian

      I think alex smith reaches those numbers next year for sure. You guys dont understand his background but im here to tell you guys this is one of the few times since he was drafted he feels wanted. We had terrible coaches including 2 defensive coaches who kwpt kept benching him every bad start he had instead of showing faith and sticking with him. We also had terrible defenses. Harbaugh comes in and brings something out of him and just when he is playing his best he ia benched and subsequently traded because of the supposed QB of the future. Or basically the reason we didn’t win a super bowl was kapernick wasn’t playing. Well 2 years into the trade and we all know who is better overall. People like Harbaugh said alex smith had no upside. Well with decent offensive weapons he put up 25 total TDs. in his first year in a new system. I think Smith shocks everyone next year and puts up the numbers above and wins MVP. Thats right MVP. Can’t wait for the season to start go chiefs!

      • micah stephenson


      • kcndaock

        Put up 25 TDs with a horrible receiving crew I keep hearing about. He’s a gamer and is going to prove everyone wrong

        • micah stephenson

          His stats wasn’t all that great but it was still his best season ever. To some QBs those stats would b a down season for them.

    • micah stephenson

      So you like him as the QBOTF now? I still don’t see him as more than a 2 or 3 yr player. They still need to draft a guy to come up the pipeline. I’m not a big T.Bray fan.

      • Chris Tarrants

        No I don’t think he is our qb of the future. I think Dorsey will find his own Aaron Rodgers but until that time I am glad we have Smith because he sure as hell is better than Cassel or Quinn! I think he will be out QB until 2016/17 then it will go to our guy

  • Phillip Maxwell

    That was very fun to watch, thank you for that.

  • Canad-Ian

    Even watching the good from the Colts game makes me sad.

  • micah stephenson

    Can somebody help me understand why the same people who say Geno will never b any good turn right around and say T.Bray will b? Geno will b better than Bray and Alex.

    • KcNdaRock

      T.bray has a big arm and since we have Alex he will get to mature, study and devolp maybe into a joke no1 ever knows. Geno was thrown into the fire head first. I jumped into my business head first and sometime feel like its a uphill battle costently. You gotta have a mindset and belief to succeed and geno fell to the second round because he had to tendency to quit.

    • Tristian

      Whats funny to me micah is u say heno will be better than alex smith and yet both had below average to average weapons and Alex maximized the offense and geno failed horribly and he had a better overall d than Alex. So explain why once alex gets weapons geno will be better

      • micah stephenson

        1st of all as a rookie I seen Geno make throws Alex will never make. 2nd, J.Charles, Bowe, and Avery is waaaaay better than what the Jets have. The jets have said they are basically starting from scratch with Geno. He is All they have. Now the Jets are speaking of signing Maclin or Tate and drafting a wr 1st rd.

    • Troy Utt

      I don’t believe anyone is saying Bray is better than Geno at this point?
      Again because of your pesistent Geno rant that is what everyone auto-matically draws from at time of conclusion.
      On the other hand for you to make the claim that Geno is better than Alex Smith is plain preposterous!

  • Nick

    Alex is interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen an athlete before who gets better every year but Alex has. Even when he struggled early he was getting better in small ways.
    Then he made a huge leap about three years ago but still since I’ve seen improvement each year. Many athletes seem to top off but I don’t think he has yet.

    On another note, the Chiefs need to fill a few personnel holes to compete for SB next year, I hope they are able to – Obviously the secondary is #1 concern but I’d like to see a legit #2 wide receiver brought in (maybe it’s AJ?) and likely see Avery used mostly in the slot.
    I also think they probably need an athletic TE and a bruising backup RB to soften up the D for Charles.

  • Andy
  • Andy

    Watch this. Real good idea of what Smith went through in SF and how he came through it.


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