January 4, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Team Highlight head coach Herm Edwards reacts during the second half at the Under Armour All-America high school Game at Tropicana Field. Team Highlight defeated the Team Nitro 16-3. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Former Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards Embarrasses Himself on ESPN

Addicts have always had quite a bit to say about former Chiefs head coach Herm “Harm” Edwards. Now, they can apparently add “drunk on camera” and “afraid of gay football players” to the list of issues they have with the much maligned — and reasonably so — former coach.

When Sports Center host Steve Levy asked Edwards what he thought about Mizzou star Michael Sam coming out as the first openly gay man to enter the NFL Draft, Edwards had quite a lot to say. Click here to visit Deadspin and watch the video.

First of all, I don’t know if Herm had been drinking before the interview or if he was simply trying to find the right words to describe his feelings on this issue. That’s going to happen. Everybody is going to view this a different way. But Edwards, usually very eloquent on the mic, seemed to be completely lost when it came to this. If you noticed, he continually called the young Mizzou player “Michael Sams” with an “S”. Common mistake, but come on Herm, really? But the part that really got me is Edwards likening Sam’s sexual orientation to “off field issues” and Edwards saying “can we handle this player.”

Believe it or not, the statement that’s made the most sense in that regard came from Pete Prisco’s twitter account yesterday. Yeah, I know. Now I’ve been drinking.

When it comes to homosexuality in the locker, it’s something that’s been going on since there have been locker rooms. If you think it hasn’t you’re lying to yourself. Should it hurt Michael Sam in the NFL Draft? No. Look at Manti T’eo last year. He lied about who he was and went in the second round. All Michael Sam did was tell the truth.

Shame on you Herm. Shame on you.

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    I have no problem with Michael Sam coming out. He is very courageous. But when he is drafted, and he will be, his team has to come to grips with not letting Sam be the focal point. We all know that this will be the biggest off-field story in the next few months, so any questions regarding his sexual orientation will have to be limited. His future employers cannot let Sam be the story.

    • KCMikeG

      The Dolts figured out how to prevent the Te’o concerns from getting any foothold at all. Even the girlfriend jokes fell away quickly. Fortunately the majority of sports players and fans are mature adults. Unfortunately far too many aren’t. Time and open minds will change this dynamic.

  • Keaton Henry

    I think this is too drawn out. Herm, like most other people, aren’t used to discussing and dissecting topics such as this one. When he said, “can we handle this guy”, clearly he was referring to the media attention. He clearly stated his take on the subject and, in my opinion, stated it well. He, unlike most (if not all) of us, had the opportunity to sit and be a part of an NFL locker room. So, we can judge and say he made a joke of himself all we want, but I value his opinion on the topic much more than some one who hasn’t had first hand experience. I think he did his job. Maybe he was uncomfortable with the topic, but it is what it is.

  • sidibeke

    We gave up a draft pick to have the honor of him as an H.C. Nice work, Carl.

  • Justin R Groth

    It’s Sam’s timing to come out that’s curious. All of his teammates knew at mizzou why not comeout before last season? Now everything about his career maybe over analyzed. why was he picked in the 4th instead of the third? Why did he get benched? Logical minds will see him as only a football player But I’m afraid his every action could now be questioned and I think that was what herm ment by handling this

  • tm1946

    While we are “expected” to be……what is the phrase….accepting toward gays and now gay athletes in the NFL, just look at the fuss over sending gays former athletes at the Russian Olympics, it is not always easily accepted by all. I, personally, have no issue if some associated with the NFL are no so accepting or have difficulty verbalizing it. Guess that is what makes us human and different.

    Gosh, I am getting over being PC and looking contrite all the time. Besides maybe Sams can play and shut everyone up on all sides.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m confused by the widespread, vitriolic response to Edwards’ comments. He’s not Chris Broussard. He didn’t give a personal opinion on the issue of homosexuality. He said it’s a touchy issue that will take players, coaches, and general managers time to adjust to. That’s a true statement. Just as Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in the Major Leagues brought about all kinds of hatred, grief, and reluctance to accept a culture-changing moment in the sport.

    Is Sam the first gay NFL player? Absolutely not. Is he the first openly gay football player in the NFL? By all accounts, yes. That makes all of the difference in the world in how he’ll be received. Should it? No, but then again, we don’t live in a perfect world. This was one journalist asking a former head coach what he thinks will happen. Edwards gave his honest opinion and I think, generally speaking, he’s probably right. He shouldn’t be vilified for that.

    I applaud Herman Edwards for standing in front of the media gauntlet that miscontrues a soundbyte for the purpose of creating a paper tiger of propaganda to tear down. That’d be difficult for anyone to do and I can understand why he might’ve been a bit flustered behind it. He’s being dragged through the blogosphere right now. The sensational headlines and clearly misinterpreted passages from the interview are being circulated viciously across the web.

    • berttheclock

      Excellent response and, tomorrow, I await your take on whether Dorsey should reach out to Gabe Carimi, who, has parted ways, once again, with Lovie Smith.

    • Dave

      The Media just loves to make shit out of nothing, and this was absolutely nothing.

  • Tristian

    Can the guy play football and help us win games? Thats all that matters

  • frizzlefry999

    I think this article is misleading and, frankly, garbage. I am no Herm Edwards sympathizer, but to imply that Herm Edwards has something against, or is afraid of gay people is irresponsible reporting. I didn’t get that feeling at all when Herm was describing the inevitable media attention that will be paid to the team that drafts Michael Sam. Secondly, getting a name wrong is embarrassing but it is not like he called him by a totally wrong name; he added and “s”, let it go. I have heard many professional sports analysts and announcers do this (Kniles Davis anyone?) and I have never read an article that lambasted someone for it. I also didn’t think he was drunk. For all we know he could have had a rough night, been sick, or any number of other things. Jumping to the conclusion that he was Joe Namath drunk is just plain silly. I frequently read blogs on this site and this is the first time I have been embarrassed to say that. Step your game up Mr. Seibel, this will not do.

    • Angel

      Got heem!! Nice reply man. I totally agree with you

    • Dave

      Yea in complete agreement. Hating Herm is fine but making something big out of absolute nothing is a joke. This was poorly written for sure.

    • gaden

      Yeah, a complaint about getting a name wrong seems silly, how come I never heard anyone complain about the people who saiy “Duhwayne Bowe”, which is actually a worse mistake, I never once heard anybody say “Duhwight Freeney”. Embarrassed himself? Hmmm…

  • Stan Colbert

    I understand why he came out. I understand he is a talented player. I understand that all sides of the subject are going to be absolutely stupid about this matter whether Sam has anything to control or not. I will say I am happy KC plays a 3-4 that Sam doesn’t fit, and that truly has nothing to do with the man Michael Sam.

  • Adrian Morales

    I dont see what the problem is thats his opinion if its not what you wanted to hear then give your own opinion

    • Dave

      it really wasn’t even an opinion. All Herm said was a GM/Team will probably consider if they want the attention

  • Adrian Morales

    Michael Sam is really good football player

  • jimfromkcj

    I wouldn’t draft him because all the politically correct ass holes will be second guessing every decision made which pertains to him. We have enough problems dealing with people who don’t or won’t understand that football at the professional level is a business and money is the lifeblood of business and you can’t run a successful team by overpaying guys that fans have fallen in love with. Bowe and Albert are good examples, how many times have we heard posters screaming “pay the Man” Well we paid the man” and look where it got us, we are against the cap and we are not even paying for a franchise QB and we have no money to improve the team.

  • Dave

    Much to do about nothing. I would have thought Herm came out and said he hated gay guys or something. Instead about the only wrong he made was saying being gay was baggage. More a misstep in trying to simply say that drafting Sam would be like drafting Tebow. And if you don’t believe a circus will follow whoever drafts him than you are an idiot.

  • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer='defer upperturion

    Sounds like you have an ax to grind against Herm, Jason… And just why is it that we have to be okay w/ Sam’s confession? Dude has to face the music now is all. Get real w/ your group-think ways, my man.

  • tomflex

    Herm was not asked his personal opinion or feelings on where he stands on gay issues…he was asked what he felt would be the impact of bringing an openly gay player onto the team. What is Herm supposed to say?
    How in the world can anyone know for sure…one can only speculate and that is exactly what Herm did. This is a no win question and Herm did his best to address it objectively. God knows if you’re looking for great examples of areas know for political correctness….the old locker room would fail to make most lists. Herm is just being real…..can we honestly do the same.

    • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822'defer='defer upperturion

      Damn, Tom, I woulda bet money you would have come out w/ some politically-correct babble … instead you’ve shocked me, nice review!

      • tomflex

        Thanks…I just spent too many years learning the value of hazard analysis, which is looking at every possibility from every angle and preparing for every possible scenario no matter how crazy it might sound. This was done anytime anything new was coming in. It’s just good practice. …and yes every once in a while an engineer or two got a little hot under the collar but it was done to protect their interests as well.
        This situation is something new….getting beat up for expressing concerns after removing the rose colored glasses is not new at all.

  • e_racer

    Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible. There are a lot of sinners playing football. I don’t get the angst on either side. Those who promote a gay lifestyle want to politicize everything from the Olympics to what is taught on a preschool level. Those who otherwise live a godless life, go into hysteria by the idea of a grown man playing football, who lives a perverted sexual existence. Big deal! However, most people don’t care if a player gets drunk (legally), or lies in an interview. They don’t care if a player has a multitude of sexual hookups, as long as they are all heterosexual exploits.

    Gay players are not the next Jackie Robinson. They are perverts, who have a perverted lifestyle. However, they are still no worse than the guy who has ten kids form ten different women or drinks himself in oblivion every weekend.

    Let’s get back to football, and quit making this a test case for virtue (which it is not), or a criteria for working in the entertainment industry (which is all that football really is).

    Anyone who disagrees with the above is too stupid to understand it anyway. So, jump on, cause I love counterattacking ignorant people.

    • kcpauly

      You are right, actually the Bible says homosexuality is as an abomination unto God, but sin is sin, and the fact that this guy being a homo is being sensationalized is proof of the fall of our civilization, but more to the point I don’t come here to even have to be discussing this, I have Bible studies for that, this is suppose to be about the Chiefs, you know where I can actually escape reality for a few moment and immerse myself in my favorite entertainment pastime, not have to here this bullshit about some homo who want to continue as you say shoving their perverted lifestyle down my throat, for fuck sake how bout’ them Raiders or something? sheesh what a joke
      Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mark

        You are hopeless and I feel sorry for you. “I have Bible studies for that”. Are you like 12?

  • Jack Jones

    Come on ESPN ~ “an anonymous NFL player personnel official” ~ WTF!! You simply cannot , as responsible sports journalists, publish anonymous statements on a subject of this significance. Anonymity, in this instance, is the refuge of the coward ~ the antithesis of Michael Sam ~ and as such, deserves no place in in the conversation. You may be a “sports media” ~ but, you need to rise above the typical sports mentality when you enter the world of such important social issues.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Herm just passed the buck is all, he didn’t celebrate and he didn’t ridicule this guy. With that being said I personally am sick of having this gay crap shoved down my throat. I couldn’t care less if you are straight, gay, or love farm animals! What you do in the bedroom is your choice, but LEAVE it in the bedroom like the rest of us do. We don’t have a national straight day parade, because that would not be P.C. !!! No instead we have to sit here and have all of this crap shoved on us all day every day. I think that B/R, Fansided, AA and all sports sites for that matter should not report on this any further. It’s pointless, stop adding fuel and this fire will burn itself out

    • Patrick Allen

      Well it kind of is a big deal, since this would be the first openly gay player in the league. Trailblazing is news. Some outlets are milking it for all it is worth, to be sure. We aren’t trying to do that here, though.

  • tomflex

    Oh..one more thing. I truly believe a large percentage of people in the media would gladly toss their own mother off a bridge into the icy waters of a raging river just to get a story. These anti-social monsters are the roots to a great portion of domestic, social, ethnic and racial tension in this country. The way they twisted, construed, retoned and butchered context in this one honest answer is a perfect example. And this was done knowing that everyone concerned got to see it for themselves….incredible..

  • Phillip Maxwell

    I’m just not seeing it Jason, his answer was pretty generic really. It’s not like he said he wanted to be a head coach again or something, now that would be an embarrassing himself–lol
    Hey this kid Sam, I’m assuming he’s not a Tight End?
    Just kidding, just kidding!

  • Ed

    Hey Jason, google entertainment reporter mistakes Samuel Jackson for Fisburne. Mispronuciation, tongue ties, all can happen. Not your best article.

  • Jerry K.

    Herm said nothing wrong. Seems like there are a lot of people anxious to bang their chest and show how “open-minded” they are about this whole subject. Even if it includes slandering someone that neither said or did anything wrong. The author of this article and the author of the Deadspin article should both issue a written apology to Herm.

    • kcpauly

      Oh make no mistake about it you can slander, and infringe on the rights of anybody that doesn’t agree with the PC bullshit that this fallen civilization embraces, you can bash conservatives and Christians all you want, but by golly don’t say anything against the homo’s and liberals, or you are in big shit man, c’mon Herm what is a matter with you?…having an opinion against the mainstream media bullshit, what a joke, can we now please talk about the CHIEFS? or the browns or the Raiders, or the Pats, or anything football, and not Pop Culture bullshit? Jason, I like most of your stuff, but you really should be ashamed of yourself man.
      Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

      • Mark

        You are one clueless idiot.

        • kcpauly

          Actually I’m not, and I feel sorry for you having to resort to calling names and insults at people you must be miserable in your skin?, and for your information I do not supprt anything our moronic govt. does. But my point is I do not come here to discuss religion, politics, or cultural BS, I come here to discuss the Chiefs, but thanks for the name calling and insults big man, hope it made your miserable pathetic existence happy for a moment, anything I can do to help.
          Go Chiefs!!!!

      • Mark

        So in your world, only conservatives are Christian and only liberals are gay. Thats why you lumped them separately. Dumbass. I bet you’re a fiscal conservative that supported the trillions for Iraq, the bank bailout, the doubled national debt, the 1.4 trillion dollar budget deficit, and Medicare Part D huh? I bet you voted for Bush twice. Congrats. Idiot.

  • DTVTechGuy

    When did AA become a Pop Culture Blog?

    It’s getting pretty thick JS… Stick to the Chiefs. That’s why we read the articles around here, not for some stupid, reaching, trolling BS about Herm…. Tony G…. Some college player who thinks his sexuality is a cause for celebration… Or any of that other BS that has nothing to do with the current incarnation of the Chiefs. You have any comments about Kutcher and Kunis baby names… Cause that’s where you’re headed.

  • kcpauly

    Dude, write about the Chiefs or STFU!!!
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!