Dec 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid talks with wide receiver Jeremy Maclin (18) during the fourth quarter against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. Th Redskins defeated the Eagles, 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Jeremy Maclin, Dexter McCluster, and NFL Draft

It is that time of year for rumors and speculation, and Adam Teicher is here to fill that need. Teicher posted this morning a Twitter mailbag which touches on some of the Chiefs key free agent situations as well as the NFL draft. Some of this stuff is not too surprising, or maybe even new, but there is something to be said about someone as plugged in as Teicher making these comments.

Let’s get to it.

First question was about the possibility of the Chiefs going after Jeremy Maclin in free agency. Maclin is coming off knee surgery and may be allowed to test free agency by the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s what Teicher had to say.

My only questions about Jeremy Maclin, the former Missouri wide receiver now with the Philadelphia Eagles, are his health and his contract demands. He missed last season because of a torn ACL. The injury happened at camp in July. The Chiefs won’t have a lot of room under their salary cap so I don’t see them winning any bidding wars for free agents like Maclin. But if he will be ready when the regular season begins and he would come at a salary that’s comfortable to the Chiefs, then there’s no downside. He will turn 26 in May, and he’s an accomplished receiver with experience in Andy Reid’s system.

One could easily assume if the Chiefs sign Maclin then there is likely no way the Chiefs would bring back pending free agent Dexter McCluster. But if the Chiefs cannot sign Maclin, what does Teicher say about the possibility of a McCluster return?

I don’t see room for both Weston Dressler, the receiver the Chiefs signed out of the CFL, and Dexter McCluster (DMC), who is a potential unrestricted free agent. They are small players with the same skill set. One would play and the other would have nothing to do. So Dressler’s signing could be an indication the Chiefs don’t plan to re-sign McCluster. But the Chiefs gave Dressler no bonus money. He costs nothing to bring to camp and take a look at. If they don’t like him at that point, they could cut him with no salary cap ramifications. It will be interesting to see how this situation resolves itself.

Teicher sort of covers himself by adding the Dressler signing bonus bit, but it would seem there is not enough room to have both Dressler and McCluster on the roster given their skill sets. Since the Chiefs will not know what they have in Dressler until closer to the season, it would seem likely McCluster is going to be a free agent on March 11.

Finally, Teicher gives his thoughts on the draft. He thinks the Chiefs should go after a wide receiver.

You could argue that they have greater immediate needs at other positions (defensive end, inside linebacker, free safety) and I might agree. But immediate needs are best filled through free agency. The draft is about building your team for the long term and the Chiefs’ long-term prospects at wide receiver are bleak. Dwayne Bowe had the worst season of his career last year and will be 30 in September. Their other veteran wide receivers are complementary players. So to me, if there’s a receiver available when the Chiefs pick in the first round whom they really like and believe will eventually develop into a top player, I think it’s a mistake for them to pass on him.

You can read Teicher’s entire mailbag at

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  • Jarad

    He makes a really good point, about draft vs FA. The Chiefs are a good football team. If their biggest whole is Free Safety, bring in someone that can help immediately. Drafting to fill that need with a rookie wont help a lot THIS year. This team can win now. There are a lot of talented players on this team. Draft the best player and improve the weak spots via FA(if possible). Not saying ignore the position completely in the draft ,but dont “reach” to fill that need when/if a free agent is available

  • Tyler_KC_Fan

    I completely agree. First, I want Maclin, badly. He could be that WR that pushes the passing game in the right direction. I also like the opinion in the defense. I’ve read a lot about people wanting the Chiefs to take a defensive player first and for some reason Dix keeps coming up. I’ve seen 1 Mock draft have him drop that lower, otherwise he’s top 15. The other impact players like Gilbert, Dennard and Pryor will most likely be gone by then as well.

    I personally think that if we get Maclin we should draft a TE. Ebron and Amaro are big, strong and talented TEs. TEs can change any game and the three we have are either hurt all year or a solid back up, but not a game changer like those two can be. I would take either one in a heart beat.

    • Horace Lee Madre Jr

      Maclin is a china doll! He’s fragile even when he’s healthy. Look at how injuries have cost us in the past. We would have been a better team than we were last season had it not been for injuries. I know it’s a part of the game so WHY would you want a guy who’s always hurt I live in Philly so I KNOW he’s always hurt.

      • Tyler_KC_Fan

        Besides his ACL injury he’s missed 5 games in 4 years. How is that “China doll” exactly?

        Look it up. He got hurt in training camp in 2010 but played and led the league in Red Zone receiving. Then he was help out because they thought he had cancer in 2011 but didn’t, came back in week 2 and had a 13 catch 171 yard 2 TD game. Then be toe his ACL. Two injuries, one season ending, another a short week, maybe two.

    • antony555

      I really don’t think dix would fall to 23 in this Pass happy league. Tyson Jackson its a very good chance he will not be here.
      The four that would make our team competitive our left tackle is lost on FA, left tackle, DE who can play with Poe to push the line back into the QB, a good linebacker would can play next to Derrick and rush the QB and stop the run. Free Safety who can run and cover both sides of the field and a Big strong Wide out that can stretch the field. An a big hard hitting free Safety who can run with wipeouts over 6’3″ and really help our corners. Small corners are going to be a thing of the past.
      The reason I said left tackle I really don’t think Fish is ready to protect Alex’s blindside maybe late in the season but with the teams we play this year its a good chance, Chase may play a few games this year.
      We had one of the better left tackles before the draft. It was the right tackle that was weak with Winston if anything drafted secondary players are a linebacker burbick went to the Bengals in the later rounds because of mistakes in college, no problems in the pro’s just a rangy linebacker who hits hard. We have to take chances on guys who have a mountain worth of talent and limit guaranteed money until they show us they are team players and can play in the NFL.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    Here we go! Maclin knows the system but he’s always hurt! People Please! We need guys who are tough enough to play every game. Maclin is not that guy! If that’s the case keep Dex

  • Stacy D. Smith

    The organization has tried replacing McCluster several times with receivers that have similar skillsets. That’s not enough. Dressler hasn’t done a thing in the NFL. McCluster, while he hasn’t played up to his draft position, has contributed. His contributions can be replaced, but by Weston Dressler? Come on.

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      Who did they try and replace DMC with? Weston hasn’t played in the NFL yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good. Warren Moon played in the CFL before the NFL and he turned out to be a pretty solid HOF player. If you watch the game tapes of Dressler he is really good. Good speed, solid hands and can break tackles for being a small WR.

      As I commented on tomflex, DMC might cost the Chiefs more then they can afford and Dressler looks like a player who is more then capable of taking his spot, while being a perfect slot WR.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Devon Wylie and Lance Long are two quick examples.

        Let’s hold off on comparing Dressler to a Hall of Famer. He doesn’t have that kind of talent and nothing he’s done in the CFL gives the impression that he could successfully make the transition to the NFL. This kid is actually SMALLER than Dexter McCluster. I’ve seen a lot of his highlight footage and nothing impresses me about him. He seems to track the ball well in the air. Looks like he has good acceleration and good hands as well. Watch the highlight reel from 2013 though. None of those plays really impress me. He’s mostly wide open on all the plays featured. He isn’t going to have that kind of separation in the NFL. He runs the 40 in the low-4.4 range. Dressler doesn’t seem to have much ability to change direction either so he’s not going to shake many guys. At this stage, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think he’s an upgrade.

        He’s 28 getting his first chance in the NFL. I expect very little in return.
        He’s 2014′s Bobby Sippio.

        • antony555

          I have also seen game film on the guy, on top of what was just said he was the number 2 receiver and was injured quite a bit matter of fact that’s the way he got to play the starter got injured.
          The fields in the Canadian league are a mile wide and the End zone looks to be about 3 times as deep as that of the NFL
          If it were that easy the NFL would have half the stars of the CFL starting
          They need to keep DMC no question about it…

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I’d like to see McCluster return, but if he doesn’t, I can live with the decision. I just hope that decision isn’t based upon the Dressler future contract signing. There’s very little evidence that suggests he’ll replace the production we got from McCluster. Or that he’ll even make the team for that matter. I get that people are excited about new talent, but let’s have a little chill here. We’re talking about a guy who was undrafted that has spent SIX seasons in the CFL. If he were the world-beater some have made him out to be, teams would’ve come knocking 3-4 years ago.

          • antony555


          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Warren Moon played 6 years in the CFL too (your favorite comparison but its just a point, not a comparision). I believe 21 players on the Seahawks 53 man roster were undrafted players to, so the comment of him not being drafted means nothing. Just because you aren’t drafted doesn’t mean you can’t play.

            And in order for a player to leave, he has to be released out of his contract with the team he is with. That happened this year with the Chiefs.

            If he doesn’t make the team then the Chiefs decided to keep DMC. Nothing happens to the cap room for the Chiefs if he’s released either.

            The big issue I have is we think just because he came from the CFL he’s crap. Everything points to this being a great deal for the Chiefs. I’ve already said it, I like DMC, but the NFL is a business. Not a popularity contest for the fans. If Dressler can help the team win and get to the playoffs and maybe a Super Bowl, you want to throw that away because he’s from the CFL and would take DMC’s spot?

            I want a Super Bowl and I don’t care who is on the team as long as the team gets there. Its a business and Dorsey and Ried want to win, not keep fan favorites just because they are fan favorites. They are bringing in players that can impact the team and help them win now, and Dressler does just that.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            The field is larger, you’re right, but that also means the players run further. Field size doesn’t really matter, the QB still has to throw the football and the WR still has to catch the football.

            And if he’s the #2 WR with those numbers, and the Chiefs only have Bowe at WR, where is the down fall? What about Dressler’s signing is a bad thing? He’s cheap, he’s got better numbers then any WR the Chiefs have, he can be a return man. Seems solid to me.

          • antony555

            I said that to say they play like arena football,no bumping at the line, they start the play before the center even hikes the ball. The guy might be a keeper but your talking about sending Dex down the road cause he got signed and frankly we have no clue what the deal is with Dex only what the media has said. Incidentally what do you have against MvCluster last year was a career season for him. I guess by an earlier comment to you he is a weed we need to pull and get rid of..makes no since to me…

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Actually if you read anything else I’ve been saying I never said anything remotely close to that. I said that DMC is going to cost more money with his extention then we may have for him. I believe I also stated numerous times that I like DMC and he was a great player for us last year. His new contract he’s going to be getting isn’t going to be the little bit that he has been recieving the last couple years.

            The Chiefs are looking at extending Smith, that isn’t going to be $20M. It will be more like $35-$45M and maybe more. After we extend Smith we have other players with expired contracts looking for extentions. Mainly on our defense, which is what everyone has been more disappointed with then the offense. Plus the Chiefs mentioned franchising Albert and then trading him so we don’t lose one of the best LT for nothing. You have Quintin Demps, Husain Abdullah, Akeem Jordan, Geoff Schwartz, Jon Asamoah, Tyson Jackson Brandon Albert and Dexter McCluster who are UFA. McCluster might not be at the top of that list of resigning players and extentions.

            The Chiefs are looking to bring in a FA WR as well. That isn’t going to be cheap either. If they bring in Maclin then thats a 2-3 year deal most likely and it wont be for like $5M, it will be more like $15M+.

            What I have been saying is they might not have the money to bring him back. Dressler has a 3 year contract that might add up to $2M. That would be a year if not less on a contract McCluster will get.

            I like McCluster and you can say he made the Pro-Bowl…but what did he make the Pro-Bowl as. A kick returner. McCluster is electrifying when it comes to the return game, but how much are you going to pay him? Whether they draft a WR or pick one up in FA, McCluster doesn’t seem to be the answer the Chiefs are looking for. He had a career year, but his splash was in the return game, not the recieving game.

            If the Chiefs keep him that’s great, if they don’t that’s fine. I honestly don’t mind either one. I like Dressler and you can say whatever you want but the fact is Dressler is a low-risk, high reward player. What makes you think he isn’t better than DMC? How do you know? I don’t, but I believe Dressler will make a bigger splash in the recieving game then DMC has.

            Just think, how much are you willing to pay a return man who has the occational game where he is used in the recieving game more than once or twice?

          • antony555

            Some I agree with some I don’t, first of all Dorsey has his hand’s full. Our secondary with the exception of a couple of players sucks.
            They are for the most part castoffs from cap space excess from last year and the way they played after the bye week I can see why. I mean for the most part Seattle’s rotational players are better than our starters.
            With that being said until we can fix the payroll problems all we can try to do is try and sign our skilled position personnel without losing to many to FA and losing our dead weight and possibly replacing them with a better quality of player, dressler will not make that big a difference either way.
            As I see it offense if they play as well as they did the second half of the season will be no problem with the addition of a wide out; a Big strong fast wide out..
            Now if you think with the secondary we have now and who we play this year is enough than just watch and wait dude.
            Philly proved you cannot buy a team, Reid and Dorsey can and will turn this team around to be perennial winners but with time and luck..also the wisdom that comes with the many years doing what they do and do well..

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            So you’re willing to pay DMC a good chunck of cash just because he made the Pro-Bowl this year? Not improve your WRs, secondary or any other holes we may have?

            Smith is looking at getting a 5-year $80M extention with $35M promised. That, on top of our younger players who showed promise in the secondary and trying to get something from Albert instead of just letting him walk, you feel that DMC is a priority?

            If the team wants to win now then you have to get players who will effectively help the team. DMC was a solid return man, which is why he made the Pro-Bowl as a return man. He isn’t, however, a WR. A third of his career yards came this year. This could have been the one year where he did really well because we never had anyone stay healthy long enough to do anything on the offensive side off the ball other than Smith and Charles.

            How much are you willing to pay? If you had to chose between Maclin or DMC, or maybe DMC and Byrd, you’re telling me you would pick DMC?

            I like DMC, but in the direction the Chiefs are going and the win now mentality the team has, holding on to a play because he made the Pro-Bowl isn’t a business move. It’s a fan move. Dressler was a return man while he played in CFL before the team took him off special teams because they didn’t want to risk him getting hurt. He led the CFL in return yards before they did that. And if Dressler doesn’t become a return man, we had 2 other guys in Davis and Demps who did a pretty solid job in returns last year as well.

            In the long hall, what exactly are the Chiefs going to lose if DMC walks other than a first time Pro-Bowl return man?

          • antony555

            I thought Stacy made good points in this discussion first of all, don’t count your chickens, there is no way with our salary cap situation Byrd would be coming here.
            Also everyone who sustains a knee injury such as the one maclin received recovered 100% and I have watched the guy from the time he played at Mizzou and Philly games and he has developed into a pretty good receiver. But if all possible a good receiver from the draft would be what we should shoot for. As an example the chargers, an Allen, the browns and Josh Gordon..
            I know its a business and some decisions blow up in your face.
            Now I do like DMC and actually think he had not reached his ceiling yet but for the good of the team, if we could acquire a player of greater value like a FS., IILB, a Josh Gordon type wide receiver, a player that would put points on the board or prevent them being put up on us, then I am all in, but not a slot receiver going into his 7th season. There are several top 10 players that because of circumstances have fallen into the later rounds of the draft and does anyone know what Dorsey has up his sleeve as far as Tamba is concerned, we all have heard the rumors around him.
            Alex likes the tight end position, he would rather hit a TE than a WR, its always been him also with Jamaal coming out of the back field the slot receiver position has not been that important to the team,.but I wouldn’t be opposed to Decker coming here.
            As I said before the defense is what concerns me the most and in that our secondary. DMX that situation will work its way out one way are the other..

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Knee injury like Maclin…so Peterson’s knee injury should have prevented him from getting within 9 yards of the single season rushing record? Or Revis shouldn’t be one of the top shut down CBs in the league anymore? Or what about Manning and his neck… What about Charles and his ACL tear he suffered. They all seem to be doing just fine and I believe a couple NFL records have been broken from players suffering injuries like Maclin’s. Injuries are bad and some are really bad, but with the way we have advanced in technology and medicines we have now they aren’t career ending injuries anymore.

            We don’t know what the cap space is going to look like. Maybe we can get Byrd, or Decker, or someone else. But DMC is not a top dog on the team. DMC is not a “most valuable” player, nor a player that is a must have. He is a quality player, but like I’ve been saying, he’s just a return man. If he takes the big pay cut then he will most likely stay, but anything in the double digit millions, he’s most likely gone.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          I’m going to make a couple points here.

          First. I’m not comparing Dressler to Moon, I’m making the point that Moon started in the CFL, just like Dressler, and Moon did amazing in the NFL.

          Second. Dressler has put up better numbers than Bowe has. Dressler has played in 6 years and Bowe 7. I haven’t read this, but I’ve seen people here make comments about him being a back up….yet he still put up better numbers than Bowe. So, he has proven himself. Putting up over 6,500 yards and 43 TDs in 6 years and putting up 1,000+ yards in every season except for 2009 because he got injured is pretty good. Bowe has three 1,000+ yard seasons. So if I’m looking at all of this, if we really think Bowe is our #1 guy, Dressler seems like a steal to sign for less then a million every season for 3 years.

          Third. DMC is 5’8″ and 170lbs. Dressler is 5’7″ (some sites say 5’8″ too) 180lbs. DMC has him by 1 inch but Dressler has DMC by 10lbs. Not to much of a difference if we are only using him as a slot WR.

          Fouth. He looks to be wide open for a reason…his ability to get seperation. Looking at his highlight reel he has plenty of catches where someone is right there on him too. He has diving catches and he has the ability to break free of the defence. Bowe ran a 4.51 40-yard dash. McCluster ran a 4.58 40-yard dash. So Dressler being in the 4.48 seems to be solid. So looking at it, he’s an upgrade in speed, ability to get open, catch the ball and an overall reliable WR.

          Fifth. I never saw Devon Wylie as a replacement for DMC. He was a 4th rounder but everyone knew coming into him he had a history of concussions and injury throughout college. That never really changed when he played in the NFL. Lance Long wasn’t ever going to replace DMC. He was a kid they brought in to see what he could do and before the year even started they released him. Plus, Long was brought in through FA the same year the Chiefs drafted DMC. So he wasn’t brought in to replace him, he was brought in to see what he could do — which Long proved to not be a quality WR and was then released.

          Lastly. Bobby Sippio? Really? Sippio didn’t do anything in any football league. He played in Arena Football which makes his stats inflated beause of the 50 yard field and the fact that they can throw enzone to enzone. Dressler is the furthest thing from Sippio. Kind of an insulting comparison, in my opinion.

          • Stacy D. Smith


            1. You’re right. The two are former CFL players. I’d ask you to clarify why you chose Warren Moon and not, say, 20 other players who unsuccessfully tried to make the transition to the NFL. That, I think, would be a more honest comparison (as it more appropriately states the likelihood of a successful jump to the highest level of football in the world). It RARELY happens. Moon is perhaps the best example and statistically the least probable indicator for what Dressler will become in CFL history.

            2. There’s no comparison to be made between Dressler’s CFL numbers and Bowe’s NFL numbers. The leagues they play in aren’t comparable and there are a number of important variables that distinguish the two leagues. Particularly at that position. None of what he’s accomplished in the CFL means he’ll be a successful NFL player. The NFL is the gold standard and has the best talent in the world.

            3. Dressler’s shorter and while he may outweigh McCluster by a few pounds, they’re entirely different in terms of their stature. McCluster is chiseled. That’s apparent even in his street clothes. He’s got a rock solid, muscular frame. Dressler does not and that will have an effect on his transition into the NFL.

            4. The style of play in the CFL allows a receiver’s route to begin pre-snap. That accounts for a lot of the separation you see. It’s much more difficult to cover a player building steam before the ball is even snapped. Watch his highlight reel from 2013. He rarely creates separation with his feet or even with his routes. McCluster’s well-publicized combine time was an anomaly. When he later ran for Ole Miss’ pro day, he ran twin sub-4.5 times. His best recorded times are better than Dressler’s fastest 40. Dressler won’t separate nearly as easily in the NFL. Even from the slot.

            5. My original statement about Long was poorly stated. He actually came in one year prior to McCluster being drafted. He caught 20 balls in 2009. I shouldn’t have said he was brought in to replace McCluster, but the Chiefs were looking for an answer in the slot. When McCluster came in the next season he replaced Long as the team’s slot receiver and made 5 starts at wide receiver. Wylie had a very similar skillset and if nothing else was there to compete for time in the same areas where McCluster was being used. He outlasted both of those players. If he’s brought back to the Chiefs in ’14, he’ll do the same thing to Weston Dressler.

            6. Sippio’s the PERFECT example. One can argue the top level of AFL football pales to the CFL, but he flat dominated in that league. He caught something like 54 touchdowns in two seasons with the Dallas Desperados. The idea was that he might have a level of talent that far exceeded the AFL field. They were wrong. Sippio never did a thing in the NFL. And there was much more interest in him than there’s ever been for Dressler.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            Cameron Wake, Jarrell Freeman, Lawrence Tynes, Jon Ryan, Chris McCoy, Andrew Hawkins and Brandon Browner all played in the CFL (Browner could be the exception because he started in the NFL then went CFL and then back to the NFL). Along with, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Joe Theismann, Jeff Garcia, Joe Kapp, Merevyn Fernandez and Mike Vanderjagt. All these players did pretty well in the NFL and they all started in the CLF. I believe Wake and McCoy are feared defensive players, Browner and Ryan have a Super Bowl ring now, Moon, Flutie, Theismann, Garcia and Kapp were pretty good QBs, Tynes has two Super Bowl rings and Freeman is one of the Colts best DE. Vanderjagt was a pretty solid kicker as well. Holding a couple NFL records as well.

            Now you can say anything you want about that list, whether it be those guys don’t play any more or those guys aren’t relivent, their are plenty of guys on that list that any team would take right now.

            Dressler ran a 4.44 at the Combine in 2008, which I know I’m being a stickler, but a 4.44 is faster than a 4.45 that McCluster is clocked in at.

            The extra 10 pounds that Dressler has doesn’t mean its 10 pounds of fat. Dressler looks like he’s pretty built as well.

            All I’m saying here is everyone is so quick to dismiss this guy and he hasn’t even taken a snap with the team yet. He has amazing stats that he posted in the CFL. (P.S. he was taken off kick returns because they didn’t want him to get hurt because he was tearing it up as a WR. He was a pretty solid returner) Just because he played in the CFL doesn’t make him any less of an player. He wasn’t drafted, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. If anything, he has more drive to show people he is a good WR that he will shock everyone.

            DMC is going to cost the Chiefs money they might not have. As I said, Dressler has the potential to be as good if not better than DMC. All in all, its a business first, a game second. Reid and Dorsey obviously see something in Dressler that makes them want to take a chance on him. Dorsey isn’t going to keep DMC just because he is a fan favorite. I want to watch the Chiefs win a playoff game and be contenders for a Super Bowl. Dressler looks like the slot WR the Chiefs are looking for and if he is then we found him for dirt cheap. His 3 year contract will be equivalent to 1 year of keeping DMC.

            I’m going to say this one more time, just so you know that I’m not on Dressler’s side because I hate DMC. I really like the guy and he is one of the nicer players I’ve seen. I got to talk to him for a little at Chiefs Spring Training while he was with the fans and he does care about the fans and is a nice guy. I wouldn’t be upset if we kept DMC if he legit beats out Dressler.

            Just curious and in all seriousness, what about DMC do you see that makes you want him so badly you’re dismissing Dressler already? Is it because you’re a big fan and like watching him play? Do you believe he is a better WR? What exactly is it?

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Cameron Wake, like most of the other players you mentioned, spent one or two seasons in the CFL. Dressler’s been there six. Why? Because there’s been no NFL interest in him.

            There are exactly two wide receivers of note that went on to any real NFL notoriety (Mervyn Fernandez and Raghib Ismail). If you’re confident Dressler will follow in those footsteps, God bless you. He might as well play Powerball while he’s at it because he’ll be defying ASTRONOMICAL odds.

            Six years in the CFL means he hasn’t been good enough to play in the NFL. Something like the bottom 20% of the NFL feeds that league. The NFL is simply the best of the best of the best. It’s not an indictment of him to say he’s not good enough. Most collegiate football players aren’t.

            You don’t abandon superior talent in the name of cap relief. At least if you’re going to, there are plenty of NFL-caliber castoffs to choose from. Dressler with or without McCluster on the roster will be lucky to be the 5th or 6th best receiver on this team if the Chiefs don’t draft or sign anybody.

            It’s not a diss to point out the unlikelihood that he’ll contribute here. History has been a very good indicator of how often CFL players wash out of the NFL. That’s the probability we should be paying attention to. Holding Dressler in the same light with a Warren Moon just isn’t honest and puts entirely too much pressure on his shoulders.

            I’m not rooting against him, but I’ll be SHOCKED if he even makes this team’s practice squad.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I’m not saying he’ll be the next Warren Moon type player, I’m saying that he spent the exact same amount of time in the CFL as Moon. Your time in a league doesn’t change how effective of a player you are. We don’t know why he spent so much time in the CFL, but assuming he spent 6 years in the CFL because he wasn’t good enough to play in the NFL may not be right nor do we have the information to say he played 6 years because he’s not that great.

            The thing is, DMC doesn’t have the numbers to be considered a valuable WR. He is a special teams player, and how much are you willing to pay a special teams specialist? DMC had his best year this year and he was rewarded with his first Pro-Bowl. But he was a special teams Pro-Bowler, not a WR. That’s all that it boils down to. He isn’t looked at as a WR, he is looked at as a return man — i.e. Devon Hester. Hester isn’t a WR, he’s a return man. Spending millions on a return man is absurd.

            Dressle easily makes the practice squad and I bet he makes the team. He is better than Hemmingway and Jenkins and maybe even DMC. In my opinion, Dressler makes the starting roster and DMC either takes the minimum of minimum contracts and is strickly a return man or DMC is playing for a new team.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Warren Moon spent a number of years in the CFL because few NFL people were amenable to the idea of a black quarterback in the late-70′s/early-80′s. Those attitudes are what kept him out of the league early in his career.

            Dressler didn’t spend six years in the CFL because of any racial climate. He’s spent that time there because, up until now, no team felt him good enough to make the jump.

            Comparing him to Warren Moon is wrong all the way around. He’s not that talented and hasn’t been stuck in the CFL for the same reasons.

            Exactly what kind of numbers should a WR3 have to be considered valuable?
            He caught 50+ ball for 500+ yards in this offense. That’s perfectly acceptable for a slot guy. No matter how you break his numbers down, he’s PROVEN he can play on an NFL level. Dressler hasn’t done that. He hasn’t even proven he can make the 53-man roster.

            You’re way more confident in this guy than seems to be reasonable to me, but you’re entitled. You basically have him leapfrogging drafted players and former #1′s to START opposite of Bowe? That’s a bold prediction. Let’s chat later in the year. I’ll bet you a steak dinner he won’t make this team OR the practice squad.

          • Tyler_KC_Fan

            I’m actually hoping they sign Maclin. Having Maclin on the team would upgrade the WR more than any draft pick could. That’s one reason I don’t see the Chiefs being able to sign DMC. The Chiefs want to extend Smith, which isn’t going to be cheap. The. If they sign Maclin that would be a 2-3 year deal maybe just 1 year, but that’s more money. Then the Chiefs have talked about tagging Albert again but to trade him for value instead if just letting him walk, but if the team manages to work a deal with Albert then that’s more money. The team is already close to the top of the salary cap, so a contract that DMC is looking at might be more then they team can afford. I don’t know, because they haven’t said any numbers.

            But a Maclin, Bowe, Dressler line up looks better to me. I never said Dressler would be the #2 guy, nor do I think he should be the #2 guy. I said he would be a slot WR. More like a Welker or ATLs Douglas.

            If the Chiefs get Maclin then they shouldn’t draft a WR. I want them to take a TE. Ebron is to good to pass up. Having Maclin, Bowe, Dressler and a Ebron for Smith looks dangerous. If Justin Gilbert is there at 23rd though I would have a hard time passing on him.

            Just as I am confident in Dressler, you are confident in DMC. The Dressler signing is the definition of “low risk – high reward”. You are quick to dismiss Dressler, which is absolutely fine. My big thing is, when it’s all said and done I think DMC is last on the signing extentions and may cost a little to much to keep. Who’s to say DMC has a repeat Pro-Bowl year and who’s to say Dressler comes in and has an immediate impact on the team?

            I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do and I hope he does well. I love underdog stories and this has all the looks of being one.

          • Tony Parker

            Hey Stacy, I really respect your opinion but may I chime in here?
            what I am looking at is YAC. Dex does not have great #’s in this area, he averages just over 4 yac, that is not great for someone with so much speed and elusiveness. Now given the CFL field is 10yards longer & wider and another 10yds added to the end zone, Dressler has a much higher YAC average, Dex never translated the talent into yac, sometimes lost yards.
            I believe we will see an improvement in that area with Wes. The guy knows how to get up-field after the catch, I have watched him do it, especially in the big games.
            He has pro experience, albeit the CFL.
            I will bet he has better #’s in his first year, and yes he makes the team, than Dex. ;)

          • Stacy D. Smith

            You’re still trying to use CFL numbers to predict NFL success. Receivers are already running before the snap in the CFL. That’s an even more pass-heavy league than the NFL because offenses are only working with three downs. I just don’t think those numbers are useful here. I suppose we could take a gander at his college statistics. He never had an impressive yard per catch average until his final year in college. In fact, that was his only standout year as a college football player. That might tell us a little about what we can expect, but that’s been seven years ago.

            I hate to sound like I’m rooting against the guy, but I think the transition to the NFL is so much harder than we all realize. That’s a BIG jump that few players make successfully. Hopefully the kid makes a fool out of me, but I just don’t see that happening. More importantly, I don’t think you run a front office that way. You can’t cast aside a proven commodity for a guy who’s spent six years in the CFL. Dressler can compete and earn his spot, but if I let McCluster walk, I’m going to find a serviceable replacement for him. I’d never depend on Dressler.

          • antony555

            Actually with field dimensions with more room to run routes, and the angles the dB’s take to make the play that extra real estate makes a different and should benefit the offense, after all how long do CB’s, and Safeties have to cover a receiver, all day as long as the QB has the time ..

  • tomflex

    I’m all for cutting out the weeds and keeping the good stuff, thats just the way good teams get better. Dexter is the good stuff….we need to find a way to keep him where he belongs. Kansas City

    • Tyler_KC_Fan

      I like DMC but I don’t think he’s worth the money he’d be getting. He’s a kick returner (another Deven Hester) and that’s really what he’s good at. Receiving, they really don’t use him. Dressler is signed for 3 years and I think those 3 years cost us around $2M total. That’s how much DMC could make in one year. I like the guy and would love to see him stay, but I’m not sure he fits with Dressler signed to do the same for a fraction of what DMC will do.

      • antony555

        May I remind you, he is an All Pro on our special teams unit, and was one of 10 that went to the Pro bowl and you want to replace him with and un proven player from the CFL who was injured quite often. And was not a starter only after the starter was injured. Dexter has a year now under Reid’s system and Weston would be starting from scratch.
        Keep DMC. He’s good on the field an off, kind of player you need…

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          The unproven CFL player had 2 injuries, which I don’t really see 2 injuries as being quite often.

          I’m not quite sure where you are getting the information about him not being a starter and only starting when the guy in front of him became injured. I’ve never read anything that said that. But I’ll say he was a back up — 2008 he had 1,123 yards, 6 TDs and won ROY in the CFL. 2009 he got injured but still had 941 yards and 4 TDs. 2010 he had 1,189 yards with 6 TDs. 2011 he had 1,061 yards with 5 TDs. 2012 he had 1,206 yards with 13 TDs. 2013 he had 1,011 yards with 9 TDs. In 6 years playing in the CFL, whether it be as a starter or back up, he has a total of 6,531 yards and 43 TDs. If those are back up numbers I think the Chiefs can take a risk on a back up WR in the CFL. To put that in perspective for everyone, our best WR hasn’t put up those numbers. Bowe is at 6,401 yards and 44 TDs and he has played in 7 years and started every year. And if Dressler is injury prone as you say he is, then he put up better numbers than Bowe in less games.

          Like I’ve been saying, I love DMC. He is a fun player to watch, a very kind hearted person who hasn’t let the fame destroy who he is and he is a fan favorite. Everyone likes to say “you’ve just been McCluster f___”. In McClusters 4 years with the team he has 1,500 yards and 5 TDs. That is close to what Dressler puts up in 1 year and a couple games into the next.

          The Chiefs are wanting to improve the offense and WRs. Why deny what Dressler has done? Because he’s played in the CFL? If Dressler puts up those numbers, or anything close to those numbers, in the NFL we have him for 3 years and we never once pay him over a million dollars. That is the definition of a steal.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        He caught 50+ balls offensively. They definitely use him.

        • Tyler_KC_Fan

          You’re right, he had 53 receptions which was the most he’s had in his 4 years with the Chiefs. What I was saying was he is more special teams then he is offense. He’s a boost on special teams that always seemed to put the offense in great position. But we also have 2 other return men who did pretty good last year too. DMC is going to cost the Chiefs some money, money in which we could use to bring in a reliable WR or someone for the secondary. Maybe another pass rusher or OT since Albert will most likely walk this year.

    • Troy Utt

      That is exactly what Bowe needs to do… “Cut out the weed & get better!”

  • SEO Rascals

    Weston being added has NOTHING to do with DMC contract.. Weston is being paid 500k a year… Woohoo. If we can afford to keep DMC, Im sure were going to keep him. If he’s too much, he’s gone! Looking at the hands of Weston, not just in the top 10 but many other reels. He seems to have the BEST hands on the Chiefs team. And this is coming from a die hard Chiefs fan! A fn that almost drove his car off a bridge the Indy game.. We need some secondary in draft and WR and line. Lets see what happens this offseason!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Name five CFL wide receivers who’ve successfully made the transition to the NFL. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    • Tony Parker

      I will give u 3, 1) Joe Horn. 2) Raghib Ismail. 3) Swervin Mervin Hernandez.
      can someone help me with two others….lol.

  • KCtitleist11

    that would be insane to sign Maclin on an affordable deal and draft a guy like Kelvin Benjamin or even Marquise Lee if he falls to us. Our receiving core would be gross at that point. Then we could definitely pick up a free safety in the 3rd and maybe D end or a linebacker in the 4th-5th.

  • Michael Anthony Dine

    Bowe needs to be traded to a team that he actually goes with the type of player he is and the chiefs need to sign a big name FA and draft a rookie.