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In 2013, 254 college prospects were selected in the NFL draft at the end of April. In the draft of 2012, 253 prospects were taken. In 2011, 254. In 2010, 255… and you get the idea. Through the draft alone, during a four year period, over one thousand players are introduced to the league. And that’s just though the draft process. If your team hits or misses in respect to making the right choices here, it tells nearly the whole story about the future, or lack thereof, of your favorite organization.

For years now I’ve used a number of different sources to help inform myself about the skill level of the available draft picks in any given year. I’ve also used these sources to help me create my own ranking system. Plus, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time watching the game tapes and highlight reels of specific prospects to gain a better understanding of where they might rank among other prospects in their same class.

While I enjoy reading and watching sportscasters and writers take aim at the players which the Chiefs could end up drafting, it’s obvious that the task of, 1) placing the prospects in the order of their desirability and 2) being able to move up or down the draft board by establishing working relationship trade partners… that these two tasks play a monumentally critical role in being able to locate and then pin down the prospects you want for your own team.

In the past four seasons, the Seattle Seahawks have done a good enough job of this to produce a world champion. Here’s a summary of their past four drafts.

The first fact that pops out about the Seahawks drafts is that they’ve had the privilege of drafting 39 prospects in the past four drafts. Since the average is just over 28, then understanding that 39 prospects new to the team is way above average.

Now, their picks at a glance.

Seahawks Last 4 Drafts

During this four year period for the Seahawks, 8 out of 39 picks taken, were defensive backs. Roughly 31%. It’s clear that GM John Schneider learned his lessons well in Green Bay where he either severed as Personnel Analyst to the GM or Director of Football Operations between 2002 and 2009. The lesson here is, this is a passing league and your defense better be able to stop the opponents passing attack… even if you’re facing the greatest passing offense in the history of the game. Check.

On to lesson two.

In his first three seasons (2010-2012) in Seattle, Schneider was also able to locate enough high quality players to provide head coach Pete Carroll with half of his starters. Those players can be found in blue above. Jaye Howard, the one player found in red above, is now a Kansas City Chief. Howard was drafted in the 4th round of the 2012 draft by the Seahawks but was claimed off of waivers by Chiefs GM John Dorsey just before the 2013 season.

Now, let’s take a look at the K.C. Chiefs last four drafts.
Chiefs Last 4 Drafts

While ten players from the past four drafts have found the field as a starter for the Chiefs, you’d have to make qualifying statements about Jeff Allen, Donald Stephenson Rodney Hudson and even Eric Fisher.

Although the offensive line began the season poorly, by the year’s end they were considered by many to be a strong suit especially when compared to the defense. Still Jeff Allen, although a starter should not be listed among the team’s positive impact players. Although Rodney Hudson was serviceable all year, the same goes for him. Eric Fisher began the year looking like a 7th round pick, not the first pick in the first round. So, I’m not going to include them in the positive impact department either. Donald Stephenson, by my calculations, had a very good year and deserves a shot as a starter and may be the most important reason we’ve seen the last of LT Branden Albert in Kansas City. So, was Stephenson a positive impact player in 2013? Yes.

Although Javier Arenas was traded for FB Anthony Sherman who had a good year for the Chiefs, this chart is for showing who was drafted by the Chiefs in the past four years and is still not only on the roster but continues to be a positive impact starter. In that case, Alex Smith doesn’t qualify either.

To fairly compare the Chiefs draft in the past four seasons to the Seahawks past four drafts means you can only count: 1) Eric Berry, 2) Dexter McCluster, 3) Jon Asamoah, 4) Justin Houston, 5) Dontari Poe and 6) Donald Stephenson.

Now, if you subtract Dexter McCluster and Jon Asamoah from this list because neither of them is currently on the Chiefs roster, plus there’s a good chance neither of them will be in 2014, then the list of impact players that the Chiefs have drafted in the past four years shrinks all the way down to 4… for the 2014 season.

When looking over John Dorsey and Andy Reid’s 2013 draft and considering Eric Fisher’s very pedestrian performance, then the other draft picks are going to have to pick up the pace to have any hopes of improving a roster still in need of great starters and great depth at many positions. Following the Seattle Seahawks dominating Super Bowl performance, many of their players could be heard in interviews saying virtually the same thing, “it was one of our goals to bring a championship level performance.” The Chiefs are going to need to get many more players to meet that same level of performance that their own Pro Bowl nine are already bringing to the table.

Waving Goodbye to the Waiver

The Chiefs spent last offseason as the number one team that gets to consider any player dumped by another team… any player hitting the waiver wire. This year, the Chiefs will be #23 on the list of teams who are allowed to consider a player who is out there, many times, a player who can not only make the roster but, even start. Players like, CB Marcus Cooper, CB Ron Parker and TE Sean “The Bearded Wonder” McGrath.

While the waiver wire is not directly related to the draft, many of the player who come through the wire and become available, are younger players who were part of each team’s evluative process in April (now May) leading up to the draft.

In fact, many fans are unaware that every player on every team is evaluated and ranked by every other team. In the event that a player from another team becomes available by trade or the wire, each team’s GM and personnel director go over their notes and must decide whether or not they are interested enough to make a move.

Seattles War Room Wall

“The central command post for the Seahawks’ draft preparation and selections, the team’s War Room contains all the research and rankings for the upcoming NFL Draft, set for Thursday through Saturday. [Photo by Corky Trewin,] Pete Carroll said of the room, ‘We spend more time in there than anywhere else this time of year.’”

Looking over the Chiefs 2014 draft picks (a 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th) and seeing there are only six, it would be advantageous for the Chiefs to trade down if they can pick up extra draft choices. Having pointed this out in previous posts I’m also aware that many fans believe it would be better for the Chiefs to take the best player they can take in the first and leave it at that. Now, if you’ve got a top ten pick, I probably wouldn’t disagree with that approach. However, this draft is a strong draft filled with a boatload of non-seniors who make this draft strong in several areas.

Couple that fact with the drafting record of the now Super Bowl champion Seahawks and you question if the Chiefs would be better off with more picks than higher picks. Once you raise the question the answer becomes more apparent. The Chiefs (mathematically) could have the two picks the 49ers have in the second round (#s 24 and 29) for their 23rd pick in the first round. Jimmy Johnson’s trade value chart shows the values translate readily.

It’s been pointed out that it’s the Chiefs dumb luck that 2012, and once again in 2014, QB is a strong suit of the draft. However, in a draft (this draft) strong at several positions, including QB, Chiefs fans should feel encouraged by the fact that many other teams — teams attempting to fix their QB position — will be using up valuable draft picks ahead of them taking quarterbacks which will allow other high quality position players to fall to them.

Daniel Jeremiah of asked five team executives (E) which position was the deepest in the 2014 draft draft and E#1 said cornerback, E#2 said corner and linebacker, both E#3 and E#4 said offensive linemen and E#5 said wide receiver.

Deep deep, deep in CBs, LBs, OL. WRs and of course QB.

Wow… too bad the Chiefs don’t need CBs, LBs or WRs.

I know there are many more mock drafts to be done prior to May’s three day event but it’s hard for me to recall when it’s been easier to do a mock. Meaning… when I go round by round to consider the players available during my mocks, there are far more quality player to choose from.

I know Bill Belichick and the Patriots have their own ranking system, as all teams do, but every year he takes a player that leaves me scurrying to Google to find out who in the heck he just drafted. Every team keeps their own ranking system and the Chiefs appear to be in good hands with John Dorsey and their director of player personnel Chris Ballard (and his crew of merry men).

Let’s hope that they’re so good that after three more seasons the Chiefs will be celebrating a Super Bowl victory like the Seattle Seahawks did after their fourth year… following head coach and front office changes.

Alright Addict fans, cutting Dunta Robinson was a good start this off season so, if you were GM for the Chiefs… what would you do next?

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  • berttheclock

    BTW, notice that concentration on rebuilding their offensive line in the first two years? Okung at Number 1 in ’10, Carpenter and Moffitt at 1 and 2 in 2011? When, Schneider and Carroll arrived in 2010, the O-line was extremely offensive, so much so they had the former K-State and Chiefs left tackle still being a turnstile for defensive linemen. However, it has taken 4 years for those new players to really meld. First, Okung ended up suffering a High Ankle Sprain twice, and both Carpenter and Moffitt went on IR their first year. But, Schneider decided he needed to rebuild his offensive line first. He, also, had to add quality defensive players. One point about his picking Chancellor in the 5th round is Seattle did not have that high pick in the 5th, but, had scouted Chancellor and really wanted him. It was not just a roll of the dice for him. Schneider knew the Lions needed an offensive guard and he decided to trade one to them for their 5th round pick. That guard wasn’t able to do much without support in Seattle, and Schneider had really done his homework on Chancellor.

    One other thing is the Seahawks have been able to add two quality players, one starter in Doug Baldwin and a solid one off the the bench in Kearse. Both were undrafted free agents. Baldwin had been interviewed, along with Sherman, on the day of the “Luck” Pro Day at Stanford. Kearse was just up the road from Renton playing for The Dub. (Had only the Chiefs traveled just up the road about 40 some miles to notice Cliff Harris playing for the Jayhawks)

    One last point about finding quality in the lower rounds. I remember when NFL scouts would flood the last preseason games of the Packers in order to scout possible cuts. (I wish Pioli had paid far more attention to Evan Dietrich-Smith, the center before he was waived) Schneider, as well as Baalke with the Niners, have followed that method of stocking their training camps with such quality that NFL scouts flock to their last pre-season games, as well. I envision the coming camps and pre-season games of the Chiefs with those same NFL scouts as Mr Dorsey and his merry men will have the camps full of quality players.

    • Troy Utt

      Speaking of cuts… In prep for theirs I saw that SF noted Baldwin only had 3 catches this last season & was only going to cost them $1.4mim in dead money to cut him… I hope he managed his money properly!!!

      • berttheclock

        Hope he saved enough to return to Pittsburgh, so, he can join Palko’s Pop Warner team.

        • Troy Utt

          Had not heard that… Is that what Tyler is up to these days?

          • berttheclock

            Don’t really know, but, where else could he play?

      • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

        SF traded for that contract, not the player. They can move on and free up cap space.

        • ladner morse

          Yes, SF placed themselves in the best situation with regards to his contract… but I just can’t figure out what the hell happened with this player. Baldwin is someone I scouted and wrote about before the Chiefs took him and even said “could” be as good as the best WRs taken in that draft. He just leaves me with 1000 ?????????????

          • berttheclock

            He never had the quickness to get off the line of scrimmage. His type of speed needs long strides to get into top gear. Combine that with the fact he never has done well in hand fighting aggressive defensive backs and he can be knocked off stride early. In the Big East, he rarely faced top D-backs and made his claim for fame by out leaping lesser talent in the end zone. Once, the D-co-ords realized he could be jammed, he was finished. The most telling point about his career is when he arrived in the Bay, the Niners were in dire need of a legitimate wide out. Harbaugh gave him plenty of chances, but, he still could not get open.

            BTW, those negatives were in some scouting reports when he came out of college, but, many, including Belichick, only read the raves. So, now, Laddie, at least you were of the same mind set as BB and Walter Camp Football.

          • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

            Exactly. we all know that Belicheat has a great track record of identifying and drafting Wide Receivers!

    • freshmeat62

      I’ve come to the conclusion that bert ain’t human. He’s a computer w/ a server and a corp of programmers doing ad-hoc inquiries in every NFL city.

      • berttheclock

        Hey, I am sitting here “snowed in” – Four, count ‘em, four inches of very dry snow has hit our little compound. Someone said “Flying Boxcars” might be activated to give us air drops. Just hope they don’t drop bales atop our house. More snow coming in, then, freezing rain.

        • Troy Utt

          Where are you at Bert?

          • berttheclock

            Vancouver, WA

          • Troy Utt

            Getting hit hard I take it? I’m in Wichita, Ks. since Wed. we’ve had freezing rain, approx 9″ of snow, & temps w/ wind chills of 15-20 below! The next front started coming thru today w/ flurries, & freezing rain… Other than the major inter-state basically none of our roads are clear, & that is sad when you consider the salt mines are 45 minutes away!!! But due to the weather everywhere else in the country the mines are wiped out…

          • tm1946

            Supposedly a 100 years worth of salt under Lake Erie.
            In Atchison, KS we just snow blow it and go to work or where ever. Schools out but my are adults so it is still quiet. We must move a little more slowly.

          • berttheclock

            Ah, Atchison and the old East Kansas League. Perhaps, before your time, but, Argentine (Now, Harmon when mixed with Rosedale) used to make road trips up there to play the Red and Gold.

          • tm1946

            Ah, the good old days, my granddaughter did a report on dinosaurs and ask me, what did I think (implying I had first hand knowledge about them).

            As with the Chiefs, only occasionally look backward, it is the future for me.

          • micah stephenson

            You live in atchison? Lol. I ran Atchison from kc about ten yrs ago. If you went down to the park and bought anything, that money prolly ended up in my hands. That towns is actually an under cover gold mine.

          • berttheclock

            and an over the cover cheese repository for the Federal government.

          • tm1946

            And you do not like A. Smith, imagine.

          • Canad-Ian

            You guys are babies, we get burried alive every winter up here in Edmonton. We just grab some snow shoes or tame and ride an elk wherever we need to go.

          • Troy Utt

            I have never minded the cold… But now have to deal with how it affects my RA… IT SUCKS!!! I can only imagine how cold it is up there?

          • Phillip Maxwell

            Its pretty nice being a Chiefs fan from California….I’m sporting a T-shirt today.

          • Calchiefsfan

            It’s freezing down here in socal. It got down into the 40s. I almost had to turn my heater on! The wind chill at the beach goes right through you if you aren’t wearing a shirt :)

      • ladner morse

        freshmeat… no I’m convinced that bert is actually a cia operative by day and an nfl spy (and chiefs fan) by night and that his cia bosses aren’t happy because he misappropriates cia resources to hack into every nfl teams database which is how he really keeps up with what’s going on with each team……

        btw….. don’t cross bert…. he can rearrange your whole genealogical tree with the stroke of a keyboard delete button……..

        btw2…… he says he’s snowed in but…. he’s the one controlling the weather!

        • berttheclock

          Looks as though there is a MI-6 operative somewhere in the Dallas area.

        • Troy Utt

          LOL Lad, That being the case with Bert I am both a bit scared & put off! I will keep that in mind for future posts so as not to aggravate. But am a bit troubled as to why with that much stroke not more has been done to help the Chiefs?

          • ladner morse

            That’s an excellent excellent question and one that bert sidestepped so easily.

  • Tristian Shelley

    What id do next is continue to prepare my draft board well and then restructure hail johnson berry and bowes contract to free cap space because we will have to sign some free agent guys impact players or not moving forward. Then lock up Alex Smith to free even more space. I don’t think you have to worry about some crazy deal with him. I think he makes no more than $14 million a season and that may be the highest number in a year he will make. Then its all about execution in the draft and free agency

    • ladner morse

      Tristian… one of the big Qs this offseason is which of the Chiefs own free agents they will re-sign and which ones they won’t…. do you have a take on Albert or especially Asamoah…. I think Asamoah is the one they need to try and keep unless some other team gets cray cray with an offer. What do you think will come down this offseason with our FAs?

      • Tristian Shelley

        I like asamoah alot and it makes u wonder why he sat on the bench so long and albert is an above average left tackle..more good than great. I cant pay $9 million on the oline to that kind of player. Our free agents I would assume abdullah and asamoah we keep but everybody else..including mccluster are just guys. Dont get me wrong. I like mccluster but im sure he wants to play receiver moreso but he is better at special teams. Id be willing to try anyone else on our squad at that 3rd reciever spot currently on our roster or not.

  • ChiefPhil34

    I would Tag Albert and trade him for a second round pick. Trade Flowers and seek a first but except a second round pick. If someone offered a top 15 pick for Tamba I would take that and then on draft day I would either trade into the top of the second round and pick up that teams 3rd round and 6th round or trade to the bottom of the first round and pick up that teams 3rd round selection. If all of the happened it would leave KC with 6 picks in the first 3 rounds instead of two picks plus the financial relief of Flowers and Hali’s contracts would allow for an extension for AS, EB and Houston and maybe resign Dex, Schwartz, Cooper and maybe even sign a big name FA like Byrd.

    • Canad-Ian

      What if you tag him and nobody wants him? Then you’re screwed. Anyways I hate being short on picks because being a KC fan has taught me to love the draft.

      • ChiefPhil34

        Someone will trade for Albert. currently AZ and MIA are in dire need of a left tackle as are other teams like PIT or TEN. A team like AZ who will be picking in the latter part of the first and second rounds could easily say they wont get a caliber of player like Albert at any of those drafts slots and it would make it easier to part ways with their second round pick.

        • berttheclock

          Yes, Miami may well be in the mix as Hickey, the new GM, wants to show he can do better than Ireland.

          • ladner morse

            Yea… Hickey may be the key link in coach Philbin getting his man (Albert). I’m hoping for a bidding war between AZ and Mi.

          • Calchiefsfan

            There will probably be a bidding war for Albert but if I’m Albert I want to go to FA. There’s just more money in it for him. Loyalties are nice but you can bet his agent is telling him that the Chiefs had their chance and now he can cash in this year.

        • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

          We went through this last year. No one was giving us a second round pick for him. Why would this year be any different?

      • ladner morse

        The Albert situation is a tough one. Miami really screwed us on that one last offseason… taking us right up to the very last minute and then shunning us. Now, it gives other teams the idea that maybe something could be wrong with Albert. On the other hand… Albert had a good enough year to make the Pro Bowl and if a second team such aas AZ has expressed interest then a trade may be back in play. The Chieifs don’t need to first sign BA to trade him. Albert should be willing to help the Chiefs any way possible while understanding that the Chiefs hands are tied. Each team interested also understands that if BA goes to FA then they will have no clout and it will totally be up to BA to take whoever he wants. So, the leverage a team can apply in this situation could only come by playing ball with the Chiefs by coughing up something and while a second round pick may not be attainable by this step of the game… BA should be able to yield at least a third rounder.

        For all of that to happen, the Chiefs must allow BA to walk in FA yet have an understanding that if another team (a team BA likes) is makign a strong enough play that is would benefit the Chiefs, then BA will be willing to sign and trade.

        The odds aren’t high on this happening… yet BA does feel loyalty to KC and says he likes the new coach so… you have to believe there’s a possibility.

  • tm1946

    Dorsey and Reid need to look at the current roster and cut the drift wood. Next years schedule is tougher, you need tougher players. Cronies need to go, draft picks that are not available to get on the field, go. Target any free agents, no money but ask anyway. Then you have to fill in the blanks.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      That’s very vague. Can you flesh that out a bit? Name some names?

      • tm1946

        in my case only, no real idea about how Reid thinks, we know he is offensive oriented, so hopefully he will have good advisors on the defensive side, no idea how they think.

        But since you ask and only one, backup QB, got to have one, one we have seems ok, but to much money, need one who can play for a third less money. Otherwise all the usual suspects need to go, not just take pay cuts. Need to find guys who will play their heart out for a good living but not super star money (as in millions). And every team is looking for the same guys, some find them and Dorsey needs to join that group.

        The last draft was not all that impressive, got to do a lot better this year. OK, injures happen but what did the trainers do to prepare these kids or is this considered an act of god. Not a lot of picks and unless the free agents work for peanuts, we will not have a lot of help.

        • berttheclock

          Have you read the latest report the Jets are interested in, either, Maclin or Samuels?

          • tm1946

            No idea, but Jets have tons of money to reach salary cap.

            Would point out to those who think go get this free agent or that. One, got to get someone who wants to come here. Two, needs to fill a need and question, how long will the team not be able to draft one and can he play that long under this contract. Three, money and it seems this year, we do not have much.

        • Troy Utt

          I understand the basic premise of what you are saying. IMO As to at least asking players even if you are not able to pay top dollar, winning seasons, & coaching changes w/ one whose record speaks for itself go a long way when making a pitch to a potential prospect. So no…it doesn’t hurt to ask! KC was on the losing end of a couple offers (LB & DT) last year, but that was coming off a dismal 2-14 season.
          Reid for instance should the Chiefs somehow be able to clear enough cap space to make an offer may have an advantage due to his relationship w/ Maclin? Hard to say, the man is going to want to get paid, but at the same time trust, & other factors figure into decisions… By no means am I suggesting we walk up & offer a FA a VET min contract, unless of course it’s justified, but as long as we are able to get in the financial ball-park
          “It doesn’t hurt to ask!”

  • Calchiefsfan

    Nice article Laddie but I’m afraid you have now spilled the beans! You say you create your own board. Well ol’ buddy time to come clean and let the rest of us in on it. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time was to look at tape, evaluate players and create my own board for the draft. Well now it looks like I have the next best thing my own AA Editor. I’ll be looking for it the week before the draft. Imagine the furor it would create. (Maybe you can recruit Bert to hack into the NSA to get some real inside information).

    • ladner morse

      Cal… love your post and faith in me… and bert… but if I showed you my big board… you’d be big time bored. Sorry… just had to go there. Actually, my bog board would look like a jigsaw puzzle half put together. If I had more time… like if the draft was in the summer time (because I’m a teacher) then I’d have time to complete. I’ve always wanted to do one. Maybe I can apply for a Grant to get paid to do it. :)

      • Calchiefsfan

        Maybe a top 50? Or even your top 5 in each position of need for the Chiefs? I’m thinking FS, CB, DE, WR and TE. I’ve got an idea make it a term project for your students. Maybe guaranteeing them an A if they complete it? Tell them it’s for the Cowboys, nudge nudge wink wink.

  • jimfromkcj

    well Laddie, a couple of things first, we couldn’t even win a division championship with 9 pro bowlers, and I don’t have any faith in renegotiating contracts unless it is for giving a raise to a worthy player. No matter what, if you paint yourself into a corner with bad contracts, it is only putting off the inevitable. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper and the longer it goes the worse it’s going to be. Having said that I could give you my mocks for the past 4 years and let you make up your mind if we would be better off today than we are. A whole lot of the posters here could probably do the same, and we are not getting the big bucks for doing so. but as I have said before, I would attempt to make a deal with the Dolphins somehow to trade Albert and Asamoah for a 1st or 2nd rd pick and John Jerry. Next I would shop Flowers and Jackson and Hali for picks either this year or possibly a combination of this and next year. next I would try to find another tackle in FA which could get me by until we can draft one. We should find out next year if Fisher and Stevenson is going to be able to improve their game.My starting off line would be Fisher LT, Jerry LG, Hudson and Possibly Kush later in the year OC, Swarth RG and Stevenson RT. My choice would be to go to a 43 and my def line would be Draft LDE, Poe DT,Powe DT and DeVito RDE. My linebackers would be Houston LLB, Johnson MLB, and Draft RLB. Thar’s as far as I will go until I can see what the combine and private workouts have for us.

    • ladner morse

      jim… nice post. I like so many of your suggestions but can’t see very much of it happening… not because their bad ideas but because there’s too many moving parts. While last offseason was the offseason of “moving parts”… this offseason appears limited unless several trades can be made and how many trades happened last year — Arenas for Sherman — and…….??? Because they had lots of cap space last year I think some irresponsible decisions were made in regards to bad contracts (see Bowe and Dunta Robinson amoung others) and bringing in the wrong players (Robinson and Donnie Avery). Now, the new regime is limited as to the number of players they can bring in and they are greatly limited as to what they can do with their existing dollars (unless they free up cap space).

      The point is… as for now… the Chiefs are much more limited this offseason… while your suggestions offer some answers to those problems it appears there’s just to many moving pieces that have to fall just right to make it work. That being said… wouldn’t it be great to see a 6-5, 335 Jerry starting at OG for the Chiefs!

      • jimfromkcj

        My mock for 2010 was Rd#1 Okung LT, Rd#2 Nate Allen FS, T. Cody DT, Rd#3 J Jerry OG, Rd#4 Hernandez TE, and Rd#5 Cam Thomas DT and Arthur Moats OLB. Hernandez might have been better off in KC where he would have been farther away from his friends from back east, but as much as I liked him as a player, he would be a bust. But all the rest would be better than what we have. And as for Hernandez, we would have got as much and better service from him as we did Moeaki, so it might not be as bad as it looks in hind sight.

  • FaAmos

    I’d find someway to sign Brandon Albert and get an early second rounder and I’d trade down in the first round after waiting a seeing if someone real Special falls to KC at 23rd and not WR Kelvin Benjamin. We already have Bowe dropping enough balls we don’t need to spend another 1st on a Reciever who doesn’t catch everything. I’d also pull Bowe in my Office and ask if he wants to win a Super Bowl and he’ll say yes then I’d pull out from under the table a restructured contract that he can make money but encentive laten including big fines for every dropped ball that anyone his caliber should easily have caught.

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