Kansas City Chiefs 2014 Free Agent Tracker

The Kansas City Chiefs and especially general manager John Dorsey are at a huge crossroads this off season. As most of you know, the Chiefs have several players — many of them key contributors — who are due to hit free agency when the NFL league year expires on March 11. Because the Chiefs will not — nor should they — re-sign every free agent, we thought it would be useful for you to see who is a free agent, who has been re-signed and who will eventually sign with another team. On the flip side of the coin, once the free agency period begins on March 11, we will also track who the Chiefs bring in to fill holes on the team via their own signings.

Also, so you have a frame of reference, we’ll show you what each player made during the 2013 season.

As each player is either re-signed by the Chiefs or signed by another team, this post will update and move to the top of the AA page. In addition, as a free agent from another team is signed by the Chiefs, this table will update as well. This should server as your sole source of free agent news for the Chiefs.

KC Chiefs Free Agent Tracker

2013 Base Salary
2014 Base Salary
2014 Team
2014 Cap Hit
CBChris Owens$1,000,000$730,000Kansas City Chiefs$800,000
DETyson Jackson$7,200,000$1,500,000Atlanta Falcons$3,100,000
DLVance Walker$1,300,000$730,000Kansas City Chiefs$1,750,000
DTJerrell Powe$555,000$645,000Houston Texans$645,000
FSKendrick Lewis$1,374,725$795,000Houston Texans$635,000
GRicky Henry$555,000
GJon Asamoah$1,551,030$2,000,000Atlanta Falcons$2,800,000
GGeoff Schwartz$665,000$1,500,000New York Giants$2,325,000
ILBRobert James$480,000
ILBAkeem Jordan$735,000$855,000Washington$635,000
ILBJoe Mays$715,000$730,000Kansas City Chiefs$1,968,750
LSThomas Gafford$725,000$740,000Kansas City Chiefs$595,000
LTBranden Albert$9,828,000$2,500,000Miami Dolphins$4,225,000
OLBFrank Zombo$640,000$730,000Kansas City Chiefs$805,000
SHusain Abdullah$715,000$730,000Kansas City Chiefs$1,130,000
S/KRQuintin Demps$715,000$730,000New York Giants$1,000,000
TJeff Linkenbach$1,323,000$750,000Kansas City Chiefs$900,000
TERichard Gordon$555,000$645,000Kansas City Chiefs$645,000
WRChad Hall$555,000
WRKyle Williams$630,000
WR/PRDexter McCluster$1,400,000$1,000,000Tennessee Titans$2,050,000

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  • Tristian Shelley

    Amazimg how thats $20 million off the books mostly made by Jackson and Albert and yet the Chiefs have so little in cap space. Thats unacceptable for a team that dosent make the playoffs very much. I mean Jerry Jones dosent own this team so whats goin on? I understand hali johnson and berry but between them and bowe like show me the money! Lol. It seems this team will be full of draft picks the next few years and some hard cuts will likely come in the next few years due to major cap hits and lack of cap space all around unless of course all 4 of those guys restructure thier deals which is certainly possible. As for the above list im not sure theres a priority there thats cheap enough outside of asamoah and maybe Abdullah

    • tm1946

      I am with you on this one. I have read multiple sites and my mind refuses to grasp the entire concept. Add other NFL teams which never seem to suffer the dire consequences but one good season and there we sit, deep in it.
      Got to love this article, hope it stays up until the last is signed.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Damn, I want Gafford’s job. He snaps the ball 5-10 times a game or so and gets around 3/4 a million dollars for doing it.

    • tm1946

      IF, IF, you can do it as well, time after time, game after game, etc, I am betting there would be someplace for you in professional football. He also made a tackle or two during games, you sure this is for you? LOL

    • berttheclock

      Yed, but do you remember the fiasco in Oakland, when, they lost their main snapper and his backup and had to do a bit of OJT whicfh resulted in a fumble?

      However, I wouldn’t mind Dorsey finding one who has played a bit of defense, such as Jared Allen had when he was drafted to become the LS. Whatever happened to him?

      • berttheclock

        Meanwhile, Denver had a bit of a problem with their “short” snapper on Sunday.

    • Troy Utt

      LOL… There are many days I says things like that, even to the point of dancing w/ Mike Tyson for seconds, being knocked out for millions!!!
      Speaking from experience I will say playing center is a hard job! Although I played (started) as a DT in college I had always been a back-up center. Just as we saw first play of the SB, it’s easy for things to go wrong in a hurry! I hated having to fill-in…

  • Chris Tarrants

    After seeing that chart I feel a little better about our chances of signing a few of our own players. U had no idea that Demps, Schwartz, Abdullah, Zombo and Kyle Williams were so cheap! Honestly none of the guys did enough last year to deserve a huge raise but they did enough to merit their price tags IMO. Getting rid of the over paid underperforming players could be really beneficial to being younger and cheaper while still adding one or two FA pickups to go along with our draft class! I am pumped up to see what unfolds in the next few weeks/months

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      I think Schwartz earned a raise. He was the starter the last few weeks at RG, sometimes starting over a healthy Jon Asamoah.

      • Troy Utt

        There was at one point the line was Stephenson, Schwartz, Hudson, Asamoah, & Fisher. I was encouraged as it was insight as to what our line in ’14 might look like… During that time they moved the ball well, opened rushing lanes, & pass protected well! If indeed Albert is gone we will most likely see Fish & Stephenson swap, but many D’s don’t hold their best pass rushers down to one spot or one side, ala JJ Watt.
        I believe that line could do well for us going forward! Let’s hope Fish use’s his time in the weight room wisely this off-season…

        • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

          Troy, the interesting thing about Schwartz is that his left/right splits were very interesting. He graded out average as a left guard, but graded out high as a right guard. My bet is that he plays right guard if he is re-signed.

          • Troy Utt

            I had not seen that… But felt our line was better with him & Asamoah in the line-up as opposed to Allen. If it’s down to choosing between Allen & Asamoah, I’m all for re-signing Asamoah.

    • Troy Utt

      Schwartz isn’t only due a raise, he is looking for starting money as he wants the starting job that comes along with it. KC managed to get him on the cheap last year as he was trying to prove he was okay coming back from injury & that question was more than answered.
      Abdullah may well play into KC’s starting plans for next season as well & will obviously come at a higher cost as he had been out for 2-yr’s. But Demp’s only has value on ST thus his salary is very much in line! IMO this was proven in the WC game when asked to step-up, That about said it all… Zombo did an adequete job when asked to step in @ DE and has value on ST as well…
      I am most anxious to see what comes of Powe. At $555,000 he was really a bargain for what I felt he could have done over the course of a season. I hope they keep him around to see what can come of his talents? That is unless Dorsey unearths some other talent we have yet to think about!

  • Nick Shaffer

    I just read that ex-Packers free safety Nick Collins is looking to come back to the NFL after a career ending neck injury in 2011. Im sure John Dorsey had a something to do with scouting Collins in 2005, and coming off of what was thought to be a career ending injury im sure he would come as a cheap price tag!

  • KCMikeG

    Jackson, Lewis, Albert, Jordan, Hall & Williams gets us around $20M freed up.

    • Troy Utt

      I’m all for splitting ways with Tinman… Albert & Lewis the writing is on the wall for very diff reasons. I am curious as to what J.Powe can be given the opportunity to play full time? As he stepped-in admirably last season after being on & off the squad a time or two… As bad as I would love to draft WR/TE, I believe we have to stay D address the secondary, or we are doomed to repeat our past! Any pending moves via FA is going to depend on the recovery report of Kelce, as that would eliminate the need for a TE. Maclin as I have seen many suggest we go after is a long-shot at best due to the dollars it would take to aquire. Still if able to pick up where the offense left off last year, while improving our D… Should make for a GREAT season!!!

      • KCMikeG

        I liked Powe in camp his rookie year and saw his potential in his limited action last year too even though he was cut and brought back. Jaye Howard is the other one I would like to see step up. Dorsey snagged him off waivers from Seattle. I agree on the emphasis needing to be on our defense but Benjamin at WR or Amaro at TE would be very hard to pass up on if they are there at #23 though. Fasano is getting almost $4M so if Kelce is healthy and we draft Amaro then couldn’t we cut him or would the dead money be too much?

        If we do go defense first I believe our 1st round pick should be either a DE to replace Jackson like Jernigan or Hageman. I we can’t resist Kelvin Benjamin or Jace Amaro with our #1 or we could go with DL Quarles or Easley with our 3rd round pick. if we do focus on defense first then we could pick WR Abbrederis, Moncrief or Davis in the 3rd round.

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