Weston Dressler Officially Signs Deal With Kansas City Chiefs


Weston_Dressler_2009_22517Canadian Football League star Weston Dressler is officially a Kansas City Chief. We knew already knew this was technically happening, but now we know it is officially happening.

Here is the Twitter evidence:

Jason wrote a little bit about Dressler last week. Below is a bit of what he wrote. You can find the rest of it here.

Dressler could absolutely be the answer to the Chiefs dilemma at the slot receiver and punt returner positions. With Dexter McCluster exepecting to draw a decent amount of interest on the free agent market come March, he may demand a price that’s too high for the Chiefs — hampered by an unforgiving salary cap situation — to pay. But, it may not be the end of the world if Dressler does indeed make Kansas City his home.

Dressler, 28, caught 442 passes for 6,531 yards and 43 touchdowns in six seasons in the CFL. Last year he caught 70 passes for 1,011 yards and nine touchdowns, while averaging 11.1 yards on punt returns. Early speculation is he will be insurance for if Dexter McCluster leaves via free agency.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Nicholas Abuhl

    Does anyone have stats on him? In depth ones? (Drops, yards after contact/catch)

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      They would be CFL stats. I am not sure how much we can glean from them.

      • Nicholas Abuhl

        Very true, it’s obvious he has talent. But at what level. The other teams could be rivaled by college power houses from the tape I saw if him.

        • Horace Lee Madre Jr

          I’m concerned his effectiveness from a stationary position. All of the highlights I saw were with him starting out running like they do up north. I want a physical team. He may get pushed around

  • Tristian Shelley

    Absolutely thrilled about this move. I remember the article we had about him trying out a few months back. Obviously it went well. This guy is an unknown but he looks like he can be a factor if given an opportunity which he will get. Why else would he sign with out team? I mean we dont have the necessary depth or even a bona fide number 2 and a non dependable number 3 so he will get his shot. Now u got Jenkins Williams Dessler and Avery. It already looks better and we haven’t hit the draft or free agency yet

    • toperspective

      Seems like a good low risk move.

    • KCMikeG

      Avery is not as good as McCluster as a WR, brings nothing to the return game and Dexter was the #1 punt returner in the NFL last year. Plus Avery costs more. Goodbye Donnie.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    Over glorified slot receiver at best. We still need a legitimate #2 or #1 if Bowe ever play like that again

    • Royals_Fan

      So we sign Maclin this offseason. Have Maclin and Bowe with Dressler in the slot. Then we draft Ebron if he’s still there or safety Justin Gilbert if he’s there. If neither are there we draft the TE Jace Amaro or Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Through FA we improved our WR core and with the first pick we add big quality to the TE position or Secondary position. Keith McGill is a quality 3rd round pick, a safety from Utah, if we go TE with out first pick.

      • Horace Lee Madre Jr

        Maclin! I live in Philly. I’ve seen Maclin play and he’s NO better than what we have. He disappears and that’s when he not hurt. I thought we were done with fine china offensive players. Draft a WR that can catch first. We don’t need a depth guy we need a starter.

        • Royals_Fan

          What WR are you taking? Lee…has an injury past. LSU WR…he’s not better than any FA the Chiefs can get. I like Benjamin but everyone else seems to dog on him because of his drops.

          Maclin not playing because he’s hurt…minus his ACL season he’s missed 5 games because of injury.

  • Terry Moffett

    Congrats to KC Chiefs on signing one of the best players in the Canadian Football League. Weston Dressler is one amazing player, as well as, a great person.
    I have followed this young man from his first year with Saskatchewan Roughriders.
    Gee, I must admit, I hate losing him, but what an opportunity for both him and the Chiefs.
    The fans will see that Weston is amazing.
    Anyone doubting could always visit the Roughriders website to get his stats and see some of his most amazing plays.
    I have a feeling, if Weston makes the active roster (which I believe he will) KC will find they have a province of new fans.

  • Danny W

    Weston is close to the name Winston. Anyone named after a pack of smokes is cool in my opinion. Classy is the word that comes to mind. Any way heres to hoping they pick up every safety under the sun until Kendrick Lewis is properly replaced.

  • bill w

    I doubt he makes the team, he looks slow

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’ll be shocked if this guy even makes the team. He’s smaller than AND older than McCluster. At the moment, I’m not at all excited about this.

  • dennis

    Weston won the 100, 200, and 400 meters at the state track championships in North Dakota for Bismarck High. I believe his time in the 100 was 10.44 ( yes,it was electronically timed). So, no, he isn’t slow, and if its ever 4th and 400 you will know who gets the ball.