Nov 25, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) between plays against the Denver Broncos in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won the game 17-9. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Debbie Downer Says, “The Chiefs Need More Money!”


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It always comes down to money and the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have any. The Chiefs current cap space, according to, sits at $2.48 million. He expects the 2014 cap space to be only a measly $799,944. That is not enough to fill the Chiefs needs in free agency, and sign a bunch of much-needed draft picks in year two of the Reid and Dorsey regime. The main issues lie with player contracts costing the Chiefs huge hits against their cap number. Five out of twelve of these guys are, or were, starters at some point in the 2013 NFL season. Chiefs fans, you need to realize that sometimes in order to win, decisions need to be made. These decisions could severely impact the 2014 season. The moves that I believe should be made are necessary to give the Chiefs the money they need to improve. However, it will mean losing some key players that have made large impacts for this team.

You had to know where this was going. The Chiefs made their No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher. Both he and incumbent left tackle Branden Albert had injury issues forcing Donald Stephenson to fill that hole, which he did in a big way. I am more than confident Stephenson can play either the left or right tackle position at a very high level. This means the  Chiefs need to part ways with their pro bowl tackle Branden Albert. Albert was franchise tagged by the Chiefs this year and cost them nearly a $10 million cap hit. This is just something we, as Chiefs fans, need to accept. Albert needs to go in order to make room for the future. He needs to go. I’m pleased with what he brought us, but sorry guys, we need the money.

After Albert, there are more obvious choices of who should go. Corner back Dunta Robinson and safety Kendrick Lewis are my biggest grievances. Luckily, Kendrick isn’t even a thought. He’s gone and I say good riddance. Robinson is a guy the Chiefs invested quite a bit of money on. According to’s player contract information, Robinson is due a little over three million dollars this year. For the awfulness that was Dunta Robinsons’ efforts he does not deserve that amount of money. AA Senior Staff Writer Lyle Graverson, talks about how the Chiefs would save $3.3 million by cutting him.

Brandon Flowers should have three options in order to remain with the Chiefs. He either needs to take a pay cut, completely restructure his existing contract, or the Chiefs should look to move him via trade. He somehow was named to the pro bowl which, based on his 2010, 2011, and 2012 campaigns would’ve been great, but this year he had no business being there. I wasn’t sure what the ramifications of cutting Flowers outright would be so I tweeted out the question and former Chief Bill Maas and our very own Lyle Graverson had this to say:

tweets1I agree with Lyle. The Chiefs need to work on restructuring Flowers, but he’s not the only one that needs to be restructured. My personal opinion on Pioli is that he was a great GM that made two poor decisions and refused to do anything about them. The two decisions being Cassel and Haley. I digress. I think the Chiefs should trade Flowers and look to Marcus Cooper. The rookie showed flashes of greatness in weeks one through nine and is only being paid a measly $645k in 2014. It’s time to close the book on Flowers, as much as I hate to say it. He is more of a liability than an asset at this point.

I’ve talked about some of the guys the Chiefs need to cut, trade, let walk, or restructure. What about the guys they need to re-sign? On the top of this list for me is guard Geoff Schwartz. He proved this season he was the guy who should be starting, not Jon Asamoah who I think will end up being a cap casualty. Asamoah is a starting caliber guard, but with the way Schwartz played it would be better to let the former third-round pick from Illinois walk.

Tyson Jackson will be a free agent. He also, as a five-technique defensive end in a 3-4 system had five sacks and showed excellent progress this year. He also took a huge pay cut which I was extremely pleased with. He needs to be brought back into this system. He, defensive tackle Dontari Poe, and defensive end Mike DeVito seemed to have things under control in most games. I think that defensive line unit should be kept together. However, Reid and Dorsey may decide that they want to draft an end who can rush the passer better and let Jackson go. In any case, the Chiefs need a defensive line who can get a better pass rush.

Face it Addicts, the Chiefs need money, and they need it now. Get on board or get ready for another awful season. This season, the Chiefs do not have the luxury of playing the NFC East and the AFC South. They need money to sign their draft picks and sign free agents to fill in the holes in their miserable secondary and wide receiver corps. Key players will need to restructure their contracts and certain guys need to be cut or let walk.

Remember Addicts, it’s time to get real, not drink the Kool-Aid.



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  • Chuck Burrell

    So, just to be clear, you think the chiefs should get a better pass rush from their DL and keep both TJax and Devito? It seems you are arguing with yourself. One of two things must happen; either we let the tin man walk so we can bring in an actual pass rushing DE, or we sign him and bring in an ILB that can cover. Akeem cannot cover, which is why Berry moves up in the box (not our best option IMO). Berry needs to play safety. So we can either supplement our great rush defensive line with great pass defensive ILB or gain a pass rushing DE so we can keep Akeem as our “thumper”. Personally, after watching the Super Bowl, it has become quite obvious that we need a DL that can push OL into the face of a QB.

  • toperspective

    “My personal opinion on Pioli is that he was a great GM that made two poor decisions and refused to do anything about them.” Great GM? Two poor decisions? Yikes.

    • berttheclock

      There is no way in God’s Green Earth, the words “Great” and “Pioli” should ever be used in the same sentence, unless a huge “NOT A” is placed in front of them. Now, pathetic and Pioli do mix rather well.

      • e_racer

        Clueless also is a very good word that goes well with Pioli.

      • Chris Tarrants

        I disagree intirely, Scott Pioli is a great big waste of space who is sucking in oxygen that could be used to enrich a family of maggots that could rid the world of huge piles of horse Sh*t, Great big piles of sh*t like Pioli.

      • toperspective

        Agree. Once that statement was made I had a hard time taking anything else that was written seriously.

    • Danny W

      Scott Pioli is not a great general manager. Great bull sh!tter? You bet. Great waste manager? Absolutely probably never seen a cleaner arrowhead.

    • cyberry

      Let me add a couple bad decisions..Stanford Routt, Eric Winston, Kevin Boss, Peyton Hillis, and Brady Quinn..oh.. Ron McClain, Sabby Piscitelli.. NO free agents.. worked Picking Dex McCluster …part time player..and Javier Arenas ..a slot cover cornerback.. These aren’t every down players and he picked them in the 2nd RD.. geez..

      • toperspective

        The list would be long indeed and that would only be personnel mistakes. How about Crennel as HC? What about the toxic environment he created in the organization? Also most of the stars were Peterson picks, not Pioli. Bowe, Hali, Johnson, Flowers, Albert and Charles were Peterson. Berry was a #3 pick. Not exactly rocket science by Pioli. Did he leave any viable QB’s on the roster?

        • cyberry

          Actually… Peterson let Herm Edwards make most of the calls..but your right.. and while we are talking about..another thing that pissed me off at Pioli.. In a QB driven league, except Berry.. He drafted NO DB’s in the top three rounds..not to develop for the future.. That’s what came to bite our ass last year.. No depth at all.. FS was 5th Rd pick from years ago.. nothing about it… knew CB contracts where coming up.. nothing huuuhh

  • Redblack564

    The chiefs also need to restructure Hali’s contract along with DJ’s this would give the Team plenty of money to work with this season

    • e_racer

      DJ’s already underpaid. Move on.

    • Danny W

      Hali I agree with. DJ not so much. Flowers definitely needs restructured.

      • jimfromkcj

        Danny, restructuring really is no solution unless the total compensation is cut. Most of the time they restructure by stretching it out past the players best playing time and then we are faced with a Hali contract that has dead money that counts against the cap and it makes no difference if you curt him because you are stuck with the dead money. This is what Oakland idd saddled with and they bit the bullit and are going to have to go a couple of more years without improving their team until that dead money gets paid out. Trade Flowers and get something for him and get rid of Hali any which way you can.

        • Danny W

          I’m always open to personnel moves Jim. But what do you think we could get for Flowers and from who? Get rid of Hali any which way you can? I take you don’t think one of the leagues top ends is worth anything? I think the Jared Allen trade was great. I just don’t think we could get a head at this point by unloading those two unless we find a really really desperate team.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    The hawks showed u the blueprint on how to beat a team we can’t! We have a lot of players that don’t fit in our new system. Get out the tomahawks and get these guys out of here. P.S. Thank God for our new GM! Carl and Scott accepted mediocrity and we’re DONE WITH THAT!

  • e_racer

    The Debbie Downer comment is lacking insight into the conundrum. The Chiefs don’t have a cap problem in 2014. They have a cap problem in 2014 and 2015. They will not be able to restructure contracts because the players who need to take a cut are our better players at the midpoint or end of their contracts. Flowers is not likely to give up money because he has the team over a barrel. Hali would have restructured last year if that were in the realm of possibilities. Hali has already talked about this being the end of his career. Restructuring his contract only puts it out in the future, when he is no longer likely to be playing (thus dead money issues).

    The answers will not be easy, and wishing them away will not make things better. The Chiefs got the advantage of around $20 M extra dollars to play with last year (due to unspent money in the previous years). The Chiefs have been yanked back into fiscal reality by the league imposed cap rules.

    There are solutions to this problem. However, those solutions are now squarely on the shoulders of John Dorsey. He must draft well, and hope for a lot of cheap help in free agency. They Chiefs could ask players to take pay cuts. (It doesn’t hurt to try). The reality is the Chiefs’ two RGs last year are now free agents, and they might not have the money to sign either player.

    In summation, this is why we pay John Dorsey the big bucks. Don’t go emoting about the need to bring in some high priced free agent to play Wide Receiver, because the Chiefs are broke. The Chiefs need to do this the way Seattle did this. They need to get lucky, and they need to roll snake eyes in the draft.

    • cyberry

      Actually I can see Tamba restructuring.. his last year on his contract is 2015.. he wants to retire a Chief.. They could add on a couple of years so he can decide when he ready.. and spread it out. There is one thing to remember… Justin Houston and Tamba have become very close. Houston contract ends next year.. He only getting a base salary of 625,000.. Houston needs a raise to stay in KC.. players don’t like to restructure when they feel a owner is greedy or taking advange..the CHiefs are trying to keep this team intact.

      • e_racer

        Point well taken, but the money spread in future years had better be used to lock up Houston. I also think the Chiefs will reach agreement with Alex Smith. They could include the current year, and keep the deal “cap neutral” for the current year.

  • Danny W

    Good write up bud. Frankly I think this is the first piece by you that I found really good. The others were okay this one was good. Not trying to be a dick I just want to be honest with you. I think if they let Jerrell Powe play more the guy would have just as many sacks as Dontari and Tyson Jackson combined. I think they could let T Jax walk if they take the handcuffs off of Jerrell. My 2 cents.

    • arrowheadaddict

      I dunno about Powe. Two regimes wouldn’t really play him. Probably a season. See Stanzi, Ricky.

      • Danny W

        Who is arrowhead addict? Is it one of the Best brothers? If so I’m honored. Paddy? How you been? Whom I talking to over. Powe all he does is get to the quarterback. See Diego San game the second 2013. Maybe the kid is dumb and can’t learn the play book. Who cares all he does is play phenomenal.

  • andyred

    Since were letting Kendrick Lewis go (thank the lord!)and nick Collins wanting to come back to the NFL, hes 30yearsold, 3 pro bowls and a champ. sign him to a vet minimum contract. Could be low risk high reward, especially at FS

  • clay simester

    Just think, if the NFL didn’t have that stupid age restriction, we would have Clowney at DE and not have to worry about that spot. That makes me sick that they made him wait a year

    • cyberry

      Don’t crown him yet.. plus he’s not really big enough for our 3-4 defense sceme.. I’m just curious if he SOOO fantastic why did hid DT lead his team in sacks.. Maybe because he didn’t want to hurt himself before going pro… that’s not my kind of player.. There has been many..”STUDS” coming out that never lived up to the hipe.. I bet Washington wishes they have the draft picks

      • clay simester

        Oh he’s plenty big enough. Tjax is about 6’4 295 and ran a 4.9 in the 40, Clowney is 6’6 275 and is said to potentially run a 4.49!! Plus, Clowney would be making a fraction of the money Tjax is.(like 8 million per year less!) This past year teams were able to gameplan around Clowney by either running to the opposite side, or just double teaming him nearly every play. He wouldn’t have to play like a god to be an upgrade at the position. And as far as Washington, they sold their souls to move up and get RG3, we were already at number 1 so it simply would have been Clowney rather than Fisher

        • cyberry

          The Chiefs drafted Fisher because Brandon Albert was probably leaving.. If you pick Clowney.. Who would you plan on blocking..since Albert is pretty much gone.. I don’t know about you but I got tired of watching Cassel on his ass all the time from a shitty line..

  • cyberry

    The problem with Flower’s is with his 10.5 M to be paid to him.. 7M is dead money so if you only save he do to 11.5 M next year..who is going to pick up that contract? One year his dead money is 4M so you would save 7m.. Basically he going to he the highest paid slot cover cornerback in the league.. I imagine Dorsey will try to draft one of those 6-2 corners this year..

  • cyberry

    I read Pioli and the Falcons are going after T. Jackson because apparently Atlanta can’t stop the run.. So.I think he is gone.. So hopefully Stephon Tuitt will be available …then we got a pass rush from the DE also..

  • mnelson52

    No one has mentioned Dexter, which has earned a big payday that we can’t afford. I think they signed Weston so they can let Dex go to FA

  • Hawthorne

    Hali, Flowers and Bowe will all have to be dealt with at some point If we can get a true #1 WR this year, trade Flowers for a 3rd and Hali for a 1st we can draft an OLB or DE and get CB. It would go a long way towards solving our cap issues for the future. WRs take 2-3 years to develop so we need Bowe’s replacement now.