Chiefs’ Fans Favorite Super Bowl Moments


I didn’t start out life as a Kansas City Chiefs fan. I know most of you are born-and-bred Addicts from the heartland of America, but that’s not how I came to this team. I, like a large chunk of our fellow Addicts, began life as a San Francisco 49ers fan.

You see, growing up in Great Falls, Montana there’s only a handful of teams you’re allowed to root for. Not having a team of our own, most people in my town are either Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings or Denver Broncos fans. However, my dad is from Northern California and my mom was a huge 49ers fan. Thus, my fandom.

My first football memory was the game-winning pass from 49ers quarterback Joe Montana to John Taylor to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. However, that wasn’t my favorite Super Bowl memory; just the first real memory I have as a “football fan.”

No, my favorite memory comes from the Super Bowl the following season. In Super Bowl XXIV, the 49ers faced off against the John Elway led Denver Broncos. I was in the sixth grade that year, and I had a friend who’s last name was Reeves. Dan Reeves was the coach of the Broncos that year and he was convinced that they were related some way. Thus, he was a huge Broncos fan and my sworn enemy…even though we were friends. I know, everything is more confusing in the sixth grade. Anyway, we made a deal that he would call me and brag whenever the Broncos scored and I would call him and brag whenever the 49ers scored.

At the end of the day, I called Mr. Reeves a hell of a lot more than he called me. In fact, when the 49ers scored their last two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, he wouldn’t even answer the phone. After my first real year as a football fan, it was the possible way to end the year.

But, I’m not the only Addict here. I know there are more SB memories out there. I asked some of our writers here at AA what their memories were, to get some levity on the situation.

Nick Floyd, Staff Writer

It was 2002, fresh out of high school I had to watch as the team I hated the most the Oakland Raiders went an astounding 11-5 and took the AFC West. Then the unthinkable happened as I watched the Raiders make it all the way to the Superbowl, and the need for revenge surged. That year I rooted hard for the dfensive greatness that was Gruden’s team, I even went so far as to buy a Tampa Bay hat. ( The only ever NFL hat I bought other than Chiefs). Our church, as always, had a superbowl party and I can remember cheering hard for the Bucs to take down the Raiders, even cheering super loud and telling all those there that defenses win championships. The Bucs won, the Raiders went home defeated and in my opionion have never recovered. What a great Supebowl.

Joseph Hoyt, Staff Writer

After Hurricane Katrina, it was hard not to root for the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts. They became a team that embodied the beauty of the comeback and the epitome of resiliency. Being a 49ers fan, I know that we have to savor the game’s greatest quarterbacks when they are in their prime. However, watching Tracy Porter jump a Reggie Wayne out route and returning an interception back for a touchdown, pointing to the stands in the process, was easily one of the best Super Bowl moments in my lifetime.

Ben Nielsen, Co-Editor

The two greatest Super Bowl plays I have ever seen are Santonio Holmes’ touchdown catch to win Super Bowl 43 and Mike Jones tackling Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line to win Super Bowl 34. With that said, I hated both of those games because I didn’t want Pittsburgh or St. Louis to win either of those Super Bowls. Fate hates me.

Some of our other writers went with the Beyonce performance from last year and of course, the absolute fan-favorite, Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction.” I chose not to name them to protect their honor, but they know who they are.

So, I know most of the Addicts who read this site weren’t alive when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. In fact, I would bet a good chunk of our readers don’t even remember the last time the Chiefs won a playoff game — yes, it still stings — but we’re all football fans. So, let’s hear your favorite moment. Was it the famous “helmet catch” from a couple of years ago? How about the Buffalo Bills losing their fourth Super Bowl? Maybe it was the first time you heard the infamous “Wasssuuuupppp?” commercial. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.

Sound off, Addicts. What’s your favorite Super Bowl memory?

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  • Tristian Shelley

    I have to be the 80s I was born so thats when the niners won most of their super bowls so I didn’t see em. In the 90s I was grounded too much to see any super bowl. The first super bowl I watched was actually patriots giants when new England was undefeated. My favorite moment was actually when Michael Strahan got that sack and did his flex pose. On that same drive the pats went for it on 4th down and missed it and thats when you knew something special would happen. The first undefeated team since the 70s would be unbeaten no longer. What a defensive game plan by steve spagnolo. That was tge last supet bowl I watched until today when my favorite moment will be the seahawks doing the impossible and shutting down the broncos offense. Go Hawks and Go Chiefs!

  • Michael Tavis

    I gotta go with the Rams vs Titans. I will forever remember that tackle at the 1 yard line. So great.

  • freshmeat62

    Oh this is easy,

    65 toss power trap!!!

    • freshmeat62

      Of course, Otis Taylor juking that Viking out of his shorts would be a close 2nd!!!

  • berttheclock

    Actually, for myself, it was just attending the very first what was to become known as the Super Bowl and not really understanding the future significance of that game. To this day, I would really like to throttle “The Hammer” for disrupting the defensive backfield play by the Chiefs, as Johnny Robinson said later, due to Williamson’s run away mouth, the other backs tended to shift over to protect him, thus, leaving Max McGee to somehow run with his hangover through the defensive backfield. Now, if only, I had been able to save that program.

    • freshmeat62

      Me and a bunch of my barracks mates had just gotten back to Randolph AFB from a “road trip” to Nuevo Larado. I wasn’t a Chiefs fan yet, because all we saw in Texas was the Cowboys, and before going in the AF all we got on TV were Packers and Cardinals games. So I was really rooting for the Packers then. I remember everybody in the squadron day room laughing and cheering when Williamson was carted off the field.

  • CrispySBC

    For me it’s SB 4 … we were the underdogs and the Vike’s were talking smack big time. Joe Kapp (their QB) thought he was tough stuff but the Chief’s beat him up so bad it was unreal. I date myself but what a great game to be a Chief’s fan.

    • berttheclock

      Mr Kapp, meet Mr Culp and one Aaron Brown.

  • 48SBs&Counting

    Saw SB I & was disappointed with the loss. Saw SB IV & Otis Taylor going for the touchdown. The 72 Dolphins with Mercury Morris, Don Shula, & company going undefeated. The dominance of the Steel Curtain in all 4 of their early SB wins, & finally Montana beating Cinci. Made me a Montana fan.

  • bulldog1982

    Born and bred a Missourian but grew up a Cowboys fan. Roger Staubach, Too tall Jones, Robert Newhouse, Golden Richards. Loved those guys. Then Jerry Jones happened and my idol, Tom Landry was tossed aside like so much garbage. It was like flipping a switch, turned my back on the Pokes and never looked back. Friends took me to a Chiefs game and 25 years later, I’m still a Chiefs fan. Even got the ink to prove it’s permanent.