Updated: Can WR Weston Dressler Be the Answer for Chiefs at the Slot?



It appears that Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star is now confirming that Weston Dressler will sign with the Chiefs.

The rumors are swirlling hot and heavy regarding former North Dakota and CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders star and his status in signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. When I spoke with Terez Paylor from the Kansas City Star earlier today, he wasn’t sure if Dressler was signing, but now even he is convinced that Dressler will be wearing Chiefs gear in the fall.

Dressler could absolutely be the answer to the Chiefs dilemma at the slot receiver and punt returner positions. With Dexter McCluster exepecting to draw a decent amount of interest on the free agent market come March, he may demand a price that’s too high for the Chiefs — hampered by an unforgiving salary cap situation — to pay. But, it may not be the end of the world if Dressler does indeed make Kansas City his home.

While I agree that the talent in the CFL is not what it is in the NFL, Dressler hasn’t been a slouch during his six year career with the ‘Riders. He has only had one season where he’s caught less than 1,000 yards and that was in an injury shortended year where he broke his fibula. To call him a “Wes Welker Clone” would be a disservice to both men, as it’s unfair to compare them, but one can’t help but notice the similarities.

At 5-feet-8-inches, Dressler is definitely smaller than the more-common, bigger bodied receivers who own the outside positions in the NFL. However, guys like Welker, Danny Amendola and even McCluster have proven that having a smaller, shiftier, quicker receiver in the slot can create a big mis-match against larger, slower linebackers who inevitably draw that match up.

Regardless, the official news should come at any time now. According to quotes from the Kansas City Star, Dressler has already made a decision about what team to sign with after considering several offers.

“There was some different interest (from teams) but I’ve got a decision made and it’s coming down to the point where I just need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s,” said Dressler.”

One thing Dressler made clear, he wants to wear No. 13 on his jersey with whatever team he ends up playing with.

“The team I’m talking with, I made a request for a certain jersey number (13) because I wanted to show my respect to the 13th man of Rider nation.”

If you’ve got five minutes to kill, here are some highlights from Dressler’s time with the Roughriders.

Anybody else ready for September?

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  • DoubleD

    Let’s line him up and see how he does . . .

  • berttheclock

    Rather decent of the Roughriders’ management to release him prior to the February 15th date where he would have become a free agent. They must have been done this out of respect for his wishes to play in the NFL. Could be a solid move by Dorsey in the event he signs.

    • kcpauly

      Thought you were gone Bert? good to see you are not
      Go Chiefs!!!!!!

    • KCMikeG

      He really looks impressive. Unfortunately we won’t really know how he will do at this level before the draft. I propose we keep McCluster and add Dressler like Jackson & Maclin under Reid in Philly. Someone (new WR coach?) figures out how to get Bowe to camp in shape and inspired. Say see ya to Avery, give Hemingway more reps and draft a later round development player. I’m starting to feel good about WR. Really would allow us to go after our other critical needs at either FS or TE. I’m not impressed enough with Dix to spend our #1 pick on him so I believe we can do just fine with Terrance Brooks or Dion Bailey in the 3rd round. That would leave us with a TE with our #1 pick and I love that because the position is THE most important one in Reid’s offense. We were hobbled there all year and look at the points we still put up. Now imagine Ebron or Amato with Kelce, Fasano and The Beard. i’m going to dream about that tonight.

  • CrispySBC

    Did you see .. did you see … a WR that caught the ball! Hey I think it bodes well for Chief’s since I wore No. 13 in HS … :)

  • Tony Parker

    As I said before, Wes would be a solid addition to our team. I have watched him play many times against my hometown stampeders. he rarely drops a pass, runs great routes and is very fast and shifty. The guy will catch anything thrown in his vicinity.
    However, this is the CFL with a bigger field and does not have the talent level of the NFL.
    I also don’t think you would see him returning punts in the NFL. Its not his forte.
    imo, he runs sharper routes than Dmc and this will spell the end of Dmc in KC, for the best.
    Wes has proven year after year that he can contribute in a big way.
    trust me on this one brothers, you will not be disappointed.

    • KCMikeG

      McCluster was the leading punt returner in the NFL and Reid loves the guy. I seriously doubt he lets him go in fact I think you will see even more from him next year. Dressler looks great but if you say PR isn’t his forte then all the more reason to keep Dexter. Plus Dexter has done it at the NFL level’s smaller field with bigger and faster players and Dressler has yet to prove he can. Why not keep them both like Jackson/Maclin under Reid in Philly and send Avery and his drops away.

  • Corey Wayne Lande

    Just think about this for a minute, Greenbay has a trove of talented unknown WR’s, true they have had Farve and Rodgers throwing to them. However both are still human, they have to have WRs that could run precise routes and were fast. I personally think that since they came from the draft a lot of times (Dorsey was head of college scouting if I remember correctly) Dorsey had a lot to do with finding those gem WRs no one else payed attention to. Enter Dressler… turning over every stone looking for talent. If you havent seen him make that 1 handed snatching out of the air 3 feet over his head out of the air catch and go you are missing out. If you havent seen this 5′ 8″ WR make a catch in double coverage between 2 much larger DBs. The dude has some nice signs of translating very very well. Somethings are just pure talent and this guys hands are just one of them. You cant teach it… and sometimes it goes unnoticed, especially, if you go to a school like North Dakota.

  • andy

    I am a little tired of dropped passes.

  • Rock

    One of those solid pick ups. #GoChiefs

  • Tristian Shelley

    He seems like a real pro…a hard hat and lunch pail kinda guy which is what we need. I like the reason he wants 13 too thats respect. Dont forget Steve Smith is only 5’9 and plays outside so who knows? If dessler can play outside thatd be even better. I’m excited about this kid for sure but obviously I have to temper my excitement knowing the CFL is nowhere near the NFL. Can’t wait to see what he’s got! Go Chiefs!

  • Lyle Graversen

    Solid pick up by Dorsey. I’m convinced Dex is gone. Cap limitations and they’re bringing in cheap guys like McKnight and now Dressler that have return experience, the writing is on the wall. As far as the slot WR spot goes, don’t be surprised if you see Bowe lining up in the slot more and more. It seems like in the second half of the season when Smith was finding him more and more it was on underneath routes and slants. I think they’ll look to use Bowe and Kelce underneath and look for fresh blood either through FA or the draft to play on the outside.

  • CSconce

    Some nice catches there… Some of those plays look like the result of poor/blown coverages that he likely won’t see at the NFL level, but still interested to see what he can do!!