January 24, 2014; Kapolei, HI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws a pass during the 2014 Pro Bowl practice at Kapolei High School. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Stars Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles Pulling for Peyton Manning to Win the Superbowl

It seems you look at things a bit differently when you’re a player instead of a fan. While most Kansas City Chiefs fans I know are pulling for the Seattle Seahawks to win in the biggest game in sports this Sunday, the Chiefs players seem to be leaning a different way.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith talked about rooting for Manning during the Pro Bowl this past week. Smith sees a bit of his own situation — being benched because of an injury and replaced by the younger, faster model — in Manning’s situation.

“Look at what he’s gone through — from the neck stuff to the Colts letting him go to finding a new home and even having a season like this at his age,” Smith said. “You can’t help but want it for him.”

While it seems Smith’s reasoning for wanting Peyton Manning to win his second Superbowl may be a bit sentimental, the Chiefs star running back Jamaal Charles’ has reasons that are bit more selfish. In fact, it seems as if Charles thinks if Manning wins one more, he may just decided to hang it all up.

“He’s making it hard on me to get my ring,” Charles said. “If Peyton wins, maybe he’ll stop standing in my way.”

The Chiefs weren’t the only ones to weigh in on the subject of the Denver Broncos against the Seahawks this Sunday. Check out the piece by NFL Media Reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala at NFL.com for quotes from all the Pro Bowl players.

Who are you rooting for this Sunday, Addicts? Do you want to keep the Lombardi Trophy in the AFC West or are you going against Peyton Manning and the Broncos by rooting for the Seahawks? Chime in now on where you stand!


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  • Jacob

    Love Charles’ quote. I still want Seattle to win, but I like how he put it.

  • Travis Forsyth

    Well said jamaal, well said

  • Peter C

    Amen Jamaal!!!
    GO Seahawks/Seachickens!!!!
    Good Job Derrick Johnson enjoy your GMC.

  • CrispySBC

    I’m rooting for the Bronco’s for the same reason as AS. Also, I like Champ Bailey and wouldn’t mind seeing both him and PFM win a SB ring then retire. Especially the retire part. I live in Denver and really find it hard dealing with some of the arrogant Bronco fans here. However, both Champ and PFM are class acts and deserving of a ring … I’d be much happier if it was the Chief’s playing this weekend!

  • kcpauly

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!….FUCK Denver!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d-block

    I will never root for Denver. Hope Seattle destroys forehead and co.

  • kcfirechief

    Be kind to your enemy. It $$-%’s with their minds.

  • micah stephenson

    Go Seahawks. F the Bumcos. I don’t want them to win even if means Manning retires! I hate the Broncos!

  • T.Hagen

    I hope Seattle shoves it down the donkey’s throat and they put Peyton in early retirement by breaking his neck.

  • Erik Hild

    There will forever be a burning inferno of hatred and rage in my belly when it comes to the broncos and raiders. And I used to like Peyton Manning until he chose to be a donkey. Go Seahawks screw Denver.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    EFF THAT NOISE! I’ll live with Peyton in the division for 2 more years if it means seeing his dumb face when the Seahawks win the Lombardi.

    • T.Hagen

      Stacy, i hope you know that I really wouldn’t want any injury to come to Peyton but I think you hit the head on the nail. I can’t stand the Broncos.

  • tomflex

    I’m not asking for much…..
    With two minutes to go Denver has the ball. Down by four a field goal can’t win this one, this drive has to end in a touchdown. Manning in machine like fashion moves the team methodically down the field and with just under a minute to go they break huddle and approach the ball resting at the nine…..Manning smiles….he’s lived this moment a thousand time in his dreams and he has never failed to score…this one’s in the bag. Manning takes the snap fakes the handoff and quickly finds his man wide open in the corner…no rush here he says and with that magic Manning touch flicks the ball perfectly to that spot from a thousand dreams and connects like glue to the outstretched hands that…….weren’t even in the picture?….what the?
    Manning’s arms fall slowly from the victorious upright position to a position more suitable for shoving fists into an open mouth. Tears well up around the eyes as they fix blankly on the scene unfolding before him. someone in a Seahawk uniform is running helter skelter around the end zone pumping the football and making maniacally, undecipherable taunting noises….
    Something new to enjoy every night when you close your eyes…… Turtlehead.

  • Tristian Shelley

    Think Alex took took too many sacks and clearly Charles still has concussion like syndrome probably from the hit DJ put on him in the pro bowl. What u think Peyton will take a day off from studying if he wins? No way im rooting for the overrated broncos.

  • http://KIDK.com Racyman

    As bad as I hate the Donks and can’t think of a worse team for Manning to go to, as an NFL fan first and foremost and being so since the late sixties, I know allot about the history of pro football and can appreciate Peyton’s role in that history. He also demands respect, by how hard he works to perfect his craft and is a great ambassador for the NFL, both on and off of the field. Manning emulates what you want NFL players to be, in how they represent the game. So, as hard as it is to actually root for maybe the Chiefs biggest rival, in the big picture, I think Manning winning would establish his rightfull place in the game’s history (and yes, like Charles mentioned, maybe be reason for him to retire, while on top).

  • Michael Anthony Dine

    I agree with both of them I just wish that Peyton’s story wouldn’t have been in the AFC WEST lol

  • Jim bernard

    I’ve never rooted for the NFC in a bowl until this one. FUCK Denver!