Jan 14, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey (left), chairman Clark Hunt (middle) and coach Andy Reid pose for photos during the press conference at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's The Same Old Story For Kansas City Chiefs Fans


The season ends for the Kansas City Chiefs once again.

A post season game lost. A game they should have won.

A familiar disappointment is felt in the bowels of fans, especially those that have worn those red and gold jerseys for more than twenty years.

When people tell me it’s the same old thing in Kansas City, I have to agree.

But for different reasons.

You see the fans I know see more than those fair weather fans that threw their Chiefs gear in the corner and dug out the hockey duds.

We see the same old fans in our section cheering and dancing and laughing in the hottest, coldest, wettest weather that mother nature can send.

We see the same old players pray in our little corner of the field with hope in their eyes and fear in their hearts as they share their secrets , then prance toward the bench for final battle plans.

It’s the same old danger on that field that has been there for over forty years.

Men have been told their careers were over on that field. Men have been crippled for life on that field. Men have died on that field.

Some of the most incredible plays in the history of the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL have happened on that field.

We claimed the world record for the loudest NFL stadium in the world on that field.

We have waved to war heroes on that field and in the air as they fly over.

The parking lot is the same old thing too.

The same old incredible smells of grilling. The same children giggles, the same lovers laughs.

The same pickup football games, the same friends that meet once a year, and have for 30 years, and will for another 30.

And we have the same old feelings.

The same old feelings that nobody will take our team away like they did in St. Louis.

The same old feeling that nobody will tear down our beloved Arrowhead and replace her with a shameful display like Dallas.

Cowboys stadium is a six course lobster dinner. But a good old juicy hamburger like Arrowhead tastes best to us.

The same old owner whose dad created the AFL, the Superbowl, and lived in the stadium for some of the year, and forty years later still does.

Yep it’s the same old thing in story in Kansas City.

And I for one am grateful.





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  • Derek Jamison

    The main difference this year is we didn’t loose that game by bad play or inability. Alex Smith was absolutely fantastic, our backups were so close to getting the win, and we had two absolutely terrible calls from the refs that blew that game for us. The only part that is the same old story is the stat on the W-L column for the playoffs. My friends from other parts of the country are finally giving genuine respect to our Chiefs this year. All of them are saying we won that game and will be a winning team in the foreseeable future.

    Compare this loss to the 2010 playoff loss and it isn’t even close. 2010 was a fluke in my honest opinion, this year was definitely no fluke. Next years schedule is going to be a huge hurdle, but I’m already pumped to head to arrowhead in 9 months.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Hey AA, you captured what it is to be a life long Chiefs fan, rich history. I think the sentence “A game they should have won.” is where the difference was this year compared to the last few playoff games. For that reason I’m optimistic about next year.

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    Right on guys, when i moved away to Colorado Springs, due to my Job, I little piece of me was lost. I still wear my gear, my man cave is all Chiefs and my Family are still Die Hard fans but its not the same being away from home. Great Read. This is a different team, we are built deep and strong. As Andy Reid stated we are family both off and on the field. Looking forward to next year. All i can say is thank God for Sunday Ticket !! Go CHIEFS !!!

  • Phillip Maxwell

    Same ole feelings…you hit it on the head. I get asked all the time, “why the Chiefs”? Well…I simply love my team, faults and all. I can’t fathom or bring myself to root for another team unless somehow it benefits the Chiefs. I will admit, this one hurt worse than some in the past but, for one reason….I honestly felt (and still do) that we could beat ANY team this season. The talent is there, we just have to figure out how to make all 8 cylinders fire at once for the entire 60.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    I hear you guys! I have a 18 yr old daughter named Okoye. I’ve had my face painted once in my life. I was the only red, white,& gold lion in the parade. I’ve been waiting since tecmo Super Bowl. We are so close and my first plane trip WILL BE TO A CHIEFS HOME GAME! See ya soon brethren.

  • Dave

    I disagree when you consider the last five or so years. The year in itself was so much greater than what we have been accustomed too. Yes we lost another first playoff game but this is one year where I am eager for the next. This season we are not walking away with our heads down hoping beyond hope that shit will change. We are not walking away wondering who will get fired, who is going to be our QB, who the hell is going to change things. There is little negativity surrounding this team, there is no worry about what is in store for us next year, there is nothing that resembles the feelings I personally have felt since the end of the Trent Green era. Yes our fans are the best, yes we will BBQ outside the stadium and yell our heads off in it, yes we will faithfully sport our Jerseys despite our teams success o not. But no. No we will not spend this entire off season wondering whats in store. We know. We know that Alex Smith is our QB, Andy is our HC, and JC is our rock. We know that next year we will move past the first round. We know we are primed to be a Super Bowl contender. I for one am carrying on as a fan in a way that I have not done in so damn long.