Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Open Letter to the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs

At the beginning of the season — September 6, 48 hours from opening Sunday kickoff to be exact –I posted a letter to the Kansas City Chiefs. You can go back and read that piece if you like — I’m still pretty proud of it to this day — or I can summarize it for you here.

Essentially, I thanked the Chiefs for their hard work and told them things I would like them to do in this upcoming season. Now that season is over — some would say sadly — I would like to follow up that letter with this one, recapping the season.

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

It was a helluva season, wasn’t it? Not even the most optomistic fan could have dreamed that you would start 9-0 and finish 11-5 with a playoff game. Let’s face it, we all knew this team was talented, but that was one huge turnaround from last year’s 2-14 debacle.

Alex Smith, thank you. Thank you for proving to Chiefs Kingdom that you are the quarterback you were brought here to be. Yes, you started slow in the first half of the season. Names like “game manager” and “Captain Checkdown” seemed to sprout up whenever your name was mentioned. However, heading into the final games of the season, you proved everybody that you were anything but a game manager. The way you were slinging that ball in the games against the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts…it was awesome. And let’s talk about that Colts game.

Let’s talk about the fact that you lost your star running back six plays into the game. Let’s talk about the fact that you lost your No. 2 wide receiver in the first half. Let’s talk about the fact that your second string running back broke his leg in the second half and you were playing with a guy who barely saw the field. Let’s talk about that and still mention that you threw for 378 yards and four touchdowns. I think you did everything you could to win that game. The team lost, but you had the game of your life.

I look forward to what you’re going to do going forward with this team. I attribute your slow start to getting familiar with the system and your new teammates. Coming into next season, you’ll have that out of the way and can just get to work. Thank you, Alex Smith. I’m glad you’re a Chief.

Jamaal Charles, thank you. You, sir, are something else. Everyone in Chiefs Kingdom knew you were awesome and in my earlier letter to you I said you could be an MVP caliber player on this team. That’s exactly what you were this season. If a guy named Peyton Manning wasn’t playing this year, you would hoist that MVP trophy without a doubt. 1200 yards rushing? Over 600 yards receiving? 19 total touchdowns? 19? You’re an animal. I absolutely loved watching you play and in the playoff game, the visual of you heading to the sideline with a concussion broke my heart.

I know next season you’ll be back better than ever. For the first time in your career, you have a quarterback who can lead your team to victory. With you and Alex running this show, the potential of this team is without limits. Get some rest, get better and we all look forward to seeing #25 on the field in just eight short months.

Dwayne Bowe. Oh…Dwayne Bowe. At the beginning of the season you predicted a lot of things. You predicted “Bombs over Baghdad.” You predicted you would lead the league in receptions and touchdowns. You got paid and then you kind of disappeared. Now, I don’t blame that act completely on you. In a new system, you were getting used to your quarterback as much as he was to you. Towards the end of the season, you seemed to really develop a connection with him and that helped…a lot. You need to keep that going. You and Alex Smith need to hang out over the spring and summer. You should be having barbeques together and going to the movies together. Have you ever seen Matt Stafford and Megatron? They are BFF’s and that’s what you guys need to be. You need to know what he’s thinking before he does and vice versa. Then, and only then, will your predictions from this season come true. And lay off the weed man…

To the offensive line I’ll say you had some ups and downs. Sadly, some of you won’t be on this team next year. This isn’t the place for me to say who I think should stay and go, but we all know the reality is that some of you will be with a different team. That’s the business of this league. Your head coach said that he would play the “best five linemen” and I think we all know why they are. If you’re leaving, good luck. If you’re staying, you need to get better. Hold those pass rushers off just a bit longer for your quarterback. Open those holes a bit wider for your running back. Always get better.

To Tamba Hali, Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers. You three are Pro-Bowlers. Some would say you’re slightly over rated. I don’t agree with that, but I think you should all look yourselves in the mirror and think long and hard about yourselves and your teammates. You are three of the highest paid players on the team. Is having that fat contract, but handicapping your team from signing more talent worth not winning a playoff game? The Chiefs have a lot of needs going into the off season and not a lot of cash to make those needs a reality. You should think long and hard about restructuring your deals for the good of the team. The millions don’t mean anything if you’re not winning. Think about that.

Justin Houston, you are a monster and you’re only getting better. This team will rely on you moving forward to be that dominant force on the outside pass rush. Continue to get better. Work your skills and come back next year and break that sack record we all thought you were going to break at the beginning of this year.

Head coach Andy Reid, thank you. You were the right guy at the right  time and if you don’t win the “Coach of the Year” it will be a travesty. You took this team from its worst possible time and turned them into something special. And you’re only getting started. A couple of requests: don’t fire Bob Sutton because he had some success in the beginning of the season. Bring a “Brad Childress” type guy to help him make adjustments because that seemed to be his weakness. Get these guys ready, because next year one and done in the playoffs won’t be good enough.

General manager John Dorsey, thank you for you’ve done. From finding the “Beard” and Marcus Cooper and Ron Parker to all the moves you continued to make, keep it up. This will be your first draft firmly in control. Please really look at what this team needs and make it happen. Re-sign Alex Smith and open up some cap space with the other players.

In all Chiefs, thanks for the ride. My blood pressure was up and down and the end was heartbreaking, but it was awesome. I love this team and I love watching you play.

See you in August.

Jason Seibel

Assistant Editor, Arrowhead Addict

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  • PunjabiPete

    First, someone break into Alex Smith’s house, sit next to his bed, watch him sleep, and when he wakes up read this to him, then initiate a hug. It won’t get weird, I promise.

    Second, if the police haven’t caught up with you yet, head over to Jamaal’s house and do the same thing. Make him breakfast first, though. Fresh squeezed OJ, not the boxed stuff. Is it a little more effort? Absolutely, but love demands you give it your all.

    Do NOT go to Hali, Poe, or Houston’s house, I doubt they sleep. You will get hurt. You have been warned.

    On your way to turn yourself in for the B&E, give a horse an apple then fart in his face for Eric Berry. Is it assault? You be the judge.

    The only thing I saw missing from your post was a love letter to Poe. Everyone was saying he’s a bust because he didn’t blow up every play his first year out of the gates. Anyone with a brain knows it takes 3 years to see what you even have, and Poe is in his second year and teams were already game planning for him because he is showing that that first round pick on him was not wasted.

    * This is a work of satire. Do NOT break into Alex Smith or Jamaal Charles’ respective houses. I’m trying to be funny.

    • berttheclock

      You did succeed, very well.

  • micah stephenson

     The way you were slinging that ball in the games against the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers and the playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts…it was awesome…..huh? Id say it was better but awesone is an exageration. Lol. He had 2 or 3 deep passes in 3 or 4 games out of 15 and he is awesome? Wow.

    • hmmm

      You seem to be a bit unrealistic about qb play. Smith’s last nine games are at the top of the NFL.

      Yet it does not seem good enough for you…

      CMP 193
      Att 304
      Pct Cmp 63.50%
      Yds 2121
      TD 20
      Int 3
      QB rating – 101.8


      • micah stephenson

        Those numbers look good but stats can b twisted. Where are the stats for wins vs good teams and playoff wins this yr?

        • kcpauly

          For the love of God man STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!get over it dildo, it’s getting really old, like 3 months ago douche’ bag
          Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Chiefsred

            That’s Micah’s name Micah the douche. Or the douche for short

          • micah stephenson


      • micah stephenson

        Alex’s season high before the Chiefs was 3144 yards 17 tds 5 ints. I predicted this yr he would have mayby 3500 yards at the very most and 17 tds 9 ints. This yrs numbers with the Chiefs 3313 yards 23 tds (7 of them was Charles) 5 ints. Now because Charles took a bunch of real short passes the distance the td stats look decent but the rest of the numbers look about where I’d thought they b. Next yr he shud have more weapons but I predict about the same numbers. 3550 yards/17 tds/8 ints. I know he had a good QB rating, but he shud when all he do is check down to charles or somebody 3 yards downfield.

        • Andy

          How many Manning’s, Brady’s and Rivers are there?? Not many. Which Rivers are you talking about?? The 2011 27 TD 20 int’s or the 2012 26 TD and 15 int? Maybe you should think before you write. Charles “took a bunch of short passes Bla Bla. Charles has a 46 yard reception per game average, and less than 5 receptions per game. Do the math. ALL the QB you mentioned have a different offensive system. You negate Charles numbers just to inflate “your predictions”. 23 TD vs 5 int’s ain’t bad. But of course, we can’t let real stats get in the way of your Smith bashing.

        • hmmm

          Yes, you bad. Smith’s numbers over the last 3 years are better than Rivers based on interceptions that lose games for his team and QB rating. A rookie drafted and developed by the Raiders will not automatically be better than Smith. You say he could be, but that is a long stretch filled with huge assumptions. I think you need to find someone else to hate. Or better yet, when the Raiders draft a QB in the top ten, go root for the Raiders and their shiny new elite qb in the making.

  • micah stephenson

    “you proved everybody that you were anything but a game manager” “And let’s talk about that Colts game”…lets talk about it. Alex looks decent when all he has to do is game manage. In the beging of the game he was able to do that. We hit with our best shot with Charles, Avery beat his man by ten yards which is what you have to do to get alex to throw you the ball, the defense set him up for a lot of easy scores. Alex is looking real good right now. We got the lead, the d setting it up for us, he getting easy throws, we running well, alex is looking good at “managing the game” but as the game went on and on and the game got tighter and tighter, and he had to go from just “game manager” to the type of QB I wish we had, he didn’t look so good anymore. Once we realized that the D wasn’t gone get it done and Alex had to, we knew we was gone lose. We knew he didn’t have it in him. On the last drive, whith plenty of time left, the great guys drive down the field and score. Alex sputters. You said Alex had the game of his life, in all his good games we still lost, in the games where you can just throw the D out the window, I know he won’t get it done. Alex is alright man but you try to pump
    him up to b more than he is becuase he is your favorite player.

    • berttheclock

      Absolute Hogwash, as usual.

      You know nothing about the game of football.

      • Deadmeat

        I think Alex kicked his puppy. There is something personal going on here, the hate is to deep.

      • micah stephenson

        That’s your opinion. I’ve seen people say the same thing about you

      • micah stephenson

        let me ask you this, if I absolutely loved quarterback and was always kissing his ass would i then be more knowledgeable about football? There’s really not much I don’t know about football. Its not quantum physics.

    • 22deeboi

      i have never commented before on this website, but i constantly read niner articles. (niner fan) and this year i have begun reading the chiefs articles (alex smith fan) . of all the comments i see on a daily basis, i have yet to come across someone like you. you really dig deep to judge a player who has done really well this year. the standard you hold him to is ridiculous, its honestly like you want a qb that never makes mistakes or never fails! well no qb is perfect! how many times did peyton manning’s teams fail in the playoffs? before tom brady started putting up crazy football numbers, the years the patriots won the 3 superbowls, brady never passed for 30 td’s…you sound just like skip bayless when he talks about lebron. you give alex smith minimal credit when he does good, but when he does ok or bad, you jump all over him, regardless if the team wins!! Honestly i didnt know what to expect from alex because he was going into a new system, new team and etc. but even you predicted that he’ll have 17 td’s and 9 interceptions, well his 23 td’s to 9 interceptions exceeded your expectations. his yards didn’t hold up but that would be nit picking considering that his interception rate was one of the best. funny thing is when you say he passed to JC for 7 td’s do you say the same for stafford and megatron? you need to give credit where credit is due. alex did good for his first year in this new system, imagine next year? What if he does better passing for 25 + tds and continues to keep the interceptions below 10 and gets to the AFC conference championship but fails? Would you still not give him credit? Honestly the hate needs to stop, you don’t have to like him but you can at least respect the fact that he helped your team get to the playoffs and wasn’t a headache on the side

      • micah stephenson

        Don’t b shy. Comment more often. I just started liking the niners sinse Kop has become the QB. You won’t meet anybody like me. Man I just want a QB that I feel one day will b able to win 3 playoff games and a superbowl. I don’t feel like Alex Smith can. I don’t care about making it to the plsyoffs. Its about playoff wins and superbowls. He did exceed my 17 td prediction but I didn’t account for JC scoring 7 tds. When you say imagine next yr, I see more of the same qb, no matter what kind of wrs or TE’s we get, I still see the stats being about the same. If we make to the afc champ game I will give him credit. I actually have a bet with someone that if that happens, I will change my profile name to “Alex Smith is the best QB ever” and wear his jersey in my profile pic. Of corse I don’t think that will happen.

        • Chiefsred

          The douche has spoken

        • erocks49ers

          Now it makes sense. Your a CK groupie. I’m a 9ers fan and became a Chiefs fan also When AS came over.

          If you’ve been watching the 9ers games CK hasn’t been impressive. The defense has been saving the games. CK is a 1 read and run QB. Sure his arm is strong but he has no finesse on his passes. Thus his 50% completion rate. Can’t score in the red zone. This is his 3rd year in the NFL (under the same OC) and the game hasn’t slowed down for him yet. He dazzled people with the read option in his second year but that was figured out by game 2 of his 3rd year. He has no concept of clock management and rarely checks down when needed.

          He choked in the super bowl last year. He struggles against some of the weakest offenses in the NFL. KC’s pass offense was ranked 24 while the 9ers were ranked 30th. AS is ranked #17 while CK is ranked #20. I wonder if you rag CK the same as AS

        • 22deeboi

          Will comment more often see you on the next upcoming articles. if you didn’t see alex smith name to these playoff stats would you say he is the problem:
          rec: 1-2 passing td’s:9 int: 0 rushing td’s:1 Passing yards: 873 yds rushing yds: 127 yds fumbles: 3. if i didnt see his name i would say those are excellent stats and i would look into why his record is 1-2 because apparently he is doing a good job. i feel he could’ve went to the superbowl his first year with harbaugh, a few turnovers near the end cost him, but i don’t blame him. last year i feel he could’ve beaten the same teams CK7 played because CK7 only had a breakout game against the packers. he did average against the falcons and the ravens, before that blackout, was horrible but he played better after.

    • Andy

      If a QB throws for 375 yards and 4 TD’s, is not called a manager and it is not his fault the team loses. Two running backs and the #2 WR go out during the game…and you blame Smith? If anything, the play calling should have had a lot more running plays called. Again, Charles would have picked up some of those first downs late in the game.

  • Andy

    We did have a good year. We as fans know some of the things that need to be fixed, Sutton adjustments, Safety, WR….but does the organization? I understand this a knee jerk reaction, since I have been a Chiefs fan for a long time. I am falling back on the “we have professionals running the team now” mantra. Umm, Smith might have to go to Bowes house, since Bowe might be under house arrest after his trial. We could also be without his services for a year, depending on his legal outcome