Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) makes a catch while being defended by Indianapolis Colts defensive back Josh Gordy (27), but was unable to keep in bounds during the fourth quarter of the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Receiver Dwayne Bowe on Being Dwayne Bowe

In case you haven’t heard, Dwayne Bowe was on 810 WHB yesterday afternoon to “clear the air” about all things Dwayne Bowe. The prolific Chiefs receiver had quite a bit to say about everything from the final offensive play of the heartbreaking 45-44 loss to the Indianapolis Colts to his November arrest for speeding and alleged marijuana possession.

In talking about that arrest, Bowe claimed he was “followed and profiled” by the police. Here’s the full quote.

“I mean everybody, people close around me and my team and the organization know I had nothing to do with that,” Bowe said of the arrest. “I was being profiled and it will all come to light in February. It wasn’t a distraction because my teammates know and my family knows. Like I said, I was being watched and being followed. Like I said, that’s how it goes sometimes when you got the millions behind your name.

“I mean once it clears the air, everybody knows, whoever knows Dwayne knows the truth about it and know what kind of guy I am. I just can’t wait until it’s all over, so let the world know instead of the people that’s close to me know what really happened.”

That’s pretty interesting, given the earlier stories about Bowe admitting to “smoking a little weed” at the airport. That’s not even mentioning the alleged inquiry into the hours of operation of the local Sonic.

On a more serious note, Bowe also discussed playing on the Chiefs under general manager John Dorsey.

“I look at it as I look at the record. We had a great record. We were in the playoffs, so anytime you can take your team to the playoffs, I figure that’s a great year no matter what the stats be.

“I played all-around great football on blocking and receiving and getting guys in position to be where they at today. We got three offensive guys going to the Pro Bowl, so it’s just me helping my team get to that stature is what I call a great year no matter what my stats be because I know what kind of player I am and what I can do.

“And it was the first year, so the coaches were seeing what guys can do. And next year it will be even better stats-wise for me. But when you get to this point in your life, you just want to win. I honestly just want to win, that’s all I want.”

The biggest question, though, was why had the best game of the season during that final — ill fated — playoff match up. Bowe caught eight balls for 150 yards and a touchdown.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I played the game just how I played the games in season. If coach called the plays, I try to make the play when it’s called. He came to me early and often, and that was the result that he got.

“I think when Jamaal (Charles) went down, you know, we had to change the game plan on how we were going to run the ball to passing it. And so it all depends on the personnel. We got a lot of great weapons on offense and coach Reid, he tries to get everybody the ball, he wants to get everybody involved. It’s not like a couple of years ago when I was the only one on offense that you got to come to me 12 or 13 times a game.

“We have Jamaal, that’s an excellent runner, then you have me, you have a great tight end, our fullback Anthony Sherman, he makes plays. The coaches want to keep everybody happy and put everybody in situations where they can make plays. That’s what you love about them because you don’t want one guy getting keyed and Xd off, and you can’t worry about that guy anymore.

“He wants everybody getting involved and everybody keeping their heads in the game. He does a great job of calling plays and we do a great job of executing it.”

The final burning question was what happened on that final 4th-and-11 play when he was six inches out of bounds on a deep pass down the sidelines.

“Once I beat the corner off the grip, I was looking for the ball. He (quarterback Alex Smith) had to go through his progressions, he tried to look the safety off and then throw it to me, which he did. But once I caught it, the corner was pushing me at the same time I was trying to get my feet in.

“Nobody really knows I had a sprained foot, like I had a mid-foot sprain, it had a little crack in it since the third quarter. I really wasn’t supposed to be in the whole fourth quarter. I was supposed to been out, but I toughened it up and played just because in the last game you have to take every game serious.

“I barely can walk right now. I got my foot in a boot right now as we speak. I just tried to make that play, I tried to get both feet in. But if I would have got it in, I know I probably would have broke my right foot because it’s still – I have it in a boot right now.

“Eddie (Kennison) can tell you, I’ve been getting rehab and treatment trying to get it right. I just tried to make that play when it was called, but it was six inches away. I felt just as bad as you felt, but all I can do is try and give everybody a chance, so I tried to make it.

“Man, I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was a good and bad feeling that he came to me when the game was on the line, so that’s a good thing. Now that I have his trust, he can do that more often when the season starts.”

It appears that Bowe won’t need foot surgery, just a bit of rest and relaxation in the off season while he attempts to get his playing weight down about five pounds and work on his endurance.

And oh, by the way, he thinks his quarterback deserves a contract extension as well. So, there’s that.

*A big thanks to chiefsspin. com for the full transcript of the interview.

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  • Mike Ross

    Sounds like a bunch of excuses for being an insanely overpaid mediocre WR to me.Time for the Bowe (no) Show to find a new setting.

    • PunjabiPete

      If he’s insanely paid and mediocre, then why would you be mad that he didn’t make that final catch? A mediocre WR would not have given us 150 receiving yards and turned up in the biggest game in a decade for us. A mediocre WR would not be out there throwing blocks and being a team player (which hurts his stats). Sprain your ankle then go do wind sprints and see how well you perform.

      • Haley Wright

        Showing up ONE out of 17 games doesn’t make you a good WR. For demanding to get paid as much as he does, because he’s a “top WR” his job is to show up every game, whether it’s the playoffs or preseason, and make those catches when we need it.

        • PunjabiPete

          Right, so if he’s not a good WR, why is everyone mad he didn’t go up for that catch? You can’t have it both ways: “You suck as a receiver!” “Go make that tough catch!” “You never catch anything, you’re inconsistent!” “Why didn’t you make that catch? It makes no sense?!”…. Even if we disagree, can you see where I’m coming from?

          Is he being overpaid? I don’t know, I’m no analyst, but isn’t EVERY player trying to get paid?

          I know I sound ultra argumentative, and maybe I am being so, but I feel like a little comity would go a long way here (comity means patience, right? I hope so)

  • Haley Wright

    I used to like this guy, but I think it’s safe to say I’m no longer a fan of him. He is WAY too conceited and full of himself. He thinks he’s a lot better than he is, and he’s all talk. To be paid as much as he is, he should make those plays, whether he THINKS he will break his foot or not. He needs to put his big girl panties on and take one for the team.

    • PunjabiPete

      I honestly don’t read what he said as being conceited. All receivers have to have a little bit of swag and bravado, they are the hired guns of the Old West…. and if Dwayne Bowe makes that catch, breaks his foot and then doesn’t come out the next game, we’re screwed.

      On another note, I don’t care how much I’m being paid, even if it’s what that Dodgers pitcher is making (30 mil a year) I’m not breaking my foot for ANYBODY. Even if we paid Dwayne Bowe Larry Johnson money, that gives us as fans no right to demand he hurt himself for our enjoyment, even if the game is on the line. Factor in the point that we should never have gotten in a position where it came down to that one throw, and comments like that make us sound even more insensitive. If your boss told you to fend off a rabid dog so he could wait in line for his coffee in peace, would you do it? The fact that he pays you a good salary makes it OK, right?

      Dwayne Bowe is a braggart, I’ll give you that. So is Calvin Johnson. So is Andre Johnson. So is Jeremy Maclin. So is AJ Green. They’re ALL highly paid braggarts. What else is new?

      *note – I’m not trying to flame you, just noting I disagree with your statement and explaining why.

      • Haley Wright

        I’m saying how does he know he would have broke his foot if he would have caught that? Good for him for being in there injured, that’s finally being a team player. But I also think Bowe makes up a lot of excuses for why he hasn’t played very good this year, or why he doesn’t make critical catches. We all remember the infamous “don’t go up to catch the ball because the defender is right there and might hit me” play a couple of years ago. He hasn’t done anything lately to warrant him acting like Andre Johnson or A.J Green. He isn’t even close to being on their level.
        He wasn’t even our top receiver, our RB was. Yes, he put blocks out there and everything else, but that’s not an excuse for why he had so many dropped catches, or catchable balls that he just didn’t go for. He demanded to get paid the big bucks this year, and didn’t look even close to deserving. Maybe next year will be different, but for someone that has been all for him since he started, and was glad to sign him again, I was very disappointed in how he played this year. He was way too inconsistent.

      • Chase

        To argue over whether or not he should have broke his foot to make the catch would be ridiculous. D Bowe is making an excuse. Bottom line. That is what struck me from his comments. He isn’t saying I tried my best, he isn’t saying I could have done better and I will the next time my number gets called, No! He is making excuses?!?! And I don’t care what other receivers are doing, I care about what my boy D Bowe is doing. I don’t care what he gets paid but I do care about whether he is leaving everything out there on the field and from the interview it doesn’t sound like he did. Change your mindset Bowe. You’ve been my favorite and I don’t want that to change but if you keep making excuses and saying crap like this then maybe we need to look at other options, I know I will. Don’t be content with how good you think you are. Push yourself to be better. The team needs you to do that and one day you will realize that you need that too.

  • Troy Utt

    Sorry but we paid $56.5mil for a pass catching WR who just mailed in a less than 45 ypg average for this last season. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Bowe picking up his blocking assignments, but I also know without question we could have found cheaper options for downfield blocking? Bowe got paid & every Chiefs fans worse nightmare in regards to what would happen afterwards came about… NOTHING!!!
    Many have made the argument it was a new offense, that Bowe was dbl teamed, etc… I submit that avenue of thinking holds no merit as Bowe has been in the league many years & once again is being paid to supposedly be able to handle those situations… With JC making up over 1/3 of KC’s offense & putting up career numbers in receiving yards this seasonn, it is obvious the Chiefs are committed to passing the football.
    A statement that is reinforced by the fact that Alex Smith also had a career season, so had Bowe pulled down even 1/2 of the catchable balls, making more of his first half opportunities his stats in the second half of the season would have been off the chart. Here’s to hoping 2014 will take off where the play-off game left off???

    • ArrowFan

      New Offense new QB new coach. I think we will look back and 2013 will just be he low year, next year the Offense should continue to improve.

    • PunjabiPete

      So… Dwayne Bowe is terrible, he can’t catch, he sucks… here’s hoping 2014 features Alex Smith throwing to…. Dwayne Bowe? That’s where the play-off game left off, was with Alex Smith targeting Bowe quite a bit, even to the detriment of Avery and other pass catchers.

      I honestly thought Reid would get rid of Bowe, as Avery likes speedy wideouts and Bowe is NOT that. The vote of confidence, while possibly coach speak, seems to note otherwise.

      I’m hoping Bowe and Avery come back and build on what they did this year, and we kick Fasano, Kelce, literally every tight end not named McGrath to the curb and pay Tony Gonzales to help consult on who our new TE will be. In SF Alex Smith loved his TE, and making him comfortable this year > trying to make him fit with what we got. I feel like we have our Franchise QB, it’s time to build the team he wants and let him do what he has proven he can do.

  • jpopejoy

    I am shocked how poorly fans are treating bowe. He used to be a diva…now he’s the ultimate team player saying “all he wants to do is win” and somehow it’s still all about him? At the end of the day, when the offense picked up it was when Alex smith was taking shots and not just checking down. I agree we need another WR threat but he’s a very good WR and one of the best blocking WRs in the game (and if you don’t think that matters w a guy like Charles…you don’t know the game of football)

  • mattU

    So if we managed to not blow a 4 TD 2nd half lead at Indy the lineup for the New England game would have been pretty bleak: Charles, Flowers, Avery (concussions); Bowe (foot); Houston, Davis (leg) all out…Yeah something tells me that one wouldn’t have gone well.