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The Plight of a Chiefs Fan

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Well for the Chiefs Kingdom another year has come and gone and once again, for this Chiefs fan, he has to watch as some of his best friends cheer their team into first in the AFC and winner of the division.

The Denver Broncos.

This year has been especially tough since the Chiefs were doing so well in their first playoff appearance in two years, just to see a huge lead squandered and a victory for Andrew Luck and the Colts. Combine that with the fact that I have moved into enemy territory, a mere 245 miles away from Peyton Manning and the first place Broncos. This has not been the way to end a year.

I thought 2013 would be the year the Chiefs would dethrone the Broncos in epic fashion, but the last half of the season did end as planned as they finished 11-5 on the year. However this season cannot be stated as a bad season. The turnaround of this team is historic and I look to the future with wide eyes to see what Andy Reid and company can come up with to make next year just as successful.

With all that said i regret to say the following…

Go Chargers!

As a Chiefs fan, it pains me to cheer on any other team than the red and yellow. But I will admit it is with thoughts of revenge swimming around in my head that I will cheer on the Chargers in the upcoming Sunday game. Not only do I think they can win, but I know they can win, simply because they have done it before.

I currently work in sales and my boss just happens to be a 49′s fan, and liked to remind me all through the season what a gift they gave us in Alex Smith and in Marcus Cooper. With that in mind I also choose to root for the Panthers as well so that he may feel the regret and sadness of post season glory ruined in the blink of an eye.

But I digress.

So as I have said before it is with regret that I choose to be a Chargers fan if only for one night as I hope they shock the NFL for a second time and steal a victory from Peyton and Pals, and thus give the same end to the Broncos season as the Chiefs.

Sound off Addicts. Do you root for another team in the post season? If so who and what do you think the result of the Chargers Broncos game is going to be? Comment Below.

And as always…Go….Chargers? (That was difficult)

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