Jan 14, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey (left), chairman Clark Hunt (middle) and coach Andy Reid pose for photos during the press conference at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs Dynasty Begins

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Hey Addicts! Hold your heads high. This year was a great start to a new dynasty of football here in Kansas City. Some of you may be thinking I’m being too optimistic, but just wait. I’ll explain in a bit. First though, here are four things I learned from the 2013 NFL season that have relevance to the Chiefs:

Teams That Were Way Worse Than Advertised

The Giants, Texans and Washington. In this quarterback-happy era, who would have thought that Eli Manning, Matt Schaub and RGIII would all have had horrendous years and dragged their teams down with them? It just goes to show you that a great quarterback without a great coach is just not enough, and vice versa. You need both, and a system that allows each to thrive and play to their strengths.

Teams That Were Way Better Than Advertised

The Broncos, Chargers and Colts. Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck had monstrous seasons. Each of them had at least two exceptional ball catchers who stepped up this year as well. We all knew that Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker were going to be great. But who would have guessed Julius Thomas would be the second coming of Shannon Sharpe? Rivers had rookie Keenan Allen playing like a Pro Bowler and Danny Woodhead turned out to be one of the savviest pickups in the offseason. Finally, Luck had T.Y. Hilton explode in his second season and his old Stanford teammate, Coby Fleener, made clutch plays on a consistent basis.

The Raiders Outdid Even The Raiders

I could have put the Raiders in the first category – teams that were way worse than advertised. But the Raiders were historically bad in 2013. They finished the season at 4-12, including six consecutive losses to end the year. Even better, 2013 represented the eleventh straight non-winning season for Oakland. By the time the draft rolls around, they may have a new general manager and coach. Fortunately for us, they’ll still have major holes at quarterback, receiver, running back, both lines, linebackers, defensive backs – basically, everyone but their kickers.  But more relevant to this post, it’s just fun to point out how bad the Raiders are. And to show how strong leadership at the top – and I’m looking at you, Clark Hunt – can turn around a franchise.

The Chiefs Are Building Toward Something Great

Here’s the explanation for my optimism. The combination of Andy Reid, John Dorsey a great coaching staff and a roster full of top-notch talent really worked this year. I’m as hopeful as I’ve ever been in an offseason. I know we were all hopeful going into 2013 but that hope was based on just that – hope. Now we know what these Chiefs are capable of and with just a few upgrades, we should be in serious contention for the AFC Championship game and perhaps even the Super Bowl next year.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out this list of the last five Super Bowl winners, and what they did just one year prior to winning the ultimate championship in all of sports:

  • 2012 Baltimore Ravens: Finished 12-4 in 2011, won the AFC North but lost in the AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots.

  • 2011 New York Giants: Finished 10-6 in 2010 and second in the NFC North. Did not qualify for the playoffs.

  • 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers: Finished 9-7 in 2010 and third in the NFC North. Did not qualify for the playoffs.

  • 2009 New Orleans Saints: Finished 8-8 and last in the NFC South. Did not qualify for the playoffs.

  • 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers: Finished 10-6 and won the AFC North, but lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wild Card game, while playing at home at Heinz Field.

Four of the past five Super Bowl champions preceded their runs to greatness by either not even qualifying for the playoffs or losing in the Wild Card round. Now I know what you could say – there are a bunch of teams that didn’t qualify for the playoffs this year and don’t have a chance in the world to make it to the Super Bowl next year (see “Raiders, Oakland”). But the Kansas City Chiefs have a few things in common with these past Super Bowl winners that other teams don’t: a great head coach, a great quarterback for the offensive system and a great set of defensive players. The Chiefs have all that and more.

This year was a great one for the Kansas City Chiefs, despite last weekend’s game. And Addicts, we have an exciting offseason to look forward to as Dorsey once again does his magic. The Chiefs are fortunate to go into the offseason with fewer gaps than most teams. I have an early eye on Marqise Lee, a special wide receiver from USC and free safety Hasean Clinton-Dix, who could become a great complement to Eric Berry in the secondary. Both are slotted to be picked in the second half of the first round. and the Chiefs will have the 23rd pick. With Dorsey continuing to churn through scouting reports and free agents, I am even optimistic that the Chiefs can finally become one of those teams that are in contention year after year, not just next year.

Finally, Addicts, thank you for all of your humor, commitment and engagement over these past two years!  Life and work calls, so this will be my last Crowd Noise but I look forward to continuing to be an avid Addict like the rest of you.

In the meantime, go Chiefs and I’ll see you in the comments section!!

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    So long Miles! You’ve been a wonderful part of the AA family. The staff and our readers will miss you man.
    Great sendoff!

    • Miles Yi

      Keep up the incredible and smart writing, Reach! You’ll find me in your comment section now!

  • Michael Shaw

    Shame to see the crowd noise leave this site, but good luck to you Mr. Yi in your new endeavors!!

  • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

    A is losing a hell of a writer. You’ve been a terrific voice on this site. You will always be welcome here.

    Drop by and leave us some comments, will ya?

    • Miles Yi

      Done and done. Thanks Paddy, and all of you Addicts!

  • Phillip Maxwell

    Always enjoyed reading ya Miles!

  • Blake Molina

    Gonna miss ya Miles!

    First things first, before the draft: Sweep out the guys like Lewis and Robinson as well let Albert walk. We don’t have much wiggle room in the salary cap, so hopefully this can compensate a bit as we head toward a draft with a deep class overall, and maybe pick up a crucial free agent or two

    • Montez K.

      I agree…let Albert walk…I like him and wish we could keep him honestly but the price tag will be too high and the games we were missing him there wasn’t a significant change…I like the reserves we had. Schwartz did pretty well. We will be needing that extra cap space come FA season!

    • Miles Yi

      Hey Blake,

      I’m torn on Albert. He remains one of the better left tackles. But I do wonder if Fisher might actually thrive back at his natural position.

      • Blake Molina

        For me, it’s the fact that Albert can never play a full season. That’s what settles it.
        I think Fisher would do better at LT. Although there’s new emphasis being placed across the league at RT, it’s still a different position because the footwork, weight and lean distribution, etc, are all flipped. So I think Fisher will do better since that’s what he’s played all through college.

  • berttheclock

    Geez, Miles, we hardly knew ya. Your excellent comments, such as the one above will be sorely missed. However, better days for one and all.

    • Miles Yi

      Thank you berththeclock for all of your research and insights! Looking forward to joining you in the comments now!

  • Montez K.

    Way to be positive…we’re tied with the San Francisco 49ers (oh the irony) for the most Pro Bowlers; the talent is there. The coaching is there. We were a few situations out of making it to the divisional round. This weekend’s playoff loss hurt–but we competed. Over the past year when have you felt like we legitimately COMPETED. We were never blown out to where you sit back and say “Hey we just can’t beat these guys”..Who knows what would have happened had the injuries not been so severe, especially the Hali/Houston loss? You couldn’t have truly expected the Chiefs to go from the last place team straight to the SB? Let’s be real…the progress made in the first year was exceptional. I would have never guessed we’d be this good, this fast. There needs to be some fine tuning here and there (K. Lewis and D. Robinson gone, I never want to see them again in Chiefs red) but overall we are pretty solid. If you discount E. Fisher’s contributions, we really haven’t even gotten to see much from this past year’s draft class….Kelce, Commings, N. Johnson, etc. all had pretty lengthy injuries and we still don’t know what they bring to the table. I’d like to think that Commings especially has a bright future as they tried to throw him in the mix late in the season. We get Kelce back to match with the TE that the Chiefs WILL draft with that 23rd pick (bank on that, A. Smith loves his TE, and they are preparing to make a serious investment in Smith as we speak), and we will be putting up points in no time. Don’t be surprised if former Mizzou standout Maclin ends up back in Missouri either. We will be just fine…the foundation has definitely been laid for a bright future. Don’t give up Chiefs Nation, this is just the beginning!

  • Lauri Comstock

    Great article but one error; the Packers beat the Steelers in Super Bowl 45.

  • Rob Ross

    Great article Miles. I agree 100%. We defitately have the nucleus of a contender.

  • Natasha Sims

    Great job, Miles! We’ll miss your optimistic game previews each week. Best of luck to you!!

  • Jim Harper

    Really hate to see you go. You have been one of the true bright spots on AA. We have been getting so much negativity on here the past year from several commenters that I always looked forward to your column because you look for the positive things the team is doing. Best wishes and you will be missed.

  • ladner morse

    Come back soon miles. You’ll be missed for sure!
    Best wishes!

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  • sidibeke

    Last Crowd Noise for the year or ever? If the latter, sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed the posts and look forward to reading your comments as an addict like the rest of us disappointed yet hopeful souls.

  • A1 Yola

    Wish in one hand and Crap in the other, see which one fills up faster!