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Chiefs' Bitter End Shouldn't Ruin What Was A Hell Of A Ride For Fans

Three weeks ago I wrote on this site that I feared there was a strong possibility that the Kansas City Chiefs might not win another game.

It was a strange time to be writing such an article. The Chiefs had just won in convincing fashion over the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins. The team appeared to be playing well and fan confidence seemed restored following the team’s recent three-game slide to the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers.

I am sad to report that my worst fears were realized yesterday, albeit not in the manner in which I expected them to be realized.

Things turned out to be much worse.

The crux of my argument was that the Chiefs hadn’t beaten a really good team all season, save the Philadelphia Eagles, who at the time were being led by Michael Vick and were not a good team. Until the Chiefs showed they could win a big game against a legitimate Super Bowl contender, I said, they themselves would be nothing more than a cute story, this year’s NFL pretenders. They’d had the chance to knock off Denver and failed, I mused, and the upcoming game against the Colts at Arrowhead was yet another opportunity to proved they’d grown up and were ready for primetime.

After the stinker to the Colts at Arrowhead, I feared my prophesy was coming true. The next week, KC lost to the Chargers, though it was not how I envisioned things going. The Chiefs played mostly backups and their backups actually played well and nearly won the game. While it was still loss number two, I was beginning to feel that maybe the Chiefs were preparing to prove me wrong in the playoffs.

And for one glorious half of football, they did.

Sometime during the middle of the game, I gleefully admitted that the Chiefs had grown up and were ready for “Big Boy Football.”

Then the wheels came off.

There is no sugarcoating yesterday’s loss. It was the second-largest collapse in NFL playoff history. It was embarrassing. It was a horrible end to what should have been a joyous season for Chiefs fans.

There is a lot of anger and frustration in the Chiefs Kingdom today. I’ve seen fans, members of the same brotherhood, cursing at each other in the comments here on AA. People are being called idiots or worse. Fans are threatening to never watch the team again. They’re done. They’ve had it. This organization is a joke. Fire Sutton. Fire Reid. Fire Andrew Luck’s neck-beard stylist.

I’ve often wondered why I find myself feeling so miserable after the Chiefs lose. After all, I didn’t lost anything. I’m not on the team. I’m just some shrub sitting in his living room watching, for entertainment purposes, while drinking entirely too much beer for a Sunday afternoon.

Over the years, I’ve realized that it is all right to be bummed out. I invest a lot of my free time into reading about, writing about and supporting the Kansas City Chiefs. I ran Arrowhead Addict for three years and during that time, not a day went by that I didn’t write something about the team. Each of those days, you, the Arrowhead Addicts, stopped by to read what I had to say. We were all giving up part of our day to the Kansas City Chiefs. When they win, we win with them. When they lose, well, we take it hard.

The Chiefs losing always sucks and losing in the manner in which they lost yesterday sucks a little bit harder.

Okay, a lot harder.

But don’t turn on your fellow Chiefs fans during this time of strife. Embrace them.

As Andy Reid might say, we’re in this together, doggoneit.

I don’t know about you, but I had a blast watching the 2013 Chiefs. Andy Reid and John Dorsey brought a winner back to Kansas City and before they’re done, they might just bring a championship back as well. These guys came to win and I’d say their work this season has earned them a little bit of equity with the Chiefs Kingdom.

Heck, I’m already looking forward to next season. When is the draft? When is free agency? Time the bolster the safety and receiver positions. Time to keep developing Knile Davis, Marcus Cooper and Erc Fisher.

It’s time to look forward. Looking back is too painful.

Here’s to the 2013 Chiefs. Thanks for a heck of a ride.

Now get back to work!

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  • Stephen Doroha

    I’ve been a Chiefs fan my whole life & just like the Marty days this season was fun every Sunday instead of dreadful so that’s always fun for a season but I want a playoff win for God sakes!! Will always love my Chiefs but I think its time to say out Beloved Chiefs are cursed!! GO CHIEFS!! Maybe we can break the playoff curse & win a playoff game next season & make Lamar Hunt proud up above!!

  • freshmeat62

    As I posted over on Jason Seibel’s piece a while ago, the playoffs this year were gravy. Nobody expected the Chiefs to do as well as they did – at least no one not in a straight jacket.

    I’m w/ you, disappointed but looking forward to some great runs in the future, Dorsey/Reid know how to build a winner.

    So now it’s time to hit the 2014 Draft reports. Isn’t it great we got to wait until January to do that, instead of in October?

    • Larry Devore

      They need to address the secondary. No way should one receiver go for over 200 yards.

      Alex Smith played a great game yesterday. Second round pick was well worth it. Chiefs could also add another top flight receiver

    • DieHard_ChiefsFan

      Ok everyone. Yes the game absolutely sucked after having a dominating lead but lets all be real about this. We were 2-14 last year. How many of you picked us to go past 8-8 or 10-6 this year, let alone getting to the play offs? I was at 8-8 so was a huge improvement. Yes my hat flew across the room at the TV after that last 4th and forever and i was pissed all night but huge improvement. Things we HAVE to do to compete next year.
      1.) Kick Kendrick Lewis to the curb.
      2.) When we have our foot on the gas peddle, DO NOT LET UP in the 2nd half. We have lost to many games, who gives a crap about running up the score. Show them you are there to play.
      3.) Get a veteran wide receiver that is not past his years and can get it done. 2 awesome passes yesterday on the run by Smith so we can stretch the field..
      4.) Get another shutdown Corner back that can run down the field with the receiver or Bob Sutton, make sure your new Safety (Replacing Kendrick) knows how to cover over the top.
      5.) Another Strong Middle Linebacker and for goodness sakes start cross blitzing up the middle more as this worked every time when the outside blitz didnt.

      We have a long ways to go but cant blame this on all of the starters going out due to we had this game, just let up way to much on Offense (ESPECIALLY Defense) and let them get back in it.

      Anyways, Im proud of the team this year and better things to come next year once we clean up the weaknesses.

      • John Walsh

        I disagree and I’ll tell you why. When the offense puts a lot of points on the board, you expect a win. You also don’t expect your defense to let the other team back in the game. You do expect that when they see the other team scoring, that they adjust and stop them. That was woefully in short supply for the Chiefs.

        Letting up can be just as much about the other team’s defense adjusting. That’s something the Chiefs routinely failed to do. And yes I can blame it on the starters being out, especially Charles and Davis. Exactly how were the Chiefs supposed to keep the Colts honest on defense without Charles and Davis to take the pressure off the passing game?

  • Frank Rodela

    The excitement in my house yesterday was huge. I live in southeast Georgia, but the way we were celebrating the first half you would have thought we were smack dab in the middle of Arrowhead Addict country. The excitement lasted until the Luck fumble recovery for a TD. It was at that moment that you could hear a pin drop from KC in my house and it was that moment that you feel the momentum shift. Last night i was heart broken, I was ready to give up on my team, I was ready to give up on the NFL and pick a MLS team to follow. That was me last night. I woke up this morning though and remembered that I am a Chiefs fan. That this season is the best season as a fan in ten years and shows promise to be a better year as a fan next year and the year after. So now that i have gotten over myself I am going to try to figure out a way to trade up for Sammy Watkins, maybe even mail my idea into 1 Arrowhead Dr and hope they listen to me. Oh and GET RID OF LEWIS AND ROBINSON they are garbage.

  • Horace Lee Madre Jr

    I know it’s not easy to win in this league but I too would like to see a playoff win soon. My heart hurts and close is just that, close. It’s not winning it all. As good as we were this year there were huge holes in our roster. Upgrades have to be made so it’s not all for nothing.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Well said Paddy. It was a hell of a ride, with a bitter ending

  • Charlie

    To bad Chef’s fan , same old Chef’s . Really ? a 28 point lead ? You are the new Buffalo Bills except they made it to the SB before breaking like china dolls . This choke job couldn’t have happened to a sorrier group of fans . You are sore losers and I am glad KC lost . You will be hearing footsteps until Andy Reid is fired, haha

    • Deadmeat


    • Jason Seibel

      Doesn’t take long for the trolls to arrive on the scene does it?

      • arnie

        Nope. Now who’s arrogant? As well as One and Done?

    • PGA GM


    • Larry Devore

      Cry me a river sissy boy

  • Mike Brennan

    I hope our injured Chiefs are ok. So much promise for seasons to come. On to the offseason!!!

    • Larry Devore

      That had to be some kind of record. Six starters knocked out of the game.. Hope they are alright also.

      Go Chiefs!!!

  • Debby Lamb

    It’s almost like they’re afraid to be good and win meaningful games anymore. However, it’s hard to win a game like that when half the starters are out with concussions. Someone should look into that.

    • Bosco Cletus

      Field turf, say now more, its like playing on concrete. Sure some of the injuries to both teams were knees or elbows, but mainly that shitty field.

  • 2dogs

    We made huge improvements this year and the future looks bright. Yesterday’s loss was extremely tough “but” does anyone feel that if Charles is in the game with a 28 point lead we don’t pull out the win.
    A win yesterday meant a loss next week with all the injuries. I’m only interested in Superbowls and this team is on the right track!

  • Jason Seibel

    Well said Patrick.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I think in the pain from this loss we forgot something. This team is a family, and as fans that extends to us. So sure we’ll argue and get mad at the team and at each other but let’s not overlook what we did this season just because of last night. We’ll be good for a long time to come. In the years past we would say oh well hopefully we’ll be better next year. This time I can say I know we’ll be better next year.

    • A1 Yola

      Have you seen next years Schedule? It ain’t looking good for the home team.

      • toperspective

        Yeah its going to be brutal. The nfc east has been replaced with the nfc west. Reality sets in. 9-7.

      • Arrowhead Magic

        I have, and we’ll just have to get better if we want to return to the playoffs. That’s not beyond this team. But we won’t know for sure until next season.

      • KCMikeG

        That’s as premature as it gets. The same was said about our daunting task of playing the NFC East this year who ended up sucking and we swept them all. We were a 2-14 team that should have been a cake walk for whoever played us this year – Not.

  • PGA GM

    Well said Patrick. This one hurts but heck we got to watch 17 games that meant something vs at this time we fired Coach & GM plus had nothing for QB & a paper thin roster. So are arrowhead is moving upwards! RED & GOLD till dead & cold

    • Patrick Allen

      Great comment. If all that matters to fans is that the Chiefs win the Super Bowl every single season, they’re going to be disappointed and miserable every year. I had a gagillion times more fun this season than last season. When they Chiefs do win the Super Bowl again, it will be all the sweeter, not because it was easy but because it was so hard.

  • ChaseSimms

    Yesterday Chief fans learned why Andy Reid is no longer in Philly.

    • Larry Devore

      Right Reid is why KC lost the game. Put down the crack pipe.

  • A1 Yola

    I don’t feel any better. Next year,next year, F-That!

  • berttheclock

    Excellent thread, Patrick. Yeah, onward to the draft. Just very happy Santa Anita and Gulfstream will keep my mind off the Chiefs until then. Of course, I will refuse to bet any horse flesh which has Bob Sutton as their trainer.

  • Deadmeat

    I am actually in a great mood today. We put up 44 points!

  • DTVTechGuy

    That was prophetic PA… I swore up and down you were wrong. I was wrong. It’s definitely sobering.

    I really question Bob Sutton at this point… His ability to make adjustments when things start going south is horrendous… That’s all I have to add to a room full of KC Fans…

    • 2dogs

      Prophetic? It’s not like PA went out on a limb. Most would have expected to lose at least 2 of the last 3.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Thanks for your response.

        • FitzWilly

          YOU’RE welcome :)

  • David Fritch

    I honestly believe the whole concussion has gone crazy with all the suing hysteria and PR. There were several players yesterday who were fine to return and were not allowed.

  • Omar

    I don’t see how any chiefs fan can diss anyone on our coaching staff. You take any team in these playoffs, take away 6 playmakers then tell me they are going to win. We came for blood we got it and would have gotten the kill but everyone that made a big play for us went down excluding Smith and Bowe. Things just refused to go our way this year, but we’ll make it there, I promise this. We truly have the best team bottom to top.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Great to hear from you Paddy. Your article a couple of week ago was unsettling but a dose of reality. I couldn’t comment because I know it was a distinct possibility. Once again you are right. It’s been a great ride this year and I am looking forward now to how we are going to upgrade and become better. For a lot of the players it was their first playoff game. Next year they will be seasoned. The problem is I now have high expectations. So hear are my predictions for next year, 12-4 and go to the AFC Championship game.

    Oh and fire Sutton and get a new free safety.

  • Chris Tarrants

    After 29 years of my life saying next year is the year, I am just numb. Next year will be no different! We will find a way to lose, stars will get hurt and we will be saying next year is the year again. Very soon Johnson and Charles are going to be out of their prime and it’s gonna be a rebuild again. Followed by more of the next year crap. I am an addict to the chiefs like a crack head is to their drug dealer but just like two years ago when I vowed to not attend another game until Pioli was gone and I didn’t, in fact I had tickets to the raiders game that year and didn’t attend. The same now, I make a vow that I will not spend another dime of my money on chiefs hats, jerseys, mugs, driver covers, tickets, absolutely nothing, not one cent on this god awful team until they win a playoff game! I am sick of this crap I feel like a cubs fan for Christ sakes

    • tm1946

      Darn it, I hate to agree. But after a good nites sleep, I am just that…..numb.
      I am also getting to old to keep waiting for some good karma to hit the Chiefs between the eyes. In some way after the 9-0 start, the Chiefs are a bigger let down under Pioli. At least he could generate a little hate in my mind.
      Used to be nuts about Chiefs and pro football but now….just plain old numb.

    • KCMikeG

      What are you basing your “next year will be no different” comment on? There was huge improvement made this year so why wouldn’t that continue next year? We have several young developing players along with 8 ProBowlers, As great as JC & DJ & Hali are they are all replaceable. That’s how the NFL works. Davis stepped into a playoff game and filled JC’s shoes admirably. Dorsey will not allow this team to digress to a point of needing to be rebuilt.

      • Chris Tarrants

        Are you serious? I am basing watching the chiefs my entire life. It really is the same old crap every year, bring in a few new faces and everybody gets all excited that this will be where we turn the corner and things change only for them to be the same. Holmes and Gonzo team had everyone’s hopes up, then Charles and Cassel had everyone’s hopes up, now Smith and Charles and yet the same results. We will miss the playoffs for the next year or two and then make another run to a one and done playoff run. It’s the chief cycle just rinse and repeat

        • Bosco Cletus

          Hey, that actually kinda made me laugh and not feel so shitty about it all.

        • KCMikeG

          Are you? I have been watching for over four decades. It is not the “same old crap” every year. We made drastic changes from top to bottom this year and made a dramatic change of direction of the entire organization in the right direction. You really think our 2010 team is comparable to this years team? How many times were we blown out and humiliated this year compared to years past? You think we are in the same spot with Reid & Dorsey as we were with Haley/Romo and Pioli? Cassel vs Smith? Poe & Houston compared to ?? & ?? You really think we were as deep as we are now? What happened when Charles went down to start the year after our last playoff game? The entire team tanked and we had nothing behind him while this year Davis steps in and we put up 44 points w/o JC. Dorsey & Reid will take what they accomplished this year and build on it this offseason. I guarantee we will be back to the playoffs next year and looking forward to being a part of the experience. Don’t let the failure of the moment cloud your vision of the future.

          • Jim Harper

            Well said Mike!

          • Justin Jones

            my big worry is the list of guys hitting the market and we only have about 6 mill in cap. we will not be as deep next year with a harder schedule. that doesn’t bode well

    • Jim Harper

      Come on man. Cubs fans never give up on their team, and neither do true Chiefs fans. 29 years huh? I’ve got well over 50 years in and still will never give up on my team. Furthermore I am proud of what this years team accomplished. Most of the so called experts predicted no better than 8-8 this year. Yeah yesterday sucked, but I remain a fan.

  • Bosco Cletus

    I like how it starts out three weeks ago I wrote bla bla bla. Who didn’t see that coming, or gives a shit for that matter?

    • Patrick Allen

      Read the comments from that article and you will see that a lot of people didn’t see that coming.

      • Bosco Cletus

        I saw it coming because for some reason yesterday before the game I thought about that article and what you wrote, I was just hoping you would be wrong.

  • nathan82

    I just want to add one thing that I know will be obsessed over and that is the time out coming out of the 2 minute warning. I don’t love the call, but the fact remains that Reid got the play and the matchup he wanted. I don’t care how many timeouts the Chiefs had, if the defense comes back on the field, they lose. The only way to win was to convert on that play. If Bowe stays inbounds, there is a good chance we win this game. There are plenty of reasons to be upset, but that is not one of them. Now lets go get some safety help and bring on next year.

  • Tim Parsons

    Completely disagree with the article. There is zero reason for optimism for next year. I am so sick and disgusted with our constant embarassing losses in the playoffs. Our 9-0 record was built over barely beating crap teams on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th string quarterbacks. As soon as we start playing competitive teams, we start losing. We finish the season on a 2-6 streak. We finish the season not being able to hold onto a 28 point lead with less than one half to go. Our secondary is embarassing. We didn’t get enough pressure on the QB. Offense can’t close the deal given the opportunity. Draft class was underwhelming. Several key contributors are aging and expensive.
    I have been a Chiefs fan for at least 25 years. Held season tickets for a long time. After contemplating last night’s game I wish that the Chiefs organization would simply dissolve. I want Clark Hunt not to sell the team, but to end the team’s existence. It is too painful. I suffered through last season and vowed that I would no longer be a Chief’s fan, but I couldn’t do it. I let myself get sucked back in. I can’t quit on my own. I want the team to no longer exist. I want every coach and front office member to resign. I want all the players to retire. I want it all gone.
    Since that won’t happen, I wish that no one would go to the games. I want an empty stadium. 20 years is too much. This team has held me hostage and I want to be released. My anger, sadness, and depression is too much. I want an end.
    To the people that say we have a bright future, I want to know: how long have you been a fan of this team? Do you remember watching Lin Elliot? Do you remember us sitting Gannon in the playoffs? Do you remember the Colts not punting? Do you have 20 years of frustration to remember? How do you reconcile our inability to beat a good team with happy thoughts? How do you reconcile 2-6 with optimism? I can’t do it anymore.
    I call upon all fans to boycott this organization. In short, I support the post of Chris Tarrants.

    • Patrick Allen

      This is pretty dramatic. It’s just a football team. It also isn’t being run by the same people (save the Hunts). Each staff and each team have had their own failures and they are only connected in that they happen to have been strung together.

      Boycott the team? Why? Do you want them to move it to LA? The coaching staff and players did a pretty good job this year. It is no guarantee of future success but the fact that Marty couldn’t get it done or that Herm sucked, is no guarantee of future failure either.

      The Chiefs will lose every playoff game they play…until they don’t.

      • Tim Parsons

        The reason I want them boycotted is purely selfish. I have a hard time not rooting for the Chiefs. If the Chiefs didn’t exist anymore, it would be easier for me and I would have less heartbreak as they continue to lose playoff games.
        20 years is enough that I don’t care anymore that next year is not this year. They had 20 years. They lost 8 straight playoff games. I want to be done, and I can’t be done as long as they exist, so I don’t want them to exist anymore.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Hey PA… Off-topic. When you flag’s someone’s comments, where does the notification go?

        • FitzWilly

          YOU’RE a tech guy and you don’t know the answer to that?
          remind me not to get Direct TV:)

    • toperspective

      I agree with the first part of your rant. This team has so many holes to fill that I’m not optimistic about next yr. This yr was a schedule fluke and next yr they have to play the nfc west. I predict 9-7. Everyone is so happy that pioli is gone that they haven’t addressed last years underwhelming draft.

    • KCMikeG

      Sorry that you feel as bad as you do but you need to get a grasp on reality. Immediately calling for the undermining of the loyalty of the fan base benefits no one and is a selfish request that solves nothing. I am a long time STH and have been a Chiefs fan since our one and only Super Bowl victory 44 years ago. I take losing very hard and am entirely too emotionally invested in our Chiefs but giving up is simply not an option. Quitters never win and winners never quit. If you really feel this way then maybe moving on to another team or even another hobby would be beneficial to your health. For myself and the rest of the loyal Chiefs fans I will remember the success, weather the failures and realize that for the first time in decades we have the beginnings of a great team built to be successful for the long run.

  • KCMikeG

    If we had a decent FG kicker or we hadn’t played our back ups vs SD or been screwed repeatedly by the refs we would’t be having this conversation. We lost 4 of the 6 games by a total of 14 points. It isn’t like we were a team in decline – just a young team coming back from a disastrous season with some holes that still need filled yet we were still just a play away from winning all but two games all year.

  • jimfromkcj

    You are right on Patrick, I gave them my most optimistic guess before the season at 8 and 8. Of course I had no idea so many teams in the NFL would all come unglued at the same time. But I still think pointing fingers is pissing in the wind. Why can’t we just admit that we were beat by a better team and let it go at that. I look forward to this coming year with mixed emotions. I worry about the cap and how much I think Pioli mismanaged it, and how Dorsey is going to add talent to a team with too many players who are not playing up to their compensation. It may well be that we take the Raider route and get rid of the overpriced players and rebuild with draft picks picked up by trading off some of the players who either demand more than they are worth or refuse to accept new contracts that more closely mirrors their talent. Any way we go is going to cause a lot of grief to fans who have fallen in love with certain players who are not producing.

  • Frank Leggio

    I also agree with the first half of your rant. But, calling for the dissolving of the team is ridiculous. They made great strides this year. What is weird is that Dirsey tried to build the secondary ( Smith, Robinson, Commings) and just missed on a couple. 8-8 would have been a great turn in my opinion, but we came out 11-5. I say crap to everyone who say we beat junk teams. We beat the teams on our schedule. We have the same schedule except for 2 teams as the rest of the AFC west. We lose by very little ( one game with the 2s and piss poor refs ). We are a few playmakers from a dynasty (lose Robinson, Lewis, most of the WRs). Our play calling is an issue mostly on D, but sometimes on O. Bring in OC and DC that can do it or the right “advisor”.

    That collapse was embarrassing, but it gives me hope.

    Chiefs are an up and coming team. AFC Champs with a shot at the title next year.

  • oldchiefsfan

    I am proud of my team. They did better than anyone expected them to do. I am the biggest honer walking and even I said I expected 10-6 season. Most said they would be happy with 8-8.

  • oldchiefsfan

    Also I can officially say Alex Smith played a fantastic game and could be a very good QB for us for several years.