Andy Reid On Chiefs’ Playoff Loss, Moving On

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The Kansas City Chiefs’ magical run through the 2013 season is over.

It was a season full of ups (think nine-game winning streak) and downs (think losing six of the last eight games including the playoffs).

We saw good, we saw bad and ultimately we were entertained. The Chiefs provided Kansas City with a huge spark and the future of the organization is brilliantly bright. Unfortunately though, 2013 had to end on a pretty tough note. Despite being up 28 points in the beginning of the third quarter, Kansas City fell apart and lost to the Indianapolis Colts by one, 44-45.

“Not much to say, compliments to the Colts for coming back,” head coach Andy Reid said after the game. “They did a nice job, 35 points in the second half. We started kicking field goals and they started scoring touchdowns, but they deserve the win for the way they played.”

“I’m proud of my guys for the season. We’ve got to work through the offseason to get ourselves better, so we can do better job against a team like this, right here.”

Kansas City finished the season with an 11-5 record and will finish with a 11-6 overall record. The Chiefs weren’t hot coming into the playoffs, but they certainly seemed like a team that could cause some damage with the right matchups.

The play of quarterback Alex Smith improved drastically during the second half of the season, and that continued into the playoff game. Despite losing star running back Jamaal Charles early to a concussion, Smith threw for 378 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

“Listen, Alex, I thought, did a good job rolling guys around and the guys playing, they played,” Reid said of Smith and the offense. “They didn’t really flinch at that part of it. Jamaal’s (Charles) a great player and that can, you can use that as an excuse, but the guys never did that. I mean that’s just how they approach it. I’m proud of them for that.”

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Still, despite the fact that Smith played lights out and the offense put up 44 points, the team struggled in the second half.

“We had, the turnovers get you, the field position, and then you got, there’s a point you’ve got to stop the bleeding either offensively or defensively,” Reid explained of the second half woes. “Our defense came back with a turnover and we ended up kicking a field goal instead of punching it in for a touchdown, which would’ve helped. We need to do a better job in the second half in all three phases, coaches included.”

How does Reid process the loss?

“You go through it and you evaluate it; you learn from it and it’s final, because it’s the end of the year,” he said. “Then, you go back to the drawing board and fix it; that’s what you do. You don’t hang your head on it, you try to become a better football team and we’re just going to have to wait until next year to do that.”

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  • Mark Bustamante

    Talk about pissing away a win!!! The more the Colts scored the more sick to my stomach I got. The Chiefs played a great 30 minutes but a game is 60 minutes. It seems like they started celebrating a win with 30 minutes to go. I’m certain they will learn from this loss and will be a better team next season.GO CHIEFS!!!

  • bill w

    It was a bad loss, but we go 11-5 and we get articles that say chiefs magical season is over..that’s how sad Chiefs football is. Im not saying that poking fun at the article, it’s more the mind set chiefs fans have. 11-5 is average for some teams and its magical for us

    • 2dogs

      2-14 last year and you were expecting a Super Bowl ring. 9 win improvement over last year by one of the youngest teams in the NFL with a bright future. Maybe not magical but pretty damn close.

      • bill w

        Where did I say I was expecting a super bowl ring?

      • A1 Yola

        Carpe Diem! Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. SD beat the Bengals yesterday, so anything could’ve happened this year. When you have an opportunity, you take advantage of it! Your acting like its a given they make the playoffs next year. A wasted opportunity is what it was.

    • Travis Forsyth

      how is 11-5 sad? especially for kc? 2010 set aside, the chiefs haven’t had a really winning year like 2013 since 2003…

  • PGA GM

    It was a successful season compared to the past regim and I feel the future is heading in the right directions. I just have to ask fellow addicts will Sutton learn from this and become a solid to very good defensive coordinator or should we find someone else?

    • toperspective

      Sutton should go. Either that or we have to admit that we have terrible personnel on the defensive side of the ball.

      • PGA GM

        So your saying he’s a failure with only downside and no chance of an upside.

    • A1 Yola

      Sutton has been a DC for awhile now, if He hasn’t learned anything yet, that’s bad.

  • Jeff Twibell

    This is where I struggle…I love my Chiefs but I hate the way the
    media, the NFL and even our fans treat our team. I know its been
    hard…I have been a fan for over 30 years and have been through the ups
    and downs…but we made real improvements this year. We have real
    talent…we have depth in certain areas…we have a real quarterback who
    is a leader (finally) and we have a solid coach and front office that
    wants to win. Obviously we have some major holes to fill…the DB’s,
    WR’s and maybe we need to look at how we stack up schematically on
    defense…but we are finally becoming relevant after years of being a
    I am an optimist but even I only anticipated between 6-8 wins
    this year max and they surpassed that. We did not lose to shitty
    teams…when we did in the past. We took the good teams to the limit in
    all but one game. Our backups nearly beat a playoff winner. Did
    anyone really expect the team last January to be playing meaningful
    football in December and in the playoffs? Don’t lie to yourself…did
    you? I sure as shit didn’t. The magical Colts took two years to get to
    where they are now…from the exact same place we started (2-14). Give
    it time. We are on a similar path.
    Now is the time we learn how to
    beat the elite. But to expect that in one year is foolish and that is
    our bad…not theirs. We put ourselves through that torture…not them.
    hurt…it made me want to vomit and I am still catching hell from my
    friends (I live 15 miles from Oakland)…but I am proud of this team. 6
    players went out yesterday…Our MVP candidate, 2 pro-bowlers, 1
    starting WR and our very capable back up RB; yet they did not fold when
    JC walked off the field…the worked to overcome. That is a sign of a
    team that is learning to persevere (sound familiar…i.e. Colts). Last
    year…the year before…that never would have happened. I wish we can
    give them a little more love and make up for all the shit most are
    shoveling their way. They deserve better…and we deserve better. We
    will be back…this is not over. Go Chiefs!

    • Travis Forsyth

      Well said Jeff, 2013 was a good year and considering the fact that this was basically the same team as last year only with a different GM, Coaching staff, and QB, it was fun to watch this team go from 2-14 to 11-5 and a playoff appearance. Can’t wait to see what kc does in the off-season…

      • KCinTX

        The team did this with only one year under this coaching staff. They won’t spend the off season learning new systems. Adding in more players that fit into these systems. Wow, How could any Chiefs fan not be excited? I haven’t been this excited since after Marty’s 1st year.

        • Travis Forsyth

          As a fan since 2008, this is the most excited I’ve ever been!!

          • d-block

            2008? Must be young. Hopefully we have a defense next year.

          • Travis Forsyth

            yep, graduate from high school this year, hope to make my first trip to arrowhead this fall.

        • PGA GM


    • PGA GM

      Well said! I also live in the Raiders backyard

    • A1 Yola

      Look at next years schedule and tell me your still optimistic.

      • Travis Forsyth

        I be honest. all kc needs to do is fix the defensive backfield and maybe get a WR…sure 2014 brings some competition what with the AFC East and NFC West but who knows the NFC West better than Alex Smith?

      • Jeff Twibell

        I am optimistic in the sense that a) we will continue to develop as a team over the off season, b) it appears we have found a potent offense despite a lack of depth at WR, c) we have actual talent…and young talent that will get better with time and d) i think a stronger schedule makes a stronger team. The reason that no one from the AFC West has gone super deep into the playoffs in recent history is because they were not tested during the season or within the Division. Finally the AFC West has relevance again which is only going help each of the teams (except for the Raiders of course) get better and better. Next year the Chiefs should go from stomping bad teams/staying competitive with good teams to winning when it counts. I an anxious to see who we get in the draft and who we pick up in FA. I think you will see a heavy dose of WR and DB. Go Chiefs!

        • Pridenpoise

          Shitting on the Raiders after that choke job, I laugh at your expense today.

          • Jeff Twibell

            I am not shitting on your team. I live in the area and get crap constantly by your fan base for wearing a red hat or a Chiefs shirt. I am merely stating a fact that right now 3 teams in the AFC West are competitive and yours is not…yet. I think they have a ways to go but being in a competitive AFC West will help to accelerate that. Believe me…any given Sunday in this division and I always get nervous playing the Raiders regardless of how good or not either of the teams are.

          • Jeff Twibell

            That and without Al those changes should come much faster then with him there.

          • Pridenpoise

            Mea Culpa.

    • T.Hagen

      I think for the most part the fans really treat the Chiefs good, of coarse alot of us were pissed yesterday cause they should have won that game. You can bet all the fans will be backing the Chiefs again next season, but we as fans have the right to be passionate about what happens, whether it’s crying, being pissed off, or being calm. Me, I’ll hang in there another season even though I say I’m going to box all my chief’s stuff and forget about them, which I do every season. It’s freaking high time we go to the big game.

      • Jeff Twibell

        Thanks T…from my part of the world the only physical connection to the Chiefs is through my family in Leawood and Mission Hills and through these blogs. The reason I chimed in (never have before) is that in a lot of cases all I see from those posting/responding are very, very negative. Horrible insults to the team, the coaches, etc… We have had a very tough run over the years and all I am hoping is that we have a little faith on this go round. I think the players feel it the most and you can see via the twitter feeds and in the press conferences they are really hurting. I really felt for Derrick Johnson…he looked crushed. I love this team and what they have done…and I am choosing to have faith in them and the leadership. I hope others do as well!

        • T.Hagen

          Your welcome Jeff, I am pretty new to this site also as far as posting, I only started a few months ago. That being said, I really think for the most part there is some damm good fans on this site and really good stories the fans put out. Like I said, the Chiefs should have won that game but didn’t. If you watch the game again, if you recorded it you will see how the defense fell apart and Alex Smith had that nervous look about him, just seems like they lost confidence as a team. I know the injuries didn’t help but damm we had the momentum. Yea I’m guilty of cussing our defense and the coordinator and head coach but it was in the heat of the moment. I’m happy the team got this far especially considering last year but dammit we were so close, and I think we win that game it would have gave the boys the confidence they could beat a good team and no telling, the Chiefs could have won it all. They didn’t win but what do we always say? There is always next year! !

  • Tristian Shelley

    Frustrating but if you use the off season to stay motivated and work hard you can use what happened to you to improve without forgetting it but without letting it hold you down either. Think Indiana Pacers. Just come out like gangbusters and get the number 1 seed and Then see what happens.

  • ArrowFan

    A day latter and I’m still struggling with this lose, this one hurts just as much if not more than Elliot’s inability to kick a field goal. Is it to much to ask to have a memorable play off win or string of them? I have no more capacity for memorable playoff loses. This just sucks. I guess we should have all seen this coming I mean we did give away two games to the Dolt’s.

  • ArrowFan

    This was a bad game even if we had some how pulled it off with a field goal I would only feel slightly better than I do now. We blew a 4 TD lead that is bad at any level.

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