Dec 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive tackle D.J. Fluker (76) exchanges words with Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Frank Zombo (51) during the overtime period at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Five Keys to Victory: Chiefs vs. Chargers Follow Up

Well Addicts, the regular season has come to an end in a ridiculous fashion. Nevermind the touchdown that the Green Bay Packers scrored on a 4th and 9 with 40 seconds left to claw their way back into the playoffs. Let’s not mention the very Tony Romoish interception former Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton threw to give the Philadelphia Eagles a division title last night. And let’s especially not talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers getting completely screwed out of a playoff berth by — perhaps — two of the biggest botched calls in the NFL all season.

Let’s talk about how I’m going to admit that I was wrong. That’s one for the record books. Because I’m never wrong.

Yesterday in my Five Keys to Victory post, I berated Chiefs head coach Andy Reid for sitting his starters and allowing the San Diego Chargers to get into the playoffs. In fact, this is what I had to say yesterday:


Is that clear enough for you? Pound for pound, player for player, I think that this Chiefs team is better than this Chargers team. Yes, the Chargers beat the Chiefs once this season, and I can give you a million reasons why that happened. But at the end of the day, the Chiefs are better. Their line is blocking better, they have a better running back and they have a better defense when everyone is healthy. If the Chiefs face the Chargers, toe to toe, the Chiefs win, the Chargers go home with their tail between their legs and KC goes into next week with a little momentum behind them.

That was before I saw the Chiefs “B” team or Junior Varsity or whatever you want to call them play. The offense, led by fourth year quarterback Chase Daniel was electric. After driving down the field on the first series and allowing rookie running back Knile Davis to get some of his mojo back by taking it in from 17 yards out to score the first of his two touchdowns on the day.

I was wrong in that quote above. This game wasn’t about beating the Chargers — though the Chiefs should have won on multiple fronts — it was about a bunch of guys who may or may not ever get a start in the NFL again having a chance to play their hearts out for a full 60 minutes in a regular season game. And that’s what they did. Had the Chiefs starters played, this game wouldn’t have been nearly what it was. Though Jamaal Charles, Alex Smith and the rest of the Chiefs “A” team are professionals and damn good football players, I just don’t think they would have played with the kind of heart and drive that these “scrubs” (an AA poster’s description of these players, not mine) showed on the field yesterday.

If you take all this with the fact that the Chiefs played a great football game and nearly beat a good Chargers team in the process, I call this a moral victory, and I don’t award those — ever.

If you ask me, the Chiefs have nothing to hang their head about. These “B” teamers showed they can run with the big boys and stay in it. In fact, a missed field goal and two monumental bad calls aside, they nearly won.

As far as I’m concerned, nevermind what I said yesterady. This is what I should have written:

Key #1: Play Hard and With Heart

If that was the key, than today I would put:


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  • DTVTechGuy

    I wish the NFL would at least acknowledge how atrocious the officiating has been this year. Admitting a ” mistake ” is not addressing the culture that has become the norm for officiating…. The Offense always gets the benefit of the officials. They need to address the defensive penalties…. 5 yards for holding is cool… The automatic first down is not…. Pass interference should be 15 and a first down…. 40 yard penalties are ridiculous. People are going to start honestly thinking the officials are deciding games….

    Chiefs vs Chargers… Patriots vs Browns… Lots of examples this year…

    Go Chiefs!

    CD and KD did GREAT yesterday!

    • JDInOregon

      Agree with your general point, if not all of your proposed remedies. It’s not just the two atrocious calls yesterday, it’s all the bad calls throughout the year. Basically the NFL needs an entire overhaul of the rules and how it hires officials.

      There are too many nebulous rules and too many officials who do a poor job, which would be okay except for the staggering amount of money the NFL rakes in every year (more than $9 billion this year, according to Forbes.) The NFL is destroying the integrity of the game. What is holding? What is a blow to the head? What is an illegal formation? Who knows, the refs don’t know half the time. I’m sick and tired of seeing spectacular plays wiped off the books because of bad calls from the officials.

      Good rule making would reduce the number of judgement calls and make those that will always be needed more clear. See Offensive Holding against Hali, Tamba; KC Chiefs fans v. NFL 2013. It’s a criminal case, btw.

      One rule that really sticks in my craw is the entire concept of “the tackle box” as it relates to intentional grounding. AS11 got called for grounding one game when he clearly was outside the tackle box, but the opposing QB did not get the grounding call when clearly inside the tackle box.

      Since every NFL field is painted and meticulously groomed, why not just add a small mark at the numbers every five yards to indicate a “grounding zone?” You could keep the rule about the ball needing to reach the line of scrimmage. Then the semi-pro accountants and dentists they hire for referees won’t have to remember where the tackles lined up.

      And why have replay at all if the replay accountant (sic) is not going to use it? I know there is a good argument for having only booth reviews in the final two minutes and overtime, but clearly that isn’t working either. Andy Reid should have been able to throw the red flag yesterday after the fake punt fumble, and if nothing else all the viewers could have determined what was actually going on. We fans sit through endless replay reviews all year long, and when a crucial play happens to our team we get—nothing. Not even an explanation from the officials nor the crappy network announcers.

      Also, CBS just sucks, and if they don’t step it up the NFL needs to find a better network when their contract is up. They’d be better off hiring the Weather Channel or something, at least then we’d get some relevant information like the temperature on the field.

      Seriously debating not watching the NFL at all, even with the Chiefs in the playoffs. Granted, I’ll probably cave and come crawling back to my tv like a good little American consumer, but instead of being excited about the post season I’m left wondering why I bother.



      The officials are absolutely deciding games. Two blown calls cheat the Steelers out of the playoffs. The Pats lose a game because of an obvious interference that wasn’t called. It happens every week. With the billions that the NFL is making, can they not figure out a way to afford full time officials? Unless the fans keep screaming, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Gene Haigler

    the best thing the chiefs did was to use all the back-ups not just a few. these guys have played/practiced together all year. No wonder, Chase has a better timing with Jenkins than AS11…