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Five Keys to Victory: Chiefs vs. Chargers

Hello once again, Addicts. Welcome to the final regular season edition of Five Keys to Victory. Today the Kansas City Chiefs face off against division rival San Diego Chargers in what amounts to a preseason game for the Chiefs. I say that because the Chiefs are the only team in the league firmly locked into their playoff seeding. No matter what they do in today’s game and no matter what any other team does, the Chiefs will enter the playoffs next weekend as the #5 seed in the AFC. This effectively means the Chiefs have nothing to play for. That’s why head coach Andy Reid has decided to sit some of his starters.

But for these San Diego Chargers, it’s quite a different scenario.

Should the Chargers win today and the Baltimore Ravens lose as well as the Miami Dolphins, the Chargers would find themselves in the post season.

Where the Chiefs have nothing to play for, the Chargers have everything to play for.

I don’t want to be a hater here, but I don’t want the Chargers in the post season.

Some people say that if the Chiefs aren’t playing they’ll root for an AFC West team. In my football universe and way of thinking, I’ll root for anyone who is playing against an AFC West team, that doesn’t rhyme with Ansas Ity  Hiefs. It’s just the way I was raised as a football fan. My level of dislike for teams in the NFL goes like this, in this order, the Denver Broncos (because, hey, they’re the Donkeys), the Oakland Raiders (because it’s the Garbage Nation), the Chargers (Cry me a Rivers anyone?), and the non-AFC West team, the New England Patriots because they’re always good no matter what.

That all being said, the Broncos are in the playoffs and there’s nothing the Chiefs can do about that. The Raiders were terrible this year and didn’t even come close, so there’s that. Finally, the Chargers have a chance but the Chiefs can end that dream with a solid victory in San Diego.

Does anybody remember when the Chargers came into Arrowhead and embarrassed the Chiefs in their own house? Remember when they hung 41 on the so-called “elite Chiefs defense?” They were the first team to hang more than 27 on the Chiefs all season and they did it in the middle of the Sea of Red. It was disgusting.

Remember when the Chiefs got embarrassed again last week by the team they’ll likely face next week in the first round of the playoffs?

The Chiefs need a win this week for a multitude of reasons. They need revenge against the Chargers for the loss in Week 12. They need to wash the sour taste of last week’s loss out of their collective mouths. They need to build a little momentum heading into Wild Card weekend to kick off the new year.

“But Jason, this is the Five Keys to Victory,” you may be saying. And you’re right. But for 16 weeks I’ve been here to give five things the Chiefs needed to do to beat their opponent. Sometimes they did them all, sometimes they didn’t do any of them. They’ve won 11 of them and lost four.

This week, there’s only one key.


Is that clear enough for you? Pound for pound, player for player, I think that this Chiefs team is better than this Chargers team. Yes, the Chargers beat the Chiefs once this season, and I can give you a million reasons why that happened. But at the end of the day, the Chiefs are better. Their line is blocking better, they have a better running back and they have a better defense when everyone is healthy. If the Chiefs face the Chargers, toe to toe, the Chiefs win, the Chargers go home with their tail between their legs and KC goes into next week with a little momentum behind them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen. Reid has already said he plans to rest his starters. We have to trust him, as he’s been doing this for a long time. I just don’t think it’s the best course of action. But, what do I know?


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  • micah stephenson

    What if he played the starters and your beloved A.Smith was hurt and out for the playoff game?

    • Jason Seibel

      You never cease to amaze me…

    • Chris Tarrants

      Wow lol just wow

  • Chris Tarrants

    As of right now ravens and fish are both losing so these bolts might come to play today

    • tm1946

      Didn’t they show up with enough the last time they played the Chiefs. Add the KC in-actives and the blood letting should start about 30 seconds into the game.

      • Chris Tarrants

        What happened last time doesn’t matter. If there is nothing to play for then there is nothing to play for plain and simple. What would it prove to them? That they beat a team that is actually in the playoffs? My point was that if they were eliminated before kickoff then we might have seen their second and third stringers as well so that they can start their evaluation for the offseason. If they have a chance to get in then they will come locked and loaded for a victory

  • Ltwilkinson

    I don’t post much but the ridiculousness of this article has forced my hand. The Chiefs NEED revenge and to wash a sour taste out of their mouth? No. They NEED Smith and Charles stay healthy. They NEED Hali and Houston and Bowe to keep their recovery going. That’s it. Risking injury when we have nothing to play for besides to keep the Bolts out of the playoffs is simply irrational and shortsighted thinking. If we are worried about who we might possibly play down the road instead of worrying about the shortcomings that have reared their ugly head lately then we are already in trouble. If by some small miracle we ended up playing the Bolts in the AFC championship game i would be thrilled.

    • Jason Seibel

      So by your estimation, it’s better to give up a game and back into the playoffs with two straight losses but have healthy starters than to play the guys who get paid to play and enter the post season with some momentum?

      • Ltwilkinson

        Correct. For the simple fact that playing our starters does not guarantee a win. Losing with our starters however, does guarantee that we have absolutely NO momentum. In my humble opinion of course. And don’t look at this as an attack on you Jason. Most of the time I agree with you. Just not today.

        • Jason Seibel

          Fair enough, man. Glad you took the time to post. Maybe this piece came from the emotional side vs. the football side but I really don’t like the Chargers. Plus, I believe in momentum. Either way, none of the starters are playing, so we’ll see what happens with these backup players. I may still get my revenge wish…

          • Chris Tarrants

            Chase might come looking to prove his worth, I know he hasn’t looked good in the chances he has had but he is a pro for a reason. Also our depth is better than most teams so don’t count out Davis, Daniel, Hemmingway and Jenkins just yet.

          • Jason Seibel

            I’m not counting them out at all, honestly I’m not. I agree with you, the Chiefs depth is incredible. I would love the underdog Chiefs to upset the Chargers. How awesome would that be?

          • Ltwilkinson

            Now this I fully agree with. Beating the Bolts with our 2′s would be too sweet. Just not confident we can keep Rivers in check.

          • Ltwilkinson

            Oh and not that this has anything to do with this thread or todays game but i am one of the staunchest supporters of Alex Smith. People seem to have short memories when it comes to last year and watching Cassel and Quinn give the ball away like that was their job.

    • Mike Diel

      I agree about revenge. And I agree with Jason about hating the other teams in the AFC West. I love to hate the Raiders. and just plain hate the donkeys. But the real revenge is with the Colts. Please Andy get the one and out monkey off our backs.