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Should Kansas City Chiefs Rest Players Against San Diego?

Jamaal Charles is one of the best players in the NFL. Some, in fact, believe he deserves to be in the MVP race. I tend to agree.

That’s why it was disappointing to see the Chiefs stray away from Charles in the second half of Sunday’s 7-23 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Sure, Kansas City was down, but that doesn’t excuse getting Charles only getting six touches in the second half. He’s one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, and if there was anybody who could have helped Kansas City get back in the game, it would have been him.

The lack of touches for Charles was among the topics head coach Andy Reid discussed on Monday with the media.

“Obviously we’re disappointed with the game,” Reid said. “I think we all could have done a better job, starting with me. But collectively, they got us. We’ll learn from this and we’ll get better from it.”

“We’ve got to eliminate the obvious things, the turnovers and you have to maintain field position when you’re put in a position to do that. When you do have the field position, you need to make sure you get points out of that and we didn’t do a very good job there.”

“Obviously 25 (Jamaal Charles) didn’t touch the ball much the second half and that’s my responsibility to make sure that within the realm of things, 28 plays that we had in that second half, that we give him more of a shot there than the six touches that he had,” Reid said. “As far as going forward here, I haven’t made up my mind exactly how we’re going to play it. I’ve done it a couple of different ways, but we’ll see. We’ll see how we do that. I’ll evaluate all the different situations. I have sat people before, quite a few times actually, and we benefitted from that. But I’ll look at everything and have that part evaluated.”

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Reid is referring to the fact that Kansas City’s Week 17 clash with the Chargers will mean nothing for the Chiefs. They’ve already locked up a Wild Card spot in the AFC and Denver has locked up the AFC West. Some would say that resting key players for the playoffs would be the smartest move for Reid and the Chiefs against San Diego, and that’s something the coach touched on, saying, “Well if you look at the history of it, it’s about a 50/50 shot over the last three or four years of people that have done it.”

“I think it’s what you feel most comfortable with as a coach. The obvious benefit is that you rest your guys and then you kind of get them back feeling a little bit fresher than they are at the end of the season,” Reid explained. “You take the risk of the timing part of it. Sometimes that’s there, sometimes that’s not. But, those are the things that you have to evaluate.”

What do you think Addicts? Should the Chiefs rest key players against the Chargers?

Sound off below.

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  • Frank

    How is this a shocker? Should be pretty straight forward. Get JC25 the rock. You’d think someone would be tracking his utilization.

  • freshmeat62

    I’d give the starters a series or two, just to keep their routine going, but I’d rest them and give the younger guys a chance to get some reps. I’d especially like to see Bray play, see if he has improved at all. What little bit Chase Daniels played this year has been very unimpressive, looked very tentative. Bray showed a good strong arm w/ some touch in preseason. Give him some experience, take some lumps.

    The Chiefs would probably get creamed, but it’s a worthless game, so who cares.

    • Bosco Cletus

      Chase is awful, cant believe hes getting 3 mill a year. Cushy gig if you ask me.

      • Davé

        Agreed, that piece of crap is WAAAAAAY overpaid.

  • jayhawkX

    Rest ‘em… No doubt about it.

    • Davé

      rock on, only thing that makes any sense at all

  • John Bartram

    It’s a tough call. I’m sure players like Charles could use the rest. Probably no reason to bring Houston back if the elbow is an issue, same with Albert. If the game meant something and they were cleared to play, they would.
    The flip side, do you want to go into the playoffs on a two game losing streak? Look at what Philly did when they were playing a meaningless game last week. Doesn’t always work out like that though.
    I’m sure the Steelers, Dolphins and Ravens are interested in how KC approaches it.

  • Bosco Cletus

    I honestly doubt he sits them all, that’s a little obsessive, but I’d sit 11, 25, 82, 22, and 76. On D 29, 56, 91, and maybe even 92, not sure about 50, he could actually need to play a little to get his legs under him live action. Let them freshen up, because damn near everyone else in the AFC has to play if not to just hold their seed. Like Denver.

    • John Bartram

      Maybe he plays it a little like a pre-season game. Play them for a half then pull them. Rest some of the ones you say, play some to keep them going.

  • Chris Tarrants

    We should activate Bray and give him the keys to the car for one game and just see what the kid has behind a real oline. Davis could handle the load if he can hold on to the ball! Avery needs all the reps he can get lol and Hemmingway could use a whole game playing as the number one WR. Nothing to lose so let’s see what we have for our future

    • Travis Forsyth

      YES! I second that motion. that’s actually not a bad idea, I’d like to see Bray play because while Alex Smith is the now, I truly believe Tyler Bray is the future of KC..

    • Davé

      That would be awesome, but no chance it would happen. Instead we are going to see just how terrible our current backup is. My guess is if Alex and Charles do not play we are going to lose by a score of 38 to 0. Chase will be lucky to move us past mid field the turd that he is.

    • Danny W

      Would love to see me some Tyler Bray.

    • Doc

      I really like this idea. Since this game will not gain or lose us anything in seeding for the playoffs, this would be a good strategy. SD will be playing for their life to even have a chance to get into the playoffs. Have you seen the injury list from last week? No sense exposing our starters to a freak accident. A week off may act to get them focused on the week after. Look how much it did for Charles to rest during the bye week. Offense came alive after the bye week. An extra week of rest for the starters could carry us all the way through. Yes, I understand the tuneup for the playoffs but I can’t get past the injury bug. Add to it the way the o-line played last week and you have to ask is the gamble worth the injury? No, I am all for resting up our starters for the playoff run.

  • chris

    Play the ones that aren’t injury prone and at least get the ones that are in the game a little, play albert and Houston the whole game seeing that they haven’t played in a few weeks

  • berttheclock

    As long as they rest Sutton and let someone else have a chance at calling defensive schemes. In fact, why not just let him have the rest of the season off completely.

    • John Bartram

      No argument from me. I know he’s a good DC, but just don’t know why he seems so stubborn.

    • KCMikeG

      I know Sutton is ultimately responsible but is there any way to find out how many of the big plays, especially the total break downs in coverage are due to Sutton or our QB of the defense Kendrick Lewis? We know he is failing in tackling and over the top coverage that has contributed to many of the big plays that have cost us games.

      • Davé

        Your obsession with Lewis is misplaced. He isn’t great but he is hardly the train wreck that Marcus Cooper or Robinson is. Furthermore I think Sean Smith has cost us more TDs than Lewis has in his entire time here. Then again you are the one that misplaced your faith in Cassel………….

        • KCMikeG

          Obsession? Hilarious. Not sure why you would have the nerve to defend Lewis after the last two weeks but choosing to compare him to an old dog who has basically become a sideline coach (yet after playing only 3 games has 4 passes defended just like Lewis who has started every game) and to a 7th round pick who was cut by SF is ludicrous. There are only 245 players with more than his ZERO INT’s & ZERO FR. Could you set the bar any lower? Lewis has been responsible for the blown over the top coverage on many of the plays Cooper has been burned on. Sean Smith has one of the lowest completion against percentages in the NFL so you’re way off base there too. Then again still clinging to your Cassel comments would definitely qualify as an obsession…………

          • Ed

            How about secondary coach ? Is he still relevant? Can he still do the job. I know he is hall of fame, but I think game has past him.

          • KCMikeG

            I love coach Thomas but haven’t heard any feedback either way on his coaching effectiveness. Being one of the greatest all time and a man of exceptional character is obviously a fantastic influence on our young guys.

        • Ed

          Agree about Daunte,

      • Danny W

        Lewis does suck there’s no denying it.

        • KCMikeG

          Apparently Dave feels the need to deny.

  • unclejesse40

    16 games is a long season on the body. I say rest them, treat this like the first preseason game of the year. one offensive drive with an eye to fling the ball around the field, maybe a second series if the first was short but don’t push it. Bring in some young guys that could really benefit from seeing what real NFL game speed looks and feels like. I would love to see Bray as the QB for 3 quarters.

  • Jarad

    NO!! They didnt play last weekend, so they need to play this weekend! That simple

    • John Bartram

      Part of me agrees with you, but the other part says get some rest. Been a long season and if someone gets injured, why?? As someone on here said, every other team has to play all their starters and play hard because they have something to play for. I believe, the Chiefs are the only team that doesn’t.
      Hate to see them go into the playoffs on a two game losing streak, but it might be best, especially for Charles. Dude has carried the load all year and can probably use the rest.

      • Jarad

        I think “limiting” a few players is fine. But i think everyone needs to get at least some good football in to roll into the playoffs on a high. That Colts game is not the last memory you want before a playoff game

        • John Bartram

          Damn sure the last memory I want going into the playoffs!

          • Jarad

            Agree to disagree.

          • John Bartram

            I don’t get it? I agree that it’s the last memory you want going into the playoffs.
            I’m not sure if they can correct that in SD. They may have a better reason, i.e., not playing everyone, but they’re stuck between a rock and hard place.
            Nothing I’d like more than to see the full team go into SD and kick their ass, maybe even knock them out of the playoffs, though they’ll probably know that by kickoff, which also changes the dynamics, for SD. So maybe it does become a pre-season game.
            I just think it’s a fine line.

          • Jarad

            My view is , if this is a tune up game for the playoffs, you need play the starters. They played like crap last Sunday. Get them enough plays to establish a good offensive/defensive performance and then rest some. I just dint think you go into a drag race when your car acted up the last time you drove it. Get those kinks out and then go for it

          • KCMikeG

            Agreed except Charles needs no further tuning. Rest him. I want to see more Cyrus Gray! I want to see him get enough carries that he can get into a rhythm. IMO he has more potential than Davis if for no other reason that he holds onto the ball.
            If Houston is ready limited play and rest. Rest Hali completely as his knees are acting up and only thing makes that better is rest. I would like to see more Catapano, Josh Martin & Ridge Wilson.They all tore it up in camp. Parker deserves more reps so rest Berry. All the rest of the DB’s but Sean Smith need to WORK to get it right.

  • Phillip Maxwell

    I would think they were all pretty well rested after last week.

    • micah stephenson


  • Steve Krenek

    I really think this team can make a run, rest some not all, Go Chiefs!!!

  • Davé

    See: Von Miller

  • Danny W

    If Charles is even in pad’s Andy Reid should be fired on the spot.

    • ladner morse

      Naw… but if JC gets hurt, then I’m going to be upset!

  • ladner morse

    3 Answers
    1) Yes. Why not rest… they already started resting last week!
    2) No! Do you damn job! We all do.
    3) I’d like to see Tyler Bray if it gets out of hand either way.

    • Danny W

      It’s going to get out of hand I too am dying to see what Bray can do.

  • Dennis Soto

    Get millions of views…. Google viewbros

  • d-block

    I say rest key players. Would love to see what Bray can do.

  • GDL40

    IF there’s any hope for us in the playoffs, its called Jamal Charles….. I know the odds are low that he gets injured in the last regular season game, but its a legitimate possibility….and i almost wouldn’t even want to watch the game If he’s injured…..REST THEM and see what you got in the younger guys, especially Bray !

  • Gene Haigler

    you play to win the game…

  • Stacy D. Smith

    No, no, no, and NO.