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Chiefs vs. Colts: What The Stats Say About Kansas City's Loss

We found ourselves in a good news/bad news situation yesterday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium.

The good news? The Chiefs didn’t have to win, because they’ve already locked up a playoff spot.

The bad news? The Chiefs didn’t win, and that’s never fun.

Kansas City welcomed in the Indianapolis Colts for a game that had a lot on the line despite the fact that a win wasn’t necessary. In the end, the Chiefs just couldn’t get it done. The Chiefs’ offense sputtered out and the defense allowed Andrew Luck and the Colts’ offense to put up 23 points.

The end result was a 23-7 loss.

The eye in the sky (aka film) doesn’t lie when it comes to breaking down football games, but I’m of the belief that stats can tell you a lot about the makeup of a game as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the notable stats from this matchup to see what they tell us about Kansas City’s loss.


Third Down Efficiency: 1-of-8

The Chiefs only had eight third down situations, which could be looked at as a good thing, I guess. With that said, completing only one of those attempts is unacceptable; especially with the playoffs looming. Third down is the most important down on the football field, and good teams generally have good third down efficiency. On Sunday, Kansas City was not a good team.


53 Total Offensive Plays

This stat doesn’t mean much until you look at  what Indy was able to do. The Colts ran 72 plays to the Chiefs 53. Indianapolis’ offense obviously controlled this game, and when you give a quarterback like Luck that many opportunities; he will capitalize. Luck was 26-of-37 for 241 yards and a touchdown.


Passing: 132 Total Yards

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We’ve all known that the Chiefs offense isn’t as high-powered as let’s say, Denver’s is, but 132 passing yards? Most teams can rush for that much if not more, and case in point; the Chiefs were able to rush for 155. We’ve seen just how dangerous Kansas City can be when the offense is clicking, and usually when they’re on; the Chiefs are setting up Jamaal Charles and the run with the pass.


Alex Smith: 2 Interceptions

For a quarterback who is known more as a game manager than a gun-slinger, Alex Smith just can’t afford to throw the ball away two times. Kansas City is best when Smith is controlling the football and the offense is playing within its means. Looking for a reason why the Chiefs lost this past Sunday? Those two interceptions were a huge reason why.


Sacks Allowed: 4

No quarterback, even the Mannings or Aaron Rodgers of the world, can be expected to be productive when they’re getting sacked four times in one game. Not only do sacks put an offense in “and long” situations, but they completely throw a quarterback off his game. A good pass-rush can speed up a quarterback’s internal clock, which forces him out of a rhythm and into mistakes.


Defensive Sacks: 1 

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve watched this team at all in 2013, you’d know that the defense is best—in fact, it’s dominant—when it’s getting after the quarterback. One sack just won’t cut it for a defense that finds its success by creating a pass-rush.


Fumbles: 5, 2 Lost

Winning football teams don’t put the football on the ground. That’s a simple truth about the game we all know and love. Unfortunately, Kansas City  fumbled the ball five times against Indianapolis. The Chiefs were able to recover three of those fumbles, but they still lost two. Even two fumbles can doom a team in the NFL, and against the Colts, the proof was in the pudding. Smith and Knile Davis were the ones who coughed up the fumbles to Indy.


Field Goals: 0-for-1

Great special teams has been a staple of the Chiefs in 2013, especially when they win. Unfortunately, Ryan Succop and the field goal team couldn’t capitalize this past Sunday, trying one field goal and missing it. On the other side of the ball, Kansas City gave up nine points on field goals.


Penalties: 7 for -65 yards

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Seven penalties is seven too many. The Chiefs undoubtedly hurt themselves as far as the yellow flags were concerned.


Time of Possession: 21:40

The Chiefs controlled the football for just over 20 minutes of the game, which means Indy had it for well over half. Officially, the Colts held the football for 38:20.


Conclusion: Not Good

The Chiefs failed in all of the major statistical categories that normally determine a game. Whether it be penalties, turnovers, or third-down efficiency; Kansas City just didn’t get it done against the Colts. Statistically that was a very poor showing from the Chiefs, and that was reflected in the final score.

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  • KYChiefsFan

    Wonder how many missed tackles we had, especially in the secondary?

    • kcpauly

      Lewis had about 7 just himself, that guy is terrible, just horrible, we need to get rid of that loser, he can’t ball at all, he down right sucks, and I am a Homer who loves all Chiefs, but man that guy is soft, scared to hit, scared to tackle, and apparently scared to even run, pleaset him out of our backfield, oh wait he does that himself
      Go Chiefs!!!!!!

      • chris

        He’s a fa this year, I vote we let him go, and you missed that he always takes terrible angles to the ball carrier, I think the chiefs should take a fs with their first pick in the draft

        • chris

          Or do what I thought was a possibility at the beginning of the year and put Robinson at free safety

          • Jim Harper

            Too small to do the job

          • chris

            He is on the small side for afs but I’d put money on it that he’d do a better job than lewis

          • Davé

            agreed, he would be much better there than at corner

        • KCMikeG

          Plus how many of the blown coverages have been due to his being the QB of the DB’s?

        • superman_25_58

          The Chiefs need to get the best WR available with our #1 pick and look to pick up a safety in the 3rd round or out of FA. Regardless a WR on the opposite side of Bowe should be our #1 priority.

          • chris

            I still think fs in the first round, get maclin in fa(I think there’s a good chance they get maclin but I don’t know what they do in the draft) The chiefs took the best wide receiver available late in the first to get Baldwin (I was very upset with that pick from the second they said it)

          • Davé

            sign a free agent WR that is proven, draft CB, CB, Safety, Safety, CB, CB, CB. This NFL is just too pass happy to have anything other than a Seattle type secondary.

      • DieHard_ChiefsFan

        Oh common guys, he isnt that bad… If we are playing 1 hand touch, he would have had 3 of those 7 missed tackles. (JK) Im on the same page. Even my son at the beginning of the year said Lewis was horrible, but i guess our good pass rush kept the spot light off of him until now. Bad Angles, horrible tackling, with the exception of his great tackle on Derrick Johnson freeing up the Indy receiver. We have enough safties back there that are so much better… Hey how about that long ball coverage ? Oh yes that is his responsibility to be in position to cover that as well. Save some money and kick the bum to the street… Wonder if Chad Hall is still available to pick up again, once that spot on the roster is vacant ? Ok, had my fun, still way a head of where i thought we would be so im still quite happy we are in the playoffs !! GO Chiefs !!

        • chris

          It was actually Robinson that tackled Johnson, lewis probably had no idea that the receiver even had the ball yet

  • chris

    If we do play the Colts in the first round of the playoffs and jc only gets 13 rushing attempts I say we fire Andy Reid, I like Reid but if he doesn’t have the common sense to know that the chiefs would be better off running Charleshe doesn’t need to be choosing for this team, I I think it was I’m the 3rd quarter that the chiefs were driving and I’m Colts territory when the chiefs had a2nd &2 and didn’t run Charles on 2nd or 3rd down and got saved on 3rd taking them out of possible fg range… Charles averaged over 8 yds per carry yesterday and had his 4th 100 yd game with only 13 carries, give him the fucking ball, a game has never made me as furious as yesterdays game… wuth all that being said I think that the Charles rushes for over 200 if we do play the Colts in the first round

    • 2dogs

      Sounds like you almost get it. Why in the world would Reid keep doing what works best (running Charles) in a meaningless game against the team you’re most likely to play in the playoffs. Would you prefer using your best game plan in yesterday’s game and hope it works a second time in the playoffs.

      • chris

        I really hope thAt’s the case and I really do think that if we play the Colts in the wild card we beat them and I think can beat the millerless Broncos in Denver too, I just hope that getting Houston back helps as much as I think it will

      • chris

        Our offense looked way to similar to what it did at the beginning of the season yesterday I don’t know why we would play a different way than the way that’s been winning games just a few weeks before the playoffs, you pay to win the game andwhywouldn’t we play like we are going to in the play offs teams that do that or rest their starters never make the super bowl bc that recipe doesn’t effing work that why the number 1 seed hardly ever makes it to the super bowl

    • Jim Harper

      Fire Reid? Are you drunk?

      • chris

        You would’ve said this if i would’ve said fire pioli after the first season too wouldn’t you have? Our team is too talented to play like we did yesterday I pray To God That Reid was holding back yesterday, the play calling wwas what lost the game yesterday (officiating was questionable a few times but I don’t like blaming the refs for losing)

      • chris

        And I’m not saying that he deserves to get fired yet, byt if he calls a meaninfful game the way he called yesterdays game then yea….. we better learn to beat good teams or we won’t even make the playoffs next year, we play Seattle, San Fran, Arizona, st louis, new England, Miami, Baltimore, and both Denver and San Diego tWice and those are just the teams that have been pretty good this year, I’m not a fan of the rams but they’ve been kicking ass lately

    • Larry Devore

      we all knew coming in Reid wasn’t huge on the running game, so what’s the surprise?

      • chris

        NOthing and I don’t cAre about this Colts game but if the run is working and the pats is not I’m the playoffs and Reid continues try and pass than he’s only going to take us far and then lose just like he did in philly and doesn’t work for me

  • Danny W

    So is your last name Khula or Michael?

  • chris

    Marty would be the perfect coach for this team, bring back martyball but switch it up with all of our running backs don’t get Charles killed

    • Tony Parker

      yeah, because he was so good in the playoffs…NOT.

      • chris

        Reid has coached for 14 yrs and has never won a super bowl, even with grwat teams so do you think Reid would run this team better than marty? I like Reid and am optimistic about our chances but I don’t think may would stand a lesser chance than Reid

        • Tony Parker

          hey Chris, hasn’t Reid won more playoff games than Marty? I remember how bad I hated Marty as a HC with the Chiefs when they made the playoffs, way to conservative. imo

          • chris

            That’s true but I don’t think marty ever had a rb with the talent of jc, I know he had Marcus Allen but he had played his best games by the time he became a chief, some get me wrong I lived having him and I do like Reid but I think marty would be better suited for our current personel, I think Reid can win a playoff game or two this year and has the talent to do more and give him another offseason or two could install t he personel to play his type of football with hopefully great success, I want Reid to do very well seeing that I’m a chiefs fan and all but this past Sunday game against the Colts upset me more than any game I’ve ever watched, and I so hope he was holding back and casks a much better game next sunday against the Colts (or Bengals)

          • Tony Parker

            Cheers to that last line buddy.