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Chiefs vs. Colts: Earning Their Arrowheads

It’s tough to find anything positive in a 7-23 loss, especially when that loss comes at home against a potential playoff opponent.

The Chiefs simply didn’t show up against the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday, and despite the fact that they’ve already secured a playoff spot, there’s a lot to be disappointed about.

The offense only scored 7 points, and the team as a whole turned the ball over four times. Three of those turnovers came from the quarterback, Alex Smith, and the other was an atrocious fumble from backup Knile Davis. The defense allowed Ronnie Brown to gash them on the ground, and Andrew Luck made enough plays through the air to keep Kansas City behind the eight ball all afternoon.

I’m no longer at the point of denying this team any praise like I did during the three game losing streak, because I do think Kansas City showed us its potential with wins over the Redskins and Raiders. With that said, the Chiefs have lost four out of their last six games, and three of those losses have come at home.

I do think that this team can still be a playoff contender, but they’ll have to clean up some of their issues really quick. So, what are the Chiefs doing right at this point, and which players can the team count on to get them back on the winning track?

Let’s turn to the Arrowheads to find out.


Arrowhead #3: Dustin Colquitt, P 

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You know it’s a rough game when Colquitt gets an Arrowhead, especially when the defense allows 23 points. With that said, it’s hard to deny that he had some tremendous punts against the Colts, and at the very least, he put the defense in some good positions. Unfortunately, the defense couldn’t capitalize. Colquitt punted five times, averaged 54 yards a kick and had a long of 61.


Arrowhead #2: Derrick Johnson, ILB 

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Even though the defense was largely inefficient against Indianapolis, Johnson did make some good plays for the Chiefs. To be frank, he did miss a few plays too, but overall, he was all over the field for Kansas City. He’s been the Chiefs most consistent defender, and even though he didn’t lead the team in tackles on Sunday, his presence was still felt. Johnson notched five tackles, one sack, one pass defended and two quarterback hits.


Arrowhead #1: Jamaal Charles, RB

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If Johnson has been the Chiefs most consistent defender in 2013, Jamaal Charles has been the most consistent player overall. Despite the loss, Charles still was able to be his normal productive self. On a day when the offense only scored seven points, he was the lone bright spot. Charles carried the ball 13 times for 106 yards and a touchdown, averaging a terrific 8.2 yards a run. He also caught five passes for 38 yards.

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  • Jacob

    I’d have to give Berry credit too. He was all over the field from what I remember

    ..yes, I realize the avatar makes me seem biased…

  • Mark Bustamante

    Colquitt is the ONLY Chief that deserves an arrowhead. The rest of the team was terrible and that’s being polite. I can’t believe that this is the same team from last week. We are in deep trouble if we don’t start playing better.

    • KCMikeG

      And Charles of course with over 150 yards and our only TD.

  • Chris Tarrants

    I should get the only arrowhead handed out this week for actually wasting my afternoon by watching that garbage until the very last snap

    • Jordan

      Normally I would be right there watching with you but after that pitiful wobbly pass from smith to fasano late in the game I said F this

    • Deadmeat

      I climbed on the roof of my bar, (it was a sheet of ice up there), to beat the crap off of the directtv dish for this game. Make it even worse, the damned wind blew my ladder down while I was up there. But, on the bright side, I was drunk by the end of it, at the expense of a Broncos fan( I hate you Ed). He bought several rds of fireball shots, good stuff.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I’d give Berry one instead of DJ, while DJ missed a couple plays, I never saw that Berry was out of place or missed any tackles.

    • Bosco Cletus

      Yeah 29 has been lights out for about a month now, Dj over ran too many tackles in the first half.

      • KCMikeG

        And let a pick six go right through his hands.

  • Phillip Maxwell

    The entire team gets the Lin Elliot award for that performance.

  • tomflex

    The more I watch and re watch this game, the more uncomfortable I get. Not because we lost or that we got punched in the face by a team everyone agreed was dead meat playing at Arrowhead in the cold. No I’m feeling uncomfortable because as I watch this mess play out, I’m seeing this team and it’s coaches doing nothing they would normally do and everything they would normally not do to have any chance of winning this game. watch it again
    Conclusion….The entire team and coaches have gone insane or losing this game benefits the team more than winning it.

    • KCMikeG

      The “we laid down to set up the Colts next time” theory seems pretty far fetched but you are so right about nothing seeming right. The defense starts out with dominating 3 & outs only to act like they can’t tackle at all after leaving receivers WIDE OPEN?
      The offense opens by churning down the field with the greatest of ease only to be stopped dead the entire rest of the game?? There had to be at least a dozen plays where the DB’s were yelling and waving at each other trying to get into position as the ball was snapped. How could they not know what to do in week #16? Did Luck & the Colts unleash a super secret offensive attack that Sutton & the D just couldn’t get their heads around? The pass rush was there early against a patchwork OL and then just evaporated. Charles touches the ball ONE TIME in the 3rd quarter and 4 times in the 4th? WTH? Bowe falling down untouched on three of his five receptions and one arming a sure TD attempt? I’m confused and praying that this was just one of those days where everything goes wrong or that the conspiracy theory is true.

      • tomflex

        Mike…I know this seems crazy but when you look at the playoff picture it makes some sense. If the Chiefs had won Sunday they would have been forced to go to San Diego and play balls to the wall due to the chance that Denver might lose to the Raiders? They knew Denver can affort to go all out in Oakland because winning would get them the bye. The Chiefs knew Denver would have no problem with Oakland so this game would be a killer for no good reason…Andy wil now rest his players and not risk injury this late in the game. They can already start game planning for Indy knowing now exactly where to hit them. San Diego will get a chance to get in the playoffs which is exactly what the Chiefs want…Look at the playoff scenario wih San Diego in it to see why.
        I do believe this is the best opportunity to get our first playoff win and possibly go all the way.

        • KCMikeG

          So what you are saying is that if we “let” the dolts beat us then they, if the Fins & Ravens lose, would play the Bungles and if they win that game they would be the ones going to dumber to beat the donkeys again while we would have the colts who we have set up by “letting” them win and after surprising them with scoring and tackling winning in Indy we would have the struggling Pats vs the donkeys for the third time. Which would mean we could face Phyllis “Cry me” Rivers in the AFC Championship game at home in Arrowhead – right? Then on to our first Super Bowl since my rookie year as a fan in 1969. Wow……. If this is all true it is the most brilliantly designed strategy since the invasion of Grenada. I certainly hope it is true.

          • tomflex

            Can’t be that brilliant if we figured it out right Mike…lol…thats why Andy gets the big bucks..he’s been there before.

          • KCMikeG

            So true Tom. Guess we will see over the next 12 days. Merry Christmas. Go Chiefs!

  • tm1946

    Some day, some time, after the dust has settled from this season, I wish we could really reason why the Chiefs threw up this clunker. How does a team, at home, in the fantasy hope of first place, against an indoor team…..just not show up? Or has this team done all it could with what is available….just a pretender the national media says they are. No clue, as usual from me but disappointing is the nicest thing I can post.