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The Kansas City Chiefs Are A Flawed Team

The Kansas City Chiefs are a flawed team.

There are, however, no teams in the NFL that are not. The question is, what are those flaw?

Most of us can agree with some of them, and fight about others.

Let me preface this by saying that most of us know the Chiefs are somewhat disrespected in the media. Many of us watch SportsCenter, NFL Live, First Take, etc. If they are mentioned, more often than not, it is negative. With only one team in the NFL, Seattle, with a better record, that gets on our nerves. Some of their comments are valid, but it is the complete dismissal of the team that irks me the most.

Now to the flaws. Andy Reid and Bob Sutton have done a remarkable job of turning the talent of this team into what it should have been. More importantly, the culture has become one of the best we’ve seen in years. Accolades aside, I have issues with what Mr. Sutton has been doing lately.

With Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Kendrick Lewis, Sean Smith, Abdullah Huasain and Marcus Cooper all on one unit, the defense should not, ever, be allowing Matt McGloin to throw for 297 yards and two touchdowns. And allowing that game to get within four points. Going into the season I thought the Chiefs had the potential to have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. I was proven wrong  many times this season. Though to be fair, they have made plays at times this season.

Speaking of Marcus Cooper, I imagine he spent the day after the Denver game on a shrink’s couch. That, however, was coaching. He was being carved apart by a surgeon, and at some point an adjustment needed to be made.

I know Justin Houston has been injured, but that shouldn’t matter, too much. The lack of pass rush is based on scheme, hence my comment about coach Sutton. If they don’t get pressure, even the McGloin’s of the world will complete passes. eI will admit, however, I believe that had Hali and Houston not been injured in the San Diego game, the Chiefs would have won handily.

Having Hali, Poe—you know, the guy you all hated last year— andJackson, the guy you’ve hated for a number of years; all playing great should also prevent this from happening. Throw in Johnson and Frank Zombo, who has been playing well, and it should never happen

I can understand when you get picked apart by Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers, but not if you want to be what we all want the Chiefs to be, champions. History will prove that. Great defenses will make great quarterbacks uncomfortable. They don’t like that, and it shows.

On to the offense.

I am a big Alex Smith fan.  I think Jamaal Charles if pretty good too. Other NFL teams know Charles is pretty special as well, and they are not stupid. I don’t think you can count on screen passes for touchdowns every week though.  As the Chiefs enter the playoffs (just think how much fun that is to type) they will come across better defenses than Oakland and Washington, which isn’t’ saying much.

The offense is flawed too, but I think we all knew that.

Now for the fun part.

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Why the Chiefs are as good as any other team. I can easily make the case that the only game the Chiefs had no realistic chance to win was the game in Denver, and that was by no means a blow out. They should have won the game against them in K.C. but the receivers decided to take the day off and it still came down to the last play. The San Diego game still pains me.

The Chiefs have the best special teams in the NFL. Ironically, they are third in scoring behind only Denver and Chicago. They are fourth in points allowed. I know the NFL rates offense and defense based on yards gained/given up, but I could care less.

Simply score, and don’t let the other team score. That’s how you win the game of football.

The offense came together this year. New coach, quarterback, some offensive lineman, tight ends and they are getting better every week.  I think this is Dwayne Bowe’s best year. It doesn’t show up in the stats, but he’s never been a better team player and his blocking is essential to the offense they run.

I have not lost faith in the defense. Contrary to what I wrote above, I still believe in Sutton.  If we see these things, I suspect he does too.

The Chiefs are healthy, or as healthy as an NFL team can be going into week 16.  That may be the most important factor for a team at this stage.

All year long I’ve been telling people the Chiefs are not going to the Super Bowl, but compared to last year, I couldn’t be happier. Now, I’m not so sure. I think they are better than the Colts, but I guess we get find out tomorrow.

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I think they’re better than any team that gets the Wild Card. They are, in my view better than the Bengals, but Cincy will be tough at home.

As crazy as this sounds to me, I think they are better than the Patriots, except of course, Tom Brady, the best quarterback I’ve ever seen play, and I’m old.  Like the Patriots, I think the Chiefs are better than the Broncos too, except Manning.  That’s why the pass rush must return. Make them shaky in the pocket, and the Chiefs can beat them both, home or on the road.

In many ways, the playoffs start this Sunday.  Kansas City needs to punch the Colts in the mouth and more importantly, do it again next week on the road in San Diego.

If they do that, there will be a change in what you hear about them, and how other teams perceive them.

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  • Tristian Shelley

    You were so about to get bashed by me until your last paragraph lol. But to say that you won’t play Washington or Oakland type defenses in theppostseason is not true. New England the Colts and Broncos all have horrible defenses not much better than Oakland or Washington. Our personnel makes us different because of the potential we have seen them have. The rest are who they are. No u cant count on screen passes every week but since the first denver game the execution has been fantastic. Love the chiefs chances in Januaryvas a 1 or 5 seed

    • John Bartram

      Haha….part of the reason for the title. I knew it would attract attention, and negative attention at that.
      Truth is, it’s a very positive article about the Chiefs. I’m not sure I agree with about the defenses. I agree they’re not great, but certainly better than Washington and Oakland. Thanks for the response.

      • Tristian Shelley

        I agree and thats what I was saying that those 3 defenses are really bad because consider this. Look at the San Diego Game. If the broncos cant score 30 points their defense Is incapable of carrying the team. New England same way. Peyton Manning in 32 or below is 4-8. Ill take it even in Denver. Even last year peyton put up 21 points on offense but nothing the last 3 quarters. Special teams scored twice. Brady is 24-5 but without Gronk the pats are highly beatable. But worse than anything both those teams have bottom tier run defense and that spells one and done in the postseason because those offenses have to be perfect and they wont b. If those teams didnt have good or great offenses they would look just like Washington and Oakland

  • Corey Bell

    I would like to give you a standing ovation for this article. Now i must admit your headline had me ready to tear into you. It feels like i have been either defending the Chiefs or enlightening people about them all season. Actually the reason i started a twitter account was because i was sick of a certain Fox sports morning show dissing the Chiefs everyday and saying how great the Bengals were. I agree they have some faults but i can’t help but feel on cloud nine with how this season has went. A Super Bowl win would be the perfect ending to this fairy tale year but honestly I can’t be disappointed no matter how this season ends especially seeing where we(the fans and team) have come from in a very short time. Go Chiefs and great article!!!

    • KCMikeG

      My thoughts exactly! Go Chiefs!

    • John Bartram

      Thanks, and that was part of the reason for the headline. I knew it would attract attention. As Chief fans, were use to how you feel. Go Chiefs.

  • sidibeke

    KC has as good a shot as any team in the AFC, and better than many.

    I also feel like Sutton has been off. He is a 1st year DC, so given the success KC has had and the aggressive ball hawking I’ve seen, I’m more than happy to cut him some slack. What I hope, though, is that he learns and does change some of his play calling, i.e., a couple of more blitzes against Den. The only problem I have with coaches is when they won’t change strategies when what they have been going with isn’t working.

  • sidibeke

    Regarding the national media, I thought it was funny that talk after the Wash game was how BAD the skins were and not about how dominant KC was. Similarly, the Oak game was all about Charles (and certainly deserved), but nothing about KC really hitting stride. They must be thinking it if they’re not saying it though; ALL of the :experts: at ESPN’s expert picks are going with KC over Indy.

    • John Bartram

      The Washington game was the best example. There was NOTHING said about the Chiefs. All week long, it was RGIII, Shannahan, blah, blah, blah….
      KC played a near perfect football game in all three phases. I don’t care who you play, that’s hard. Six sacks, punt td, kickoff td, two rush td’s, two pass td’s….but, squat.
      BTW….I took my son to that game. Sat six rows behind the Chief bench. Nothing but Chief fans. Tents in the parking lot, hats, stickers on the cars, tailgating, almost all Chiefs. It was great.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Really excellent article John. I say that because this is exactly what i have been saying, lol. I was initially concerned about the Sutton hire then happily surprised to see the success he had the first half of the season. Now I’m wondering what the heck is going on. The worst QB in the NFL is going to have a good day if you don’t put any pressure on him let alone Manning, Rivers etc. So where’s the pass rush. You can’t tell me that the teams have learned to game plan for it, not when you have the likes of Poe, Hali and Houston. I believe it has to come down to play calling and Sutton has not gotten the job done. You leave any DB out on an island long enough and they will lose that battle, especially a rookie. I also think that Lewis has not done a good job of giving help over the top.

    The offense I’m not nearly as concerned about. They are starting to come together and will only get into better rhythm with more time together. I like our chances in the playoffs though. I think we can play with any team in the AFC. The 2nd game against Denver showed that. And yes the Charger game was a fluke. We were spanking them until Hali AND Houston went down. The Colts game tomorrow will be telling. I just hope Sutton dials up the pressure on Luck or it could be a closer game than it needs to be.

    • John Bartram

      Thank you………..

    • John Bartram

      Maybe I should have just written the headline and nothing else. That’s how I feel today.

      • Calchiefsfan

        They really came out flat yesterday. I didn’t expect that. Their execution and over all effort was pathetic. Hopefully that was just a bad game that happens sometimes and will wake them up. Otherwise the Chiefs are in trouble and a lot more post season changes will be needed than originally thought.

        • John Bartram

          Agree, on every point. I’ll have another article up today, if they publish it. There is not much I have to say that is very nice in that one. They don’t deserve it.
          PS… you should read the last comments down by Jim. Very funny, kind of???

          • Calchiefsfan

            Wow is all I have to say about Jim’s comments. I personally am one of the biggest Chiefs homers going but I didn’t get the arrogance and axe to grind stuff out of your article, just a bit of reality. Anyway, I look forward to your next article and if I don’t like it I’ll let you know, lol. Welcome to AA.

          • John Bartram

            Thanks and always feel free to do so, as Jim most certainly did!

  • e_racer

    There is parity in the NFL, and there is not one team that cannot be beat on any Sunday. Seattle lost to STL, and that is a pretty bad team.

    The Chiefs need to get back to rushing the opposing QB. The defensive backs need to get a good jam on the receivers on the line. Part of the problem is Poe has been handled effectively in recent months. He is no longer an unknown, and he has to step his game up a notch. A bigger issue was the absence of Mike DeVito. DeVito does not get the glory, but he is the strongest guy on the line. Without DeVito, there is a huge drop off in talent. He stuffs the running backs, and ties up the Guard so the OLB can go one on one against a Tackle. If you get Hali or Houston one on one against a Tackle they are going to cause havoc.

  • tomflex

    It seems that the defense has struggled a bit lately and the problem for whatever reason has no simple fix. Could be that it’s something that has no simple fix and will require just trying to lessen the impact of that weakness. There is one thing however that can be addressed that would definately improve the defense right now…..Eliminate those silly penalties on critical third down situations that turn fourth and punt into first and Merry Christmas! Nothing sucks the life out of a player more than stopping a team on third down only to have it negated because someone lined up in the neutral zone, someone called for a personal foul (late hits, bad hits, facemask) etc. etc.
    Maybe not a fix all but it could make a positive difference

  • Jim Harper

    I am curious as to why there is nothing about the author in this piece. I took serious exception to the comment about Jamaal Charles being “pretty good too”. Are you kidding me? Not only do I think Jamaal is much better than “pretty good”, but you can certainly make a strong case for him being the best RB in the league. Also your reference to the Chiefs being a “flawed team” is ridiculous. Every team in the league has one or more flaws, but a ” flawed team” indicates that the entire team is flawed. Maybe that is just a mistake in how you stated it., but that simply is not true. Maybe you worded it that way for shock value to encourage readership, but for me I found it offensive.

    • John Bartram

      I think you’re a tad sensitive. Uh, the Charles comment is what you call “sarcasm”. And yes, the headline was to attract attention, but the Chiefs are a flawed, team, like all teams are flawed.
      There’s nothing up there because I’m new here and haven’t even had time to put up a profile.

      • Jim Harper

        I have already stated my feelings about the “flawed team” remark. As for not having time for a bio it would have taken less time to write that than it took you to write you post. I stand by what I wrote because it is my opinion and that is what blogs are for, and I think you are the one with sensitivity issues. If you cannot stand to have your views challenged then you should find another line of work.

        • John Bartram

          I have no issue with my views being challenged. I agree that is what forums like this are for. As for my bio, there were technical issues involved in the site, which is very complicated because it is far beyond just Arrowhead Addict. As you can see, it has been updated.
          If you think this article was by any means harsh on the Chiefs, just wait until you see what I write about them after today’s game against the Colts.

          • Jim Harper

            I am afraid that won’t be possible because I will not be reading any more articles of your authorship. You obviously have an axe to grind and I won’t be party to it. I have been very dissatisfied with several of the latest hires of writers and you are in that group. You are just the latest in a group of writers that claim to know how to fix all that is wrong with the Chiefs without the credentials to back them up. For example: How many years of professional football did you play? How many years of coaching at the NFL level do you have under your belt? How many years of scouting for an NFL draft have you achieved? Now those things bother me, but they were not really what I took issue with. No, what really bothered me was your arrogance, and that I find very distasteful, but here is the good news! You won’t have to be bothered by me ever again.

          • John Bartram

            Do you know how many world famous writers there are that never played the sport, or sports they cover? How about the journalists that cover the White House? Do they have be President to cover him?
            Funny, one article, a few comments and you know all about me, I have an axe to grind ??? I’m arrogant, etc. Glad to see you’re not quick to judge.
            Sad to see you go, you’ve been a lot of fun. Have a happy holiday.

  • freshmeat62

    Man, you just said everything I’ve been thinking for the last 6-7 weeks. The first half of the season, the D was playing the way I thought they would, by dominating w/ that devestating pass rush and good secondary play, and this all before I ever heard the words Marcus Cooper. But then the Chiefs went away from their attacking D, and started more of a let them come to you defensive scheme. And that’s when the secondary started to get lit up. What bothered me most was that the Chiefs couldn’t seem to correct their problems at half time, or for that matter, to the next game. Manning started picking on Cooper, and also Flowers w/ pick plays, and the Chiefs had no answer for it. Rivers followed up the next week doing the same thing. I remember back when Cowher was DC, if the opponent was successful in the first half of a game, he would come out in the 2nd half w/ a fix for what they were doing. Sutton doesn’t seem to have that ability.

    I was very critical of the o-line the 1st half of the year, but they are playing a lot better as a unit now, and I think because of that, the offense is doing much better – except for the dropped passes.

  • freshmeat62

    After reading some of these comments, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one questioning Mr. Sutton.

  • micah stephenson

    The defense is based on sacks and turnovers. The 1st 7 games 35 sacks last 7 games mayby 9 or so sacks. We are tied for #1 for ints. We just need to get Houston back for our pass rush.

  • Steve Carithers

    The one sore spot with the Chiefs is their offense, specifically the receivers. They need some real play makers, the kind of guys who make your jaw drop at the spectacular catches in clutch situations. I think, despite the bad game against the Colts at home, they CAN beat them. I don’t see them making it to the superbowl. I do think that they are not that far of a notch below that of a superbowl team. They just need to get a couple of real play making receivers and they might want to trade Knile Davis. He is a FUMBLER.