The Chiefs 10 Biggest Christmas Bargains And 1 Bad Buy

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The 2012 season couldn’t end fast enough for most Kansas City Chiefs fans. Once it was over Clark Hunt went right to work reshaping the team and no sooner had he hired Andy Reid and John Dorsey than the Chiefs began acquiring one new gift for the team after another. Now, eleven months later, on the eve of Christmas week, it’s the perfect time to gauge which gifts were worth it and which gifts should perhaps not have been placed under the “Chiefsmas” tree.


The sources I’m using to make these Christmas day evaluations include: FoxSports and Overthe I’ll mostly be using the Base Salary as a gauge as reported by Over the Cap. Please also note that I’m making their (approximate) “team rank” available next to each name to show how many players they are ranked behind in terms of salary and thus, worth to the team.


So, here then are the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs Christmas bargains… with the #1bust’s thrown in near the end. Enjoy.


The number ten Christmas bargain for the Chiefs in 2013 is…

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.13.31 AMTE Anthony Fasano for $1,200.000

When Mr. Fasano is not injured he’s been the best TE the Chiefs have had since Tony Gonzales. Now, considering that he’s only appeared in 8 games (out of 14) this year and only has 22 receptions, that says more about the other TEs the Chiefs have had than it does about Fasano. However, in the spirit of true giving… Chiefs fans should give thanks for Fasano not only appearing on the roster but, that Andy Reid and John Dorsey are so committed to the TE position as an integral part of this offense that they went out and signed him and then turned around and drafted a TE in the 2013 NFL Draft in the third round.

Team Pay Rank: 13th

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