Oct 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Case Keenum (7) is sacked by Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali (91) during the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 17-16. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Still Have a Shot at AFC West Champs After Broncos Lose to the Chargers

Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown against the Washington Redskins in the first quarter at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So you’re saying there’s a chance…

In case you fell asleep last night at about 6:30 PM and didn’t look at anything on the internet, television or your phone until right now, you might not know that the Denver Broncos lost last night to the San Diego Chargers in the Mile High City.

“But Jason, this is a Chiefs blog? Why do we care about the Broncos and the Chargers?”

I’ll tell you why you care. Because this changes everything.

When the Chiefs lost their second game to the Broncos two weeks ago, many thought it all but ended their hopes of truly finishing the “Cinderella-Worst-to-First” story they had been writing all season. To go from the worst team in the league in 2012 with a 2-14 record to winning their division and getting the #1 Seed in the AFC would have been a turnaround like nobody had ever seen. Afterall, the Broncos had already been crowned by the national media as the eventual AFC representative to the Superbowl. Add to that the neverending love fest with Peyton Manning and the Chiefs hopes of a homefield playoff game were buried and over — until last night happened.

You see, with the Broncos beating the Chiefs twice, that gives them the “head-to-head” advantage in the NFL tie breaker procedures. So even with the two teams having the same record — as they will if the

Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) catches a pass as Denver Broncos strong safety Duke Ihenacho (33) attempts the tackle during the second half of the game at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won 35-28. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders this Sunday — the Broncos still retain the #1 spot in the division. However, losing last night, takes away that one game lead, and all that is left is the tie breaker. One more Broncos loss in the next two games coupled with another Chiefs winning streak means that this season could still end in dramatic fashion.

But it’s not going to be easy.

I don’t claim to have any illusions about the ease of this scenario. First, the Chiefs would have to win out. That’s not impossible as they travel to Oakland this Sunday to meet a Raiders team still in upheaval. Then, they return to Arrowhead next Sunday to face the Indianapolis Colts who, while good and already AFC South Champions, isn’t the team who beat the Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers earlier this season. Finally, the Chiefs take their show on the road in Week 17 to play their final division game in a re-match with the Chargers.

Winnable? Sure.

Easy? Have you been hanging out with Dwayne Bowe, making midnight Sonic runs?

The other thing that would have to happen would be the Broncos would have to lose one more game. This could prove to be more difficult than the Chiefs winning all three of their final games. The Mile High Team has 10 days to recover from this loss before travelling to East Texas to meet the Houston Texans. If I said the Raiders are in upheaval, the Texans are in shambles. They’ve already fired their head coach — a guy only a couple of weeks removed from having a stroke on the sidelines — and are playing their undrafted, rookie quarterback. Their star wide receiver has

been quoted in the media as saying “we suck” when asked about his team. The only saving grace of the Texans is their defense is still highly rated and playing well. The other thing about this Texans team that makes them more dangerous than a cornered possum — story for another time, but trust me…it’s ugly — is the fact they have absolutely nothing to lose. They haven’t won a game since Week 2. Everybody has counted them out. They have been the biggest disappointment in the NFL this season besides, perhaps, the Atlanta Falcons. That team would like nothing better than to upset the crowned prince of the NFL, Peyton Manning and his merry men.

If the Broncos win this game, however, they will have one more chance to lose when they travel to meet the Raiders in Oakland in Week 17. If this scenario plays out, where the Broncos are playing for the division aginst Oakland, and the Chargers are still alive in the playoff race, I could see the Chiefs vs. Chargers game in Week 17 being flexed to the Sunday Night Football slot.

So there it is, Addicts. That’s the playoff scenario. What do you think? Do the Chiefs still have a shot in the West, or do you believe Manning and company will win out? Either way, this is a great way to start off a Red Friday! Sound off below. As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!

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  • A1 Yola

    There is no way the Broncos lose to the Texans. The Texans played Damn Good against the Patriots, but that was before Kubiak got fired. The Raiders Defense isn’t capable of slowing Anybody down. The Broncos should be +28 I’m that game at least.

    • DTVTechGuy

      Broncos should have beat San Diego at home….

      Taking any team for granted leads to a loss.

    • DoubleD

      Nobody (except me) was predicting the Chargers would beat the Donkeys. Crazy things happen in December. Bank on it.

      • Jason Seibel

        Actually bro, I predicted it. Just not here because you already wrote that article. But I’ve been dancing up and down the halls this morning, making everyone at work bow to my superior football knowledge.

        • DoubleD

          I’m on the record, whaddyu got bro?

          Kidding aside, I was referring generally to the various national media’s “expert” picks and “upset” prognosticators.

      • tomflex

        Dude go back to mine…I said “I would not give up on the Chiefs winning the division just yet. Denver stil has to play San Diego on Thursday and then travel to Houston.” Not actually a prediction but a feeling and I still have that feeling going into Houston”. Changing coaches changes everything and often for the better.

        • DoubleD

          How can you not feel good about the fact that the Broncos finish out their season banged up, having to win out on the road, while giving up nearly 27 points a game? First stop, Houston, playing against a team that is better than their record suggests and led by a new defensive-minded coach with something to prove (remember Romeo’s first game as Chiefs HC?), then finishing up with a physical, divisional game in the Black Hole. I love it!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      That’s the tough part. I just can’t see them dropping a game to either Oakland or Houston, but stranger things have happened in the NFL. Those ARE both road games. Nothing is ever guaranteed on the road. Good thing is, last night’s loss means they can’t take their foot off of the gas. No rest for the weary. They have Kansas City and New England on their heels.

      • Jason Seibel

        Actually, if the Pats win on Sunday, they’re no longer on Denver’s heels, but Denver is looking up at them with the #2 Seed. Remember, New England owns the tie breaker over the Broncos.

        • DTVTechGuy

          Pats lose Sunday!

          • Jason Seibel

            You think so? I mean, I’m not doubting it completely because of how crazy this season has been and they are without Brady’s “boy toy” the Gronk. Could happen, I guess.

          • DTVTechGuy

            I think the Pats end up with the 4th seed and are ” One and Done “… I can’t, in my couple decades of watching football, remember a team that had gotten such massive breaks several times over the course of this season to somehow come out on top. I think they are vastly over-rated, play in the most schizophrenic division in football and just don’t have what it takes… 18 out of 53 on the team are Rookies? No one gets em ready to play like Belli-Cheat…. But next year they are a serious factor… Not this year.

          • DoubleD

            I don’t know about being the 4th seed or not but I also feel the Pats will be a one and doner this go round. I think the loss of Gronk is the straw that breaks the camel’s back there.

          • DoubleD

            Vegas currently showing Pats v Fins as a pick em.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          You’re right about that. Even more reason why we won’t see Denver resting starters.

      • DTVTechGuy

        New England is running out of gas fast…. A late call… ( horrible btw ) is the only reason the Pats beat the Browns…

  • DoubleD

    Chargers are a better team than the Broncos right now. That’s why they won.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    +1 for the “Dumb & Dumber” reference.

    • Jason Seibel

      Thanks, man!

  • Deadmeat

    Got to tell a story…
    I got several of my friends to come up to my Sports pub last night for the game. (Benchwarmers, Oronogo, Mo, in case you wanted to know). So we got a nice group going on, here comes in, all decked out in Broncos gear, Ed “I hate you” Harvey. I don’t know HOW I have a friend that is a Broncos fan, I’m a retard. Buys a round of patron shots for everyone, ” to celebrate the Broncos win”, he says. Hell ya I took his $65 bucks and it went downhill so fast after that. Shot after shot, it was a very good night. Next thing you know I am crawling in bed at 1AM, up at 5am still feeling good.
    I can’t remember having this much excitement about the Chiefs…EVER. We are still playing for something in December. WOW, I must still be drunk, because I am smiling and feeling young again.

    • Jason Seibel

      Hey man, thanks for sharing this story. Just made me laugh at my desk. Next time I’m in the Oronogo area, I’ll stop in! Great stuff!!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    They might not make it past the texans! Remember a few years ago we lost our beloved HC Todd Haley and ” a poor mans Andy Reid” interim HC Romeo Crennel stepped in and we beat the mighty and unstoppable packers! This is not going to be a cake walk if Wade Phillips smells even the slightest chance of landing a HC full time contract then he could bring them boys firing on all cylinders. Just imagine Manning running for his life with JJ Watt slamming him to the ground 5-6 times before halftime

  • T.Hagen

    I think I enjoy the donkey’s losing more than I enjoy the Chiefs winning.

  • berttheclock

    I await a power shutdown problem as the Broncos suffer from a WATTage overload atop Mr Manning.

    • tomflex

      One good “high voltage” zap and this playoff picture goes directly to photoshop!
      You the man!…Bert

  • tomflex

    Another interesting thing about all this is the possibility that it could all come down to the final game of the season to decide the division champs. That is great for the division winner for they will get all the perks (bye and home field advantage) but the also ran will have no week to rest and will have to go on the road to start the playoffs. What a contrast in outcomes.

    • Jason Seibel

      Exactly what I said, Tom. How awesome would it be if the final game against the Chargers was to decide if the Chiefs were the AFC West Champs?

      • tomflex

        Awesome…that is if going all in and beating San Diego give us the Division. Maybe not so awesome if we go all in and beat San Diego only to miss out because Denver blows out Oakland. That would suck because we don’t get the players some rest and we risk injuries to key players….but …then that’s how it’s set up and teams have done it in the past.

  • tomflex

    The Broncos lost to the Chargers for the very reason the Chiefs will defeat the Chargers. The Broncos failed to put Rivers on his rattle button (his ass). With a healthy three point attack the Chiefs will not have that problem.

    • Jason Seibel

      Not only that, but the Chargers played the kind of ball that the Chiefs should have played when they had the lead. Did you see the time of possession differential? The Broncos offense only had the ball for 20 mins in the whole game. Peyton Manning can’t win if he’s watching the game on the sidelines.

      • tomflex

        Couple things on that…Without that pressure Rivers killed them on third down plays. Woodhead stepped up to add to keeeping the chains moving. The San Diego secondary did a good job of holding down Yards after catch…and Denver really missed Welker in the bad field position situations.

      • sidibeke

        And Rivers only threw the ball 20 times or so. A whole lot of running on the Den D.

        I also think Manning is wearing down. He’s thrown the ball a lot this season; with the loss, no rest coming soon. But I think Den will win out. Hou and Oak are just too weak.

  • JMO13

    I don’t know if last night’s Broncos would beat the Raiders in the Coliseum. The Broncos frankly looked bad. No production on offense, dumb mistakes and a defense that couldn’t stop a 6-7 team. The Chiefs got beat by Denver because they were star struck by the Anointed One. Brady and Luck didn’t buy it and they sat the donkeys down. Now Rivers had his shot, at Mile High and he sat him down. As long as we know we can beat them, we will.

  • ArrowFan

    The Texans can beat Dumbver. So to me it is not over yet. How big does the blown save the the Charges look for us now?

  • Justin R Groth

    What justice wouldvit be if the Broncos have 2 shots at a game wining field goal in Oakland and it gets blocked twice making us the #1 seed

    • Jason Seibel

      That would be so awesome! I laughed out loud when I read this! So many things that can still happen.

  • chris

    The chiefs will also need ne to lose to get the number 1 seed (the pats play Miami and Balti, who Are both desperate to Win out) so defiantly possible… if and that’s a big if the chiefs get the number 1 seed I predict the chiefs will have to play the broncos and patriots to get to the superbowl but at least they’d be home game, of we stay#5 seed I think our road to the sb would be through Indy Denver and then ne

  • disqus_Zi7cJP0GQp

    What a fun discussion. The Chiefs are a better team than they should be given where they came from a year ago. They are on the right track for the future. But, let’s be honest. This is fantasy. They would never have been able to win the superbowl this year, and Denver will never let Oakland or Houston beat them. Even Thursday night’s team can beat either of them. The Chiefs chance to win the division died at Arrowhead stadium on December 1st. There is still a chance to have a Cinderella season by going thorught the playoffs and winning the AFC Championship… but I just don’t think they have what it takes to win a playoff game this year. In years coming up… look out. But this year. The Chiefs need to get comfortable on the reservation. (on another note: when are they going to get the same heat the Redskins are for their non-PC name?)

    • Jason Seibel

      Really? Somehow that seems like a little Denver homerism shining through.

      • disqus_Zi7cJP0GQp

        Just a dose of reality in amongst the Red sea here…

        • Jason Seibel

          Did that rwality involve that loss in Denver last night? The reality is that while this Denver team is good they’re not unbeatable. That’s been proven time and time again. I said in the article that it was a longshot for the Chiefs to wim the division. But as a Bronco fan you should hope the Chiefs don’t face the Chiefs in the divisional round.

          • disqus_Zi7cJP0GQp

            Never said I was a Bronco fan. I have serious doubts about their ability to win the superbowl too. A superbowl caliber team should be able to stop SOMETHING. They can’t. And a road map to beat them has been given twice now after Thursday night’s game- and good teams should be able to do it. Unless the Chiefs get their pass rush team back the Chiefs aren’t their threat in the playoffs though… sorry. I think any team can win in the postseason, but really the threat for the Broncs will be in the superbowl – Seattle will do well against them.