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3 Things We Learned From Chiefs' Win Over Redskins

Well, that felt good.

The Kansas City Chiefs thumped the Washington Redskins 45-10 this afternoon, thanks in large part to excellent special teams play. The Chiefs were looking to bounce back from their recent 3-game losing streak, and bounce back they did.

This is what the Chiefs look like when they play well in all three phases of the game, and boy does it look good. This was the definition of a complete “team victory.”

Three Things We Learned:

1. Special Teams Are Special

This unit looks dangerous right now; simply dangerous. The Chiefs gained 297 return yards and 2 TDs. Special teams has scored 3 return touchdowns in the last two games, but what may be most impressive is that they’ve done so with 3 different returners. Dexter McCluster had a dominant game today in Washington with 7 punt returns for 177 yards, including a 74-yard return for a touchdown.


2. The Defense Isn’t Gone

The defense played great today, and thank God. I think we were all holding our breath, hoping that the great defensive play we saw through the first 9 games of the season wasn’t just some kind of mirage. Today told me that it wasn’t. It managed to make Robert Griffin III look pedestrian and played great against the run, allowing only 65 net yards rushing. It also padded its stats yet again, recording 6 sacks, 1 INT and 1 FF. That’s the defense we’ve been looking for the last 3 weeks. Frank Zombo filled in admirably for the absent Justin Houston, contributing a sack. Tyson Jackson also had a great game today. The man is just plain strong. Two sacks, and stout play against the run today for Tyson.


3. The O-Line is Deep

I have to say, the line looked great today without the typical starting 5. I know Branden Albert is a good player, but it’s still nice to know that Donald Stephenson and Geoff Schwartz are more than capable. This might be the deepest position group on the team.

That truly was a fantastic game by the Chiefs today. What stood out to you, Addicts?

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  • 2dogs

    I wasn’t able to watch the game here so just going by stats I like to see Washington punted 8 times and turned it over on downs twice. Also only 3 penalties for the Chiefs.

  • Trent Taylor

    Schwartz and Stephenson have solidified the O line. Its no coincidence that the offense has improved both in the run and passing games since they entered the lineup.

    • micah stephenson

      Our oline is deep. The lack of offense was being blamed on Jeff Allen, but he is 2nd in the probowl votes. Stephenson shud have been starting day 1! Swartz is good too!

  • Jason

    I was glad to see the false starts disappear.. talking to you ALBERT … but seriously he probably gets 2 a game..

  • unclejesse40

    I know it was a cold day and he came in towards the end but my goodness Chase Daniels now scares me if Smith ever goes down.

    • e_racer

      He does not look nearly as good in this offense as he did playing behind Drew Brees at NO. Of course, the only time Daniel got to play was during preseason for the Saints. I think he could be better if he had more reps. I just hope that opportunity never comes.

      • Daniel Alvarado

        i still think hes to expensive

        • micah stephenson

          Waaaay to expensive considering he sucks!

    • micah stephenson

      Chase is doo doo!

      • tm1946

        Maybe he was just cold. Spent a lot of time shivering in huddle.

    • Danny W

      Dude sucks. I want Bray as my back up.

  • Jim Harper

    If Stephenson continues to play like this they may let Albert walk this time around, or he better take whatever the Chiefs are willing to pay him. The entire OL was solid across the board and especially Fisher was a beast in the run and nobody got close to Alex. Jamaal had his best game of the year and Davis was solid in relief getting his first rushing TD of 17 yards I believe it was. Next week at the Raiders we should be able to clinch our playoff spot. We almost got it today if only the Dolphins or the Ravens had lost and both pulled out questionable victories on the last play to delay it another week. But understand this Addicts! We playoff bound and not for just a one and done. Carve it in stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Chiefs!!! Oh yeah, one more thing. Both Alex and DBowe played lights out as well. You know what? I think that even giving 2 #2 draft picks for AS11 was a bargain I would do over and over again. Lots of SF fans wish they had him back. NO CHANCE!

    • berttheclock

      Notice how well the draft has been. Took a while, but, the class is getting better. As you mentioned, Fisher has shown improvement. Davis is coming into his own, both on offense and Special Teams. Plus, I consider Alex Smith to be part of that draft as he took the 2nd position. But, for the previous draft, I believe Stephenson is, finally, showing the benefits of working hard in the weight room. Also, another waiver wire pickup by Dorsey showed improvement. James-Michael Johnson, the LB waived by Cleveland and picked up by Dorsey on September 1, played well, yesterday

      • Jim Harper

        Exactly Bert! I continue to gain appreciation for the job that Dorsey and Reid have done, not to mention the staffs they have put together. We are on the verge of seeing a dominate team being built right before our eyes. Alex Smith is starting to look like a bargain at two 2nd round picks much to the naysayers chagrin. (That means you, Micah). And what about the day Jamaal had. On a day that was not conducive to making the kind of cuts and speed that Jamaal has, he had a phenomenal day, as did MccCluster, as did Davis, as did Bowe. This was truly a team victory.

        • micah stephenson

          Alex completed 14 passes only had 100 something yards passing. I didnt see Alex do anything Special at all, he did what most nfl, college and high school QBs wud hav done. He good at games like today when all he has to do is hand off to Charles and game nanage. 2 2nd rd draft picks was still a cheap price to pay to b able to win enough games to sell tickets, I’m sure they wud give up more if they had to do it over again. This is a business and the bottom line is money. If you take J.Charles away from this offense it isn’t much there. Alex is Avg on his best day, Chase and Bray ain’t Shit. We still need to draft a top notch play making strong armed QB sinse Ried is definitely not gon stop his pass happy style of play.

        • micah stephenson

          Alex Smith is starting to look like a bargain at two 2nd round picks much to the naysayers chagrin. (That means you, Micah)………yea a Bargain untill the draft starts and we need to trade up for a top flight QB. Then we wud need to get a wr and TE for him to throw to but wud only have a late 1st and 3rd rd picks to work with.

      • micah stephenson

        I believe Stephenson is, finally, showing the benefits of working hard in the weight room….Where do yall get this stuff? Do you just make it up to have something to talk about? Stephenson was already one of the strongest guys on the team and he is fast for his size. Stephenson shud have been playing day 1. He looks better than Albert and Fisher.

    • micah stephenson

      I havnt seen any SF fans wanting him back. He didn’t even do anything in this game. He game managed I guess.

  • paul pace

    Now, the Chiefs have to travel to the black hole and beat the Faders! The Chiefs can’t let up now and fall back one inch! Need to win out and go into the playoffs with momentum!! The last game is at San Diego and they owe SD one for that terrible loss at home!!

  • BurtGummer44

    You can’t tell nothing from this game, the Skins are totally disfunctional.

    • berttheclock

      Dysfunctional or not, just over a month ago, the Redskins beat both the Bolts and the Bears. San Francisco only ran for 69 yards in DC, but, won 27-6. The Chiefs did not play down to the Redskins. Yes, I can tell something from the game. The Chiefs went into the game knowing they must turn around their season and they played smash mouth in all three categories.

    • Danny W

      I think they tried at first but after that first quarter Shannahan lost his players IMO. They quit on him kind of like KC did on Crennel after like game four last year.

  • Guest

    you can’t read anything out of this game, the Skins are totally dysfunctional much like the 2012 Chiefs.

    • e_racer

      I would have fired Shanahan by now. He has turned this team on itself, and they are not working as a team. There is a lot of infighting. Shanahan is a QB killer. He ruined Jake Plummer, and every other QB, with the exception of John Elway.

      • berttheclock

        True, but, unfortunately, the fans can’t fire Snyder as well. Snyder has really done harm to this team with his micro managing, his love affair and shmoozing with known “Stars” on the team. Now, the biggest rumor is he wants to bring in RG3′s college coach to be the new HC. The Redskins will only get worse. But, I do hope McNair signs Shanahan as they both really deserve one another. I didn’t care for McNair as a thoroughbred owner and he is not much better as a NFL owner. I remember when McNair bought the major stakes winning mare Tuzla from David Milch, but, wouldn’t allow her pet goat to be included. He dumped the trainer and gave her to Bob Baffert. The irony was that trainer, Canani, came back to beat him and the mare in the Breeders Cup. Perhaps, she still missed her goat. Rich boys and their toys.

  • e_racer

    It was good to see the Chiefs do so well on special teams. Washington has one of the worst special teams in the NFL, so it isn’t yet time to coronate them just yet.

    Despite Washington’s troubles, their front line has been fairly good. Stephenson stepped up to bat, and played a nearly flawless game. Outside of a couple of mistakes, Fisher played very well too. He has really improved since coming back from injury, and since playing along side of Geoff Schwartz. Schwartz put in another masterful job. The Chiefs need to ink Schwartz to an extended contract before another team gets the idea first.

    Alex Smith is as athletic of a quarterback as there is in the game. He is the point guard to this offense. Jamaal Charles just gets stronger during the game. He is incredible.

    • berttheclock

      Talking about the Special Teams of the Redskins, some poster at WaPo, blasted their ST Co-ord for having his kickers kick the ball straight down the middle of the icy field. He said that allowed the smaller returners a big advantage on returns.

      However, as for our Special Teams, remember, the unit Toub put together in preseason which performed very well was broken up at the end of training camp. Several of those who had performed well were cut after the 7 player waiver wire pickup, plus, Kerce was injured. Toub had to rebuild his unit with several new players. What a remarkable job he has done. Did you notice Kniles Davis throwing that key block near the end of the long run back by Demps? Also, Ron Parker has really worked well in the system and Hemmingway has shown he has far more value than his fine offensive skills.

      • e_racer

        Special teams never comes down to one thing. I don’t care who you have back there, if there is no blocking it will not work. Toub is a very good coach. He is building a special teams that could be one of the best in the NFL. Part of the credit has to go to Dorsey for getting the players who were cut after training camp. Another part has to do with the good fortune of being in a position to get first dibs at every player cut after preseason.

        Knile Davis took a lot of heat from the fans, and especially those with links to Arkansas. I loved the pick. The kid wants to play at a high level, and he has the skills to do it. He just needed to be in the right system. Playing behind Jamaal Charles, and being coached by coach Bieniemy is about as good as it gets. He also gets to work with Toub.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I was elated to see the pass rush get going again. If that continues, and this offense continues to play well… This Chiefs team will be hell on wheels.