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Chiefs Miss Clinching Playoff Berth By An Inch (GIF)

They say that football is a game of inches, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff spot—at least for this week—came down to an inch, if not less.

The Chiefs made a resounding statement to the NFL with their 45-10 win over the Washington Redskins, but even with the win, they needed some help to officially clinch a playoff spot; today.

Kansas City needed to beat Washington and receive help from a loss or tie by either Miami or Baltimore. The Dolphins took on the Steelers, while the Ravens played the Vikings.

Unfortunately, for Kansas City, neither team lost or tied.

The Ravens were able to hold on to a 29-26 win at home over Minnesota, and the Dolphins held on to a 34-28 win over the Steelers, by an inch.


With the clock at 0:00 and down by six, the Steelers implemented the good old lateral drill to try at least try to get the ball to an open man with room to work.

Miraculously, the Steelers were able to fling it around the field until it reversed field to Antonio Brown, who then made two Dolphins miss and had one to beat to the end zone.


It looked like he had the last man beat and all he had to do was tightrope his way down the sideline, but alas, Brown’s foot barely went out. sideview

It’s a tough way to lose for Pittsburgh, and it’s a tough way to not clinch a playoff spot for the Chiefs. The good news is, with their 45-10 win over the Redskins, the Chiefs proved to the NFL that they are indeed for real.

This is a team that can dominate games when all three phases are clicking, and if Kansas City can get on a roll to end out the season, the Chiefs will be a very dangerous playoff draw.

The Chiefs will make the playoffs in 2013. It’s not a matter of if, but more so a matter of when.

With a game against Oakland coming up, that playoff berth is coming soon. Very soon.

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  • Nick


  • Travis Forsyth

    not 100% sure, but I think KC can clinch a playoff spot with a win over oakland next week with no help needed.

  • Andy

    “resounding statement to the NFL” Really? Right now we can beat teams we are suppose to beat. The Skins had nothing to play for. (being knocked out of the playoffs last week) We are just one game removed from three straight areal debacles. We are vastly improved, and are on an upswing, but have a ways to go before we send any statements to the elite QBs in this league. Although, with Gronk out, the AFC is up for grabs.

    • KCMikeG

      Speaking of beating teams you are supposed to beat. NE needed a bogus PI call from the refs and an onside kick to beat the 4-8 brownies in their own house. What we did to the skins on the road was a resounding statement.

      • Andy

        Ummm we barely beat the Brownies in our own house. it took a fumbled punt return. NE beat the Broncos. Broncos beat us and the Chargers. So what is your point? You cannot use team vs team as a debate tool. I say again, no elite QBs fears us yet.

        • Phillip Maxwell

          I disagree, I think they fear us because they know that they have to play a near perfect game and rely on us making a few bonehead mistakes to keep the tide from turning. I’d love to have that end zone pick of Smiths and McClusters decision to not let that punt go into the end zone back against Denver.

          • KCMikeG

            Without that pick we would have been driving for the winning FG instead of the tying TD vs the donkeys.

        • KCMikeG

          My point is that we demolished a weak team like great teams should and that’s why it is a resounding statement. Umm by the way we were ahead the ENTIRE game vs the brownies and they made a mistake that took away a chance from them and our defense closed them out. The “elite” Pats were behind the entire game and had a bogus PI call and an on side kick recovery in the last 1:30 to save the game. IF NE IS supposedly so much better than we are, don’t fear us and in the “elite” class of teams they shouldn’t have struggled from behind the entire game and barely pulled out a win. Your fooling yourself if you think the Eggo and Tom Terrific don’t realize the threat we are to knock them out of the playoffs.

          • Andy

            Let’s try to stay on topic here. You said a “resounding statement to the NFL”. The Skins are a mess, just like we were last year. There are issues between the ownwership and coach and between coach and players; like us last year. We were out of most games by the end of the third quarter. Routed almost every week. That is who the Skins are now. I know the Chiefs don’t get the press they deserve, but the topic was what a mess the Skins are, not how the Chiefs have somehow turned the corner. Beating the Skins does not send any messages to the good QBs and offeses that just scored 103 pts, and rushed for 447 yards and passed for 1118 yards . Nothing has changed since those losses. We are the same team defensivly. All I am saying is, let’s keep our feet on the ground here. I am looking at a three year window (counting this year) too compete for a SB berth. Reid will have filled his roster with his type of players. Right now, we may play well into the playoffs, but it will be in part because the AFC is just not that good this year. Both the donkeys and the Pats have elite QBs, not elite teams. We have one of the better all around teams in the AFC. With a few upgrades like FS, CB, and WR, we will be sending statements soon enough, but not right now.