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2014 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select…

While the Chiefs are firmly gearing up for a playoff run, NFL mock season is officially upon us.

Kansas City is looking forward to the playoffs, but not every organization has that luxury. Some teams, and their fan bases, know they have no playoff hope. So how to they get by?

It’s all about the NFL Draft.

We here at Arrowhead Addict and Fansided know how much our readers love mock drafts, so we went ahead and did a site wide mock draft in order to start gearing up for draft season.

Josh Sanchez of the mothership took care of this mock draft, and I think you’ll find his pick for the Chiefs interesting: Stephon Tuitt, defensive tackle/end, Notre Dame 

Here’s Sanchez’s reasoning for the pick:

There were rumors during the offseason that the Chiefs could be preparing to part ways with defensive end Tyson Jackson, but he ultimately agreed to return to the team. However, where there is smoke there is fire, and the team could decide this is the offseason to part ways.

Tuitt is a versatile defender that would be able to fill in for Jackson from day one and he would fill multiple roles for the Chiefs.

Not only could Tuitt be a stout defender against the run, but he has the ability to generate a pass rush which would only make the Chiefs defensive attack that much more dangerous.


My Take: 

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Tuitt is a big, athletic defensive end prospect who would fit well in the Chiefs’ aggressive 3-4 scheme. He would be an instant upgrade over Tyson Jackson and Mike DeVito, as he would bring a bit more athleticism and explosion.

He would make Dontari Poe better on the inside, and could be a pass-rushing threat.

This season for Notre Dame, Tuitt has notched six sacks, seven tackles for loss, 45 tackles, 13 quarterback hurries, one forced fumble and one interception that he took back for a touchdown.

I like the pick, but what do you think, Addicts? Let us know in the comments.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    I think anyone endorsing or suggesting the Chiefs use their only pick in the first two rounds of this years draft on a defensive player hasn’t been paying attention to the Offensive Line or the Wide Receivers.

    • Danny W

      Here here!

    • micah stephenson

      I think it starts with the QB, the patriots and Broncos own the AFC becuase of they QB’s. We can’t keep ignoring the QB position like we stacked or something. We can get all the WRs we want but that won’t help Alex get any better or younger. I’d get a big time QB, then I’d get another wr to put out there with bowe, let Avery, Dex, and Hemmingway work the slots or rotate in.

      • Jason Ray Brawn

        So what about a trade for the #1 pick by offering Alex Smith, and our 1st round pick mabye donney avery as well. All that for Teddy Bridgewater wouldnt be bad. Also what would you do if Jonny football is there when we pick? I personaly do not want Manziel on our team.

        • micah stephenson

          Id do that trade. Why you don’t like Manziel?

      • jimfromkcj

        Micah, I think you might be happier in Cleveland, those fans keep wanting to can their QB’s too. As a result no QB can ever reach their expectations and they neglect the offensive line’s weakness in the middle. The only difference between the Browns and us is that we were fortunate to have Jamal Charles.

        • micah stephenson

          Huh? Wat QBs? The browns have no QBs. Our oline is Stacked!!! We got 2 1st rd picks at OT, 2nd round pick Jeff Allen who is 2nd in pro bowl voting this yr, Hudson and Asomoah are both 3rd rd picks that are very good, throw in 3rd rounder Stephenson and Swartz and we set!!!

    • micah stephenson

      Our oline has not been that bad, plus we hav depth. The wrs aint gon put up big numbers with A.Smith. look at his career numbers. If we gonna shift to a passing team we need a Playmaking QB with a strong arm. Avery has dropped some passes and needs to b moved back to 3rd string like they intended.

  • Robert Escobedo

    Having a legit pass rusher would help address the secondary as well. Chiefs need help for Poe

  • Ron

    The chiefs need a legit receiver more than anything right now.

  • tm1946

    Tough sell to add to the DL. But why not, defense carried us for 9 wins.

    At some point in time WR needs help and not just one player. Also G seems to be an issue, couple more players, and there is always the QB of the future to worry about. And what about a RT as Fisher replaces Albert.

    Also the issue of lack of support from last draft. These guys need to step up next year.

  • BobbyP

    Can he catch the football and give the Chief’s a real deep threat or can he be matched up with the opponents best reciever and prevent 3rd and 10 from being 1st and 10 ? If not we don’t need him in the first round !

  • Robert Escobedo

    I do agree. A receiver first but if there is a dominant d line that may be more help. BTW who’s the best receiver out there?

  • gl0ver

    I’d grab Mike Evans from A&M or Marquise Lee from USC if he’s there. Sammy Watkins should be long gone by the time we get to pick, but that would be a steal assuming we pick somewhere around 25th overall.

    • Danny W

      I agree. A playmaker wideout is what’s needed on this football team. We have plenty of money wrapped up in defense. Now if they would have selected a free safety in the mock that’s one thing but a D lineman? Mike Evans is a boss.

    • freshmeat62

      2 more that look pretty good, if they come out, are the LSU receivers, Beckham and Landry.

  • Chiefs Martyball

    I like the Tuitt kid 1 for the versatility an would add another dimension. Second I believe the Chiefs will adress the WR’s in FA with Jeremy Maclin and possibly Mario Manningham basically Maclin very familiar with what Andy runs and Mario a deep threat coupled with a few WR we have trade Bowe for possibly 3rd or 4th rnd pick and pick up some DB’s to help strengthen a pass attack. Early middle stages go to solidifying our O Line

  • freshmeat62

    While WR and DB seem to be the obvious needs, I would have no problem w/ Tuitt, if that is who they think will improve the team the most. I’m always for improving the defense and o-lines first. Having another quality rusher will help the secondary. There are several good WR’s. Those mentioned, but also LSU has a couple, Beckham and Landry, that may come out. Another position that needs to keep an eye on is ILB. DJ, while still playing at a high level,is getting a little long in the tooth, and once they start losing that quickness and speed, they usually look pretty average fast.

  • Jeff Grasser Jr

    I like the pick…I wonder if he’ll still be available though…If we are talking D-Line, I really really like Ra’Shede Hageman…I’d take him over Tuitt if available

  • Jim Harper

    I would not be upset if he was the choice. My question is whether he will be available when we pick. First order of business should be WR, but if we could pick up Maclin via free agency then you could take a WR later. I am also big on grooming Hemmingway and possibly bringing back Rico Richardson. Avery has been largely a disappointment. He just drops too many catchable balls. I am not one of the guys down on our OL. With the injuries the backups are doing well and have given AS11 much more time in the pocket and run blocking has shown steady improvement as well. I also feel we may already have our QB of the future in Tyler Bray who can be brought along slow. The only other position that I think needs upgrading is Center. Hudson has improved somewhat but not sure he will get much better.

    • jimfromkcj

      I like Maclin too, but he seems to always be hurt or banged up to where he is not playing his best. We got rid of Moeaki for the same things and I hope we don’t get another one who sits on the sideline on a bike.

  • micah stephenson

    You know what I want. I want a PLAYMAKER at QB. If there are any left when we pick we must get him. I like wr M.Lee too. If we lose T.Jack I like A.Bailey to step up into that spot. We set on defense. We need all offense. A playmaking QB and another wr to put out there with Bowe and we shud be set, if our TEs get healthy and stay healthy.

  • jimfromkcj

    If I had my druthers, I would put Albert, Hali and Jackson on the trading block. None of them have played up to their salaries. We are going to have to make some unsavory decisions to get below the cap. Flowers and Berry have not been playing up to their salaries either, but you can only get rid of the dead wood a little at a time. I personally would like to see the Chiefs in a 43 defence, but that is just a personal preference of mine. I think players that fit a 43 are much easier to find then those that fit a 34. I dream of having 2 def tackles like Poe and Powe in the 43 and Houston and possibly Bailey at the ends. If 2 2nd rd picks for Bowe could be made, I would use them to pick up a big CB and another safty. My 1st rd pick would be a WR. One with good size and possibly a basketball backround.

  • FaAmos

    I’d love to have that kid on our D-line but Tyson Jackson and Devitio have played well and played much better than I can say about our FS, Corners and WR’s. I think KC needs to focus on well first best player available with trading out second rounder for Alex Smith but need to focus on a true Reliable receiver with deep threat capability. We also need to focus on finding a much better Safety opposite Berry than what we have on our current roster or a Corner much better suited for man to man coverage but with the way the past few drafts have gone I think with were we’ll be drafting in this next draft that a great 3-4 D-lineman most likely won’t be there as best player available and Corner’s could also be gone although a great Corner could fall to us in the first but KC has had serious luck with Corners in the fifth round ala’ Brandon Carr but Safety is a position I think will be there and be best player available at the same time. Now WR could also be there but history has shown the way to get a great receiver is to get one in the top ten or get one in the second or third round so I’d like to see best player available which I could see being a Safety which we need, an ILB might be the best route or if a Corner falls to us. I think late first round KC needs to focus on Safety, Corner and ILB but without a second round pick and the Chiefs needing help at every position I truly hope KC goes best player Available because late first round picks will be an offensive lineman: maybe Brandon Alberts replacement by moving Fisher to the left and drafting a RT, Safety is a position of strength in the mid to high twenties, ILB could be a position of strength at that point and we could always gets lucky with a corner falling to us but then again we passed on A Phill Taylor in the 20′s to trade back for a famous Pioli pick in Jon Baldwin and Phill Taylor is a beast so a D-lineman could be best available I just believe that In order Safety, WR, ILB, Corner, And OL are KC’s biggest glaring needs. Man would I love to find a Brandon Carr talent in this next draft class in the fifth round. Actually I’d love that but I’d rather KC had just paid the man, if anyone deserved a pay day it was Carr.

  • FaAmos

    Most important thing to factor in with these mock drafts is to not get too over taken by them because not having a second rounder KC really must wait and see who falls to them because best available is something KC has the luxery

  • Veronica Jackson

    OK, first of all Bowe and the rest of the starting receiving corps are below average. PERIOD. Bowe was never the answer and his popularity escapes me. We have been so desperate for a star we would accept anything. He has remained the same player since we drafted him (he is the same player)! The chiefs need a GOOD HANDS receiver/third down receiver/middle of the field receiver/someone dependable catch the “f”in ball receiver and a “receiving corps” that mirrors that. THAT IS THE SECRET INGREDIENT FOR THE ELITE TEAMS. Everything after is best talent available with an eye for DB. We are playing with the big boys now, we have to be smart and not just go with whatever wets our panties. Alex Smith is the best QB we’ve had since Trent Green and before that Joe Montana so cross your legs and be patient. We could be sitting on a goldmine, no need to trade it for some magic beans.