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Chiefs Must Be Held To A Higher Standard

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For three weeks in a row now, I’ve sat down and tried to put a positive spin on Chiefs’ losses with the “Earning Their Arrowheads” feature.

To be frank tough, that’s tougher than it would seem.

Sure, Kansas City has done some great things over the past few weeks, but losing three in a row, including one to a Chargers team that the Chiefs should have beat? That’s unacceptable in my opinion.

Kansas City went from the leader in the AFC West to a team that has to now hold on to a Wildcard seed.

Can the Chiefs still make the playoffs and make a huge splash? Absolutely.

The defense still has the building blocks that made it one of the best in the NFL earlier this season. And if it can get Justin Houston back sooner rather than later, a return to form is possible.

Ironically enough, its been the offense that has stepped up and led this team in the three losses. Though not perfect, Alex Smith has made some beautiful throws and the passing game has started to click. He’s thrown for 817 yards and seven touchdowns in the past three games, which certainly flies in the face of his game-manager label.

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Jamaal Charles has been an example of consistency, rushing for three touchdowns in as many games, and pass-catchers like Dwayne Bowe, Anthony Fasano and even Junior Hemingway have stepped up.

Special teams has been good as usual, including a 108 yard kickoff return from Knile Davis, and overall, the team has competed admirably.

Still, while competing is admirable, losing is never acceptable in the NFL.

This is the time of the year when the contenders and pretenders start to separate themselves from the pack. And even though the Chiefs have been unexpectedly great this season, they’ve been disappointing through this three-game losing skid.

Some of you may think I’m being too harsh. After all, nobody expected the Chiefs to ever be in this position after last season, right? While that may be true, I firmly believe that’s an attitude of complacency, and it’s one that I don’t want to promote here on Arrowhead Addict.

In order to be the best, you have to have high expectations, and this Chiefs team has proven to us that it can compete among the best in league.

From here on out, it’s up to us to not grow complacent with an exciting, surprise season and instead, demand the best out of a team that has the pieces to be very successful.

So, until the Chiefs can get back on to the winning track, I will not hand out any Arrowheads.

Excuse me for believing that a NFL team on a three-game losing skid doesn’t deserved to be praised.

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  • Froderick_Frankenstein

    Chefs will NEVER be an elite team at this rate. Alex “check-down” dilfer might be a good enough “game manager” to help us sneak in as a wildcard, but after that it’s likely one-and-DONE.

    Great improvement from 2-14 (ANYTHING would be) but a consistent championship-caliber team – not yet – not even close.

    • Jason Seibel

      Who are you? Where did you come from? Who’s your team?

    • gjrchief

      What team have you been watching? Check down? Smith has been playing at an elite level the last 3 weeks. I’m expecting PFF to back me up on this… the drops aren’t on him… the losses aren’t on him. Get a clue and stop parrotting what you have heard people say about him in the past. I saw Peyton throw a helluva lot of check downs in that game and no one seems to care.

    • guest


  • duaneb

    U all must be band wagon fans because i see 300% improvement from last year

  • duaneb

    Its only 12 games and u are thinking superbowl and im glad just to get to the playoffs in this regimes first year

  • duaneb

    And u as a writer is very sorry excuse as a journelist

    • Jason Seibel

      Did you really just say that?

      • Chuck Burrell

        Haha I think he tried to say that

    • Andrew Kulha

      You’re a sorry excuse for a poster.

      • KCMikeG

        Don’t get down on that level and play the insult game. His comment wasn’t even worthy of a response. I expect more from the AA editor.

        • Andrew Kulha

          You’re right I got upset, don’t normally let trolls get to me. My fault.

  • justin

    This froderick douche is completely wrong. He is either a piss poor fan or dont know jack about football. Even though the CHIEFS (NOT THE CHEFS) have lost 3 in a row, they lost 2 of those games to a team people are already crowning superbowl champs. One they shouldnt have lost but any given sunday. Chiefs wont be one and done in the playoffs. They might not make it to the superbowl or even the afc championship but they will win their first game. Alex smith has been letting the ball loose but they recievers need to make catches.

  • Chiefs Martyball

    I agree they should be held to high expectations and all teams mentality 1st is making playoffs from there to the SB. the 3 we lost was very winnable and coulda woulda shoulda all happened at once our D took a crap nap and the O picked up the pace but the WR greased their hands so they couldn’t hold on to the ball and our ST showed up again in Denver KC 2 game. Time to shake things up IMO bench some starters give backups a chance and lets see if this don’t motivate them. KC has a talented bunch playing year 1 in new regime but look even Cassel led us to playoffs and what did everybody say? get him more weapons and we will contend well I am from MO and so far they have not showed me a lot. AS11 may be good a couple years but we need to see what BRAY can do and work him in this system. The last 2 games we saw a true AR led offense much more than we seen all year

  • nick lein

    didnt we hand out arrowheads every week last year when we won 2 games ??

    • gjrchief

      Apparently that tradition is too much work for this editor. Why point out the positives when you can join all the negativity.

      • Andrew Kulha

        I’m not here to celebrate tradition. If you want tradition go put up a Christmas tree. I’m here to bring you my point of view. If you don’t like it don’t read my articles. Ton of other great writers on this site who have great things to say about the Chiefs.

        One of them being me in fact, beause here’s an article from a few days ago;

        “How Kansas City can get back on the winning track”.

        Oh and another:

        How the Chiefs got the passing game going vs. Chargers?

        I don’t see you posting on these positive articles. Where are ya at on those? Give me a break.

        • James Wilson

          I really like what you are doing with the site Andrew. I don’t post much but I lurk a few times a day. I understand why you are frustrated with a 3 game slide. We all are. BUT we also need to realize we were a few drops by Avery or blown plays by Lewis from winning the damn thing. Out of the 53 guys on the roster most of them were doing their job with a few having standout performances. You were obviously going for a “shock and awe” effect on this article and it worked. I think the Chiefs coaching staff need to really open their eyes if they are going to excel. I also think people should not be saying shit like you are a sorry excuse as a journalist just because they have a different opinion. Get the fuck over it

          • Andrew Kulha

            Thanks for your post and level-headed response. I think there’s plenty of reason to be frustrated, but that’s just my opinion. i get payed to tell my opinion and I know not everybody will like that.

        • gjrchief

          An excerpt from your article just a few short months back….
          ” I’m a firm believer in tradition, and there is perhaps no tradition more beloved here on Arrowhead Addict than “Earning Their Arrowheads”.

          Despite the outcome on any given game, there are always Chiefs players who impress and deserve to be recognized. Of course the NFL fame and paycheck that comes along with it is usually good recognition on its own, but we’re trying to do our part here at Arrowhead Addict.

          Frankly, this is more for you, the addicts. Is you’re favorite player getting the credit that he deserves?

          You can find out here every Monday.

          I’ve make some changes to the format, thus making the arrowheads more exclusive. Three arrowheads will be given out every week. Much like stars in the NHL, they will go from the No. 3 most impressive performance of the past week’s game, all the way to No. 1.”

          First of all, please don’t make assumptions on my religious beliefs, and tell me to put up a Christmas tree. Secondly as your own article states this weekly column is for us the addicts… that’s why denying us the column we look forward too, because of a loss, is so unfair. Many of us addicts look more forward to this post after a loss. Finally, why the flip flop??? Your first Earning their Arrowhead column states that your a firm believer in tradition, now you are telling me it is not your job to celebrate tradition.You promise an article every Monday that will award arrowheads and then decide our tradition is not worth you time… Give you a break? How about giving the readers of this site a little respect. I did not always see eye to eye with Paddy on his Chiefs opinions and enjoyed engaging in debate about it.. but I never felt like he didn’t value my readership. You blatantly told me to stop reading your articles… because I had the audacity to expect you to follow through on the weekly article you said you would write. I am happy that the Fansided network is doing so well that they no longer need to care about the quality of their editors, and the way their treat their readers.

          • Andrew Kulha

            It’s called changing a philosophy on the fly, which I can do. If you like it so much we can totally pass it on to another writer. Just telling you were I’m coming from.

          • KCMikeG

            It’s called a tradition. You called it a tradition. Those aren’t tossed aside lightly and you should step back up to the commitment you made instead of telling loyal readers to go read something else.

          • KCMikeG

            Spot on response. Just because we lose a game and the team isn’t perfect is no reason to trash a tradition.

  • Chuck Burrell

    I like your point of view, Andrew. I’m with you, no excuses! Let’s find out what we’re made of

  • gjrchief

    I think this is pretty much a bullshit cop out. To refuse to praise the team because of the loss is insulting to the work and effort they put into it each week. It’s kind of scary to me the fact that you coach high schoolers and yet in a loss you can’t find anything positive to say about anyone… and even worse, refuse to even try. I expect a diverse mix of opinions here on Arrowhead addict which is why I continually return to the site… but so much negativity can be so frustrating especially when a team is sitting in playoff position. Each week I expect this to be the one post to focus on the positive and to know that it will be available there to show that positive angle despite the loss was always reassuring… now knowing that that is lost I feel little need to read this particular article in the future. To deny Junior Hemmingway and Knile Davis Arrowheads when they played so well both on offense and special teams is criminal. Furthermore, I read an article earlier in the week that said that this game illustrated that the Broncos were Super Bowl contenders and that the Chiefs were not and that we shouldn’t be upset by that and yet we should lower our expectations. I just think the whole concept is bullshit if you look back to the history of the Superbowl 33 of the games have been decided by more than 7 points meaning the best team in the league is more than seven points better than the second best team. Therefore if the Broncos are Superbowl favorites and we can play them to the final minutes and lose just by 7 that means we are Super Bowl caliber. We are talking about one bounce of the ball being the difference in a game that close. This fan base is so ridiculously jaded I can’t believe it. Just enjoy the fact that we have a winning football team who has been competitive in every single game they played this year and has showed flashes in all three phases of the game to be Super Bowl champions. They have four games to put it all together and get all three phases working together before the playoffs. The sky is not falling for once the sky is the limit. Why doesn’t everyone stop being so pessimistic and start supporting this team and recognizing the good that’s going on. Besides all of this… once your ticket is punched for the dance anyone can win the Superbowl… most seasons it is not the best team… it is the team the gets the healthiest, the luckiest, and the hottest. With the schedule the Chiefs have left there is no reason to believe that that can’t be them. I’d like to continue to see the positive articles along with the negative ones here at Arrowhead addict or else I suppose I have no reason to continue reading.

    • Andrew Kulha

      Welp, here’s your negative view. And my journalistic opinions of a PROFESSIONAL football team have nothing to do with the way I coach my high schoolers. Please refrain from making assumptions about something you will never know about–ala my team and coaching. No problem with you thinking I’m wrong here with the Chiefs, but don’t come after my coaching. That’s not your right or place. Thanks.

      • gjrchief

        Not my right or place to talk about your coaching??? If that is the case you should not have it listed in your Journalistic profile. You like to flaunt it to try and buy you some credibility. Maybe people will think you know more about football then them because you coach. You have even talked about your coaching in a number of your articles. You can’t bank credibility points, use it as insight in your pieces, and then claim that it is off limits to discuss. You brought it into this arena for credibility and Journalistic capital.

        • Andrew Kulha

          I’ll send you our schedule for next season. Hell, even come to a practice. I even explained how the mentality I used here in this article is used in the coaching realm. Until then, I don’t think you have a right to comment on that. And if my writing is not for you, there’s plenty of others out there.

    • Andrew Kulha

      Furthermore, and excuse me because I’m on a roll here, I went to great lengths to point out some positive. If you read without your rose colored glasses, you would see that.

      “Though not perfect, Alex Smith has made some beautiful throws and the passing game has started to click. He’s thrown for 817 yards and seven touchdowns in the past three games, which certainly flies in the face of his game-manager label.”

      “Jamaal Charles has been an example of consistency, rushing for three touchdowns in as many games, and pass-catchers like Dwayne Bowe, Anthony Fasano and even Junior Hemingway have stepped up.

      Special teams has been good as usual, including a 108 yard kickoff return from Knile Davis, and overall, the team has competed admirably.”

      There are plenty of positives about the Chiefs, but the point is, I would rather be negative and point out the flaws in an effort to FIX them, than be a happy go lucky homer who is okay with a three game losing streak. Who is okay with mediocrity. That type of mindset will never win a Super Bowl, and is that not the ultimate goal?

      And that’s exactly how I coach my running backs. I tell them what they are doing good, but we never, ever, ever get content with being good enough. I am sorry if I refuse to take a losers mentality.

      • gjrchief

        FIX Them???? Are you that delusional? You posting the negative things that the Chiefs do in a game is in an effort to FIX them? You don’t coach the Chiefs! The Chiefs don’t read your blog…. how exactly is it fixing them??? A happy go lucky homer… no I’m a realist… I follow the Chiefs for ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t delude myself into think my thoughts, words, or postings on a blog change the product on the field in any way. I find ways to enjoy them, and it is more difficult after a loss. Years ago when I discovered this site it was an Earning their Arrowheads article that Patrick Allen wrote following a tough loss. I was desperate to try and get entertainment out the negativity and the article filled the bill. The article is what made me start to visit this site daily, and I look forward to this article for its positivity every week, When P. Allen left I was worried that my favorite tradition here might go away… you reassured me with your first EtA post that it would not…. and then it did. As a reader I don’t like being lied to. Finding enjoyment in your hobbies is not a losers mentality… it is a realistic perspective on what sports should be about… FUN.

  • Norman Gunn

    I have never heard so much negativity about a 9-3 that has only one winning season in ten years. And became one of the laughing stocks of the league less than 12 months ago. Are we looking at Head Coach prospects yet? Remember where this team was at 12 months to the day? We have a team that can make some noise in the playoff.

  • John Bartram

    Some seem a tad harsh on the writer of this article. Also, just an opinion, but the longer posts should have some paragraphs because they’re unreadable if too long.
    I think it’s a valid opinion and in no way did I take it that Andrew was being “negative” about the Chiefs. I think it’s a valid point of view to raise expectations. To point to last year and say “wow, look how great they are this year” is mis-leading in itself. They never should have been that bad last year. WAY too much talent.
    Look at certain franchises and you see how high they set the bar. Like them or not, the Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Yankees, Celtics, Lakers, Spurs just to name a few. Not being in the playoffs is unacceptable and they run their teams with that mindset.
    When I use to sit in Yankee Stadium in the late 70′s getting beat up with my Royal jersey on the one thing I hated admitting was that I wished George Steinbrenner owned every team I rooted for.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Thanks for your hard work Andrew. It is appreciated by a lot of us. I think we are all a bit frustrated right now. I fully expect to bounce back this Sunday against the Redskins and then put it to the Raiders the following week. Once again the Chiefs schedule will help us out.

    Losing to the Chargers should have never happened but losing to Denver in Denver then losing to them last week is no disgrace. Manning played as well last week as I have seen him play in the last 3 years. He was unbelievably on target, consistently putting the ball in extremely tight windows, even for him.

    If Arrowheads had gone out this week my vote would have been for Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson.

    • Andrew Kulha

      Thanks for the response. Hopefully we’ll get back to winning this weekend and everybody will be happy with the Arrowheads feature again.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Amazing how many things winning can change. Personally, I prefer a blow out this Sunday.

  • Stephen Doroha

    I love your articles Andrew Kulha keep up the good work!! It is hard to put a good spin on a 3 game skid! But my hopes are still high!! GO CHIEFS!!