Chiefs Fans Should Not Be Satisfied With Current Product

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“But we’re better than last year!”

“Nobody expected us to be so good this season, can’t you just enjoy it?”

“Why are you being so negative?” “We’re 9-3.”

Earlier, I received some rather harsh criticism to the fact that I refuse to do the “Earning Their Arrowheads” feature as long as the Chiefs are on this losing skid. I, for one, do understand that many of you enjoy reading the weekly piece and that it has been a feature here on Arrowhead Addict for quite some time.

I get that, so I get your gripe.

With that said, I have my own bone to pick with some of the Chiefs’ fan base. Not all mind you, but some.

Here’s a little back story on where I come from. I’m from Detroit, which means I am very used to observing a struggling and until recently, mediocre NFL franchise.

The Lions have been the laughingstock of the NFL for as long as I’ve been alive, and true, much of that has been due to front office decisions and bad play on the field.

I’m a firm believer though, that although they were far from apathetic, Lions fans played into the problem as well. They grew used to such a poor level of football (0-16, anybody?) that even the slightest of improvements were met with great excitement.

They were happy with each and every win, as all fans should be, but they were almost defensive about the team. Because of how bad the Lions had been, many fans were just content with some improvement and a few more wins. As the team got better, it almost caused them to ignore obvious flaws about the team because they were just so darn happy that the team was finally starting to win.

Still, a flaw is a flaw no matter if you chose to recognize it or not, and in the NFL, flaws eventually become exposed.

Contentment from a fan base is a dangerous thing. It allows a team to do just enough to get by and be interesting.

So what if they get blown out in the first round of the playoffs? At least we were there, right?

So what if the team is on a three game losing streak? At least we were 9-0 at one point, right?

Now that I’m in Kansas City covering the Chiefs, it’s easy to recognize the same contentment in some Chiefs fans. “We went 2-14 last season, anything we do this season is just gravy!”

“I’ve never heard so much negativity about a 9-3 team.”

Perhaps this is how I view sports, but in my opinion that is a loser’s mentality. Feel free to disagree, because perhaps I’m wrong, but when you’re a professional sports organization, isn’t the goal to improve on a year-to-year basis? Isn’t that the expectation?

Why are we rewarding a team by turning a blind eye, just because they went out and exceeded some expectations? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?

The fact of the matter is, this Chiefs team is flawed and those flaws have been exposed in the past three weeks.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The secondary has been awful, and without the ability to get pressure—teams have figured out a way to counter Bob Sutton’s aggressiveness—the defense has been average, at best.

In three weeks, the Chiefs have given up 1,453 yards of total offense, to two divisional opponents, mind you. 

In three weeks, the Chiefs have gone from the top team in the NFL to the No. 6 team in the league. In three weeks, the Chiefs have gone from the top team in the AFC West and the AFC Playoffs, to the No. 5 Wildcard seed.

Is this something that you expect me to ignore? Does the fact that the Chiefs have wildly exceeded expectations make those kinds of stats, and that kind of fall from grace okay?

In places like New England, New York, New Orleans, Green Bay and Pittsburgh, the past three weeks of production would have been unacceptable. The fans wouldn’t have tolerated that kind of play from their teams, and they would make it known.

Sure, players and coaches don’t (usually) read blogs, newspapers or message boards, but that mindset of a higher standard, of not being happy with just being good, permeates a sports culture and I do believe that it wills a team onward and upward.

If you’re happy with being a flawed team that makes the playoffs this season, than be my guest, bash me all you want.

If you’re okay with turning a blind eye to the problems your team has, that’s ultimately your prerogative. But don’t be mad at me when that sense of complacency comes back to bite you in the back after years of just doing just enough to be relevant. Or years of being a great team, but not winning it all.

Unfortunately, Andy Reid has a history of doing just that, but let’s not bring up the facts.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Have I hit my head and woken up in an alternate universe? Is the Super Bowl no longer the ultimate goal of an organization and its fans?

If you’re not going to demand it, I’ll be the one to say it: Super Bowls are won by teams that demand perfection. Super Bowls are won by teams that aren’t okay with their flaws, and they do everything in their power to fix them.

Has anything been fixed by the Chiefs? Sure, the offense has improved, but the defense continually gets worse and worse; and no, injuries aren’t an excuse, this is a big boy league.

Where are the fans demanding accountability? Why isn’t Bob Sutton and his defense feeling the wrath of fans? Is it because they were dominant and exciting to watch for nine games?

Does that give them an excuse to play like horse manure for the rest of the season?

Right now, at this moment, I’m not afraid to say that I see a team trending downward at the wrong time of the season. Sure, they started off hot and were 9-0, but in the NFL it’s not who you were in September or October, it’s who you are in November, December and January that counts.

Buck up, Kansas City. If you want a championship team, you’ve got to have a championship mindset.

Champions aren’t okay with three game losing streaks. They don’t yearn for the happy-go-lucky times of 9-0 and cry when somebody dares to tell them that not everything is rainbows and roses.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

My job isn’t to pump you full with sunshine and send you off on your merry way. If you want sunshine, go tanning. Go read, at least there you’ll never hear a negative word. It could be better for your palate.

No. My job is to give you my honest opinion of your football team, and right now, I am not satisfied with the product.

I don’t think you should be either.

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  • Bosco Cletus

    I was thinking today, if we take the 5 spot which is almost certain we will, with a win (solidifying Andy Reid as the most loved head coach since Stram) , we fly right back to Denver and do it ALL over again. Hard to beat a team 3 times in one season, any head coach will tell you that.

  • Chuck Burrell

    Just like your last article, I totally agree. We shouldn’t give them a pass just because they underachieved so mightily last season. I believe in this team but right now the defense’s confidence is battered. We’ll find out a lot about this team in the coming weeks. Are we okay with slipping into the tournament, or do we wanna make some NOISE!?!?

    • guest

      Right. .im totally not satisfied and see the flaws as I have from day one. And I see the greatness that cld be as well. But in no am I complacent. ..I see and smell the sh$t sorta speak. Lol

    • KCMikeG

      How do you figure the defenses confidence is “battered”? They fought two of the top QB’s in the NFL down to the last few seconds with a chance to win over the last two weeks. That’s the kind of attitude losers embrace and these guys are far from that.

      • Davé

        The offense has been the one fighting til these last few seconds. It was cool to see the D hold that last Donkey series but ultimately they have been pretty bad these past weeks. I think Chuck is correct in saying it looks like their confidence is taking a hit for their play is just a shadow of what it was.

      • Chuck Burrell

        To me, a loser’s mentality is one that neglects to see the flaws in a team who has dropped 3 games straight to divisional opponents (2 straight at home). I think from a numbers standpoint it’s obvious to see that our defense’s confidence has taken a shot. Never giving up more than 17 through 9 games followed by giving up 27, 41, & 35 would hurt any units morale. Imagine if manning’s offense was held to 12, 7, & 9 his last 3 games. I love the chiefs and want them to win the big game as much as any fan, but I’m not naive enough to avoid addressing their issues.

        Most people see this team as a giant upgrade from 2-14. I think the more educated man sees the 10-6 team from ’10 full of rookies, the 7-9 team from ’11 full of injuries, and the 2-14 from ’12 full of poorly coached, talented underachievers. Reid recognized this and has put together an offense that can compliment our “could be” great defense. Here’s to hoping we can turn this corner of adversity and bring it all together in time for a playoff run.

        • KCMikeG

          No one is blind to the flaws but you need to be able to put things in perspective. We have allowed the donkeys to score 27 (their LOWEST points in a game all year & on their home field) and 35 points with an ailing Hali and no Houston. These point totals are two of their lowest three totals all year. This is the team that was on pace to score more points than any otehr team in NFL history. Our defense picked off Eggohead and stopped them from scoring giving our offense the opportunity to tie things up last week. I don’t doubt that our D is clearly aware of their flaws and are doing everything to correct them. I’m also sure that they are keeping their issues in perspective and that there is NO WAY that they will allow the last few weeks to “batter” their confidence. People said the same about our offense when it struggled to score but they were kept on track by a great coaching staff and the trust in each other and their confidence that they could succeed. A loser’s mentality is wallowing in past mistakes and letting them get in the way of today’s performance.
          I see this team as nothing like the teams of 2010-2012. We have a new fantastic new GM who is bringing in the right players to make us better. We have a great new coaching staff with a history of winning. We have a QB who has won more games than any other over the last three years and has shown that he can be a complete player and leader for this team. We have 30 new player who have formed a bond unlike anything achieved over the last few years. No this team isn’t perfect, yes they have flaws. Is this team a Super Bowl contender? Probably not but then again anything can happen once you get to the dance. This team is so much more than we have had for years and all of this is in the first year. This team will continue to improve and has the potential to win play off games – even a Super Bowl and to be the greatest team ever in KC history.

  • guest

    I dont think your mindset is going to to bring you a bowl. You arent playing. Geez..take it down a notch. Smh

  • T.Hagen

    I agree. What kills me we lost to the Donkey’s at home when we had that game. The defensive coordinator and defense better pull their heads out of their ass like the offense has. Then we can start winning those games.

    • Larry Devore

      what happened to the offense, clicking on all cylinders. 5 3 and outs in a row should not happen.. what happened to the offensive playcalling? no adjustments made.. Definitely should have ran Charles when they were at the 2, pass should not have been considered.

  • T.Hagen

    I have been a fan for 40 years and a super bowl has got to happen quick, my dad was almost in tears over the Denver game and he is 80 years. He told me that the Chiefs probably won’t go to the big game why he is alive. That’s what happens when you been a fan this long you keep thinking the Chiefs are never going to get there but I’m sick of it . This team needs to get it together and quick.

  • T.Hagen

    I don’t know about all you fans but I’m sick of losing, especially to the asshole Broncos!

  • 2dogs

    We won the first 9 games because of big improvements across the board, an easy schedule and a few breaks. If you were fooled into thinking that added up to us being Super Bowl bound you need to put down the crack pipe. We hung in there with the best team in the AFC and fell apart for 32 minutes against the bolts after 2 major injuries and still should have won. Quit the panicking and enjoy. We have a young horse in this race with a shot this year.

    • Rob Ross

      Well said and pithy. I like that. Lol

  • jimfromkcj

    I happen to have just turned 80 myself and I have serious doubts I will ever see the Chiefs in another Super Bowl. Having said that, I am first and foremost a fan of the game of football. I enjoy watching a good hard fought football game whoever wins. It seems to me that too many fans have become fanatics about winning and have become unable to enjoy life. How can you be a fan with so much hate in your heart. I can remember when the Broncos were nothing more than a place to warm up for the Raiders. I watched Floyd Little who was a much better running back than the Chiefs had and enjoyed watching his excellent play for several years. Nobody hated the Broncos then because we were beating them. Then along comes Elway and the Broncos became the hated Broncos because they were so much better than us and won Super Bowls. Hell of a reason to hate someone or some team. If we really want to put the hate in the right place, it should go towards the beloved Lamarr who was so into soccor tennis and sundry other things that he ignored the Chiefs and allowed them to become irrelevant for a lot of years.

    • T.Hagen

      If you’re alright with mediocre then all the power to you. Yes I am passed off about them losing to the Broncos and any team for what it’s worth. It’s time to start winning not settling for mediocrity. Also I’m surrounded by donkey fans and for the most part they are arrogant and every time their team wins it gets worse.

  • Davé

    Rock on Andrew. I am not content with just watching a team that will be a good playoff team. If there is flaws I call them out, always have. I think the curtain has been raised and you see the real deal now with this team. The secondary is a glaring weakness and has been all season. Even against teams like the Browns, Bills, Titans and Houston they were exposed IMO. Those backup QBs routinely gashed us so it is absolutely no surprise that Peyton and Rivers did what they did. Sean Smith, Dunta Robinson were released with a big ass smile on the faces of Miami and Atlanta fans. Overpaid garbage they were considered, and while I do not think they are that bad they certainly are not very good.

    We are going to be better though and I think as time progresses we are only going up. We will be a scary team in the playoffs if Sutton can figure out how to make up for the mediocre talent in the secondary. The offense will be clicking big time come playoff game one; I would not be surprised to see forty point outings going in the next four weeks.

    Its on Sutton and this defense. They should be under criticism, as should Reid for his shitty big moment play calling.

  • gjrchief

    Pointing out the flaws of the team is great. So is celebrating their successes. Always wanting your team to be better is a given. Breaking the tradition of handing out arrowheads because the team lost is a bit like a baby throwing a temper tantrum because mommy wouldn’t buy him the toy he wanted. You talk about growing up in the Detroit sport scene… but isn’t true that you actually root for the Packers? Visiting Lambeau field being your greatest memory, and Aaron Rodgers being your favorite player? You are speaking to a fan base that is totally alien to you. You have not shared in our suffering over the years, and now you are going to tell us how we should enjoy or criticize the winning season we now finally have? How bad have the Packers ever been in your lifetime… I don’t see how you relate with your readers whatsoever, and I think that is where the disconnect comes from. In some stadiums they boo their players after losses… I was at the game on Sunday… flew from Florida to attend… and all of us on the field level around the 50 stayed as the players exited the field… Every one screamed praise, and appreciation. Not for the loss, but for the entertainment, for the blood, for the sweat, for the effort. I heard comments like, don’t worry we’ll get them in the playoffs… keep your heads up, we can still dominate… we’ll learn and improve, I know it…. it is amazing to see the love that chiefs fans have for their team, and the love showed back by the players. It’s great to win… but sports is about more than winning… its about pride, its about community… and most importantly its about hope… I know my team has flaws…. but they have showed me enough this season for me to believe that they have a great chance of winning every game that they play. That hope is what gets me excited, pair that with the sorrow I have felt for years, and damn right I am enjoying this season. I guess that is something I wouldn’t expect a Packers fan to understand.

    • guest

      Well said

    • Andrew Kulha

      It shouldn’t matter who I grew up rooting for. Hundreds of journalists grew up rooting for a team and had to change their affiliations because of work. It’s a job and that’s how I approach it. I try to cover this team objectively and I take pride in that.

      I call BS saying that I can’t relate. That’s like saying a player who grew up a Raiders fan and is now a Chiefs player can’t relate. I’ve spent thousands of hours writing about this 2013 team, I’ve watched every game multiple times including preseason, I’ve broken in down from every angle. I can speak on this team because I know this team.

      My job here is to analyze and give my opinions. If you don’t agree with them, that’s totally fine with me. But to say that I can’t do my job properly–and I believe there are ton of our readers who would say that I do–just because I grew up rooting for another team is ludicrous.

      There are thousands of examples of sports writers/commentators/players coaches who grew up liking one team, but had to switch their affiliations and thoughts. It’s called professionalism.

      Obviously our views are different on professional sports. That’s fine.

      • gjrchief

        But when you write an article telling a fanbase, that you weren’t a member of prior to their 9-0 run, how they should feel about the current state of their team, your overstepping. Call it your opinion, but I say that your lack of experience in this unique culture make it an uninformed opinion.

        • KCMikeG

          Totally right!

      • gjrchief

        Perhaps that’s where the disconnect truly is then… as you stated for you this is just a job… you’re paid to cover the Chiefs. For everyone who reads this site it is a Passion and an Addiction. You can’t understand the Chiefs Culture and the psyche of a Chiefs fan by reading the depth chart, looking at a box score, or watching a 2012 highlight dvd.

      • KCMikeG

        You don’t understand the relationship we have developed with the Chiefs over the last 40 – 50 years. He have pride in the storied history of our team. We cherish the fantastic players who are honored in the Hall of Honor in Arrowhead. We savor the victories and weather the losses. We are in this for the long run and know there is no benefit to overreacting to a bump in the road we have travelled and will continue on for decades.

        • Davé

          Holy shit. He was just the least bit critical of the GLARING FLAWS with this team and you guys are on a head hunt. Go back to smoking your peace pipe, flirting with chicks that don’t shave their underarms and generally being a wimp. This was a good write up as was the last. Matt Cassel rocks!!! I remember you telling us that forever. Maybe he and every other writer here SHOULDN”T cater to the less informed air heads.

          • Andy

            Wow insulting people that adds to the argument.

          • KCMikeG

            Wow. Anger much? Insults and name calling are such intelligent methods of addressing a topic. I’m completely aware of the flaws of our team. Exaggerating them, not being realistic of the causes of them, discounting/ignoring the successes achieved, making assumptions that steps aren’t being taken to correct them and insulting the fans that are happy with the progress of our team and organization clearly shows he doesn’t understand the perspective of lifelong fans of the Chiefs. Yes we all want them to continue to improve, yes we all want them to win playoff games and yes we all want them to have a Super Bowl victory as their goal every year. It would be foolish to expect them to go 16-0 and it is a ridiculous assumption that anyone is OK with them losing three games in a row.

            Does this really sound “the least bit critical”?
            “Has anything been fixed by the Chiefs? Sure, the offense has improved, but the defense continually gets worse and worse; and no, injuries aren’t an excuse, this is a big boy league.
            Where are the fans demanding accountability? Why isn’t Bob Sutton and his defense feeling the wrath of fans? Is it because they were dominant and exciting to watch for nine games?
            Does that give them an excuse to play like horse manure for the rest of the season?
            Right now, at this moment, I’m not afraid to say that I see a team trending downward at the wrong time of the season. Sure, they started off hot and were 9-0, but in the NFL it’s not who you were in September or October, it’s who you are in November, December and January that counts.
            Buck up, Kansas City. If you want a championship team, you’ve got to have a championship mindset.
            Champions aren’t okay with three game losing streaks. They don’t yearn for the happy-go-lucky times of 9-0 and cry when somebody dares to tell them that not everything is rainbows and roses.
            Just the “least bit critical” huh? Hardly.

            By the way I wasn’t addressing you Dave so why don’t you go back and read Andrews article again and focus on the part where he encouraged us to disagree with him. He even invited us to bash him if we wanted. I didn’t bash him and I certainly didn’t invite you to do so. Why don’t you find something more constructive to do with your time than immature attacks on those with different opinions than yours.

      • toperspective

        Just blow smoke up their arse and they’ll be happy, I guess. .

    • KCMikeG

      Couldn’t have said it better! Great post! Enjoying the successes w/o tearing down and attacking the team we love doesn’t mean we are satisfied with losing but the reality is that every team loses some games. Did anyone really think we would go 16-0? We have lost three hard fought battles by less than a TD on average. Andrew mentions the premier teams as examples of how fans should behave yet I haven’t heard anyone pissing all over the Saints after they were humiliated on national TV on MNF. I haven’t heard calls for people to be fired or players cut during the Packers 40-10 embarrassment on Thanksgiving Day going 1-4-1 over the last six weeks. The Steelers, both NY teams and even Tom Terrific & NE struggled during the season. Some of these “elite” teams have lost badly or to weak opponents. The reality is that the NFL has leveled the playing field and parity makes it even harder to dominate. All three games we have lost were against two of the top ranked QB’s in the NFL. I don’t buy that injuries are excuses crap either. Look at the Packers w/o Rodgers. How good was NE when Brady struggled w/o Gronk? How impressive would the donkeys be w/o Eggohead? Losing two of the NFL’s top pass rushers makes a difference that has nothing to do with being a “big boy” and directly effects the performance of the defense. Yes we have flaws. I don’t remember anyone saying we were perfect. To be 9-3 and playoff bound after where we were last year is a fantastic improvement to be enjoyed along the way. Yes I want R&D to keep making this team better. Yes I want playoff wins and even a Super Bowl win but I will never buy into acting like the haters in NY or Philly dogging on their coaches and players. Being a fan means being loyal and supporting the team through the good times and the bad.

  • war-painted-wolf

    I am with Girchief for the most part here Andrew. I don’t need to drink happy koolaid from you every week but your post reads like a tantrum. Someone got under your skin in some comment way and you’ve overreacted I fear. I mean really, it took Mike Tomlin and 0-5 Steelers run for him to take away their ping pong table this year. There were chiefs players who earned their “arrowheads” in that game this week . You wanna critique the team, or individuals there in, go ahead, more power to you! You are in a great position to do so after all, but there were some positives out there on the field to acknowledge as well. Then again, I bet the team can credit the quick turnaround back to our winning ways directly to your stern leadership action of refusing to give out arrowheads! Do they get a certificate with those Arrowheads? Maybe a punchcard? 5 Kulha Arrowheads gets you a free sub or something like that? Any way, I appreciate your efforts, but this column was ill-thought out.
    There is reason for optimism after all! In these three losses the offense has become relevant! If we can just get to firing on all cylinders by postseason time we’ll be in great shape to make a run for the Lombardi trophy. After all, it was our guy who coined the term Super Bowl, let’s go get one! Go Chiefs!

    • Andrew Kulha

      That’s fine and I get your points. I don’t usually write emotionally but I felt this was as good as a time as ever. I never said I’d take away the Arrowheads completely, just that I’m going to wait until they win again to start it back up. Look at it as my little protest to the team, not that it matters anyhow. It really doesn’t matter.

      • war-painted-wolf

        No worries. Write on. Right on.

      • Davé

        Ah man!!! Those Arrowheads are my life blood, the only thing that gets me through the week…..

        Serious, a little too much over reaction here.

      • stevekozak

        I gotta tell you, I think it is stupid. Come down like the wrath of God on the players or units that are playing like crap, but to deny accolades to the players or units that are kicking butt, is asinine. It is like a teacher punishing a class for one student acting out. It is petty BS. You are not a fan. I didn’t know that before. That is ok, but quit being a tantrum having dillweed and acknowledge what is good about this team right now.

  • jimfromkcj

    How does pointing out my feelings about how the Chiefs and their fans have come to this moment in time have anything to do with not being sick of losing. Of course everyone is sick of losing, it is just recognizing why we are feeling like we are. Too many fans seem to think that donning the red and gold automatically makes a player elite, or much better than they really are. This team is seriously short of talent and it is pretty much across the board. I would venture to say that we only have one guy on defence that is a complete player and that is DJ. Every other player have parts of their game that can be exploited. Jamal is the only one on offence that comes close to being a complete player and he has to be used spareingly or he ends up fumbleing or hurt when he gets worn out. So Sutton is left with the job of trying to gameplan around all of these players who have to be used in a way to minimize their shortcomings. Every time he makes a move to cover a weakness he opens up another weakness and when you have a wise QB who is a student of the game they can recognize what is happening and call the play to take advantage of whatever change is made.

    • T.Hagen

      You just shot yourself in the foot with that comment. How many pro bowl players did we have last year? And pretty much every super bowl team has not had that many players on the pro bowl roster. That being said I know the Chiefs got the players to win and hopefully in the small window we got (3 to 4 yrs) we need to win the big one. Coaching needs to tighten up and the back up players need to step up as well as our starters. Get this, I think the Patriots don’t have as many good players as we do besides Brady and maybe Gronk, and they beat the Donkey’s. Come on man its time to win and yes it pisses me off when they lose.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I think you can be excited about the progress that has been made AND unsatisfied with where they are currently at. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Let me draw a comparison: Four months ago I was in the worst shape of my life. I was eating like crap and exercise for me was getting up from the couch to check and see if we had any doritos. Over the past four months I’ve started eating a lot better and jogging on a regular basis. Am I in great shape now? No, I’m not. I’m not content with where I’m at and I’m going to keep working at it. However, I do feel good about the fact that I’m almost 50 lbs lighter than I was back in August. That’s progress. It’s also a decent parallel to the Chiefs. I think every fan here wants the Chiefs to be the best team in the NFL. They aren’t right now, so we all want them to get better. I don’t think anyone here thinks “I’m fine if the Chiefs never get any better than they are right now.” What they are is happy that the absolute train wreck of a season that we suffered through last year is a thing of the past.

    As long as this season ends and I feel like the Chiefs arrow is pointed up, I’m happy. I’ve seen enough progress in less than one full season that I trust that this team will continue to improve.

    I’m not celebrating where we are currently. I’m celebrating where we’ve come from and the fact that I believe that they will continue to get better. When I stop believing that, then you can bet I’ll be the first to say that something has to change.

    • T.Hagen

      Congrats on the weight loss.

    • Davé

      50 lbs!!!!! Damn man thats awesome. I am a shell of my former Marine Corps self, I need to do the same. Just wish I could stay away from this beer, that’s my killer.

    • Andy

      great analogy.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I’m only 20 years old and I’ve been a Chiefs fan for 10 years, and as a result I’ve never seen the Chiefs win a playoff game so maybe I don’t know what success really feels like. But yes I am satisfied with this team, no I don’t like that we have lost three in a row and yes I am aware of the glaring flaws this team has. That being said this team gives me a reason to cheer on Sundays and to be able to talk smack to other football fans. So yeah I am satisfied with this team; it’s not perfect, but it’s still good and it’s only going to get better.

  • Rbking

    I’m a Chief’s fan, for better or worse. Always have been. I am not a player, coach or GM. If you want to armchair quarterback, fine, do it. I am sure it will make Alex Smith into Peyton Manning, and Andy Reid into Bill Bilichek. Or because the whining and second guessing will do no one any good, we can enjoy a team that can finally hang in there with the elites. SO…maybe we can just support this team. They lost 3 games. So what.
    I know this, they have won 3 times more games than they have lost. One year ago… they lost 7 times more than they have won, so what are we talking about here. Thank you Chiefs. .. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here every week.

  • chiefridgy

    Wow. Step down from your crazy horse. But, since we’re being emotional or whatever…. Let’s just say I used to b one of the biggest fans of this site and commented multiple times here daily. Things haven’t been the same since Patrick left.

    • Andrew Kulha

      You can follow him on Twitter I’m sure.

      • chiefridgy

        I didn’t say I missed Patrick. I think this is the disconnect that some of the a addicts on here are talking about, I make a comment you make comment and then you have to come back and say ” you could follow him on Twitter I’m sure”. Kinda seemed like a cheap shot.

      • kcpauly

        you sir are kind of a dickhead, just keep “doing your job” and I’ll just go read Arrowhead Pride where the writers are still fans of this team and not just “doing their job” you are not good for this site, your disconnect grows daily, and I for one am out of here, I will read Reach, Lyle, Jason’s etc. post but I am done with you crybaby
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Andrew Kulha

          I don’t think everyone agrees with you, but I’m sad to see you go. Lyle, Jason and Reach are great writers and you should read their work often. I’d recommend Ladner as well.

        • Andrew Kulha

          Also, I firmly agree that I can sometimes be a dickhead, but I don’t think that invalidates the opinions or analysis that I”m bringing to the table. Everything that I said has been backed up by truth and I’ve done more than enough study on this team to know that. You don’t have to like me. Hell, half the time I don’t even like me. But I think it’s okay to learn to take a little criticism about the team you love. Doesn’t make you love them any less. Just makes you realistic and normal, and sane.

          • kcpauly

            It’s not that I don’t like you, I don’t know you so I can’t say, I am however glad that you stepped up to the plate about about being a dickhead to Chiefridgy, that does go along way, however I know where the others are coming from with the disconnect thing, you do not understand this fan base is what I think, study and doing your job does not cut it to most Chief fans, we have been through hell with this franchise and we are passionate fans(probably the most in the NFL) and we do not care for someone who is not a fan of the team talking shit on a sight for fans of the team, there were plenty of players who still deserved arrowheads for their respective performances, and to not credit them because the team lost is not fair, shit half of the reason we lost goes right on the play calling and not the players, I do apologize for the knee jerk reaction to your twitter comment, but I will be watching you Focker, and try to take it a little easy on our boys, we have made great strides from last year and deserve props for it, I am not lowering my expectations, but my beginning of the season expectations have been demolished and I do now have new ones and I hate the fact we dropped 3 especially since WE beat ourselves rather than being beat by the other team, I am realistic(I don’t know about sane by any means) and I know there are glaring flaws, but it does not take away from the incredible turn around of this team from a year ago, and as far as reading Laddies post…always man he is the shit
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!1

          • Davé

            The period is located RIGHT NEXT TO THE COMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • kcpauly

            I see during your spelling B you found the caps lock key your a jackwagon
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

        • Davé

          And what you will not do is learn to type coherently; pretty much explains why you read that dribble over at arrowhead pride. Goodbye moron!!! You sure won’t be missed here.

          • kcpauly

            You jackasses that critique peoples writing on forums are the real internet idiots, I did not come her for a spelling B, you f-face, if you are then there is probably spelling B sights you can go to, besides the fact that this conversation is/was between Andrew and myself so why don’t you STFU and butt out
            Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew Kulha

      Well, since we’re talking about it and being emotional. Why do you say that? What has changed that you’re not okay with? What do you want to see changed? What do you miss? What do you like? If you’re gonna say something like that at least give me some substantial feedback.

      • chiefridgy

        It’s articles like this one and a couple of letters you wrote to the readers a while back. Guess it just rubbed me wrong. To me it sounded like some of the new writers were writing from a professional (this is my job) standpoint. Used to b just a bunch of addicts on here getting jacked up over the chiefs. Who knows, maybe it’s just me.

        • Andrew Kulha

          Maybe. You have to know though, as the site grows he have to treat it more professionally. There are writers here who LOVE the Chiefs and write from a pure fans perspective. I chose to write it from an objective journalistic point of view. I’d say it’s good the site presents you with more than just one way of thinking, but maybe that’s just me. I’m sorry I rubbed you the wrong way, as I told another poster, I fully acknowledge that in many instances I can be a tool. Perhaps that’s something I have to work on, just as the Chiefs have things to work on. I would award myself zero Arrowheads this week.

  • Kansas City Rob

    I gotta disagree 100 %!! What kind if fan has a hissy fit after losing by 7 points to a quality team?? The Chiefs made a lot of mistakes that lead to a loss, no key drops and the outcome could have been different. The team that I see (through my Red sunglasses) has an arrow that is pointing up. So get off your high horse and enjoy the ride

    My Arrowhead goes to Alex Smith for great gutsy play!!

    • Davé

      While I agree that we were definitely capable of beating Denver and we are pointing up, to ignore problems is to ignore reality. Key drops are not mistakes, they are the result of having a mediocre receiving corps. The defense likewise is playing terrible. While we were just one TD away, we were lucky to have two interceptions because Peyton made two terrible throws, we were lucky to have a Kniles Davis run back for seven. Denver is not lucky we dropped passes, for that is who the Chiefs receivers are. This game had just as much potential of being a Denver Blowout as it did being a Chiefs win. For every plus in that game there was a minus. Alex Smith + Receivers – , Offense + Defense -, Oline + Dline – , running game + Secondary -. We are not anywhere near Denver though through four weeks we might be a lot closer.

  • DTVTechGuy

    Here’s the problem… Houston and Hali stay healthy against the Chargers and we demolish them. 3 points before… 38 after.

    (1) Loss.

    The other two losses are to arguably one of the most prolific QB’s to EVER play the game. He doesn’t do this to the Chiefs… He does it to everyone. Did we get blown out either game agains the Broncos? No… Despite Manning’s numbers we hung with the Donkeys.

    First year QB
    First year offense.
    All New Coaching staff.
    A 9 game winning streak before an unlucky loss to the Chargers and two well played, close, hard fought games against Denver.

    Go back to Detroit.

    • kcpauly

      I believe we could have beat 5-head either game, but we beat ourselve instead…see you in the playoffs Donkeys
      Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!

  • tm1946

    Better be careful, it will be suggest that you should not be about to stand the shame with what you said and have to commit seppuku. One “fan” actually said “how can you live” with a negative comment from me.

  • C_Okoye35

    I’m from Philly and I’ve been a die hard Chiefs fan since 1990 when I was 11 years old. This article reminds me of a Philadelphia mentality in regards to their sports teams. Nothing is ever good enough. How can you watch this team and not be optimistic about the future, both short-term and long-term. In every game this season, a different unit has stepped up when they had to to get wins. The defense carried us when the offense was still getting familiar with the new QB and offensive scheme. Now this offense has had time to gel and is clicking while the defense is struggling against 2 of the NFL’s best offenses. Had we squeeked out these last 2 games which were both very winnable, we wouldn’t be talking about the weaknesses, we’d be talking about the improvement of Alex Smith and the offense. Even when they’ve been giving up all those points the last three games, they’ve been within a play or two of victories. During their losing streak they’ve actually proved to me that they can beat anyone. Whether they will is an entirely different animal but they definitely can. The Chiefs D is better than average and now their O is looking better than average. They can beat you on special teams and they are extremely opportunistic at times. They can beat you a variety of ways. If Peyton has a bad day, the donkeys lose…period. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often but he is much worse in the cold when the games really count. This team is built for the cold and for big games in December and January. I’m looking forward to seeing if Alex Smith’s moxy that he’s shown so far this season will continue in games on a bigger stage. As much as Jamaal Charles has done for this team, I think Alex Smith has been the MVP(for the Chiefs) so far this year. His leadership and sheer will to win have been the glue that is keeping this team from unraveling. It’s the glaring difference between the 2012 and 2013 Chiefs. He even makes the defense better by not putting them in difficult positions. I love this team. I love where they’re headed. I encourage you to embrace them in the spirit of the family atmosphere that coach Reid is promoting. I love all the responses to this article! What a great fan-base this is to be a part of. Let’s not ruin it with a Philly attitude. Go Chiefs!!

  • Priest4Prez

    Thank you, I agree to the fullest. 9-0 was amazing before the bye week but after that we’re 0-3. That’s just not acceptable; I expect a somewhat bounce back against the Skins. I’d continue to rant about everything that is obviously going wrong the last three weeks but I’m sure it’d be repitition

  • Jane Okkinga

    I agree Lyle – and with all you others who are enjoying this but still see some weaknesses.
    We’ve been in EVERY game – that’s an unblievable leap. Do we have weaknesses? Of course – and it’s fun to debate our strengths and weaknesses on AA. Do I want every phase to be at Super Bowl level? Of course I do – and I also want/expect to reach that with draft, acquisitions etc. But I did not expect it to happen 70% thru the first season. Give it another couple of years and I may be feeling like you Andrew – but definately not yet. I’m having a blast.

  • toperspective

    Perfect write-up. I’m so tired of the people claiming it’s sacrilege to criticize the team, the coaches or the front office. Yes, you have to view the big picture but there are also mistakes that have been made. You take the good with the bad but it’s crazy to be satisfied considering the last 3 weeks.

  • Rob Ross

    I think that there is just a glaring casm between cultures here. I think that you are a descent guy Andrew. As demonstrated by your humble retorts to some but not all of your critics. But a lot of us just don’t hate on our team like a lot of people do from other places around the country. We are just not that pessimistic or negative. Sure we know that the Chiefs aren’t perfect and that they have obvious flaws but I see a vastly improved team here over last season. More improved over just one season than I could have ever dreamed. I also don’t agree that things are as bad as you and many others seem to think they are. The Chiefs are a banged up team right now on defense and offense and that IS A HUGE FACTOR. We lost three close competitive games to two of the league most prolific passers. Do we have some matchup problems in our secondary right now? Of coarse we do. Would that be helped if we had our boys back on the Dline and pass rush on the outside back. Come on man! Of coarse it would. This defense plays as a team just like any other. But at the same time like no other! And man how can you not see the bright side of how the offense had stepped up!

    The thing is that every NFL team in this modern league with the cap has glaring deficiencies on them. This team is young and at this stage of the game has every reason to be optimistic about its future. I think it’s possible that they are going to surprise some people In the post season even this
    year. Don’t count them out just yet. They are going to be able to rest that probable 5th cede. It will be a great advantage coming into the post
    season rested and all healed up. They won’t be a typical wild card team.
    GO CHIEFS!!!

  • kcpauly

    Watch out all,Dave’ the puncuation/spelling Nazi is on alert around here…..
    Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    sorry but I could not even finish the article. 9 wins is more than a slight improvement. Every team has flaws even the Chiefs. Reid has been here for only one year. He can only get so many new players in one year. Write this article next year if there is no improvement from this year

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