With Four To Play, It's Time For The Chiefs To Shake Things Up

The Red Files Away Banner The slumping Kansas City Chiefs have fewer hairs on the tops of their heads this week. Their 35-28 loss to the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon has all but dashed their hopes of winning the AFC West. In just three weeks, they’ve also lost the pole position in the race for the AFC’s #1 seed and will most likely have to travel once the postseason tournament starts. Questions abound at One Arrowhead Drive, but I’m not sure anyone there has any answers.

I could tell you the sky’s fallen and how big a fraud the Chiefs are, but that wouldn’t be an honest take. Truth of the matter is, I believe this is still a good football team who is struggling to redefine itself during a period of adversity. The offense, despite their inconsistency, has turned the corner. The eight touchdowns they’ve scored in the past two weeks give me that confidence. Unfortunately, their progress coincides with two steps in the wrong direction defensively.

I think it’s time head coach Andy Reid shook the team up a bit. Might be a great opportunity to try a few new things in an effort to right the ship. Drops have plagued this offense in recent weeks. Poor performances from the Chiefs’ secondary have also been an issue. You aren’t going to find difference makers on the waiver wire this late in the year, but it may be beneficial to allow some of Kansas City’s younger players to see more of the field.

Here’s my recipe for getting things turned around the last quarter of the regular season:

1. Relieve Donnie Avery of his WR2 responsibilites. 

Were I Andy Reid, Kansas City’s No. 2 receiver would be on the unemployment line today. That might sound reactionary, but I’m very serious. On Sunday, Avery dropped at least three passes and should’ve been credited with a turnover. Early in the Chiefs’ final offensive drive, Smith threw a short pass to Avery that was later ruled an incompletion. He appeared to have made the catch and fumbled, but the officiating crew bailed the Chiefs out by allowing the original call to stand (after a booth review).

Despite being the second-leading wide receiver on the team in 2013, his unreliability has reached critical mass. Sunday proved that he’s simply not an offensive skillplayer this team can count on. Reid should take a long, hard look at both Junior Hemingway or Alex Jenkins (who has made key catches the past two games) as his starter opposite of Bowe. Neither of them has much game tape available and they’ve both made the most of limited opportunities.

Make no mistake, Avery is still one of the most talented receivers on this football team. I would continue to use him from time-to-time, but those looks would come in the slot instead of on the outside. Hemingway has just seven catches on the season, but two of them have been for touchdowns. I think a few more offensive looks for the former 7th-round pick are well within reason in light of Avery’s struggles.

2. Replace Kendrick Lewis as the starting safety (opposite of Berry).

I can’t count the number of times Lewis has been out of position during the Chiefs’ three-game slide. For every play he makes, there are three others where he simply isn’t getting over in time enough to help on big pass plays surrendered in these three losses. Marcus Cooper and Brandon Flowers are also culpable, but the lack of safety help has been appalling.

Quentin Demps has often been a liability in coverage as well. Reid might be justified in starting safety Husain Abdullah for a game or two to see if he can help prevent quarterbacks from taking the top off of this defense. At this point in the season, I believe he’s effectively shaken off the rust from a yearlong NFL hiatus. It’s not much of a gamble for Reid. He can always shuffle back through Lewis and Demps if it doesn’t work out.

Kansas City’s safeties have routinely been in the wrong spots since returning from the bye. Offenses are challening this defense down the field now. Cornerbacks are bound to get beaten in a defensive scheme that relies so heavily on press coverage. It’s vital to have help over the top when you face a quarterback who can throw the deep ball accurately. Abdullah may or may not be the man for the job, but he should be given a shot nonetheless.

3. Give Knile Davis more chances to touch the ball both offensively and on special teams. 

Kansas City’s third-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft has earned the trust of his coaching staff. His 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown (the longest in franchise history), coupled with three offensive touches for 38 yards on Sunday, should net him more playing time. The former Razorback has avoided the injury bug and hasn’t had the ball security issues that plagued him in college. Davis appears to be maturing rapidly and running with much more confidence than he has all season. It’s time he saw more of the football field.

The Chiefs are desperately in need of playmakers they can depend on. Davis might be one such weapon, but only time will tell if Reid will allow him to share the load. Thus far, he’s only used Davis sparingly. To date, he hasn’t touched the ball more than a half-dozen times offensively. His season-high came much earlier in the season, in the TNF game against the Philadelphia Eagles (where he ran the ball six times). Davis has just five kickoff returns on the season.

More of Davis means fresher legs for Jamaal Charles. Charles has gone over 200 carries for just the third time in his career. He also has a career-high 55 receptions in 2013. The more Davis can spell Charles the rest of the way, the better the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense could potentially be. Davis can also be helpful to Quentin Demps who often pulls double duty defensively and on special teams.

4. Rotate Moses/Zombo at OLB and continue to use CB/S blitzes until Houston returns. 

Linebacker Justin Houston figures to be out another couple of weeks with his subluxed elbow. The Chiefs are fortunate that Tamba Hali’s ankle situation was minor. It looks as though they’ll have him on the field over the final four games, but they’ll need pressure from the opposite side of the field as well to have any real chance at rediscovering their pass rush.

I’ve said this a number of times already, but Dezman Moses and Frank Zombo both have a pass-rushing skillset. The two of them are athletic enough to get to the quarterback, but Sutton will likely have to rotate them to figure out which of them can bring the most pressure. Neither of them are a long-term answer, but in a pinch, they’ll be serviceable.

Since the pass rush dried up, the most effective blitzes I can recall came on plays where the defensive coordinator sent either Brandon Flowers or Eric Berry. Sutton is going to have to continue to be creative until Houston’s healthy enough to play again. Hali simply can’t do it all on his own. If teams can take him out of the equation, this secondary will continue to get picked on.

There a number of concern areas with this football team. I’m sure there are a half-dozen other changes that can be made to help the Chiefs. For now, I think the team would be well served to try a few things on this list. If Reid is unwilling to try something different, there’s a good chance that nothing will change.

What say you, Addicts? I’d love to hear your ideas on how the Chiefs can turn things around. Use the comment section below to have your say. As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

Until next time, Addicts!

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  • calciomoti

    I just want to see an actual adjustment made after halftime….and the blitzing that we had during the first 9 weeks to come back. Seems like after the bye week the DC forgot what he was doing that worked.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      OR…It’s entirely possible that teams have seen enough of his defense that they’ve figured a way to slow it down.

      • calciomoti

        A valid point indeed. Honestly I just don’t see the same blitz packages that we were running the first half of the season…maybe I’m missing them or something, or maybe its much less frequently done than it was earlier in the season. I am sure a lot of that has to do with the offenses we’ve faced the last three games and their qbs but isn’t bump n run supposed to upset the quick timing routes that Denver and SD like to capitalize on?

        I’m just frustrated is all, we are a really good football team and I still believe we can win a game or two in the playoffs…how spectacular it would be to face the broncos again and win when it matters the most!

        GO CHIEFS!

        • Stacy D. Smith

          I’m definitely not seeing those overload blitzes anymore.

        • Danny W

          He is blitzing less. It started in the first Denver game he hoped to get to Manning with four and leave more to coverage and it burned him. He blitzed a little more in the second game and it was effective, every time we pressured Manning he threw a duck. Didn’t continue in the second half though and they jumped all the way up to a two score lead.

  • nathan82

    I like all of your ideas. I think people are over reacting a bit but there are reasons to be concerned. Just FYI, I live in Pennsylvania and as soon as the Chiefs signed Reid my friends who are Eagles fans told me to prepare myself. Reid will make time management mistakes, he will pass too much at the expense of the run, and he will not make good adjustments at half time. This team has been very good, but all of those things are happening. It doesn’t mean this team can’t win, but I think it is in the Chiefs fans best interest to get used to this. Reid has been doing this a long time and is not going to suddenly change now. We will have to take the good with the bad on this one.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Slight changes, for the good of a football team, should never be out of the question. I don’t expect his core ideas and philosophies to change, but there are a few small things he could do to help the Chiefs.

    • toperspective

      The lack of adjustments have been on the defensive side of the ball. Is that Reid’s or Sutton’s fault?

  • Todd Worrel

    Great points the safeties also lack that top speed to recover once we get burned or they are too far from the play. As long as our D can get to 100% we should be staged for a good playoff run. We’ve came so far from 2-14.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Demps has good recovery speed, but he’s been so out of position it hasn’t helped.

  • JDInOregon

    Agree with everything you stated Mr. Smith. Zombo is pretty good, so maybe they can draw something up that will help him get pressure on the QB.

    The secondary is just a disaster and I have no earthly idea how they can fix it this late in the year. Maybe Avery can play safety since he drops the ball so much.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I think we’ll see them improve when the pass rush does. While they have made a lot of their own mistakes, a part of the problem has been having to cover receivers longer.

    • Chris Tarrants

      Exactly what Stacy said, these corners and safeties are all good, with Berry and Flowers borderline great but it doesnt matter if you are forced to cover for an extra 3-4 seconds on every play.Eventually good receivers will find a way to cut and create separation. Applying pressure without having to do so with the secondary will improve this team. Everytime Berry goes on a blitz there is a miss match somewhere else!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Coop’s been beaten up pretty badly the last few weeks. I really hope he gets back on track. At least for the sake of his confidence.

        • KCMikeG

          Coop has been great on tight coverage on short routes but has been beaten deep repeatedly even before the last three weeks. Sutton HAS to protect the young one over the top as it is his weakness. Probably what caused him to be a 7th round pick and to get cut by SF. I’m sure he will learn but please Bob help him with a safety over the top. RGIII, Luck & Rivers will feast on him if he doesn’t get some help.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Spot on! If I was the coach or GM Avery would have been cut before midnight on sunday. Dude has legs and can run but his hands are simply stone. I am scared on the idea of using Jenkins but Hemmingway should be a given to take over the number two spot. jenkins might end up being good but every time I look at him I see Jon Baldwin, I know that isnt fair because he hasnt really had a chance to prove himself.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Avery’s had an issue with drops all season, but Sunday was the last straw for me. Every drop was big.

      • KCMikeG

        Initially in STL but he has developed the drops and they have gotten worse as his career wears on. NO reason not to give Hemingway more snaps. Also why not throw to McCluster more. He has made some excellent diving catches over the last three weeks on the few looks he has had. I hope Jenkins continue to develop but he had an awful drop Sunday too right before Fasano’s. Speaking of Fasano – he has been a beast and should have had a TD on the opening drive – can’t one of our coaches show AS11 how to loft a ball over the defender? With Fasano having a concussion we are down to one TE (the Beard). Why haven’t they brought someone in to fill the void?

        • Danny W

          Yeah if he lofts that ball on the last throw with just a bit of touch Bowe scores on the final play. Just a five yard rainbow is all the was needed. I won’t beat on Smith too much though he’s made too much progress for me to complain now.

          • KCMikeG

            That may have worked but I have watched that play over and over and I think Bowe stopped short on his route and let Adams slide in front of him. If Bowe had kept going he could have caught the ball after sliding past Adams. AS11 threw the ball to the right of Adams. Watch how he and Bowe are both off balance reaching back for the ball. I’m thoroughly unhappy with Bowe’s route running, lack of using his big body to maintain position blocking out the DB and his lack of effort to fight for the ball.

          • Danny W

            Need to draft the Evans kid in the first round

    • Danny W

      I would cut him too. You don’t get to make a million dollars at your craft and fail at it when it matters most. He has a long history of leading the league in drops and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change.

      • Buddy Thomas

        Why not use Charles in the slot and put Davis in there. what a nightmare for db’s and your cover lbs. Of course Smith must makes some better reads. Just as a change of pace a little read option. Alex is a good runner and he can throe on the run. Everybody has seen What REID wants but let’s stir the pot. Just Sayin!!

        • Danny W

          Can’t disagree.

  • Calchiefsfan

    I concur on all points but one Stacy, I don’t think Hussein can get it done. He was rotated in and looked awful last Sunday. I have never been a big Lewis fan for the reasons you stated plus his tackling is lacking as well. Poor anticipation is the best explanation I can give for Lewis. I was hoping that one of the new guys, Demps, Hussein, Robinson or Commings would come in and take over but that hasn’t worked out. They all have serious flaws except for maybe Commings but we just don’t know cause he can’t stay off of IR. Looks like that will be one of the main issues the Chiefs will have to address in the off season.

    I’d love to see more of Hemingway, the question is can he get open as well as Avery? He definitely has better hands. Time to give him a shot. Jenkins has been more productive than Baldwin ever was so that trade looks like a plus for the Chiefs. I hope Jenkins continues to improve, he’s got the speed.

    Fortunately, once again, the Chiefs have a pretty favorable schedule. Washington and Oakland will do wonders to correct this D while Houston heals. The offense is finally hitting stride and that should continue through the rest of the season.

    • toperspective

      Agree re Hussein. On one of the long touchdown passes he was completely out of position. Bronco’s send to receivers deep and he didn’t go with either. He was by himself in front of the CB’s.

      • Calchiefsfan

        We have strong free safety play and we win against Denver and the Chargers.

  • KCMikeG

    The safety over the top is driving me freaking crazzzzzzzzzzzzy! Get Lewis OUT! Or at least Sutton needs to stop using Berry as a LB and get him back playing centerfield. I like Abdulah/Demps over Lewis for sure.
    There is NO reason Hemingway shouldn’t be starting over Avery – period. Instead of Zombo/Moses – who are good ST players but just aren’t cutting it I would like to see Josh Martin. He was a beast in camp and was just brought up from the practice squad last week. I would take Catapano over those two also to increase the heat. I see they dropped Love and resigned Powe again too. Sutton has to start changing it up to help his players win. I think you are right about using Davis over Demps which would maybe give him that extra step or two to be on time covering over the top on deep balls. Cyrus Gray needs to be used more too. Every time he touches the ball he is 5+ yards.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Catapano will play with a hand on the ground, but sure I’d love to see him in the rotation.

    • Danny W

      Nice take.

    • FaAmos

      I didn’t even realize we had waived Jerrel Powe but I’m glad he’s back because he’s shown when given snaps that he’s a force to be reckoned with and now with Powe back Sutton needs to get creative with Poe since Houston is out get creative with Poe up and down the D-line and Powe at NT in certain packages I’m not saying replace Poe at NT but why not have a package with Poe and Bailey, a pass rush specialist at DE’s and Powe at NT with Hali on Poe’s side and and do a strong blitz on that side with a corner blitz with Flowers on Baily’s side so when we overload Poe’s side and the QB tries to bootleg the other way he runs into Bailey and Flowers on a corner blitz but make sure Berry and Lewis or whoever plays FS stay over top the defense and not let anyone get behind them. If I was a QB and I saw Poe and Hali along with others in an overload blitz on my left side I sure as hell would focus on that and when snap the ball I’d hand it off were Powe comes in or bootleg to my right not realizing Flowers is blitzing off the corner and Sutton does that on a 3rd and long then we wouldn’t have to worry about the run play as much. Poe is athletic enough to be moved up and down the D-line and who knows maybe that’s why we resigned Powe when we did because we could have used him when Mike Devito missed some time so maybe Sutton is coming up with ways to get pressure without having to use Berry as much. Berry still needs to help in run support and blitz at times but the way were getting the top taken off our D I think its times Berry starts playing outfielder much more

      • KCMikeG

        Sounds like a great plan of attack.

  • jimfromkcj

    There has to be a reason why Berry is playing a LB position. Is it because when Houston and Hali are rushing the passer they are leaving big portions of the field undefended? I think so, and when Houston and Hali aren’t getting to the QB like they have been since we got into the tough part of the schedule, it leaves those undefended areas wide open for those slant routes that Manning killed us with in the first game. What we have is serious lack of talent at several positions and Sutton is trying to adjust the defence to cover those weak areas. The sad part is if you cover one, you leave another one open for a good QB to exploit. Until we get some stronger players to fill those weak spots we will be in position for good teams to take advantage of them. We were lucky to have the weakest schedule in the NFL this year, but we are into the meat of our schedule and 3 losses is the result.

    • FaAmos

      They’re aren’t technically playing Berry at LB; they’re playing him up on the line of scrimmage to were he’s almost playing LB and its similar to what the Steelers do with Troy Polamalu but the Steelers have better and extremely underrated corners and a much better FS than we do but KC is using Berry up close to the line to one help in rush defense and two to help blitz but Sutton needs to change his play calling because all season we’ve been getting burnt over the top especially Sean Smith and Kendrick Lewis just doesn’t seem to have the recovery speed to cover the entire top half of the field and shows up just a bjt too late so Sutton our D-Coord needs to move Berry back and play him like the Ravens played Ed Reed in Reed’s prime and that’s like a free lance outfielder and KC’s corners and LB’s when in coverage need to play underneath and out two safeties play over top so the QB has to throw the ball over the corner but not to high because our safeties will be on top the receiver so the QB will have a real small pocket to fit the ball into and when its short the Corner gets a pick or can rip it up so the safety gets the pick and just cover receivers over top and underneath. I watched I believe it was the eagles but I watched a team this past weekend who played their corners and LB’s when in coverage underneath and the safeties over top and it just clicked to me that that’s exactly what we need to do because it gave the opposing QB a ton of problems and caused numerous picks. When you have a Corner under the receiver and a safety overtop then it really forces the QB to throw a perfect pass into a very small area and if its completed the receiver is smothered from top and bottom and I think Kendrick Lewis is much better suited for that style of play and Berry is so athletic he can do whatever the coach asks of him and are corners just don’t have the recover speed to play press man coverage. At Arrowhead Demaryius Thomas shook Flowers or Demps I don’t remember but gave a shimmy at the line of scrimmage and ran right by out corner without being touched which takes away the press in press man coverage because it’s intended to get the receiver off his route but receivers these days are so big and fast they’ll get off the line untouched many times and Thomas almost went for a fifty yard TD on that play, somehow we were able to tackle him but the damage had been done, Denver went from their side of the field to the red zone in one quick play.

  • Danny W

    I like this article man. It reflects my thoughts completely.

  • kmon

    I couldn’t agree with u more on lewis. dude plays like a bum

  • http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/community/profile/index.jsp?ipid=14872822 upperturion

    Nice commentary, and I pretty much concur on every point accept Abdullah. I have to say how disappointed I am w/ Flowers; dude got flat burned repeatedly! Maybe (excuse me), CERTAINLY poor coverage topside by Kendrick Lewis & Co. is an ongoing problem … but Brandon looked like a high schooler out there… What ever happened to that Sanders Commings fella? I know, I know, he’s on IR; but does the dude have a disease or something, or is he just the latest Sports Illustrated bust……….SHEEEEESH!! I’m not the one to sit here and come-up w/ all the answers, but something doesn’t fit here, John Dorsey, and I for one hope you can fix this thing before the wheels REALLY come off. Alex Smith has made me a firm believer; but then so did Trent Green before the defense totally pooped on itself………… Getting beat by bombs is a sign of either a tired team, an inept scheme, or both.

    • FaAmos

      Getting burnt over top has hurt us all season especially Mr over the top himself Sean Smith, for all the good he does he allows at least one TD over the top once a game and on bad games multiple times but Eric Decker and Demaryious Thomas are just so big and so fast that when Flowers and company play press man coverage all it takes is a good shake by the WR at the line and if he’s faster than Flowers or Smith then you have to have help over the top. Flowers best years were with Herm and Herm played cover two which gave Flowers help over top and Sutton needs to come up with another way to get pressure on opposing QB’s other than Berry playing LB practically and allow Berry to play outfielder because Berry has the recover speed to help over the top when Flowers and Smith get shook by a receiver because Kendrick Lewis obviously is lacking the recover speed or something because he isn’t getting it done. If we wouldn’t have trade Javier Arenas for a FB then we could use Arenas on the corner blitz which was his trade mark. Houston coming back is what we need but I think Poe is ready to be moved up and down the D-line and now that we resigned Jerrel Powe who I hadn’t realized we waived because when he’s played he’s shown some real promise as NT. Now not saying replace Poe at NT with Powe but put Poe in as a DE and Powe at NT and Bailey at DE and overload the side Poe is one and full out blitz on that side with a corner blitz coming from the other side so the QB bootlegs away from the blitz right into the corner blitzing and Bailey a pass rush specialist DE the QB will run right into the weak side blitz. Easier said than done and Berry and Lewis or whoever is playing FS better be back and stay over top the defense to not allow a deep pass but I’d love to see Poe and Bailey as DE’s and Jerrel Powe at NT on certain blitz packages. Poe lost some weight this season and is an athletic freak who I’m so glad Chiefs woke up and realized if your switching to a 3-4 a NT is the first position you have to fill. Everyone thought Tyson Jackson was a bust but as soon as KC got a legit NT all of a sudden Jackson’s playing pretty damn good ball, in fact out defensive line might just be more formidable than our LB core and I’d never think if say that but with drafting Poe and signing Mr lunch Pail to Work guy in Mike Devito we all of a sudden have a real formidable D-line. If we can just get a real solid ILB alongside Derrick Johnson we could have the best front seven in the league. We missed on a couple ILB’s in this past years draft class that would have made a huge difference like Minter or my favorite Jon Bostic, if we could have managed to draft Bostic and him alongside Derrick Johnson and the way Poe stepped up his game and the addition of Mike Devito I’d have no problem putting our front seven against any one else’s in the league. Jon Bostic came in for the Bears and has been lighting players up. Bostic stuffing the middle and Derrick Johnson’s speed side to side out front seven would be one bad ass unit but trading for Alex Smith was the better way to go because losing that second round pick is what lost us a shot at Jon Bostic and we have another second rounder to give this season and we need some serious additions to this team while our defense still has Tamba and Derrick Johnson both getting older and both in our 30 this season and we have to find some WR help, have to find a Corner to replace Sean Smith, a FS to replace Lewis and still need a Jon Bostic type ILB and we need some pass rushers to develop for cases like this when Hali or Houston miss games we need to have back up OLB’s to come in and still apply pressure on QB’s

  • freshmeat62

    I would have no problem w/ anything you said here. It seems to me though, that Sutton has gotten more conservative the last 3-4 weeks w/ his defensive calls. I thought at first that maybe the offensives are picking up the rushers better than earlier in the year, but more often, it looks like the front 7 aren’t pressuring as much, playing more of a contain, and not as many blitzes. And not just last week when Houston was out, but the 2 weeks before.

    They fared poorly against the 2 best QB’s they faced this year, Manning and Rivers. They have to face Rivers 1 more time, and also Luck. I think the Chiefs need to turn the dogs loose on them.

    • FaAmos

      The Chiefs rush was actually ok in Denver but Peyton was getting rid of the ball on avg of something like 2.3 seconds and a pass rusher just can’t get from his spot to the QB in the pockets in two seconds. I saw numerous times Houston, Hali and Berry flying through the line but Peyton was snapping the ball and obviously knowing right were he was going with it before the snap unless he got a intel i-7 core processor installed when he had his neck surgery and can make his reads in less than two seconds and get rid of it but when I saw his avg release time being just over 2 seconds I knew there no way anyone could get to him. Now at Arrowhead with the stadium noise slowed down his release time and we were able to get to him with a hobbled Hali and no Houston but I want to see Berry used less up on the line of scrimmage and more as an outfielder because getting burnt overtop has been a problem all season long

  • FaAmos

    Sutton first and foremost needs to change his defensive game plan and fix what’s been our defense problem all year and that’s allowing way to many receivers getting over top our defense so get creative on his blitzes without relying so heavily on Eric Berry who even If we bench Kendrick Lewis for Abdullah or another player and turns out we find a better replacement for Lewis on our current roster we are still going to need to move Berry back to more of a normal role of a safety helping over top of our defense. Berry is perfect player to use like the Ravens used Ed Reed in Reed’s prime allowing Berry to roam the backfield on passing plays. Still dial up some blitzes for Berry and use him to help our Run Defense but in order to help our corners not get beat over and over Berry needs to move back into deep coverage. Sutton also needs to start getting creative with Poe, Poe is athletic enough and now we’ve resigned Jerrel Powe who’s a good NT when given the snaps who I didn’t even realize we had waived him but I’m glad he’s back so Sutton needs to start moving Poe up and down the D-line and using Poe at DE on the same side as Hali and Flowers we can overload one side with Poe, Hali and Flowers on a corner blitz and still have a solid presence at NT with Powe. Now Knile Davis I disagree with this article on using Davis more. If you’ve noticed Davis has bed getting more and more into the game plan each week so I think the time line and track they have for Davis is perfect. I went to Arkansas so I watch every Arkansas game there is and Knile Davis is a freak athlete who reminds me of a poor mans Bo Jackson strictly football wise with his rare combination of size, strength and speed but he has shown to be injury prone and has had fumble issues come and go so Reid and company obviously know this and are allowing Knile Davis to grow up and strengthen up and work on his fumble issues but I do believe that Reid and company have a plan for Davis and that includes a larger role each week and I’m so glad Davis came to a team that can afford to allow him to get stronger and work on his issues and I think Reid will be increasing Davis’ role more and more in an increased time frame as this season goes on. Donnie Avery who might have lost us the Denver game with all his key drops needs to be replaced with a combo Junior Hemingway who’s much more a prototypical outside receiver than Avery is and some AJ Jenkins who has the speed to get over top and don’t take away from McClusters snaps in the slot but use Avery’s quickness in the slot and his speed in the slot to get over top of defenses.