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Chiefs Fans, Don't Feed The Trolls

The Kansas City Chiefs have the best fans in the NFL. Last year, fed up with the cesspool of mediocrity, we demanded change and got it. Our tailgating is second to none. We are record holders, for goodness’ sake. There’s no argument that Chiefs fans are the best. It just is.

The Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles game this year set a record for highest-rated Thursday Night Football game. The Chiefs-Denver game flexed to Sunday night proved equally profitable, posting the best November NFL prime time rating since 1996. You can say that’s all on Peyton Manning, but that would be false. Chiefs fans are loyal, rabid and profitable.

And sports writers and announcers know it, or at least they have discovered that profitability this year. That’s why they troll the Chiefs and their fans, saying ridiculous, unfounded things like “worst undefeated team” and “fraud” to describe the best story in the NFL right now.

It’s been the perfect storm: the Chiefs riding to 9-1 on the back of an elite defense was something the sports guys didn’t see. So, in their rush to explain their own lack of insight, they excuse away the work this team is doing by using absurd non-logic. But that’s the gold mine formula right there. Chiefs fans will defend their team, and the more ludicrous the claims by the authors, the more we will rush to the Chiefs’ defense. And so the process continues. The sports guys want the traffic. They skewer the Chiefs, then slobber over the pageviews and TV ratings rolling in. I could name names here, but I’ll not reward their desperation.

That sellout sports writer (and I use that word loosely) in Denver resorted to salacious yellow journalism by denouncing the Chiefs’ success to garner an audience. He doesn’t deserve his readers in Denver, and he certainly doesn’t deserve OURS. But because Chiefs fans love their team, it’s only natural to defend them to posers like this. On Twitter. This guy, in turn, revelled in the attention with a slew of self-righteous tweets full of bravado and roundly finished with the lamest retort: Peace. Major eye roll. I think did some permanent damage to my eyes after reading a few tweets from his timeline. He’s probably the kind of bro that winks at his reflection in the mirror.

Let me encourage you shut down this annoying little deadbeat. The best revenge is to let the crickets be his audience.

Don’t feed the trolls, my friends. You have better things to read.

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  • berttheclock

    “Sometimes I overuse exclamation points………..” So, you studied under “Elaine” of “Seinfeld”, eh?

    Hard enough just to fend off trools, (those are trolling fools) who inhabit both sports and political sites, let alone so-called “pundits” from the media.

    • Natasha Sims

      I like that term, “trools.” It rhymes with “drools,” which fits with a troll.

  • Travis Vanessa

    Don’t worry about that chick Abel. She has nothing better to do but wait for her fingers nails to dry and wish her team was as good as KC.

  • Deadmeat

    Troll Hunting helps during the cold, slow days at work…:) Took almost a year for me to start posting, the trolls (Micahs AS11 nonstop bashing) drove me out of hiding this week.

    • A1 Yola

      I like Hunting trolls too! It’s been My hobby for awhile now. Hunting Trolls on Sports Threads can be frustrating because it’s hard to make people see truth when they are total Homers!

      • RepOurChiefs

        Sad but true. Emotion overrides logic every time.

    • Natasha Sims

      Oh, well if you’re getting paid to do it, then by all means. :) Thanks for reading and joining in the conversation!

    • micah stephenson

      Welcome to the party! :-)

      • BWrangler

        You really are clueless.

  • sidibeke

    I find it all a bit funny, too. KC was a bit of a darling going into LAST season with all of the talent. Of course, we know how that Crennel-Cassell led team fared. Now, with the same talent and upgrades at both the HC and QB, KC is an enigma and a fraud. I guess the talking heads don’t like being wrong twice in a row.

  • Omar

    Fully agreed we are 9-1 with the opportunity to take the 1st seed…nothing “worst” about that

  • T.Hagen

    Yes, ignoring them is the best thing but when we get denver or other Butthole fans on here talking their shit it is always good to talk a little smack back. Especially since most Denver fans are idiots and like a good dose of shit.

    • Natasha Sims

      Absolutely! If they decide to come to our house and talk, then by all means, they’re asking for it!

  • Shawn Robinson

    Must be talking about that dbag krizla

  • Jim Harper

    Well said!